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Once: journalist in NY, then: city planner in LA, now: city planner in NY. Pessimism of the intellect, optimism of the will. All views are my own.

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@uhshanti Hey 😫 @multimodalshrty Ahhhhhh 😭
There is MUCH to love in this savage, 30-year-old movie review I found of a film whose creators who later went on t…
Retweeted by Jordan Fraade @anniefryman I can't keep track, are the East Coasters ruining California wealthy WASP trust-fund heirs, or greedy Jewish developers @Rachel_Reyes These are wonderful photos. Losing a grandparent is so hard, and I'm so sorry. @sanbenito The café de olla at La Monarca Bakery and the crispy shrimp tacos and aguachile at Mariscos Jalisco. Tha…🎶🎶 Just you woyt, Clayy ‘Iggins, Just you woyt 🎶🎶 @aceckhouse @eparillon Your mom is not Jewish and your dad is?If I decide to go forward with a book proposal im gonna hang this above my desk, it’s the only way I’ll be able to… PA Supreme Court rules county boards of elections cannot reject mail-in or absentee ballots based on sign…
Retweeted by Jordan Fraade @DrDesThePlanner From your mouth to God’s ears, as the Jews say @eparillon Yes! My wife is a devoted Quaker and is still more enthusiastic about Judaism than I am.I know this is about Europe and not America, but I would just like to say that intermarriage is good, actually @camilausg Ah thank you! I thought I heard him sing some phrases in an indigenous language along with Spanish but I… @margareteby Yeah exactly, it’s not 👏smoothie guy’s 👏 job 👏 to 👏 educate 👏 you 👏 @libbycwatson Also, 1) carpeting everywhere (though that’s not a kitchen problem) and 2) you frequently have to buy… @margareteby Not that this is an AITA post but I’m firmly on team oysters, this guy is NTAI’ve never been to South America and it’s one of my deepest shamesAlso, I guess they’re really gonna let him win...? @eparillon Well yeah and also “Paint the media as liberally biased” has been a generational project for the right.… had a dream last night that I felt a deep sense of shame after everyone around me had started playing Fire And Ra… of Bolivia singing a song in Aymara after having his victory confirmed. We love to see it clockwork boulevard Marcel-Laurin, Saint-Laurent
Retweeted by Jordan Fraade @jhermann Much too consider @MaggieAstor Oh damn you're right, I guess just shift that line up to the northwest a little bitIt's here. Shawangunk Ridge west of the Hudson, the end of the Metro-North lines east of the Hudson. Basically anyt… @DanielKayHertz Normally I'm a Madrid over Barcelona person but I still dream about beginning every meal with that stuff @DanielKayHertz Pa amb tomaquet!!! @DavidKlion oh lol yeah @DaniOliver Oh lol of course! Thank you. @thecitywanderer You should come meet her sometime! She's a big ham and loves attention @DavidKlion Does Trump shit on Israel though?This is what she’s actually like most days @DaniOliver PDC?Here, have a post-debate corgi watching the debate, instead I'm reading this article about how if Trump gets reelected he's going to gut the f… then they have cans of soup. They throw the cans of soup. That’s better than a brick because you can’t throw a…
*to the tune of burning down the house* 🎶coking down the greens 🎵
Retweeted by Jordan FraadeConservative pundits and "intellectuals" are the beneficiaries of the biggest affirmative action program in the cou… @thecitywanderer Where is this @thecitywanderer @StephenYale PA has so much good food, there's no need to defend these bland little dumplings filled with cottage cheese or whateverEvery country on earth has dumplings, and in most of those countries the dumplings actually taste like somethingApparently a bunch of right-wing goons have started something called Pierogi Gang to play up the Biden family's sup… @JakeAnbinder Well no, this situation is “Live free *and* die”I love this! LA Electeds and Officials: What Do They Know? Do They Know Things? Let's Find Out @laura_nelson @mattdpearce It's like Griffith J. Griffith @rabonour Yeah. If NYC is emblematic of the pre-1924 wave of immigration, LA is emblematic of the post-1965 wave @hunter_owens @evaliceb @rabonour I can’t read any LA books for awhile, especially with winter coming 😭 @NSlayton @hunter_owens No it’s cool, I’d heard the phrase before and wanted to confirm. TBH I don’t think the US… @NinaIppolito Yep! Which is now also very diverse and trending Dem. Northern/central part of OC in particular (Santa Ana, Anaheim, Irvine) @evaliceb @rabonour I have to read that, along with The Great Exception @NSlayton @hunter_owens What were the original second and third? @hunter_owens Real mike davis shitOne reason I think many New Yorkers misunderstand LA is that it became a magnet for global immigration and trended… continued, “To folx going through it are seen, you are heard, you are not alone, and you are loved” @AlexYablon Emma got a rapid test yesterday at the site on Coney Island Ave @rabonour This isn’t a commentary on him as a candidate, but lots of good maritime footage in this ad, def feel pandered to @eparillon Yeah honestly this just seems like weak sauce
@thomas_abbot But like, how do we ~~know~~ it's 100% affordable. Like, epistemologically @CarterRubin @jonorcutt @StreetsblogLA Van Nuys??? @theotherjude John was always my personal favorite because I was once an alienated sad dude myself, but Paul is an… @theotherjude No, I think it’s really just that the critical zeitgeist in music has turned away from Alienated, Exp…!!!, that's Quibble. Quibi is the largest reservoir in Massachusetts. think it's really important for people to understand that Rudy G was Always Like This and for people who had a di…
Retweeted by Jordan Fraade @paolagmendez "How do we design a process that allows marginalized ppl to execute their vision like in this KDI pro… @paolagmendez Right but that's a big "when." My experience (at least w/ LA City) is that the process as it exists t… @sandypsj I guess I would categorize that as a form of True Believer — believing that throwing these sorts of absur…, one of the schemes they came up with after the original manufacturing plans failed was...helping Racine, Wisc… story for so many reasons, but reading this I'm struck by the lack of obvious bribes or kickbacks for the elec… @plitter Welcome!!!!! @DanielKayHertz @DavidKlion Daniel are you one of those anti-Paris peopleUnrelatedly it’s really wild to me that Paul is the cool Beatle now. It’s like everyone memory-holed “Maxwells Silver Hammer”This was a joke btw. Vote No on 22McCartney I (1970): Permanent Secretary McCartney II (1980): Temporary Secretary McCartney III (2020): Secretary Co… my first Le Guin this year and I'm really glad I did. Though "process is more important than outcomes" is ter… to pick an overall "winner" bc so many great answers, but while NYC is sort of an obvious #1 (because of where… forgot to map the "Most Interesting cities" question, but here are the Top 20 along with a map of all the cities… 20 is a fairly predictable combo of major global cities and traditional tourism destinations: this for the AM crowd: Back in April I did an informal straw poll of Urbanist Twitter's favorite and least… @cafedujord @mwstafford We should do it and also we should do a lot of other things too @imitationsun The best kind of horseshoe theoryThis is why we need a new generation of leaders in the Democratic Party.
Retweeted by Jordan Fraade @sandypsj The one time I accidentally waded into it... @sandypsj Don’t sleep on Israel/Palestine @rabonour Rabi, people need these for work. Your bike lane proposal is an attack on working families who own this carI live in NYC again so i can give public comment without being an interloper 🥰🥰🥰🥰 @xtdave UghhhhhhhhhhI never watch live TV broadcasts anymore but I've got the World Series on, and....they're ALL car commercials!!!!! Is this normal @petersterne lol noI am not a gamerI realize I'm dating myself here, but when I first heard about AOC going on Twitch to play video games I was confus… @theotherjude Yep, it scored very highly almost entirely bc of the "Best for Tourism" and "Most Interesting" categories
@DavidKlion Basically everyone from Chicago listed Chicago for all the categories @Maddz4planning Jordan can have a little travel, as a treat @PlanningAutumn People love KC! I went there for a night this summer and had a great time. @AthertonKD Denver actually one of the only cities to get a net negative score! @Maddz4planning for helping me prepare the shapefiles with her superior GIS software. Sorry if the map color…