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@peterparkTV whens the HOUSE TOUR buddy sleeping early today @Wingsofdeathx the 2b one is REALLY popularHow many days can I stay up til 7 and then say I'm fixing my sleep schedule and stay up til 7 again
i had 137 ancient orbs total genshin and then throwing away 100+ ancient orbs for a hh @Natsumiii GOD I WATCHED SOME OF IT THEY MAD RICH @yvonnie @peterparkTV ? You'd do anything for her why even lie @floaromaa And she has a hh God I see what you do for others but please I'm ugly as hell I need a mirror tonight
Well well well lost in the sauce @floaromaa TAKE IT TO THE DOUBLE CORRUPT CHAMBER
@peterparkTV May it be a painless and quick move good sir @Natsumiii only everyday of the week wendy comon @risorins wait im hungry now i lost every tft game yesterday so i could go to the moon today @peterparkTV @fuslie never before have u been SO RIGHT
@dignitas @starsmitten_ Eyyyy what a pickup @lolYisus @Cloud9 Big w @plooful That second kill was butter @peterparkTV @Sydeon @pokimanelol ?????? Nobody believed thisI tried this tft set all day and I feel like I got fun policed all day Imma go play a children's game I can win at… @starsmitten_ @peterparkTV @brookeab Bro....
2021 2d me exploring new tft 4.5 setI tried ordering a lettuce wrapped burger and I got two of these crumb of this luck please late stream here i am @Surefour my hands would get destroyed
@Valkyrae Twitter algorithm mastermind back at it again @DeliciousMilkGG Ok fair @DeliciousMilkGG Why on earth would u want less? @39daph Ok second hand maybe I'll try to pull ganyu.... a headache wont stop me
@peterparkTV Oh man hope your new place is bomb and you deserve the masters (dont tell leslie) @mxmtoon Ty mamMy sleep schedule is absolutely fucked i woke up at 4:30 today
@fuslie Yeah I too love edison and would love to show him a good timeI wore my pants backwards the entire day there was no repercussion I am a FREE MAN @floaromaa Aren't u 90 plus on poe....
2021 get a little bit @TeanaKitten Insane and just the beginning @LCSOfficial Modern day confucius @Painlessdeath22 Is wano done yet...."Up until they lose the game, they're winning..." -@Scarra Some lines are simply timeless #MadeByMany
Retweeted by scarra @bobqinXD This hurt to watch
2021 i was going to watch some lcs today but uhh yeah i'm liveDid my first vtuber collab with @ichikamaia trying out a cute game called Biped pls watch @starsmitten_ Yep still good at games daily reminder tymaybe less hours this year ok
Playing Ritual league in #EchoesOfTheAtlas Path of Exile expansion today aka act dying simulator #ad @CaptainFlowers Bro u got lcs to cast @potterapple Venom gyre pf @Natsumiii Gonna drag abe with me and ur not going to see him for a monthMaybe I won't get addicted to poe Maybe I have self constraint @HyperSeanic Sean ur brain is very large
@Zxenoo u already knowI need more DMCA free music please dear god I can only listen to genghis khan so many times @tinymakesthings RAISE THE PRICES TINYI can't enlish good sorryA viewers spent 1 million to redeem me to play a game of their choice It was bugsnax Why is this game pokemon foo… @BoxBox This is fucking genius
2021 trying out biped with @ichikamaia at 3pm pst and then who knowsMe playing fps @VVukoo i played bleed in general and did not have much fun with bleeds @GajimaruZou I fucking love ib but sad it didn't get buffsI need a super cool league starter for ritual league Anyone got something unique or spicy for me? My mind is in a fog right now.
@PekinWoof it's spending habits near holidays (nov dec) people spend more which is why i swear to god youtubers st… @LilyPichu freaks
@yvonnie Your honor, I spoke no lies @Valkyrae Among us at 5? Looked through some unban requests and honestly it was hilarious @QuarterJade @brodinplett Brodin u goddamn crazy manPass me my cuban herman millers @starbottle Pls rest regularly @yoojpls ? @Asmongold Take the time you need for sure @Pterodactylsftw Sheila it was just unlucky ok3 hours for one apex win but it was WROTH IT
2021 genshin tft rust apex?Exactly how I've been feeling about rust I've been doing a poor job at interacting with people but the game itsel… @LudwigAhgren @BaboAbe YepABE APPRECIATE THREAD <3 @BaboAbe
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2021 hello @asyyyc ill be honest its SO random with the shot of mars/the shark but had some really good moments @OvileeMay u see this?turned on the lpl stream and HUH @peenerpark but ur prob vibing to the music a lil too hard @itshafu I'm gonna get lost into poe for 2-3 weeks but i also am desperately waiting for games have you ever streamed soulsbornes? @pokimanelol breaking numbers is just a monthly thing for u now that's wild @Link115_ @peenerpark best game when its good agree @peenerpark I'm telling joji u cheated @Valkyrae This was not a threatInternet crashed rip hope you guys enjoyed the stream I'm gonna be trying to collab a bit out of my comfort zone b… @Valkyrae happy birthday May your life not end this year
@DumbsYT U made it @lowlabb @michaelreeves @LilyPichu @pokimanelol @DisguisedToast @yvonnie As his roommate, I'm respectfully telling… league animation is gonna be sick but i can't wake up at 7am for it EVERY YEAR THOUGH ITS BEEN AMAZING
@Zizaran the harvest change thank the LORD @iGumdrop @lu_cid_sky @etctr_ @iron_vertex Loved this one