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Valorant Radiant Player and Tournament Winner #GTFBAMP

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@100Thieves @Nadeshot @CouRageJD WHAT @_skag wait ur nuts @Boy1drr no proof @Boy1drr posting ahad 10 mans clips cringe @xCeeD_CS @1grimcs big tings congrats @Icy_Rapture maybe!Anyways, here's @Boy1drr getting shit on in a silver spike rush game @Icy_Rapture went to raid someone and had 11 people ready to raid out of the 130 on my viewer listGot viewbotted today I'm pretty sure super annoying cause I wanted to keep going but it is what it is @SrMemo20 pretty sure i got viewbotted lmaoPlat Games with @Avalanche100T @Mako and @iMercii_ @KnownAsLit @PlayVALORANT who are you talking to @MassiveDumps4U mmmmm maybe in like an hourIf you wanna use this emote on twitch just sub to me ! @Mako teams not scrimming tonight so I'm yours @Mako You serious man
@best4blood got done casting so now im staring at my fan @stereoberrys @Ahadify @josh_teixeira_ @jaredsschnabel @uvawevwey @JacobSheridan54 GOAT squad someone pick these kids up @best4blood Hi @ImMashed_Potato wanna dm it @ImMashed_Potato are you lying @ImMashed_Potato why are you lying to me @ImMashed_Potato shut it @MassiveDumps4U word @MassiveDumps4U what do you mean by closed @MassiveDumps4U deadarse?Fall guys code please for the love of god @woahmatey and you guessed it? @woahmatey how @best4blood @FallGuysGame tried some of em they aint work
Only down 32 at half this is slight easy comeback @Ahadify women will flock @Ahadify i will co-cast for $200/hour @Boy1drr then turn off a light lol @Boy1drr turn a light on @Boy1drr why is it so gloomy in there @best4blood @woahmatey asshole @best4blood @woahmatey if youre not here to drop codes then leave! @woahmatey nah i was instant this shit fake @woahmatey where are all these kids coming from @woahmatey does he have one of those asmr mics cause this dudes going ear to ear rn kinda doing something to me @Turbopolsa hey :) @woahmatey nah fools are so fast wtf @woahmatey just lose already DAMN @woahmatey just on screen or what @woahmatey link @woahmatey how do you get one @KnownAsLit please stopLonzo back love to see that @SHEEBTS @best4blood whos the starting 5 @best4blood eh won against a decent team then got rolled by 2 others, we just gotta practice more and we'll be better @Mako tournament time $7,500 Valorant Rumble | No Alerts No Chat | !delay !bracket @Mako @Boy1drr 💀💀2nd monitor died apparently was nice while it lasted idk what happened @OlympainLUL @KnownAsLit Pittsburgh Knights qualifier @KnownAsLit I’ve been laying in bed with my eyes closed for the past 30 mins why doesn’t this shit work @KnownAsLit Got a 7.5k tourney in 6 hours every Plat 1 player in Radiant at this point good fucking lord those kids are nastyScrims are going well :) @TommyThroatEm idk how to get one but it looks mad fun just to play with homies @imane Raze goes boom @TommyThroatEm nah not currently, I'm sure I could get a friends account to play on tho @TommyThroatEm yeah not as much anymore but I peaked at like 1800 mmr or just high grand champ if you don't know what that means @TommyThroatEm could be worse that aint bad @TommyThroatEm whats the rank looking like @Huntrelol I gotta scrim in an hour @Plip___ it'll bring scuh back to life 🙏 @shivisdumb Nope @ImMashed_Potato so you lied @shivisdumb please don't meow at me @ImMashed_Potato well? @shivisdumb frfr @Boy1drr its minigames and the last person standing wins I'm pretty sure that's the jist @ImMashed_Potato alallalalalallalalalallalHow do i get a fall guys code
@best4blood @Vanquiishd Ok? cool @best4blood @Vanquiishd i dont have it @best4blood @Vanquiishd what @Vanquiishd deadarse?Dude spends his free time sending me pictures of various condiments on top of glizzys lmao what a weirdo @Huntrelol @ownagesauce @OnTheFlyTwitch @chaselyons @SkreetMan shouldve used this @Mako @Boy1drr explain yourself @Boy1drr @Boy1drr no6k with the Operator against high immortal/radiant players this guns too easy @SHEEBTS Fuck you skag @woahmatey Fake as hellExtreme High Elo Games with Mako and Avalanche | New Sub Sound please test it
Lonzo and Zion officially back @Avalanche100T You hopping back on val or what @shivisdumb @may_wedda such a weird person @Azfura that shits hugeStarting a boosting service $500 per rank up who want it (Riot this is a joke)Today’s a great day to watch Lonzo Ball drop 32/14/11 @Avalanche100T hiDefinitely a "what if" type moment @best4blood @DinoSZN_ its pain