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Series finale airs at the ~earlier~ time of 8pm, April 7th on CBC and CBC Gem 💫

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@lola4197 @danjlevy @annefrances @olreid @emilyhampshire! @biancasmalley @BellaFarella @mariss_ugh @alexisrosestan is no one funnier than this furry gent
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@polmalm i was gonna do this 😂 in *eight* minutes! ➡️ ⬅️ ET / 5pm PT! Do you have questions about friendship for @danjlevy and @emilyhampshire? Or maybe time zones? @NicoleC_talks Technically it was 5pm EDT. @MarleysGhost @danjlevy @CBC @tompowercbc @CBCTelevision this will also be available to stream on CBC Gem after the fact for thos… own @danjlevy is one of the first guests on @CBC and @tompowercbc’s brand-new (video) chat show. Tune in to… now, a poetry reading from ~the~ Chris Elliott. #SchittsCreekGivesBack @Lamber35 yes of course! @pdorrin1 yes!😭😭😭 @amytavernia @laura898 @danjlevy 💛He's talking about you. star Daniel Levy reflects on making the groundbreaking comedy series
Retweeted by Schitt's Creek"They've changed each other, in a really positive way." @annefrances and @DustinWMilligan reflect on Alexis and Te… @_trisarahtop @ellelljaytoo Season 6 airs on @PopTV in the US! @brightestblueaf @danjlevy @SchittsCreekPop Murphy is currently teaching “A Little Bit Alexis” AS Alexis Rose and it’s a gift to this entire world…
Retweeted by Schitt's CreekQueue this up: is live on her insta RIGHT NOW teaching some dance moooooves and raising some $$$. Join us! #SchittsCreekGivesBack
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@sassydavidrose @danjlevy @olreid @annefrances @emilyhampshire @Realeugenelevy @A_Stonemetz @danjlevy 💛💛💛 @Wee_Sio @annefrances 1am!Annie Murphy (@annefrances) will be going LIVE tonight on Instagram teaching you the #ALittleBitAlexis moves! Whe… @danlesby @patrickbrewski this is gr8. we appreci8 it. @4khiker1218 Sorry, this is the Canadian account account so I'm unsure of the US details! Try contacting… @4khiker1218 @CBC Not sure yet, that's a question for those respective services but we're hoping so!don't forget: the series finale of #SchittsCreek airs at the *earlier* time of 8️⃣pm (8:30NT) this coming Tuesday on @CBC. @RGillis1234 it's working! 💫8️⃣. times David Rose said "oh my god" a GIF thread: 1. some time to sit down and revel in this wonderful @Variety interview wth @danjlevy. the years, Catherine O'Hara was more than happy to impart advice on playing drunk. @danjlevy @emilyhampshire @AshThenRuby Roses were never meant to all end up in the motel. Listen to @danjlevy detail where the rest of his family memb…
Retweeted by Schitt's Creek @AlicePF2 Yes! @patrickbrewski @danjlevy @apollomp3 @danjlevy 🧡💛 @sapphicstories @danjlevy say hi to Demi for us 💛.@SchittsCreek hit their $100,000 #SchittsCreekGivesBack fundraising goal to help hunger organizations in the US &…
Retweeted by Schitt's CreekHard to believe Moira hasn't sported the gloves-as-a-headband look.
This is happening in EIGHT minutes! ➡️ ⬅️ (@olreid) Reid will be performing live on Instagram at 8️⃣pm ET / 5pm PT, taking requests! ➡️… @danlesby @danjlevy 💛💛Get ready, because tonight Paley@Home is taking us to @SchittsCreek via #PaleyFest 2016.
Retweeted by Schitt's Creek @annaacostello Season 5, episode 8. @farleyscactus @danjlevy @olreid @farleyscactus @danjlevy @olreid lol yehjust thinkin bout these two @IllBeApollo @lonealange @BellaFarella That's a question for the tour promoter, I don't have any information sadly. @BellaFarella It's available on CBC Gem when it first starts airing on TV in Canada, which is in Atlantic Canada. 8… @syrachg @lonealange @BellaFarella 5pm MT! @LeonieWoolf @BellaFarella we'll be here, of course! @karen_killjoy @patrickbrewski we'll get through it together @BellaFarella It goes live on CBC Gem as it starts airing on CBC TV in Canada, so 8pm AT / 8:30pm NT which is 7pm ET. @danlesby @rainbowjulia95 @CBC It will be on CBC Gem @HMCBonczek As far as we can tell, it should be available on Amazon too, yes! @lucianowriter1 @danjlevy @olreid 💛 @The_LBaum 100% @notmytwiiter Hoping so, yes!Best Wishes, Warmest Regards | Following the series finale on Tuesday night, stay with us for a very special one-ho… @farleyscactus @danjlevy ooh these are very cool
@karen_killjoy 💛 @sassy_mariska @danjlevy @Realeugenelevy 💛 @cbclaw7 here you go: @LeonieWoolf sorry it took a while: @A_Stonemetz @Elle_Ziel Finally, it exists ➡️ @polmalm @Elle_Ziel The kiss exists too: @farleyscactus @danjlevy @karenrobinson01 @annefrances @emilyhampshire @sarahlevy_ @DustinWMilligan @olreid @Realeugenelevy @danlesby 💛🖤💛 @annefrances @sarahlevy_ @ectannenbaum @glamourmag "spoke spoke"?"I genuinely think that Twyla is Alexis’s best friend." @annefrances and @sarahlevy_ spoke spoke at length with… @modernhobo Johnny deleted it smh @EmilyEmorlee here you go: @mariss_ugh @BellaFarella @jammyjam25 thanks I really want pizza now: @BellaFarella @biancasmalley wow sorry we missed this one: @IllBeApollo you can! @NicoleC_talks do not want to know why you need this: @Disgruntled_AF @danjlevy no sacrifice needed:🚨SPOILER ALERT🚨 @danjlevy discusses that MAJOR @SchittsCreek plot twist involving #Twyla while skyping with…
Retweeted by Schitt's Creek @Kelsey37723249 @caitforshort hi friends, thanks for watching! Kelsey you can change your username right here: @HenryFlattery @paradisenl In Canada, Season 6 is available to stream for free on CBC Gem! You can get started righ…