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scaruki @scaruki 22. (she/her) 💞 bi

F-tier twitch streamer | | i stream every M-W, 11am EST |

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@nCaustic_ darling in the franxx is good but imo it starts getting bad at the endI don't know about you, but this is the winner for me.
Retweeted by scaruki @pokimanelol i love the art on it so cute 🥺 @notchaselyons LMAOOO THE QUOTES @AbbyTheMS @charliepaull 🥺🥺❤️ thank u @Froste speedrunning a day i see @Corvusssssss thats a cool pink! @RTG299 have a good day!!! @RinaWildflowerr i will take your word for it, maybe i’ll try it soon 😂 @RinaWildflowerr girl 😂😭 @dickonhardd @IcyVert down so bad his pictures are just links 😭 @dickonhardd @IcyVert ur @ scares me @IcyVert yes 🏃🏽‍♀️ being human was so last year 😴 @IcyVert oh wait its a good thing 😌 nvm maybe astrology aint so bad @IcyVert wtf why they got me in first place 😠 @AbbyTheMS @charliepaull AHH so cute, i love ur art @Reck___ 🥺 @LikeYaCutsG LETS RETURN BACK TO OUR ROOTS! @SamjaySJ ty :D @rufushasligma silly life and its unpredictability! @SamjaySJ i hope u have a good day!! 💖 @SteadyCam_ ☺️❤️ @Reck___ hope u have a good day!goodmorning 💞 remember that u are beautiful @plooful but what if that something dont want me 😭 @Class @LudwigAhgren so multiple cooters 😳 @slamongfIobo @TommyThroatEm i do that after i take a poop to make sure i wiped everything @slamongfIobo @TommyThroatEm THAT DOESNT MAKE IT ANY BETTER pls clean it😭 @kvrohs that means u can only go up @TommyThroatEm 2 YEARS??????? @honkkarl woof @ShinyBMO @pokimanelol HOLY W @bqdger WW @YoItsIcyy WWW
@100Thieves @JBLaudio @RohnJobinson @JhbTeam THAT CLIP OF FROSTE WRFSJSJX LMAO @imane love u poki🥺 @nCaustic_ very friendly i think you were teaching me how to get better at valorant with crosshair placement @Schovee down BAD @slamongfIobo @22lexi_ @slamongfIobo @22lexi_ u mean th ? @Wis_Alt @Daymeeein @22lexi_ ur so rare 😳 we must protect you @ImMashed_Potato @Daymeeein @22lexi_ is march 18 anything special in your family? @Daymeeein @22lexi_ im still looking at how we were conceived on valentines day 🤭 smh they couldnt keep it in @Daymeeein @22lexi_ AYEEE LETS GO we are special @22lexi_ @Daymeeein oh do i have a task for u 🥸 @o_keilani wait but when is the next season coming out i almost forgot about the show @notneekolul i am gorl and i simp for u but i also dont wanna overdo it 🥺👉👈 @Valkyrae I LOVE IT YOU LOOK SO PRETTY (as you always have) @maggivellian turn off all lights and dont look at anything bright. drink lots of water and lay down for a bit if y… @Corvusssssss there are people who care for you, including me, and if you ever need anything i am here for u 💖 youre not alone
@pokimanelol @CashApp i did my best😠 i hope u like this realistic drawing of mimi😌 $scaruki #CashAppPoki @illSuga YOURE SO PRETTY !!🥺🥺🥺hi everyone, it pains me to share this but my older brother passed away yesterday. I feel so lost inside. Ive creat…
Retweeted by scaruki @Mako i am so sorry, my condolences to you and your family🤍 @Grahamalott i jus saw dis but yeah if u still need one @SynergyJonty @fyvex this ^^ but yeah comparing will always be something we turn to due to having access to everyon… @Nefertidddy ur boobs look so prettiii 🥺 respectfully looking @HarryButAverage :/ what an actual prick. people who still kiss his ass are dead to me now @Blankzy_ no @KaleiRenay i love this thank u @Froste DN @leahdb98 i hope u have an AMAZING day @RinaWildflowerr so prettty ❤️❤️ @LudwigAhgren buckys are the new ops @nillawillask and thats on factsyou’re all NPC’s to me 🥸 no one is real 🧐 we are all thoughts 💭im going to start posting more on instagram starting this week !! hit me wid that follow if u wanna see all this fa… @exposedp9nda i share your pain, i couldnt be there for my grandpa for his final moments too :( im also here for yo…
@maggivellian YAY @maggivellian i mostly play val, r u on there ? @nCaustic_ HOT GIRL NAT 🥰 @maggivellian .(( u can always interact with me! @maggivellian hopefully tomorrow its a new cycle 😃 @starsmitten_ ill be as good as u one day @maggivellian ILY!! @maggivellian CUTE AND SMOL 🥰 @HarryButAverage people so damn weird wtf im sorry that happened :// @pokimanelol i cried last night it felt so good @Valkyrae hiii im scarlett and i think ur super pretty🥺 @CorinnaKopf im sorry you have to go through this :// @_itsEko 4k @WhosBreezyUK how do you know?THANK YOU CUTIES FOR A GREAT STREAM! here is my favorite chat interaction from today's stream 😂😼 NOW and @rufushasligma i will try to with makeup! @COSTCOBACKWOODS id rather eat mustard @COSTCOBACKWOODS i thrrew up @maggivellian looks just like u 😗 @_Hillzzy ITS TUESDAY??? oh shit ....i hope u have a good day too! @_Hillzzy howdy 🤠 morninoh it’s a new day again 😃 @Ashtronova but...but... warm comfy bed 😭 @sarahnicoleryer it looks like hes ready for some airbending @notoliviabee id draw furry u as a gift when u become one @notoliviabee 😳 @visionofviii speak it into existence fr!!! @mayahiga6 awe the tiny lil mic fits their smol mouths 🥺 @egirlsoos 🥺💖 @Layymooon @OnTheFlyTwitch BRUH WHO BROUGHT THIS BACK UP ILL K*LL AND M*URD*ER U @VanishingTerror @OnTheFlyTwitch STOP