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@Nadeshot It's up there with ninjamelk as my top ones atm Nice job @yashafluff The last one... @Girl_Dm_ This is hecking cool
2022 my music taste is equivalent to hearing one song i like and autoplaying a playlist until i get sick of itIt's national bf day??? who's the sick person coming up with these holidays @Natsumiii Oh god yes but no but yesthe internet seems a little mean today u guys pipe down over there @hazumiaileen @fuckedupfoods its mine
@MeteosLoL 💀 @triciaisabirdy YOULL BE FINE streaming a bajillion hours this month before i travel to everywhereI swear at some point me and this scaramouche guy will have to duke it out because his name is a little too close for comfort
2022 i rise from the dead to cutscene people @illustratoreri This is so cute @illustratoreri @catsgomao He deserves it @illustratoreri @catsgomao It's coaching time @Natsumiii @xChocoBars Should just be sponsored for life for coke zero she drinks more than I thought humanly possible~14.5 hours later and we're done and dead tired Videos gonna be a banger so worth @Egocider Do itIt's a triple otv shoot day and we've been out for 9 hours already We might not make it til tomorrow guys 💀 @eatswithanthony @brodinplett @LilyPichu @DisguisedToast @QuarterJade @starsmitten_ @MaxOlivo Did not have the curr…
@chounlamborgini @TFT Oh it might have changed this chibi but I remember earlier ones @triciaisabirdy @TFT 38 is usually pity so if you got it in 7 ur a god My 3 so far are 38, 37, 22 @triciaisabirdy @TFT If u got it before pity you're lucky 38 is a cursed number in tft @westrice @brodinplett @LilyPichu @DisguisedToast @QuarterJade @starsmitten_ @MaxOlivo Yes but be prepared to pay a… over hope you guys enjoyed I'll try to go to my fav restaurants in la and stream them for fun we're live with food and drinks @iGumdrop Anthony raves about this place
Gonna be trying out an irl restaurant stream at 730 pm PST tonight Going to one of the best places in la (allegedl… fun weeks in and out again @DisguisedToast @starsmitten_ ? @stillindigo @LilyPichu Ur an artist just fall for ur ocs wtf @LilyPichu Wow this is so cute can someone pass the toaster I'm in the shower
@CaptainFlowers i dont even play league but it's crazy that there aren't people watching high elo games banning peo… @PlayOmega @MoistCr1TiKaL @Rakin @LilyPichu @viennavtuber @OnigiriEn_ @IKeepItTaco @Rayditzfn @itshafu @Dyrus @Tuont0 lets GOOOOOO @BaboAbe @QuarterJade what's the gender opposite of a fairy tea party? @dandyliondreamr I even wear the shoes it's AccuratePatreon Reward for Ryan! This is @scarra 's vtuber, clowned, I hope you like it LOL :)
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2022 IM BACK i ate so much food i have a tummyache but im a strong individual male gaming specimencaption this
Retweeted by scarra @Twitch_ANZ @BIGHAM_vt @honkittyhonk Vouch for honk
@Natsumiii Let's gooooooooo
@QuarterJade One leer range buff and shes literally turned into Reyna @LilyPichu Keep both if you're really a quirky one @Link115_ It's prob one of my fav noodle places ATM Def the best spicy noodles I thinkFood
@RealCharmingJo Ur the bestI'm gone for the next few days on a break as @hampwn and @SayuOkami visit going to see distant worlds and eat a b… @Sydeon @DisguisedToast His respect and admirationOFFLINETV TRIES DRIFTING 🏁 @michaelreeves & @ItzMasayoshi take on a new type of school 🏎 📖 (thank you…
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@Laimulicious me hitting top 200 and then dropping nonstop toast game show at 4pm pst more tft and omega strikers i def didnt stay up til 4am playing OS and getting demoted @regisaltare @DisguisedToast @LilyPichu @Valkyrae @Sydeon i have never watched more than a couple spongebob episode… @DisguisedToast @LilyPichu @Valkyrae @Sydeon This is going to be an embarrassing moment when say I have never playe… @hampwn Ok this one's actually funny @creator_ping @LilyPichu @DisguisedToast THIS IS SO COOLomega strikers: TEAM COMFY :D #scarrart #Disguisedtoastfanart #lilypichufanart
Retweeted by scarra tft addict and then (1) more game of omega strikers
@BIGHAM_vt They literally made a chair just for u @catsgomao @illustratoreri Diamonds are a guys best friend @yashafluff She does it all @TheAn1meMan Monkahmm @cillia @hampwn She is ill and needs help pleasepokimane appreciation tweet 💘💖🫶🏼
Retweeted by scarra @TheAn1meMan Let's fucking gooooo @illustratoreri @catsgomao That's himOTVnFriends if they were in high school concept drawing! (Feat: OTV, Celine, Leslie, Miyoung, Peter, Rae, and Sykku…
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2022 disassociate and play video games @hampwn Ur crazy and I worry for your voice but gl @BrianTsuii Ur the reason why they needed more than one layer of hell @BepisConsumer Got it thanks @Snottco God that's so.... Ok got it tyDoes anyone know if you press the ad button on twitch (let's say 3m) and someone opens the stream 2m in, do they ha… @hampwn Ur illTwitch prime was the best twitch announcement for streamers all the way back in the first twitchcon Here's hoping it didn't peak too earlyRest here from the drama weary traveler
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An update on gambling on Twitch.
Retweeted by scarra just playing games and doing the thing @westrice Brooooo @peenerpark Holy fuck u did this so fast @Tuont0 Ur fucking face getting thrown up with all the cute emotes is so jarring @eatswithanthony Oh shit I like where this is going
@KenrickEncinas Ask yourself this: does the government deserve someone like lily? If anything the government shoul… @Lumenaus While a positive person you can't deny the supposed skeletons in his closet that the media keeps talking… I mention how she once saved a child from oncoming traffic and saved the car as well? Or how charitable she is… is the kindest and greatest person that I know A vote for lily is a vote for a greater good She never f… @stillindigo What's one episode gonna do... @stillindigo Only a 3 hour binge technically.... @stillindigo Not at all there's specific lingo ur gonna pick up on pretty fast and it's just oozing classic trigger styleWatched the first three episodes of edgerunners and I'm hooked Haven't watched more than 4 episodes of an anime s…
@FinanaRyugu Every year like clockwork
@PhoenixxVT @SayuOkami @ExoVerseVT @hina_malina @NoxinaVT @KiteHasegawa @PemaMysterious @taff_vee im fillin g in somehow streaming an omega strikers tourney with lily /toast and then more tft?Watching vct and I learned what I already knew from Janet Stinger best gun in the gameOFFLINETV TRIP TO JAPAN (PART 2) 🇯🇵🍣🤍 Who knew comparing our docks would make us closer? ⛵️😶‍🌫️ WATCH NOW ➡️…
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2022 tft streamer returns @qtcinderella <=I don't know how to take break days anymore I just played tft all day but off stream 😵‍💫