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@Alemus2K @tomvsthewrld not my fault theres a mini uk flag in the new zealand one 😡😡 @tomvsthewrld ur guys flag is literally imprinted with the british flag 😭😭 it only makes sense @ezbak3lovin @tomvsthewrld wow whats that supposed to mean @tomvsthewrld but u guys were a british colony so SAME BOOK DIFFERENT PAGE @ezbak3lovin IS THAT NOT THE UK FLAG???? @tomvsthewrld THEN WHATS THAT FLAG IN UR DISPLAY NAMEthis is why the uk doesnt deserve rights @tomvsthewrld WHO CALLS IT GUMBOOTS @tomvsthewrld WHAT @ezbak3lovin true, but i shouldve brought a change of shoes @tomvsthewrld rain boots, boots for the rain. theyre like rubber boots feel like an idiot... i wore rainboots bc it said it was going to rain and its not 😡😡😡😡😡😡is this about the prequel 🥸 happy its friday today 🤗 @notchaselyons no, carry on 🤥 @notchaselyons 🤔🤔i forgot my headphones ima cry 😭 should i just blast music on my phone on my walk ? meybe
@KrystalogyTV if it makes u feel better, the worst they can say is no 💗 give it a shot, you never know! @Icy_Rapture 10 @ezbak3lovin fr something about working past 1am feels so calmwhen you do your best work really late at night but also like waking up early 🥲🥲 ill just sufferYou know why this taser vs gun thing really pisses me off? As a nurse if I mix up two medications there's zero room…
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@kyedae @100Thieves OMG CONFRATS THIS IS SO COOL LFG @LazasBautista HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🎈🎉🎊 @TheTopViking lets go!!
@shryma so prettyjust clocked out time to be a menace sorry for disappearing outta no where but I got suspended for DMCA while I was gone. Please RT for mutuals and…
Retweeted by scaruki @pinksakura_tv period-ette @Class @Viperous not even a backup cam can help this lady😭how is she going to pay for that.
Retweeted by scaruki @shivisdumb GOODLUCK @charlieacog i agreemake the requirement to become a cop harder. theyre in charge of peoples lives just as doctors. let potential candi… many more lives have to be taken until we see change in the police system? @pokimanelol goddam okay poki i see you 👀
@zenoisrandomYT starts snorting baby powder @VirtueDL yeah fr, in the end they all have a near perfect prevention of hospitalization and death @kay6e ongme getting the johnson & johnson vaccine after the media has been profoundly against it anxiety my anxiety mixed with…
Retweeted by scaruki @mackenziereynaa TYPO QUEEN @mackenziereynaa wait wrong emoji 😭** @mackenziereynaa rip 🎉my hot take for hair styling: no part > middle part > side part @jessdot omg yes wraps... i completely blanked on the word and said BURRITO 😭😭😭😂😂 @jessdot maybe using the bigger leaves to make a leaf burrito with all the stuff u like! @kpsyph ONG!! like i dont see the appeal of wasting $30,000+ FOR ONE PARTY @Grahamalott exactly like imagine finding another good house like they do 😭[1 Week] my skin has been looking brighter. I also think my acne has gotten smaller since the first day, its still… the subtle emotional manipulation the planners put them through? “oh your relative passed? imagine them here w… Marriage or Mortgage show on netlfix is an insane concept to me... like who in their right mind would choose ha… @emmalangevinxo these are one of the last drawings ive made @glitter_bat_ ur so pretty 🥺💗why are they acting like such apes if all it was is a “traffic violation”.... they need to better weed out who beco… @Layymooon 7 max
@Icy_Rapture 🎉 have a fun one @EMUHLEET @Galorants 💗💗💗 @EMUHLEET @Galorants @honkkarl dont let him near ur ankles!!! 😳😳😳😳coffee round #2 @Icy_Rapture hoppy birthday!!! 🥳
@VirtueDL happy birthday 🎁🎉 @100Thieves im poor
@VeesAQueen @leahdb98 @sarahnicoleryer yeah im down :) @Nadeshot time to start a golf league @HarryButAverage OMG LETS GOOOOO IM SO HAPPY FOR YOU❤️❤️❤️❤️
@itsraechill i mean... maybe a smidge of a hint wont hurt until then 😳👀 @super_sophia11 i get up from my desk so much i feel embarrassed 😭😭anything below 55 degrees is too cold @DaisyFxo_ you should watch Hello World next! it has similar vibes @kpsyph like out of the whole day, my body waits till im done showering
@simpin_fr it should be 😫i hate it so much when i have to poop RIGHT AFTER i just showered 😡 @DaisyFxo_ its soooo good 😭 @pookersxo lets go!! ❤️❤️ @Nefertidddy 😚💗 ty gorgeous @Corvusssssss TYworking at a new job is always nerve wracking because they dont know how much i pee yet 😭 @cloakzy simply go back in time @Veloula @Shelsea___ i got uu once i find more like that!! @Shelsea___ OMFGGG IM TELLING UU i read that shit in one sitting it was TOOO good 😭 @simpin_fr its true @Daymeeein when i eat eggs i am a part of that 1% of farts @Shelsea___ BUT DO U LIKE IT THO SO FAR????? LMK @Shelsea___ GIRLLLL LMAOOOOO IT HAS SEXY SCENES IS SWEARRR BUT YES IT WILL ALSO MAKE U SUPER EMO 😭😭
@Nefertidddy wow theyre so pretty @wolfiecindy i really used to suck in my belly so much 4 years ago and while also being at my skinniest😔😔 there was… @HybridPOG makes sensewouldnt be surprised if california drifted away from all these earthquakes @LilyPichu mmmmm @LilyPichu lay me down ur wisdom queen 🥺apparently only 1% of farts are stinky ?????? @Daymeeein @Gbemideyforyou 🥸😳 @realJBA HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🎉 @leahdb98 AHHH SO CUTE
@slime_machine yeah very boringthe simple times are coming, raw unfiltered content is going up 👀 @hailewhy icees