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@thepennyuni @janellemblakley It was worth it! @thursdayschild @thepennyuni My trusty Blundstones. @janellemblakley @thepennyuni If it were in my home I would live on it. @skeskali YikesI’m taking a breather on my walk home from groceries in the @thepennyuni bookstore. It was a trap. Bought a book. W… @jwporteous @Aly_B_YYC @maxfawcett @kimpagegluckie @tanis_eh @NatashaEmmCee @UCPCaucus I’m just listening in I’m fr… @mannahattamamma Yeesh.“… Lord, most of what I love mistakes itself for nothing.” —Molly McCully Brown, Transubstantiation @PaulDechene I only hear what you tweet. @BethanyYosemite @DrJenGunter May.“A huge reason that our politics is not so extremely polarised & so far out there is because we no longer have Murd…
Retweeted by Their Excellency Elan Morgan 🦉 @JustMelissaG @JustMelissaG Feel free! @thordora @DrJenGunter 🤦 @burgers_kat @cenobyte It is. The bureaucracy keeps a lot of us employed. @DrJenGunter No, thank YOU! @leeleykeel Sure!I think I know at least 50 people here who need ⁦@DrJenGunter⁩’s upcoming book, The Menopause Manifesto. I’ve alrea… ignorance that does nothing to make the world a better place and in fact makes it much, much worse. They’ve…
Retweeted by Their Excellency Elan Morgan 🦉 @linojax @mmpadelIan This is the fake account. Notice the fake second lowercase L. @mmpadellan @KikkiPlanet Done! I see people reporting the fake account because the fake lowercase L is confusing them. @thisisjimtait I hope so! I don’t want to intimidate unnecessarily.My October playlist might get you through the day: @NatashaEmmCee @tanis_eh @maxfawcett This is theft from municipalities. @NatashaEmmCee @GDRPempress @mochamomma I was just thinking that. @cenobyte You can’t funnel every possible penny up the pipe to the men who want it if everyone’s knocking over the… @cenobyte I think it goes back to the cisheteropatriarchy’s stranglehold on ownership of property. It’s why priests… @MarkBourrie @JesseBrown Canadaland’s obvious bias/blind spots with this story are why I’m tapping out. No more of… @SnarkySteff Super greatMercury is in retrograde, and while I’m not well-versed at all in astrology and I’m not given to faith in it, WOW I…'s almost as if a low unemployment rate means nothing when you have the lowest minimum wage in the country
Retweeted by Their Excellency Elan Morgan 🦉 @mochamomma @NatashaEmmCee Added to my list! @mochamomma @NatashaEmmCee I haven’t yet, but it’s on my list. I need something hopefully. @mochamomma @NatashaEmmCee It was brutal. My Monday isn’t shaping up so hot, either. I’m working on injecting some light into this week. @MavenOfMayhem Thankfully, I’ve missed the hubbub. Whenever I see people denying nonbinary people’s existence, I la… guns were an issue long before CERB, but look at how this Con sets up an argument to keep a large group of… @RealJamesIn3D It does seem to work this way.How can @ElectionsSask not have a better plan!!!? We have known that this election will take place during a pandem…
Retweeted by Their Excellency Elan Morgan 🦉I like to think I can be a solid 7, but I often feel like a soft 4. @thursdayschild They are definitely working. @H_Crun It looks physically impossible for the cats to have done it, but cats don’t care about physics or only being very short.FTR, it’s -6°C/21°F outside, so maybe one of us is subconsciously nesting? Or we have cold ghosts?I woke up sweating with our apartment at 27°C/81°C. The thermostat was cranked. None of the cats or @palinode have… #CanadianTerrorism. #Canada has two sets of laws: the official laws versus the discretion to igno…
Retweeted by Their Excellency Elan Morgan 🦉 @zigged Thanks! @daycare_lifer Have you weighed everything yet? We have a thermometer gun, and everything gets its temperature taken. @Carle_Steel For good reason @Mikki_Blueyes I loved Spirograph. @ohjanabelle That would be cool! @TCrawford306 @tarahackl @ChattersHair That’s basically a sexist fee for people with boobs or who seem fem. I had n… @SarahAnnGilbert If you work at it, so will I ❤️#skpoli @SarahAnnGilbert Yikes. I literally just put out a bag of popcorn that was working its way up to flames.And here's the video of my flower drawing. made another flower in Procreate. @skeskali They look like maybe they killed a couple of ewoks for footwear, but I also kind of like them. @kungfupussy I think a lot of us are coming out of this plumper than before.
@kungfupussy Wow! @CdnShieldCarla Adorable :) @shadwell123 Ha! @ElectricMaenad So good! @KirstenAkens I have one and love it. Now I can work wherever when I’m sick of my desk. @scatteredmom Good luck! @bpanulla @funambulator We have an Instant Pot, but I ordered the rice cooker because i wanted something small with… is what my cinnamon bun rebaked with cheddar looks like: @funambulator The one I ordered also has a steamer, so I’m looking forward to a dishes like this. @Schmutzie_ 😆 @Schmutzie_ It’s like a fruit and cheese plate only also delicious baking. @Schmutzie_ No! It complements it beautifully. Sharp cheese with sweet food is so good. @funambulator Good to hear. It just suddenly struck me that I could make healthy stuff with almost no effort. I need that.I picked up cinnamon buns that were a bit under-baked, so I’m baking one for an extra little bit with white cheddar… @stef_inked In curious about air fryers. @SurlyAmy That’s truly great though @GDgeek I love new bath towels.Being a grownup during this stupidly long-feeling pandemic means the rice cooker I just ordered is SO EXCITING @thecatwhocould1 @palinode Ooh @CountessMo It was terrifying. I’m so glad there were people around to distract him.Every ball is moving in straight line
Retweeted by Their Excellency Elan Morgan 🦉 @cathesaurus Love it. @JudgeYouHarshly Well, that’s not great. @skeskali What a song. Music to such a great swerve around that time. @zeynep @GenderAvengerYep. Wikipedia is a genuine huge barrier to women in public—most people’s first impression of someone is a Wikipedi…
Retweeted by Their Excellency Elan Morgan 🦉 @cathesaurus I look forward to it :) @skeskali I forgot about Word Up! I had it on a 45 in the 80s. @boyerclay That purple sound wave icon just showed up at the bottom left today. I think they’re slowly rolling it o… @cathesaurus Music suggestions? Probably here. I don’t have paid Spotify and only use it once a month to add my new playlist.Suddenly, I have this voice feature. I decided to try it out by reading this text so no one would be left out of th… is an active tv watcher. Golden Girls in particular seems to hold his attention. @jenleereeves Storytelling like this is my favourite part of Twitter. Have you ever read the rice truck one?
@ZoeSTodd @Panago_Pizza But now I’m envisioning kicky dancers in go-go boots. “Don’t panic! Panago-go!” @NatashaEmmCee This makes no sense. What the hell. @mrsflinger @palinode 😘 @GailVazOxlade All I can envision is the Overlook Hotel. @cpaul2011 @hinz_tamara It’s because people are so happy here. @DeathBedMoment Yep. We have yet to see the Thanksgiving surge.A mob of 200 white ppl threaten Mi'kmaq lobster fishers: RCMP does nothing. A handful of Haudenosaunee defend thei…
Retweeted by Their Excellency Elan Morgan 🦉 @EdenMKennedy I’m suspicious of hatching humanoid aliens in general. He’s going to have to earn my trust.