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@OfflineTV Ex- @LCSOfficial player/coach Streamed everyday of 2019 Business email :

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Joined Twitter 10/17/11 me and @DisguisedToast live with the tft ocena finals
@peterparkTV @InxanityOCE U transform into your fursona that's cuteGot the go ahead to costream the @TFT NAOCE world qualifiers this weekend. I'll be doing the stream with… @TSM_Myth @Pterodactylsftw @Subroza @TSM LOL total fall guys win = 1 total fall guys win after today = also 1
@DisguisedToast @katieguo Any ladies want the behind the scenes? @starsmitten_ @Link115_ Must be nice to know that feeling @PlayRuneterra Swole squirrel is hilarious @chikariTV take a seat ur the VP
2020 some tft and to infinity we go @fuslie @starsmitten_ that place tastes like sin its so goodin case you guys were ever curious what happens during our shoots
Retweeted by scarraone of those nights
Retweeted by scarraSome people spend their whole lives looking for a reason to live. Me? I was put on this earth to make one thing an… gold 1 -> radiant speedrun @Valkyrae people actually believe my first name is william and not scarra lol
@FionnOnFire Otv @Kyaandere @ForestWithin @anikauwu @asyyyc U used your powers for good @anikauwu Waiting for full dive and my life is over @Smix Sue you can't just say my name like that @portilho The amount of clips I get in one day is just unrealI've been told I'm a content machine @Voyboy I'll allow it @LeagueOfLegends Animated short and league stuff I will always enjoy Especially with Diana @shroud He's baaaaackIn the shadow of an eclipse, two lovers decide to turn their backs on Targon forever.
Retweeted by scarra @HyperSeanic Man vs machineI ended my stream after this game would u like fries with that
@Subroza @Pterodactylsftw Btw congrats on the win u guys are insane Sheilas ok too I guess????? Superhuman @Pterodactylsftw @Subroza Hahahahahahaahahahah @fuslie I've never seen such clean movement @Valkyrae Remember me when ur walking down the runway pls @SkoochLoL The removal of the spicy McChicken would be first post on the subredditIf somehow streaming dies, all the other streamers can become models but do you think I can do patch rundowns at McDonald's took a nap and now its 6pm..?
OTV PODCAST #30 is out!! Some interesting talks..maybe TMI 🤣 ft. @DisguisedToast @LilyPichu @scarra @yvonnie
Retweeted by scarra @ErenTTV @KiyoonTFT @emilyywng @AgonTFT @kitingishard @Khroen @Mortdog @DeliciousMilkGG @eschatv @LiquidKurumx @doublezzzztft Easylily plays league for the first time in a month "IS THIS GUY ANOTHER YASUO WHY WOULD THEY MAKE ANOTHER YASUO"
i lost every game yesterday but today that means i win every game lcs finish I just turned into... @Mendo But you laughed right so how can I stop myself from making people happy.... @Mendo Have you ever considered riots holding you back on purposeif i don't look at my rank is it really real?
2020 tft and then idk @starsmitten_ You and Oliver made some magic hereI have to do some dmv stuff soon and I've never dreaded something more during quarantine @AriaSaki Aria I cannot be any fatter or else i will be extinctReally want to stuff an entire cheesecake down my throat atm
2020 tft -> fall guys and then who knows @CyberpunkGame @Twitch Any chance at costream possibility? 👀 @itswoori It's an act of service for sure that blue buff is minetl;dw version!
Retweeted by scarra @TFT That new game mode ..... 2v2v2v2?????? @itshafu I find with chess it takes a while to digest stuff and so the plateus feel longer as compared to other gam… normal streaming hoursscarra's monday mukbangs....
@pokimanelol the crown will wait for you to get back have a nice break @ItzMasayoshi keep the pants off im omw @_liquidpyro @catsgomao LOL restaurant recommendations... ok there we go @ItzMasayoshi the quarantine got to you @smelissali @_liquidpyro sick demo @TwitchEsports @Frodan @FallGuysGame @LIRIK HIT ME UP I need a twitch rivals fall guys asap @catsgomao i got to this page and realized that it's none of them @floaromaa Is this a personal attack? @feviknight The faker of fall guys right here @scorgzi @shroud Your welcome @yoojpls @shroud Stupidity is fearless @Pterodactylsftw Glad we both had insane sheriff clips on the same dayHeard @shroud is getting a team together @HyperSeanic plat is in another castlefall guys later
Retweeted by scarra @TSM_Myth Myth I don't have hot I can't do itMy shower hasn't had hot water in a few days which begs the question How do people take cold showers you freaksI've been getting dating site ads that feel like personal attacks... @starsmitten_ make some room for mePlat dream is dead I suck
i tried among us with friends this game shows how stupid i am... last day of valorant act 1 and im still not plat yet @peterparkTV I'm worried that you have more of me saved on your pcThe perfect laugh doesnt exi-
Retweeted by scarra @dahrae_ Game is so fucking good but nobody knows...last day to hit plat can i do it... @fuslie @OfflineTV @DisguisedToast @pokimanelol @LilyPichu @Postmates ty our biggest fan @OfflineTV @DisguisedToast @pokimanelol @LilyPichu @Postmates everyone rolls female characters in mmos ok i will die on this hill
OFFLINETV PODCAST #29 is now out! ft. @DisguisedToast @pokimanelol @LilyPichu @scarra Thank you to @Postmates for…
Retweeted by scarra @GiantSlayerTFT @Mortdog @TFT @Khroen @zugrug @AgonTFT @ItsRissakah @workhorseNPC @AlexD1dz @GillyweedTV @ggDoA long road through the gauntlet is almost over. The Final lobby for @Mortdog's Top 4 Madness approaches! Only e…
Retweeted by scarraOFFLINETV PAINTS DISGUISEDTOAST...😵😳🖌 ft. @DisguisedToast @LilyPichu @pokimanelol @michaelreeves @scarra watc…
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2020 and on the third day, he returned and gave people lightIt's national gf day? ... Ha-have a good day guys.. @DisguisedToast Good friends @pokimanelol I swear I didn't type thisJust tweeting to flex on these checkmark dipshits
Retweeted by scarra @PlayVALORANT @starsmitten_ She's been blessed
@Mortdog @grandvice8 @CottontailTFT Yeah but who's going 88888 @peterparkTV Maketa