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@risorins @ForestWithin 🤝 @ForestWithin U still going for 18 year olds?So a devious lick doesn't use the tongue I seeWhat does it mean to hit a lick... @WonderPenguin Yeah I'd vouch for Domo anyday of the week as well especially when he saved my kids and brought my w…
@domoarigathanks @shimizuaiyu Never heard of her crazyAre they really happy to see me or happy to see my twitch prime @BriAtCookiebox U can remove the nose but clown doesn't go away @kuzuryuio They're all my viewers give them back @ItzMasayoshi Holy duck. @BriAtCookiebox Ty joker @LilybelleVTuber Don't recall that never happened @Natsumiii We could always wtf @starsmitten_ Is it back to Valo now @ICNCHI Thx for 2v3ing everything @android__99 ....yeah see you next year @CableVT Ty for the carry @Nyxalria Ty for dying for me @domoarigathanks Still can't believe u sneaked in more than anyone else @OrihimeVT I lost for 9 hours that day without winning... @fumikohoshi What a choice to raft @shxtou If there's one thing I've learned nobody likes their voice lol @Battlefield Oh god not battlefield too @TinaKitten Congrats 👏 @pokimanelol @Edgyscream This my edc fit is what ur saying @hampwn Ham debut timeI finally finished all of my vtuber collabs for september. Been a crazy ride and it ended with tasting just terrib…
live @ day in one hour with @kuzuryuio We'll be taking quizzes/chatting and eating absolutely disgusting bean flavo… @iGumdrop Food* @iGumdrop Good good turns a shit day literally 180 @eaJPark Happy birthday sir @domoariga2 the second line is something that always makes me sad to dwell onShang chi was a lot better than I thought Loved Tony leung and the fight choreo was really good @kuzuryuio This was a bad idea
2021 2 days left of scarratember DBD w/ @xdarleeng @Nyxalria @itzcrazydan @SticksterTV @floaromaa Yoooooooooo.@scarra'S SCREAM GETTING CUT OFF AS HE DIED WAS ONE OF THE FUNNIEST MOMENTS IN TODAYS COLLAB
Retweeted by scarra @pwuppygf ?The otv shoot left me disgusted and wet @h7une @emilyywng All clonesHelping mr Albert I'm sure I have some artists following me
family photo @michaelreeves @DisguisedToast @scarra
Retweeted by scarra @hampwn ? SHIT @baovtuber I literally injecting caffeine into my bloodstream at this point Day 12 Phasmophobia colla… @OrihimeVT #gamergirl huh @hampwn So well done @hazumiaileen @VTTaro @baovtuber I'm still in bed I shall be up soon @snuffyowo I shall clear any schedule for it @REALMizkif Babe it's not u it's meI think one of the nicest parts of doing my vtuber collabs is just meeting new people They've all been really nice… @MegaMoeka @TviQ_ Got a dub np
2021 Day 11 of 2d collabs Apex w/ @MegaMoeka @TviQ_ @FinanaRyugu Told u someone oiled up the axes not my fault @CableVT Easy kek farming @BriAtCookiebox Yeah it kinda does look like a circus @ItzMasayoshi U a real one @PorcelainMaid That's just mean @Rayditzfn Bro I'm 400lp I'm coming for u @portilho You lost me it's doomedhow do i make a tweet funny @portilho Who Porti @catsgomao
2021 Day 7 of scarratember Apex w/ @euphiechevalier @ICNCHI @brodinplett it's only been a year wtf... @euphiechevalier @ICNCHI Hey that's meFps games were made to ground me and my ego firmly into the pavement @h7une Bro these for free????
2021 day 9 of scarratember Valorant w/ @shimizuaiyu @ArtemisVtuber @domoarigathanks @bkbk_tomoko @domoarigathanks @catsgomao @waifuouo aren't you the guy who kicked that dog last week and said women's sufferage was too much?#1!!!
Retweeted by scarraI have so many mixed feelings but man do I hope this doesn't suck @FinanaRyugu These axes are oiled up I swear to God @baovtuber "thank God I'm finally free" @FinanaRyugu I'm never playing draven again @BoxBox Good luck sir @shxtou @FinanaRyugu @Girl_Dm_ Ur built diff for shre @teacuppity Dig dig dig dig dig
2021 2 collabs 3pm pst - splitgate w/ @GeneralGEEGA @YukikazuSen @CableVT 6pm pst - league w… @Imaqtpielol @Dyrus Can you guys make out somewhere else @DunoisKR Can you sleep already ur gonna diethe real wins are the friends u got on the way right.... @YukikazuSen @CableVT @GeneralGEEGA wait u have two of me @OrihimeVT oh no @juliawu @chapanyathepup HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! @catsgomao what the FUCK
2021 playing naraka day 7 w/ @OrihimeVT @shiso @catsgomao Less taking more posting @OfflineTV @LilyPichu @DisguisedToast @pokimanelol @michaelreeves @yvonnie @LudwigAhgren This one's a bangerOFFLINETV PLAYS REVERSE CHARADES (with a twist) 😯🤪😆 ft. @LilyPichu @DisguisedToast @pokimanelol @scarra
Retweeted by scarra @peterparkTV It feels like we were in a cult... @aquagiraffe88 I can't believe I still remember the numbers @BriAtCookiebox Can the cozy wozy monster please kill briI just realized this commerical is so old omg...Ready to take a bite out of crimeI'm getting hyped that I'm about to get a good night's sleep holy fuck 7 hours plus Let's gooooooooooo @RazLCS @risorins @ForestWithin Raz hahahahhaha
2021 Day 6 In silence w/ @LilybelleVTuber @domoarigathanks @PorcelainMaid @Kadu_ch_ @BriAtCookiebox @LilyPichu What I'm reading