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I can attest @habpipes What a peach. @lexhoudek 🥱 @VoiceOfFranky 600,000 people in the US Army. 1 permanent medical exemption.
Retweeted by Their Excellency Elan Morgan 🦉 @skeskali I lived with a girlfriend in the early 90s, and there was so much secrecy around our circumstances that n… @lizhenry I never considered this part of houseboat living.
@moonsoar To make you feel even older, my website would have been an adult last August. @Mommyoutside And I want a booster yesterday, but it looks like it won't be coming all that soon if we don't have t… @JimByersTravel I've been relieved so far that it is likely, hopefully a more mild variant. @EyesJans And almost nobody is an expert or even experienced in the field they're assigned to, and then they refuse… many don't know is that some of these vaccine clinics relied on volunteer staff to even be possible because Sa… @Mommyoutside SHA is not even going to try rescheduling. Everyone's on their own there. @ZoeSTodd I don't know why I get so much happiness out of watching people truly love something I don't, but your Triscuits joy is great. @Greeblehaus Or you're a cat? @waterkeepermark @LOWaterkeeper What a gorgeous shot!100s of our most vulnerable elderly people were waiting for and relying on their boosters and now must figure it ou… just love that Moe's handling of this pandemic in #Sask means that our health system no longer has the staff to k… @SarahWilke10 That’s my thinking. @misszoot Same. If I ever try living in public without a mask again, I'm going to look pretty weird.Every book review should open with, "Firstly, holy shit this person wrote a WHOLE BOOK."
Retweeted by Their Excellency Elan Morgan 🦉To be clear, I'm not opposed to our leaders speaking with socially dangerous individuals *if* their goal is to move… @calmudge0n Exactly. Moe wouldn't cross the literal street for over 40 days to meet with someone fasting outside hi… @Mommyoutside I say yes.Going by his actions, Moe is disinterested in science and the welfare of the people. He's playacting being a capita… appears to be so busy dismantling a healthcare system that should be sacrosanct and too anti-science to work fo… parents of ill kids who can't get care because of COVID have to go to the Leg to get Moe to even notice them… @lolaaugustine @scotiabank I got a USD account to use with a regular American client, but their bank made direct de… @kungfupussy @badasian I just called them, and they only use scent-free products! Sweet. So many things are exceedi… @kungfupussy @badasian Dammit! I completely forgot! I can’t handle scented detergent and dryer sheets. Yikes. @PennieNotPenny Especially since our apartment building is all owned condos. Why are we using pay laundry? @badasian If it proves to be affordable, I’m going to keep doing it. Why struggle of it costs nearly the same? (I h… @PennieNotPenny We’ve been behind for literally years. It’s never all done, and there are always piles. But our bui… @PennieNotPenny It’s such a basic necessity. It’s like making me drop coins in my fridge every time I open it. @CriRi_K If I lived near you I’d be over with a coffee ❤️ @thatwoman It does that to me, too. After folding laundry I get hangnails, and my skin feels so off that I don’t li… @nerdseyeview I did that a couple of times. Having everything leave my home quickly and without fuss was amazing. I felt so much power, too! @thatwoman I did not luck out with a laundry person. Thankfully he’s cute.And I want to give you permission to outsource tasks that you historically struggle with and make you feel bad abou…’m tweeting this mundane task issue because my brain is simultaneously shaming me for my lifelong struggle with la…’ve never considered sending out laundry before, because my Mennonite upbringing declares all things must be produ… sent out a bag of laundry for wash and fold this morning. We have pay card operated machines in our building, so… :: At The Memorial Service For The Way Things Used To Be We Talk About Zombies @nomaddadMatt @RevDaniel @michaelcoren I’ve read this whole book, but it was so long ago that I forgot about the di… globally, scream into the abyss locally
Retweeted by Their Excellency Elan Morgan 🦉Omg! I just remembered I bought myself a lovely advent calendar in a sale ages ago, and I only just remembered! And…
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Jonathan Richman’s “I Eat With Gusto, Damn! You Bet” always makes my brain happy via @YouTube @uniondesign @kimberlydaun @palinode really likes the Good Manners ones listed in this article. @Chookooloonks Alive 😆 But seriously, I’d like to hear “intelligent”. Older people are treated as though they don’t… @uniondesign @kimberlydaun That’s good to hear, because the ones I ordered are this standard. @uniondesign @kimberlydaun If there’s no standards info, I’m out. @RealTenille I’m so sorry. Goddammit. @kimberlydaun I’m a super sensitive person to all things that touch me, so don’t worry. These fit better than 95% o… @kimberlydaun I have a similar style I like a lot, but these particular ones slide around on my face for some reaso…’ve become a person who gets excited about finding new KN95 masks in black. I just ordered a bunch of these. With… Deep Field : This photo was taken by focusing the Hubble Telescope in the emptiest part of space for 10 days…
Retweeted by Their Excellency Elan Morgan 🦉 @CriRi_K @SaskFilmpool You might know? @drmarcspooner @Feztickle75 I’ll drink just about any coffee, but getting a truly delicious cup well roasted is div… @drmarcspooner @Feztickle75 I had an early coffee shop job in the 90s that took coffee seriously — I had to pass wr… @drmarcspooner @Feztickle75 At home roasting is something I’ve always wanted to try. @Feztickle75 @drmarcspooner It’s the only coffee I have such a bad physical reaction to that its badness is incompa… @Feztickle75 Not that I have ever had. Timmies not only tastes bad but also makes me sick. I drink a lot of coffee,… @RaeLoverde @thisisjimtait The ADHD urge to take my meds 1.5 hours late after reading a tweet that says “the ADHD u… @pnuts_mama @TheBloggess Depression and anxiety are often caused by ADHD itself or are comorbid. They’re strongly correlated. @SamSykesSwears The sex is real good. @SamSykesSwears The Greenland shark can live for more than 500 years. @TheBloggess It’s true, as well as trauma, and they can also mess with your ability to judge time and remember the orders of events. @bookgirlb @palinode He’s cooking supper! He’s honestly a peach.ME: I’m feeling really hungry right now. @PALINODE: [grabs a book and thumbs through it] Let’s see here… I’m looki…
@Hluska Hmm. I’ll seriously think about it. I’m thinking I’m going to go private. @mmmerf My apologies 😆The sun is setting at 4:55pm today. I’m doing fine. I’m doing great. @skeskali I see that manipulative sad face. He’s a smart one. @dustychipura @danidonovan Left. The fancier font will be difficult for some people to read.i love treating twitter as my diary. this is my zoo enclosure and my followers are the tourists watching me eat hay
Retweeted by Their Excellency Elan Morgan 🦉 @grrrlmeetsworld Our Lula does this almost every night. @TravelingAnna @SaraJBenincasa Or they’ll buy fake fur and ignore how grossly toxic it is to create by comparison. @aarwalk Bingo! @skeskali @giflian I can’t see the tweet you responded to, but I’m assuming I owe everyone a big apology. @skeskali I honestly thought this was in everybody’s head 🤷 I may have a problem. @SoupFox I should do that. It just adds a weird level of tension to my week that is paranoid and unproductive.The universe’s joke on me this week: I’ve had unwanted thoughts about Justin Bieber’s testicles every day because a…'s not a single cis dude on my insta posting memes about how his zodiac sign means he's a flaky monster with a…
Retweeted by Their Excellency Elan Morgan 🦉I’d quit LinkedIn, but that can make one look a little suspect, right? So do I stay on the platform and *feel* like… always makes me feel like I’m being followed by the cops. This week it’s the repeated notification that a… @alexYQR And still worth digging into. It doesn’t sound like behaviour they feel bad about.It turns out that I, and probably you, had no idea how electricity actually works: @mbiletski Why not both! @TWalk @possum_41 Exactly. It’ll save me from having to constantly eyeball hyphens, en dashes, and em dashes when I… @TWalk @possum_41 I just type them, but most people aren’t going to want to remember to hit 3-5 keys. I can’t belie… @nomaddadMatt We all know they’re Bieber balls, though.The Scottish gritter names are always worth a tweet, don’t you think? #Scotland
Retweeted by Their Excellency Elan Morgan 🦉 @nomaddadMatt Bieber balls? @velocibadgerGRL Get the backup. You’ll kick yourself later when your fave sweater finally dies. @cenobyte @sbotas99 @habpipes I don’t think in clear sentences and words are fairly loosely moved around with colou… in a conversation I had the realization that maybe not everyone has the same understanding of what a vacc…
Retweeted by Their Excellency Elan Morgan 🦉 @Lolemite_MF That phrase has been running through my head on repeat.Whenever the pocket debate starts I love talking about historical pockets, which were a stand-alone garment you acc…
Retweeted by Their Excellency Elan Morgan 🦉 @dbaKaraKC That's so much. You get a free pass to tweet whatever the hell you like ❤️ @ZoeSTodd I am so sorry to hear it ❤️ @HarryRBurger @ReganConley @danidonovan This is great advice.