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That Goan Guy @schmmuck ½ way btwn d gutter & d stars

I'm just an eight ulcer man on four ulcer pay.

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@howthox @MOU5ERAT @prabhjotjolly @cosperency I'm not in Goa.damn looks like i downloaded the wrong Irishman 🤔🤔
Retweeted by That Goan Guy🤤🤤🤤 @anaggh Just a Thot sir! 🙏 @ObiWanManobi @sanchkin I wish I had such nice roomies.Wow man. Technical Guruji kahaan se kahaaan? Wah! the hell does it rain so much on the weekends only? This is a @cosperency!!#Pune Latest update (enhanced satellite image), via Check the animation (hourly changes,…
Retweeted by That Goan Guy @levelupdub I found this and felt like it’s perfect
Retweeted by That Goan Guy @djdumass Hahaha. They'll ban me from Japan.Keep your friends close and enemies at BKC during rush hour. @tweetria Ma'am. 😰😰😰 @kuchhimau Jabriya JodiWow. Good thing that I didn't step out in the evening. The roads are jammed!! @bleakonomicx Is that a dessert at social?watch this, you’re not gonna regret it 😭
Retweeted by That Goan Guy @KoyalGhosh Yeah. So beautiful. Not sure about the 1million fact though.
Retweeted by That Goan Guy @Bhangari_dada is Jabriya Jodi worth watching? @mihirmodi @OnePlus_IN Yeah.So @OnePlus_IN just doubled the warranty on all phones after 6T eh? the fuck did that guy slap that other guy😂😂😂
Retweeted by That Goan GuyFolks please share and help! #RetweeetPlease
Retweeted by That Goan Guy @JackHayesAuthor @clareconway It was.....Rebeka Vardy's cat
Retweeted by That Goan GuyA mystery worthy of Sherlock Holmes. What happened to the sausage...?
Retweeted by That Goan Guy @MeetBhatt_ Haha. Some have the capability.My parents fell in love when they were in school so when my mum went to college non of her friends knew what my dad…
Retweeted by That Goan GuyLink me to the Spotify playlist you listen to when you're wasted.Commissioner of Customs, Chennai International Airport: Two passengers Mohamed Yasin & Sheikh Abdullah, who had arr…
Retweeted by That Goan Guy @gcabhijeet Yup. @gcabhijeet Don't really know much about speakers in that range. But I think Bose has a soundbar for 15k @howthox S(he Lied) (He) Be(lie)ved.just my mom trying to end my depression by sending murukku pics
Retweeted by That Goan Guy @sa_lil Oh this looks amazing. 😍A timely reminder that if you do a PhD in Finland you get to pompously march around the town with a sword.
Retweeted by That Goan GuyGo to any wine shop at around 5:45pm today and watch the horde of thirsty souls come to stock up Hind Lunch Home, Hill road, Bandra is my new fav seafood hotspot. #FoodieTwitter @FoodieBoozard
Retweeted by That Goan GuyMy relationship with my chair at work. @narendramodi , inko 5 Lakh aur dekar kam se kam inka hisaab toh nakki karo.
Retweeted by That Goan GuyI don't know what to say to this...
Retweeted by That Goan Guy @DumbbellsnDrama Oh. :(* @chiragbarjatyaa gives unsolicited dieting advice* Twitter:-
Retweeted by That Goan Guy @peeteeonyou Goodluck cafe, Pune.It sucks that when you’re ugly, you’ve to learn photography or poetry to stay relevant on Instagram.
Retweeted by That Goan Guy @mindspacemafia Don't make fun of us fat folks.I live in a @joogasama Debt free hai toh de, warna kat le. @joogasama 👍 @abhishekmadan Yeah Dude. That logo is at least 30 years old.Wanna go to the Blue Nile and see if they're still good. And Marz o rin chicken sandwiches. 😍 @neerjadeodhar I miss orlem 😭Lots of dry days lined up in Maharashtra even though the monsoons haven't receded :( @chin80 ????100gm Carbs 50gm Fat 80gm Protein #AaJaoDoston @mischiefkar @MasalaBai Yeah. That was incredibly sad. :( @nikster007 Don't think so.Oh man, not this square again! IT department has seized Rs 43.9 cr in Indian currency + $2.5 million during searches Chittoor & 40 other locat…
Retweeted by That Goan Guy @nikster007 Deccan one. @schmmuck You mean two weather weapon attacks.
Retweeted by That Goan Guy @schmmuck No. Election and no elections.
Retweeted by That Goan GuyHer eyes. Every person struggling with mental health on top of exhausting responsibilities has seen that look in a…
Retweeted by That Goan GuyThe fate of Okjökull is one which all of Iceland's glaciers might follow in the next 200 years
Retweeted by That Goan GuyThis story is going around again but I'd like to remind people that all we have confirmed is that in 2016 the air f…
Retweeted by That Goan GuyUS presidents of the 21st century as Pixel 4
Retweeted by That Goan Guy @nikster007 And Goodluck does it so much better than The Irani Cafe chain.My boss has had to see this meme on my phone twice today. I’m not even sorry.
Retweeted by That Goan GuyIndia has two seasons now. Summer and Monsoons. @Digital_Baba NoYet to use Sony's service. I've read some pretty negative reviews about em. Just hope my cans don't give me issues. 🙏 @chin80 WaahOf course, a set of Bose buds giving issues twice in two years is another matter... @Prateek_1982 Yes. :)Bose customer service is an absolute delight. This is the second time my earphones have failed (first set had the r… Appy stickers are from the 1980's? @impankajp Wait for the Realme X2 Pro. @abhijitkadle 😁Visited an old haunt today. Nothing much has changed, except the prices. 😁. @schmmuck @pariktank Dakkhan is an accepted regional pronunciation and spelling for Deccan. That one reads it as Dh…
Retweeted by That Goan GuyLol. What a name 😂 on the way to a buffet @teodranik Haha. Here's a video of me flying Emirates first class you pleb.Namasar Doston. TechnicalGoanji mein aap ka swaagat hai. Kipchoge's epic 1:59:40 marathon time required him to maintain an average pace of just under 4:35 per mile. T…
Retweeted by That Goan Guy @intrinsiclutter My cook. He's a genius with leftovers. 😂Popular New Amazon Service Just Comes To Your House And Kills You
Retweeted by That Goan Guy @abhijitkadle Sir yeh toh papad hai.What? A deal has been struck!
Retweeted by That Goan GuyA Rs 10 lakh bribe amount charge against a former finance minister and a top lawyer, an ‘allegation’ of partying wi…
Retweeted by That Goan Guy @sulkyoldsoul morning to these women ONLYYYYYY
Retweeted by That Goan GuyDid you know: The Nokia N-Gage design was based on Goatse?
Retweeted by That Goan Guy @nikhil_no_1 Was ok. @iishitav Ishita pann karu shakte2,500 DOS games added to the Internet Archive as a result of the eXoDOS game preservation and restoration project!…
Retweeted by That Goan Guy @PranaliPancholi 🙄 I'm not an influenzaaa. 🙏 @PranaliPancholi Lol. No. Why?