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@CrypticNoOne yeah ur ass cheeks @Mako u rlly made that ss LMAO @optiuh LMAOOOOOOO the second tweet youve ever made thats made me laugh @optiuh what a scam @optiuh 16k, do girls throw themselves at you yet? @nStickzz @Modasty_ @ripgiannaaI’ll send $100 to ONE person that retweets this tweet and is following @Modasty_ along with myself (@nStickzz) GIVE…
Retweeted by scarfries @BakeHatesItHere i believe @TheSamsman i used to watch mc hunger game gameplays all the time when i was 14 @BakeHatesItHere youll get em next time @Froste ya eres mundial @JhbTeam @Grahamalott @lexieyuh LMAOOOO @Froste genius
@Xurrh whos that @FakeySensei HUH @NoahJ456 everytime i see your tweets on my TL i think youre a radiostation @chaselyons @CorinnaKopf thank you for giving my mom a ride from work in one of your many lamborghinis @Connugh i think its a cow @Connugh ITS A SMALL COW @ltsCamo yeah we close @Freddychini WHAT UR KIDDING @Grahamalott NOLE @TheSamsman yeahtheres no way @LazasBautista u try plugging it in😳i be feeling cute in my tight hoochie clothes in my room but as soon as i step out i’m like this the whole time
Retweeted by scarfries @Froste please use flyrohs @Froste just go to one of those places where u pay to break shit with a sledgehammer @nCaustic_ hi gorgeous 🥺❤️ @ripgiannaa my longest ever was 9 and im sad i cut it. back to growing it againfluffy
Retweeted by scarfries @stiIesstaIinski U MEAN ALL OF HIS FUCKBOY TWEETS LMAOOSOOSOSO @stiIesstaIinski fr @SOlTG0ES i have a feeling its also bcz dixie is on tik tok where its easier to translate to youtube numbers @BlGHINK i dont even know how to open a beer like that @AbbyTheMS IMA EAT THE WHOLE THING @xberrt @Classify 🙁 @Siimplex_____ HUH @Chriztopha_ FUCK @ShinyBMO @Classify i accidently took a ruler to the ass once @Classify the gaping size of a womans asshole is 16 inches while men only have 4 inches to work with @JoeyTheSuperJew LMAOAOAOAOAOAOAO @CorinnaKopf me pls i adore u @LiaSimpForever w o wwow half the people who follow me don’t have twitter 😕 they’re missing out fr @illSuga SUGHVFSFVJ LMAOOO GIRL IM @CFC_Ant yess so good @may_wedda is AMAZING @SamjaySJ ur one of the few @JoeyTheSuperJew bouta eat it whole @Nefertidddy i will ship 🚢YALL AINT EVER HAD A NICE ASS DESERT LIKE THIS MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM @Classify is if what? @IcyCP its almost 50/50 @blindmanwalkinn im sitting at sea level @LiaSimpForever i think itd be fun to see how many of my followers use twitter tbhi wanna see how many people are on twitter @SamjaySJ im ready @SamjaySJ WHAT!! we will have to duel @Boy1drr .... @oFabz well we started talking in 2016 didnt officially meet and date until late 2017. so we r about to hit 3 years soon @Boy1drr 🤚🤚hes mine 👏👏 @Boy1drr why? 🧐 @j4zzyko 🥺maybe @illSuga it can make you forget things @j4zzyko 😡😤 @SesoHQ @100Thieves @PlayVALORANT yes @sophiesolit im not the main character rip @sophiesolit LOL @JoeyTheSuperJew AWWEEE ADORABLE @oFabz 🤚 @julian_723 @Classify also a possibility @Classify we will be living with covid-19 for a while, so we just have to live a cautious lifestyle for a bit. It h… @Classify vaccines take a lot of trials and errors 😭 y’all can retweet this enough times that Disney calls, that’d be greatly appreciated
Retweeted by scarfries @Classify respiratory diseases are no joke @HarryButAverage @shivisdumb BRUH @xberrt @Froste was this before he lost $200? @Xurrh i am she, and she is bulletproof @Mako is that you at the 100T meetings? @sophiesolit u will find that! ❤️ @zsqoof today should be rebranded to “Fireworks Day” @LiaSimpForever LMAOO FR @lexieyuh OMG YES PLS!! @itsmichelleoh thank u🥺💕 @HD_Alpha_ ur so sweet🥺❤️ thank you and we really are @MaxPogG yes @lexieyuh i always go on pinterest and look at quotes for motivation, maybe it can help u. in regards to the last o… @MaxPogG are you? @lexieyuh LEXIE I LOVE U🥺❤️ @Hehe_TV ❤️this is so wholesome 🥺 @boogietweets IM NOT MARRIED LMAOOtwitter rlly be bringing everyone together @kylemarriott99_ i hope you can get some rest soon. sometimes i try reading, or listening to white noise on youtube to fall asleep @kylemarriott99_ are you able to take melatonin? @kylemarriott99_ pls sleep 🥺 @WhosBreezyUK @Classify i reallly want it @Daymeeein LAKJSHFRLKJASHF youre right, invite me to the wedding! @HD_Alpha_ thank you 🥺 this means a lot!