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i have ibs

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someone please end the white new york musical theatre gay to drag race pipelinefolklore……but wow what a momententire tl folklore avis methuselah levels are low :// @xoSonique YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS @A_doubleC_D you ate it up so proud of u mawma @A_doubleC_D girl i love you 💞 @CursedCunnt exactly CursedCunnt exactly clash of da cultures :3 @scheibestan x @ANingunHombre started hanging out with a man i ghosted after he gave me my first kiss'm cold as fire, baby, hot as ice If you've ever been to heaven, this is twice as nice Break it down, break it dow… @Tinashe YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS @Tinashe EAT IT UP MAWMAAAAAA @Tinashe SLAYYYYYYYYYYYtook an edible (melatonin 5g) goodnight @eencest can u un private i wanna tweet this gifthe way i had to undergo two laser surgeries and a chemical peel all bc an old haggard MAGA white bitch wasn’t payi… @Camila_Cabello ?ibs medication is now can literally say one word and straight people laugh….it’s literally so easy
@ddpain_ the song choice….manila had no chance @slut4ket exactly slut4ket exactly @tyler01010101 scurvy @voidshitter @th3mb0fication orange juice maybe @m8ss3ducti0n FUCK U JEFFREY BOYER CHAPMAN!!! pleek they booted him and he isn’t returning for season 2 bc everyone hated him @m8ss3ducti0n it’s fucking awful. like genuinely. you will see 😭 have u watched canada?? the judging is bad but it’s atleast enjoyableplaying league of legends @m8ss3ducti0n oh girl…..just u wait… drive me crazy i just cant sleep i’m so excited i’m in too deep sure has got me good @SamaTheCreator you fr need therapypop 2 / number 1 angel vinyl is $300 extraction arrived x chemical peel scheduled and i’m happy @ddpain_ deserved sorry @blessedhuggy assuming u are a teen @blessedhuggy not bad @m8ss3ducti0n you’re gonna hate down under its genuinely the worst season of all time + the judging is absolutely horrible @m8ss3ducti0n Uk???? that’s in english 😭 @slut4ket tei shi feature @m8ss3ducti0n watch espana or thailand or UK @m8ss3ducti0n trust me it’s not worth it @m8ss3ducti0n don’t watch ityeah my boyfriends in a band he plays guitar while i sing lou reed i got flowers in my hair i get down to beat poet…
Retweeted by jodi arias stan facts & updates ☭ @ClepHoris YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS @judestfranciss THE NAILS X GLOVE X HAIR i’m reading suddenly got so erotic ermergerd @kobcritic_ this ride @Tinashe THE VISUALSme playing viva piñata (pirated) more disrespectful than a cis white girl calling you “queen”
Retweeted by jodi arias stan facts & updates ☭i feel like we shouldve gatekept nail polish from straight men
Retweeted by jodi arias stan facts & updates ☭ @radlcIes A TU PUTA LO HAGO FITTING! @gmzperfect AGATA!!!!! @ElMalQueer AGATHA!!!! @ElMalQueer ROSE @ElMalQueer AGATHA!weekly goodwill bookstore haul
Retweeted by jodi arias stan facts & updates ☭ @ihatebjork my friend in high school got strep bc of thisi’m high but not at the nail salon :// @blessedhuggy fergie? @blessedhuggy shania twain?oomf asked sex store lady if they sold poppers and they only had whippets 😭 just be doing shit nerve reset
@slut4ket now it’s even more temptingmy latina moms logic: hate back and forth all over tl…it’s a rough day for us white teeth teens about when someone said this was lena dunham’s ass 😭😭 “musician” on this app trying to tweet lorde hate as if his music doesn’t sound like dorian elektra rejects… @xenbie YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS @xenbie daddy’s home @deaddilf69 maw ain’t no one streaming 😭🤚 @deaddilf69 i KNOW you arent talking @slut4ket why does she kinda look like her too @RitaYKhabbaz yet you play robox. so what now? @RitaYKhabbaz did i stutter? @kirawaif @RitaYKhabbaz like hotboxing ma @kirawaif @RitaYKhabbaz yes.@RitaYKhabbaz coming to visit next week @tovxgio @th3mb0fication watch yourselfmaybe i…….just stoned at the nail salon CUZ ALL THE MUSIC U LOVED AT 16 YOULL GROW OUT OF :3333 CLAIRO PRINT #StonedAtTheNailSalon @ihatebjork you ate it up like it’s lowkey hard to get a 1 😭 @ihatebjork CONGRATSonto the third book i’ve read this week since my baby went away it’s been the blackest day after the spongebob car hit him in that one cashier race tiktok @bxsel @bxsel EXACTLY. @bxsel WORKING SO HARD EVERY NIGHT AND DAY character in the book i’m reading just said the n word (he’s white) @logandocare kylie minogueme to @ANingunHombre @ANingunHombre @Iordely it’s giving tale of desparoux and im not even kidding @TAYMACC_ dream @radlcIes too much baking soda methinks