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@cptfrey @PlayRuneterra My main worry alongside slow grind based progression @MrCoww @PlayRuneterra Think spell Mana is one of their best additions alongside oracles eye Agree with a bunch of… @Deathsie @PlayRuneterra This is really interesting and might align more near my own opinion even if I can't explain why @DisguisedToast I told my stream I wouldn't watch this I did Great video sir 👍 @TheAndyBowShow @PlayRuneterra I think drafting especially the games can be really snowbally agree @FishPolish @PlayRuneterra I'm worried about the grind esp how long it takes to play new decks @floaromaa I can't imagine you typing those emojis without laughing fucking dumbass @angeltapitio @PlayRuneterra The artists are just.... *Chefs kiss* @floaromaa Thx purple haired model artist personI'm fairly opinionated on @PlayRuneterra as is so I wanna know. What do you guys think about the game atm? @floaromaa SameJosh from spectrum promised us today our internet would be fixed today I was lied to @peterparkTV Yo duo??? did u miss me (lie if you didn't) @offlineTVgg @pokimanelol @Fedmyster @DisguisedToast @LilyPichu @michaelreeves Pokis fucking wildOFFLINETV PLAYS GUESS THAT TWEET 😂 ft. @scarra @pokimanelol @Fedmyster @DisguisedToast @LilyPichu
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@bradhann1 Good but glad to be coming backWhat's popping @LilyPichu @StellaChuuuuu I'm on vacation but I had to fucking tweet to say what the fuck
OFFLINETV OFFICIAL LCS MEET & GREET 🥳 Who: @scarra @pokimanelol @LilyPichu @michaelreeves @Fedmyster @yvonnieng W…
Retweeted by scarra @shortyawards i've never seen janet's name written like that @BasedYoona flights in a few hours i got time TO GRIND @itshafu honestly i do this on purpose because the early mornings are my wind down periods as opposed to late eveni… recording this patch rundown right before i fly out hope it's not a big patch am taking a vacation tomorrow and will not be streaming until Friday Please hug your teddy bears until I return
2020 I will be going on a mini vacation for 3 days tomorrow this is my last stream of my streak of like 380 days @OvileeMay 1v9 lcs carry @floaromaa Sleep schedules are a social construct anywaysOTV PODCAST #5 is now out!! 🎙 ft. @LilyPichu @scarra @michaelreeves @Fedmyster
Retweeted by scarra tft (not feeding) then MTGA new set drafting (prob feeding)
@pokimanelol @Yassuo Don't get any ideas. @Pterodactylsftw @Average_Mango I'm plat sorry I need to find a challenger girl to carry me now
@Ayo_Dom ok maybe not this one as much but the last 6 u just didn't miss once @Ayo_Dom i think you're the funniest tiktoker i follow 2020 is crazy @RiotAugust @pokimanelol @FortniteGame @tiktok_us its doomed @MapleNectar Goodbye man You were one of the reasons I decided to play tft full time so wishing nothing but the best @pokimanelol @FortniteGame @tiktok_us Congrats I'm so fucking jealous Riot games where's my stuff ...An Announcement Read:
Retweeted by scarraWell I mean I had one day with a normal sleep schedule so I guess that's improvement @LolStvicious I do try to say choo choo Everytime one happens just to make myself laugh so there's thatHuh These twitch hype trains prob coulda been implemented better @yvonnieng Prob your best tweet on the account @EmyyCSGO @DisguisedToast such a nice guy to always call dibs on 8th @DanielKidder o shit even better @snubi_ eyyyy nice jobI got the scarra handle on youtube 2020 looking up
@DisguisedToast That cpm lol.... @Shiphtur I use 3 my pinky is weak :( @Yassuo Next season will be better don't worry @Mortdog Before November I had a perfect sleep schedule then Poe and mhw happened....You know your sleep schedule is bad when you wake up at 10 and wonder what people do at this timeI have a powerful need for a deep, large, long-term MMO that I can get lost in for months. I really miss waking u…
Retweeted by scarra @DisguisedToast Vine is dead yeah that's me daytime streamer here just streaming at my normal times during the day
@CDPROJEKTRED My April plans in shambles @OvileeMay My tl is cursed @seat413 @LiquidKurumx yeah he's my inspiration @kuya_mich there's a dark mode for onlyfans? wtf @CaptainFlowers LOL our ISP has been really frustrating ok flowersmaybe exploring some new options plans!
Retweeted by scarra @angelskimi @yvonnieng Damn she's rich wtf been holding out
@fuslie @Valkyrae I've been working with one for weeks to sort out stuff 8) @floaromaa stupid talented late night mhwIt's 2020 and I'm still waiting for that riot games mmo just saying @Voyboy Dam you the homie"death to sivir" - riot games probably
OFFLINETV GOES SKYDIVING!! 😱😱 thank you guys again for the 1mil and more 🥰🥳 ft. @pokimanelol @michaelreeves
Retweeted by scarraComing to PBE tomorrow
Retweeted by scarra playing sivir fight tacticssome people about to be billionaires @Hashinshin i've been gone so long people can complain about kat unironically now?
Open up a shipping thread set in March Space theme Mobile launch Big new big news hey its me
Retweeted by scarra @DisguisedToast @pokimanelol @LilyPichu @angelskimi Jesus @pokimanelol So remember when I told you I wasn't doing another 365 stream challenge?Personal Update:
Retweeted by scarra @k3soju Yoooooooooo congrats @RealRawStanky Think it has a ton of potential raw appeal esp to f2p and casual players @redmercy Outside of the genre itself Lack of depth, not many non champ cards to build cards around, etc Think it…'m worried for the game but I hope it finds large success Think the f2p aspect is gonna be the big draw waiting till yvonne finishes stream LOL chill late night mhw @pokimanelol This is gonna go nuclear
@Kyaandere Runway and dorohedoro are my picks @bobqinXD wait they made me shorter too wttf @bobqinXD .......... my existence is streaming @G2_Vacation @Biofrostlol oh my god LOL it was fnatic i FORGOT @Biofrostlol wasn't season 1 maokai jungle with oracles? it's fucking over for tpa @LilyPichu what tehf uckin a conversation with @yvonnieng Me: wow Peter lost a one in twenty chance in marbles and had to uncap his subath…
@DisguisedToast I would be a monster if I crushed your delusions right nowcouldn’t thank you guys enough for the milestones lately 🥰🥰 here’s part 1, and stay tuned for part 2 😊
Retweeted by scarra @DisguisedToast ????????????? Toast???