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Eternal spooky pandemic profile of one-time award-winning feral cartoonist, Maki Naro. Social Justice Bard. He/His. Ask me about natto.

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A generation of incarcerated nonviolent drug offenders looks on
Retweeted by Maki Scare-OThis (and the wild story in the thread) is unbelievably vile."those who pass a vetting process and pay a $1,500 annual fee plus $500 up front – will have the opportunity to pub…
Retweeted by Maki Scare-OJust throwing this out there again. I've also noticed white people using brown emojis and it's really fkn weird, pl…
Retweeted by Maki Scare-OFor the past few years, I’ve been trying to carve out disability as a beat. It’s been a hard sell. Most people see…
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Absolutely insane. Both of the white men who were in the Senate with flex cuffs to take hostages were granted bail.…
Retweeted by Maki Scare-OThe moment every Black person knew was coming when their white friends started throwing hashtags around in June.
Retweeted by Maki Scare-Oare you kidding me
Retweeted by Maki Scare-OImagine if this message had come out clearly and unequivocally back in March.
Retweeted by Maki Scare-Oone side of that debate shot at the door of a healthcare facility yesterday but the shooter, not the healthcare fa…
Retweeted by Maki Scare-OAt NO POINT in this video did I correctly predict what was going to happen next
Retweeted by Maki Scare-O @LouisatheLast Like WHHHHY??? @LouisatheLast I gaspedSay it with me: 🦅 If you watch birds, you are a birder 🦅 The vast majority of birders I meet tell me “oh I’m not re…
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@AndreaKuszewski Thanks so much! @AndreaKuszewski I've been looking for a good wildlife cam for our yard. Can I ask what you're using? @solarpowerspork @ithayla I did my best. I have no meme making skills.
Retweeted by Maki Scare-OA brief history of transphobia: - “There’s two genders because God!” - “There’s two genders because chromosomes!”…
Retweeted by Maki Scare-OSomebody paid me to do something, but it seems susNoticed my portfolio has nothing from 2020 in it and it's like... what did I even do last year?I almost forgot to eatLove it when a meme goes recursive "moments away" in the bottom right really puts this one over the top
Retweeted by Maki Scare-O @pdwetz Grabbed a 5600x from Best Buy. They had it set up where they'd trickle out stock and used two-factor upon c… most “Pittsburgh” moment in memory.
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Retweeted by Maki Scare-OA running trope in Japanese folktales is the nice old man who comes upon good fortune and his neighbor, a total ass… tweet is extra funny to me, because in my brain it's playing out exactly like in the Japanese story "Kobutori… it can sit in a corner until I get a gpu in march or whenever 😆Oh hey, I managed to get a CPU! With any luck, I'll at least be able to turn on my new pc to make sure stuff works… @AmericanoOnLine It's been a productive Friday so farOh fuck off though, what's the correct answer in this situation? I always fail these things 22 is going to reverberate for years
Retweeted by Maki Scare-OGiant crabs sneaking into our houses at night, replacing our children with sea isopods, and taking them away to be… myself to the day when sea creatures finally get tired of our shit and one of these crabs clambers ont…'re fortunate that ocean creatures are for the most part mild-mannered and prefer to stay in the ocean we've all beaten a cop to death with a fire extinguisher to get into the Hall of Minerals and Gems after closingWhomst among us has never broken down the doors to AMNH because we really wanted to see the dinosaurs? people tried to warn you this dude shouldn't be held up as inspiration porn and that he seemed sus. You s…
Retweeted by Maki Scare-OIf you want to do one small, manageable thing today - call (or email!) your democratic senator and ask that they su…
Retweeted by Maki Scare-O100% expected Schumer to go along with Mitch's deal because Dems gonna DemFolks I think I'm slightly delirious. Did Charlie Brown refuse to kick the football?Cool. Get rid of the filibuster.
Retweeted by Maki Scare-O @Freeyourmindkid I fully expected dems to go along with McConnell's shit so this is welcome newsWait. Does this mean that they will be gutting the filibuster?!?! GUT THAT SHIT UNCLE CHUCK!
Retweeted by Maki Scare-O"Our media ushered all this through the door, under the aegis of “balance” and “presenting both sides” — as if raci…
Retweeted by Maki Scare-OGet rid of the filibuster and pass everything: healthcare, childcare, family leave, minimum wage, etc. Pass it all.…
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This is going to be the unctuous Republican line on everything: doing stuff we don't like is divisive.
Retweeted by Maki Scare-Ofurthermore, TERFs are gender cops & all cops are bastards.
Retweeted by Maki Scare-Omy take on this as a cis woman is that i simply do not think about people's chromosomes or genitals so protecting "…
Retweeted by Maki Scare-OWait what....
Retweeted by Maki Scare-OHow do I make a living in comics? These days, most of my income is from corporate/academic work-for-hire projects.… seems like pretty much every day now I get included in tweets saying growing your own is an easy & cheap solutio…
Retweeted by Maki Scare-OAnd it's up to us to be LOUD about this. We worked HARD for this. They need to work hard too.
Retweeted by Maki Scare-Oterf universe having their own miniature qanon-style collapse as their powerful godhead is also replaced
Retweeted by Maki Scare-O @erinbiba I have this tweet bookmarked because holy crap is this a thing people do working the bullhorn on the picket line for 1,400 striking Hunts grocery workers in the Bronx
Retweeted by Maki Scare-OFollowing every single person in this new administration like they were the newly announced cast of Drag Race.
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@Iron_Spike Start un-gerrymandering those districts before the midterms. See how things play out on an even field.Good. Now do something.
Retweeted by Maki Scare-OWhat the fuck!!, this is a decent start. @maritzac Holy crap! @jendrawscomics @JessiSheron 100% certain they were tails! @AcmeDarryl I just need Clip Studio to beef up its design and publishing tools so I can be free of this yoke forever.Why am I paying Adobe every month to make me scour the internet for what config file I need to hack in order to make their new version work?Still can't connect to my network printer, but at least photoshop has pressure sensitivity again. @POTUS Go hog wild, my man. You deserve it! Sit back, put on some tunes, pass Medicare for All, have a drink, enjoy the new office @docfreeride @POTUS Been working half days all pandemic long it feels likeTime to give this new president some wedgies until medicare for all is passed.yeah, motherfucker's pockets full of candy, just waiting for the one thing that gets him positive press coverage fo…
Retweeted by Maki Scare-O"We will make friends of our enemies."
Retweeted by Maki Scare-OEat shit Ajit - you fucking sucked.
Retweeted by Maki Scare-O @mkhoddy Happy birthday! Hope it goes as well as it can given the circumstancestoday's the first day of continuing the work we've already set out to do
Retweeted by Maki Scare-OAll this excitement, and it’s Tom Baker’s birthday, too, which is as good a reason as any to share this photo and t…
Retweeted by Maki Scare-OExcited to be constantly disappointed instead of constantly dismayed.
Retweeted by Maki Scare-OSome of you trust technology too muchDo people really type human questions into search bars these days??*Biden finishes oath* MAGA: THESE COVID NUMBERS ARE OUTTA CONTROL
Retweeted by Maki Scare-OSo it seems the whole “only the police and military can be trusted with these kinds of weapons” argument is pretty…
Retweeted by Maki Scare-O『D O N' T S U E U S, T O M P E T T Y』Stand name:『N I G H T M A R E F U E L』'm fascinated by the weird periphery people that occasionally pop up in these ai-generated images. It's like if… of an era
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You want to thank Black women? Cancel student debt -- all of it. Black women carry more student debt than any ot…
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Retweeted by Maki Scare-O @NikolasWise @nytimes I think 6 years ago I would have expected something like thatJust rebrand as a travel show that talks to Trump supporters in diners every week.Fuck off, @nytimes What a goddamn joke of a newspaper. @nytimes Seriously, fuck off with this shit.Andrew Williams, a Florida firefighter who was seen on video at the Capitol riot saying,... "Hey, they can't arres…
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This procedurally-generated video from the Facebook of Robert Gieswein, a Colorado 3% militia member who stormed th…
Retweeted by Maki Scare-OGotta love how the resting state of America is “oh, phew, it was just a dangerous situation at one of the homeless…
Retweeted by Maki Scare-OAs we reflect on the contributions of Dr. King, let us build on his legacy by securing the promise of justice for a…
Retweeted by Maki Scare-OHuge shoutout to the Trump administration for managing to cause hundreds of thousands of American casualties withou…
Retweeted by Maki Scare-OThe “zero” line here is the 20th Century average temperature. Imagine what the 21st Century average will look like.
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The US isn't even a country, it's just three corporations in a trench coat
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