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I'm that person that you go to when you need that obscure fact about that show from the nineties. I also do a wicked Schwarzenegger impression

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@IMTKKRIP I think he'd only be senior in age but he would still be like a wild young man at heart, chasing after be… @IMTKKRIP One of my favorite Takamura moments. @DT2ComicsChat They're talking about older movies! Like Driving Miss Daisy. Aw son of a... that there are no comic conventions this year. I've been going through pictures I took over the years. Appare… @KidmanMakino @Bigbruh1997 I don't think he was in The Dark Knight Rises @BLKSAMURAI What's the current status of it? Personally, I don't care because FFH I felt was such a huge step backwards. @BLKSAMURAI In their arrogant minds, they were probably thinking, "Oh who fucking needs Iron Man and all those hero… @BLKSAMURAI I actually forgot this happened. @ChuckWendig Someone with a knife thought they would try to be funny and cut off my thumb. I didn't think it was th… @AquamAnder Yellow. Also, can we stop having all the bad guys using red lightsabers?
@BLKSAMURAI I watched the trailer for Iron Man a while back and was surprised when I saw the Paramount logo @BLKSAMURAI They'll try again. @WCReaf How is he as Ras? @WCReaf He's in The Spy on NetflixThe cast & crew first learned of it when they saw the finished film. When we shot it, Vader's line was "You don't k…
Retweeted by Andrew Schweitzer @FB_BMB Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home @JustStarTrek And shows that you don't need SFX to tell a good story. I think the only effect in the episode is whe… @BLKSAMURAI I thought the visuals in this movie were just as beautiful as the ones in Black PantherI miss @MissionHillTV @The_Wotch I was 7 at the time and was disappointed that it was ending because this finale was SO GREAT. And I reme… @MasalaNoodles @sam23118191 @amdulla1 @ZahinisIchigo See, I didn't mind Damian in the Teen Titans Rebirth series. T… @sam23118191 @amdulla1 @ZahinisIchigo Just mute it, it's a troll account. No followers, not following anyone-which means not worth the time. @amdulla1 @ZahinisIchigo OK, this has been fun but I'm gonna mute you now. Have fun with your impotent rage screaming at the void. @amdulla1 @ZahinisIchigo But his Robin series sold from 1993-2009 and Red Robin ran for a little over two years. W… @amdulla1 @ZahinisIchigo Oh, what a thought and insightful comparison. You truly are an original thinker. @amdulla1 @ZahinisIchigo And yet Tim held down two solo series across 18 years and Damian held down a title for jus… @amdulla1 @sam23118191 @ZahinisIchigo @amdulla1 @ZahinisIchigo I did later mention that he did have the SOB series and that ran for a whole whopping 13 issues. @BLKSAMURAI Oh good, I can keep following you. @BLKSAMURAI Exactly. There IS potential there but they don't exploit it.We actually shot this scene last. It was probably the most emotional day I have ever had on a film set. I’m getting…
Retweeted by Andrew SchweitzerOn this day in 2001, the Voyager finale “Endgame” aired. On Tuesday, the cast will reunite for a virtual panel in t…
Retweeted by Andrew Schweitzer @ThatRyanParrott That ended the day John Tesh left. @IMTKKRIP I like to think that Takamura would be wiser in age, particularly towards newer boxers joining the gym bu… mood really can't wait for the gym to open up again @RyanTrammel I don't even think kick him out of the building but maybe have him focus his efforts elsewhere. Why di… @RyanTrammel Well to be fair, they do have Dini on the BTAS tie-in book & that's starting to get interesting. Peopl… @FlorbFnarb @justsomeguycc Kirk may have set phaser to "snark" but the shot was fatal. @RyanTrammel I like to remain optimistic that they can turn things around but I just don't know anymore. @RyanTrammel When the book detailing the history of DC Comics is written, the chapter[s] on New 52 are going to read like a tragic comedy. @sam23118191 @ZahinisIchigo There's not much more I CAN say, it pretty much boils down to that. They've had opportu… @RyanTrammel Feels longer than that. You also have to remember, that Robin went onto have ANOTHER solo series tho w… @BizzareComics @opscrotchfruit @BizzareComics I think it was expanded upon in the novels but beyond that...not so much. @opscrotchfruit @BizzareComics Hope of what, that they'll show up in season 2 of Picard? Oh shit I probably just g… @FlorbFnarb Exactly, sort of a softer Mark Zuckerberg, someone who REALLY wants to make a difference but is more ru… @FlorbFnarb Exactly. Ever see headlines in Time or other magazines like, "25 Young People who are going to rule the…, uninteresting & DC keeps trying to make it seem like we should care about him. The only time he's tolerable i… @ZahinisIchigo Dull, uninteresting & DC keeps trying to make it seem like we should care about him. The only time h… @FlorbFnarb I think he had potential. I was honestly excited about it when it was first announced but then the more… @opscrotchfruit @BizzareComics That WAS interesting but then there's that signal at the end of the episode and...we… @ComicPerch @larrykingundead
@larrykingundead @ComicPerch Just tell me this, Perch...did even your immediate family buy it? @opscrotchfruit @BizzareComics Thing was, by the time I actually started watching it, it was season 6 but I had no… @larrykingundead @ComicPerch Aw son of a bitch! @IMTKKRIP These ALL look amazing @ComicPerch So...YOU forced YBZ to go to IGG? I didn't realize you had such power... @BizzareComics @LivingScribe I think he had the POTENTIAL to be a good Lex Luthor. The problem was the script. @kiss Detroit Cock City @FlorbFnarb Detroit Cock City @BizzareComics My favorite finale. I was 7 when it aired but I remember at the time, this was a BIG DEAL. I remembe… @dcauwatchtower Just like that episode of Dallas... Ditko
Retweeted by Andrew Schweitzer @IMTKKRIP I wonder what Takamura would look like at 51 years of age... @Saberspark @LonelyGoomba Plus I don't recall Willy Wonka or any of the Oompa Loompas giving a "Satisfied sigh" during any of the movie. @yashar I find his lack of faith disturbing... @HNINocontext I'm surprised he didn't think this through but then remembered that he's got brain damage.It’s been eight weeks guys
Retweeted by Andrew Schweitzer @WednesdayPull Me too. I hope they move away from what they did previously where every movie was part of the same c… @IMTKKRIP How old will this make Takamura? @Actually_Tina I got to say the biggest letdown has been the whole lack of nukes falling from the sky. I live in C… @90sFlicks @KidmanMakino If I recall, you DID say it was a "bit of a mess"... @90sFlicks @KidmanMakino Or a rewrite.
@UpToTASK Besides, Ben Affleck alone would demand $20 million to put the suit back on @TheComixKid Plus, you'd have to pay 20 million just to get Ben Affleck to play Batman again. @TrumbullComic I wish Lazenby had gotten just ONE more film (He probably does too) where 007 goes after Blofeld in… @jwheat1968 @kbiegel I never understood why they never used phasers in the other movies. Next time they fired phase… @TrumbullComic @kbiegel That's one of the hidden strengths of the movie; the two adversaries only have one face to… @CTVCalgary A lost Viking axe, you say? bruh @JoeBiden I already told you the #BlackVoteAintFree
Retweeted by Andrew SchweitzerI'm watching an episode of Seinfeld, "The Handicap Spot" and this was the debut episode of Frank Costanza. But the… @worldsfinest @willfriedle I always wish that they had brought Blight back. There was a lot of potential there. @Saberspark That might be the first tweet that has ever made me want to take a shower. That's how unclean I feel @HNINocontext The fact that none of these morons have been arrested for indecent exposure is a miracle. @BLKSAMURAI But look at how they do with their current animated series. Ultimate Spider-Man was insulting. GotG was… @TheNerdRagePod This trailer @DT2ComicsChat @p_machor @BruceWayne5150 @MaraRanger @Trindale @Mousefan98 @Zatsugi @BrandenSWiens @MikeSchmidt09 @FlorbFnarb @FlorbFnarb Isn't Maza the guy who pretends to hate rich people but then it turns out that his parents are both pretty wealthy?Black people are so lucky they have Joe Biden around to reaffirm their blackness for them. in yesterday’s #Westgate Arizona shooting claims he self-identifies as an Incel.
Retweeted by Andrew SchweitzerWhy was Palpatine so reliant on Force Lightning? Every time he used it things didn't turn out well for him. @UpToTASK Not a good time to lose one's head... @KidmanMakino Even Ron Howard...? @gnolan12 @splatto_comics @WartTheWizard @BillyTucci I'll be backing this soon. Just waiting for the latest paychec… @jamesfbrophy @BizzareComics Oddly enough, that was when I stopped watching. I wanted an explanation for the time t… @BizzareComics Two questions: 1) Can you send a link? 2) Does that mean you watched them so I don't have to?