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Chris Schweizer @schweizercomics Hopkins County, Kentucky

Kentucky proud. I write and draw comics and kids' books and I make wooden stuff. 3X Eisner Award nominee. Repped by @comicsIsPeople. He/Him

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reminder that if you haven't watched black sails you should stop complaining about bad representation in tv shows a…
Retweeted by Chris Schweizer @ericnewsom I did! At your recommendation. I saw Cabin Boy in middle school and didn’t care for it; maybe I should… @chrisarrant Make it yourself but have all the “characters” played by comic folks who are now the age that they were in the 90s @TessFowler I didn’t know I had someone to discuss Flesh and Blood with! Woooooo! @ericnewsom I don’t recognize the Brion James movie. Related: I rented Southern Comfort once and told the proprieto… @kevinpowers70 Thanks!
@IniquitousFish Thank heavens, because the world is a better place for it @kcdanger That’s line dancing and oh, we still do it @travisnichols Oh, no! And here I am spoiling the mystery! @wyattsrealm Thanks so very much, Wyatt! @SpideyMike Congrats, Mike! @RHDech Congratulations! @dcorsetto I wish you the very best of luck in determining a suitable replacement, Danielle!!! @shonrichards I was hoping! @jkobbster I'm a sucker for tragic get-a-glimpse-of-a-life-you-might've-had-but-don't-and-just-when-you-acclimate-t… @GhostlyRobots Absolutely!I just realized this is gonna be the last Halloween season of my thirties.Sorry for the weird all caps on "supporters" - that wasn't any kind of passive-aggressive "support me" messaging, I… @nicholasdoyle I'll be getting the last two into the mail in a week or so. Thanks for giving me the chance to draw 'em! @jessnevins @vlamont @ericnewsom I meant the women's westerns book! @jessnevins @vlamont Thanks, Jess, hadn't seen this one and I'm excited! @ericnewsom, if you're in the same boat... @astro_toaster Thanks, Michael!One of my Patreon SUPPORTERS has been getting a run of some of the principal characters from Star Trek: TNG. Just f… @Last_Rephaim I'll actually be making the Wizard Towers FIRST, I assume. Just planning ahead on this one - want all… some prototyping yesterday for the smallest of the Santa's Workshop sets I'm going to be making (not for this y… @01FirstSecond @MikeLawIllustra Can't wait! Congrats, @MikeLawIllustra!Savannah's work is always great but these especially are just so darned delightful and masterfully executed. @dennisreyed Thanks, Dennis!
@Christo78415147 I've not heard it put just that way before, and I think that's spot-on. @Christo78415147 I had so much fun coming up with letter-of-the-law-but-not-the-spirit subversions to our ridiculou… redrew some pieces for a gallery show earlier this year and I don't think I ever shared this one: Queen Nanny of… week My daughter was sent home from school to change a pair of shorts she was wearing they said were too short…
Retweeted by Chris Schweizer @jkobbster Also, happy birthday, young man! @jkobbster Thanks, pal! @jkobbster I don’t know what a DLC is! @jkobbster I don't read a ton of fantasy, but I've been really enjoying the books (I'm on the fifth one) and though… McGinty, for a Patreon backer @jkobbster Whew! @jkobbster Oh no! I bought it yesterday from the going-out-of-business video store. I only play games about four or…
@benji_mc Thanks so much! @digitalbc Thanks! @blambot Holy smokes, that's some beautiful work, Nate.I've been yammering on for years about how Bonnet's adventures are perfect for a comedy and I couldn't be happier t… ain't much inclined to leave the comfort of my own studio BUT if any pals find themselves working on OUR FLAG MEA… @THEKarlaPacheco You NEVER KNOWHere’s a drawing of Cyborg Superman (a Superman doppelgänger villain from the 90s) for a Patreon backer @THEKarlaPacheco I still size up every fella I meet on whether and how I could best take ‘em despite having no inte… @shawnaldridge Thanks, Shawn! @explodingarrow Thanks! @SaraAlfageeh 😁 @amymebberson Thanks, Amy! @TheHer0ofCanton Thanks so very much, Charlie! Don't fret if it doesn't make the cut this time around - I'll do mor… @lucianorbarbosa I've known Alex since he was a very young man and we both had aggressively curly hair. He's a wond… neat to see a patch featuring some of my hometown's famous goblins! @monsterologist_ has quite a few of these cr… @SpideyMike Thanks, Mike! I don't draw animals that much, and I'm looking forward to doing more - I was happy with how he came out.I always enjoy seeing Alex's Goblins espousing truths to each other. @TheNedBarnett @pauljholden @Marvel Yeah I feel like this question is just an opportunity for all of us to answer like Ned. @TheHer0ofCanton It’s the perfect time for it! @RHDech Thanks, Ronn! @with2ells Thanks! @ScottishFogg Thanks, Scott! @GoldenAgeNerd @GeekMid Thanks! @LincThorn Thanks! @cullenbunn Thanks, Cullen! @dcorsetto Aw, Danielle! @Pradaldi Thanks, Guy!Toad from Wind in the Willows (commission for a Patreon backer) @Alex_Connolly Thanks, Alex! @lanedoodlesgood Thanks, Lane! @MikeLawIllustra Thanks, Mike! @jrome58 Right back atcha, Whitley. Hope you and yours are as well as can be hoped for these days. @owenoak95 Thanks so much! @astro_toaster Thanks! @KrsJams I wanna see no-pants Juggernaut brought back.No pumpkins in the yard yet, but the residents of Gourd Holler are lining the roadway (you can see about half of ‘e… @cheryllynneaton ...kid — me or a cousin probably lost it at a show-and-tell — but there’s a Polaroid of the two of… @cheryllynneaton his deep voice “I’m very sorry, but I’m not Sebastian Cabot” and an equally deep voice calle… @cheryllynneaton My granddad looked an awful lot like voice-of-Bagheera Sebastian Cabot and at a black-tie event go… @kenlowery From my cold dead hands @lesmcclaine Straight-up superhero
Here’s a commission for a Patreon backer featuring Sasuke, a character from what’s probably my favorite comic serie…
I don’t leave the house much anymore but I’ll leave the house for @theshackshakers. (Being careful, don’t worry)
@TokyoSpark Hahahaha these are great! @benito_cereno, I feel liek these check all of your boxes, too. @TadStones Wow!
@wingedelfgirl Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaattttt @thom_monk Fifteen years of planning paying offShort hair /// Long hair @SageCoffey You look SUPER rad, Sage. @GalenCrawley Cheap pants are the best pants @JFSculpts It was Covid, for sure. They had regular business until the first wave, couldn’t recover.
If you or a loved one are blind or visually impaired, Avatar: the Last Airbender now has audio description. Now fol… @kreig_86 Thanks, Craig....otherwise not have a chance to see a flick or show because they couldn't afford to in the theater and couldn't o… store had very affordable specials on new releases and very cheap prices on the old (with older kids' movies be…'m really, really sad to hear that our video store is closing. They opened about five years ago which may seem lik… @j_d_duncan The dialogue is still in script form, the rest is prose. It's pretty interesting. @IsobelCarr I've found that my richest characters are invariably the ones that I left entirely blank save for their… @thevictorpuente I have no idea whatsoever why those two movies would be bundled except for they're both great 90s… @RevAndyKarlson @mikemaihack Hahahaha well I hope you find it to your liking! @BethvilleMayor read some women critics on the movie, but essays on Rob Roy tend to be few and far between.