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If you made a game without crunch, feel free to reply to this thread! Everybody else: get your hands on some crunch-free games…
Retweeted by nat clayton? @PhoenixDK I would think less of you if you hated DS9 nglThis is probably our most substantial update yet, AND the game's on sale! Very proud of the team for bringing this…
Retweeted by nat clayton? @headfallsoff the_muppets_theme_tune . exe @SleepHussy ah man ah fuck we finally got to the baseball ep on mondayI personally prefer No Man's Sky: Deep Space Nine @MirzanMz no i'll die @SamMGreer it's a very, like, "BBC Scotland" accent but with extra pronunciation on the excessively scottish bitsI also feel like a broken record but god. god. I wish Apelegs looked even half as slick as its own cinematics @SamMGreer yeah, I think that's it.Is... is Horizon's accent bad? Because it sounds badhate it when an Apex Legends cinematic drops and I get all excited againI've been saying it for over a decade: the core verbs that AAA can't expand beyond - shooting, slicing, sneaking, a…
Retweeted by nat clayton?Pigeon from Half-Life 2
Retweeted by nat clayton?bummed out that, by the start of season 7, one of them is dead and the other is straightthese aliens? are gay?? @_Gaeel_ A thing I never got around to implementing was a proper "civility filter" for just thatokay alexa play goldfinger to Deep Space Crossing! I might make others in the future, but for now, here’s the full set! #StarTrek
Retweeted by nat clayton?tryna weed out which of youse haven't played my games @nershly it did a wee bark!tiny office dog TINY OFFICE DOG"Your fuel line's cut, dumb#a$$" this dude. he's huge as fuck, jolly to a fault, loves his trans sister, AND he can do a fucking beam cannon
Retweeted by nat clayton?Never even minding that I don't think there's a major publisher I trust less with a pitch on rising fascism and sur… is the closest I've come to being interested in one of these. Playing as anyone to represent collective acti…"the gaping ideological wound that is the AAA Game" hits it on the head, honestly.'m hopefully asleep right now, but I'm scheduling this tweet to share my Watch Dogs: Legion review. If you know my…
Retweeted by nat clayton?was flailing a bit tryna land 'em on Sunday (it was windy, I hadn't skated in 4 days), so I'm quietly happy even if… to replay Umurangi Generation with new equipment? #indiedev #unity3d
Retweeted by nat clayton?(not) popping a few shuvits before work. It's the only trick I can do, ok, but I'm shocked how consistently today'… @aimsbtw OH! @aimsbtw ??squid morning 🦑 @SayemAhmd @VGTomO It is, annoyingly. There's also no way to check your own posts, so idk if posting to private even works
Retweeted by nat clayton?How many Watch Dogs Legion or Valhalla reviews will meaningfully address reports of Ubisoft's deepy-rooted culture of abuse and harassment?this should be the absolute minimum for most (particularly blockbuster) games imo hey they finally added private lobbies and free skate to Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 + 2 #VertGang @thealexURL
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Game About Inescapable Hellscape Really Resonating With People Right Now For Some Reason
Retweeted by nat clayton?I wanna skate it I gotta skate it's been a year and the office still has the solid red halloween lights in the bathroomshe sleep didn't even sleep badly, not sure why I'm so shattered tonightfeel ready to pass out, team @withoutaplain oh? I could be around, surePlayed Among Us for the first time last night, spent the entire time lost and confused and dancing @wilcoclahas mac & wingsGoddamn you can order mac n cheese online??oh my god there are floor windows in the car @SleepHussy get me one yeah? @johnjoemcbob wow how dare(what's holiday when you're freelance hahhahahhHAHAHAHAH)small thing but I can't think of any game I've "taken holiday" to play through. Weird notion.but hey you can drive keanu's motorbike or whatever 🙃STILL watching cis het white peers get uncritically hyped for C*berp*nk cause they've the luxury of no having their…
Retweeted by nat clayton?I never really vibed with Cloudpunk, but goddamn that's a good vehicle interior. posted an article with a lo-fi hip hop n chill youtube video embedded in it 😬😬😬[CYBERPUNK 2077'S QA LEAD] it's no good, we can't release this yet, the game just isn't transphobic enough
Retweeted by nat clayton?lolwe realized there were some areas of the game that didn't contain transphobia and are currently working 26 hours a day to fix that
Retweeted by nat clayton?Cyberpunk 2077 doesn't actually exist. Pass it on.
Retweeted by nat clayton?hate it when the box i play videogames on is too big. @JanDavidHassel coldyeah, I go to gigs entire life's savings for a good night's sleep thankswork hasn't started and I'm already ready to nap! oh no! @SleepHussy now haud the fuck upnever thought I'd see the GMod map based off of Leith Waterworld again.
Retweeted by nat clayton? @SleepHussy ratchet and wank maire likeAre you ready to visit The Depths? #indiedev #unity3d
Retweeted by nat clayton? @WordMercenary @ChaosSmurf wow same still don't feel like I've heard a justifiable use-case for the new consolesgauge
Retweeted by nat clayton?Wanted to see bout hitting the ocean terminal indoor park before work, but they don't open on tuesdays >:(Tried to beat the rain to get my skaking hit in. Didn't manage it 😔🤙 @athenaparadigm @SamMGreer An absolute terror of anything newFigures I'd start getting pitch ideas immediately after completely packing my week with news work. @GH_Esquire Oh hah, right, I forgot you work there now. @GH_Esquire Minding when I spent 3 months flying across the galaxy in Elite: Dangerous, upset that my pilot wasn't… @ScarletCatalie sooooo more like this?
Retweeted by nat clayton? @GH_Esquire I want three empty gregg's coffee cups and a pile of unopened bills on the dash of my A-Wing, thanksthe cockpit customisation in Squadrons is so unappealing for me because it's not stuff a pilot in this fiction woul… i walk outside and the leaves are crunchy
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@SamMGreer So much of a recreation is the ambience of the place - and while ttt _waterworld was neither photorealis… @SamMGreer Bizarre being able to navigate a Garry's Mod map through childhood memory @jazzmickle brrrrnever thought I'd see the GMod map based off of Leith Waterworld again. @blaseball Niners when???deep space 9 play blaseball??Finally... deep space 9 played baseball
Retweeted by nat clayton?Aint no horror like crippling existential horror Frog from Runescape
Retweeted by nat clayton?Nobody should be thinking about Counter Strike For Kids in the year of our moonjuice 2020Thinking about how the Counter Strike For Kids video predates Minecraft by like a year. @SamMGreer (I've got a couple mates who I've been meaning to check up with, it's just been a nightmare planning with the weather lately)Someone take me to a skatepark so I don't have to go alone thanks.