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Joined Twitter 10/17/11 perfect time everyday @peterparkTV We all do @ClicheNickname Heard it's actually op @MofoeTV that's just the normal way it goes it's no big deali may get mad at people for asking stupid ass questions in chat sometimes but i really do appreciate people watchin…
what tft streamers hope their viewers think: another day another dawn @peterparkTV @Valkyrae They were all just sleeping trust me @TeanaKitten I do it all the time but try to save wishes and bigger things for on stream @Bjergsen I often used you as a template for what some pro players should aspire to be I remember when you came to… the duck bjergsen retired??????If cyberpunk isn't a good game in November i think the very fabric of the universe might tear apart Please don't be disappointing @starsmitten_ celine good work @starsmitten_ nothing rhynmes iwth that genshin and then jackbox with friends
@Charlielipsie Oh this guy is the jean dps main I heard about @Charlielipsie Really another 5 levels... Ok see u in December @Charlielipsie I'm abyss floor 7 farming mora leylines from 37-40 so I can have enough mora to do the shit I want @Charlielipsie Which guy is the best one @OfflineTV @LilyPichu @pokimanelol @DisguisedToast @michaelreeves i cried twice during this videoWHO'S THE IMPOSTER??? OFFLINETV PLAYS ODD ONE OUT! 😱🤢 ft. @LilyPichu @pokimanelol @DisguisedToast @scarra
Retweeted by scarra @Valkyrae u wanna play among us? short ass stream @BoxBox Not the boobs ahhhhhHOLY SHIT
Retweeted by scarra @peterparkTV @starsmitten_ @Shiphtur @fuslie This is do fucking good holy shit
You might've heard I'm playing in the @Verizon Wild Rift 5G invitational but let's make things interesting. Pick wh…
Retweeted by scarraTODAY we’ll be raiding the League of Legends: Wild Rift Verizon 5G Invitational! powered by the new iPhone 12 Pro @… @Kyaandere agreed @asyyyc Ping pong the animationI just found out the baby shark video has 6.9 billion views I am going to bed mind blown @portilho Wasn't bad sir @starsmitten_ I got dead... @39daph ...oh
Get ready for The Verizon Wild Rift Invitational. It will be America’s 1st look at League of Legends: Wild Rift 👀,…
Retweeted by scarra.@scarra was the last one to be interviewed and his mic was still on Thanks @DunoisKR for this
Retweeted by scarra genshin tft hades prob that order @DisguisedToast @BarackObama Vouch @ForestWithin Solo q @peterparkTV NiceWhen u see this screen mid stream u know ur off to a good time
2020 genshin farming and then tft new patch @BoxBox doenst look like meIt's a day early ooooo @starsmitten_ Now I'm worried... @delle Why am I getting tagged in this I swear I can hit ahri charms... @MismatchedSock0 Ur a monster nice tipsI beat hades on my 5th run today with shield cause it was so op What a great game would highly recommend for any roguelite enthusiasts
2020 b patch waiting room @AOC @DisguisedToast @xinxinwong U have self control right.... @xinxinwong No ur completely fine lol @peterparkTV @ItzMasayoshi Yeah john's too funny I hate him @janee_liuu @Rayditzfn thats my pet house ok @Rayditzfn bro i HAD TO USE IT FOR ONE GAME OK @kittykat_kellz i need about 100000 more resin... @janee_liuu I can only house 3 and I need to house 12 @TheRealRyanHiga U are Ill ryan u need to see a doctor @Sneaky People who love wolves @LolStvicious Where's the riven.... @yoojpls Time to toggleMight take a tft break til Wednesday.... This meta is not for moithank you all again for entering (the entries were INSANE!!) we are taking some time to compile them, and will anno…
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2020 quick genshin farm -> no ww tft gameplay @starsmitten_ No. @itsraechill The darkness creeps too close at night I agree
@Cloud9 that's t1 t1's job what now @OfflineTV what to say but ty for watching us through the years been a fun and bumpy roadWe hit 2 MILLION subscribers on YouTube today 🥳🎉 Thank you guys so much...hope we continue to make content that ev…
Retweeted by scarra @k3soju have u tried hitting azir 3this support gap is just nuts hylli having an insane tournament runShow me the singed 1v 9Bwipo is one of my fav western players so I hope fnc wins today @asleepbag @LilyPichu @michaelreeves @yvonnie @DisguisedToast @pokimanelol @OfflineTV Yvonne is hilarious hereOMG I finally finished & submitted my #OTVFanartContest entry. really hope im not late 🥲
Retweeted by scarra @Kyaandere My gratefulness @BoxBox Yeah card games and strategy games the backseating gets crazy I feel like you do a good job at hyping up y… bet lily $1000 she wouldn't stay f2p in genshin by the end of the year If you see her play please please convince her to spend money @Pterodactylsftw @peterparkTV We can have drinking where we crack packs.... @lolArnav no hotfix necessary he was right to beat divine players on the new patch: Just get 9 warlord azir 3 with fon
2020 genshin and then tft
Retweeted by scarra @Painlessdeath22 Tell me when wano is over Im stacking to binge @TrulyTenzin @Evergreenily Have u seen this future character... @39daph @starsmitten_ shes a fine lady treat her right @starsmitten_ I want a mona @KiWiKiDLoL @thukieuo When all this shit dies down I'm down for some nice food adventures @thukieuo REALLY? hell yeahhhhhhh @rolas0912 I've heard of both but never tried much of either I'll prob get to it down the line @bmcdev It's my fav breakfast burrito hot sauce"what do you spend money on scarra" Only the bare necessities
@KarlJacobs_ ur wallet might not like u after @lusan_gg @OfflineTV @LilyPichu @pokimanelol @DisguisedToast @michaelreeves @yvonnie Pov: you didn't pay your respectsMy entry for the @OfflineTV fanart contest! Seems like they might have another new robot companion joining them??…
Retweeted by scarra @daoneandonlyd_ She seems whatever but the more I play her the more I really like having herI'm f2p on genshin and hit Jean, kekqing, and venti and people just join my chat to foam at the mouth about my luck it's great its the police ur being arrested for being too damn good looking