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Amy @scifisunsets Glasgow via Gairloch

I need nothing but to want for something so bad it drives me near out of my mind.

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Awesome flowers from awesome best friend. Happy Friday, gang. x have to make the case for not being tortured? Seriously?
Retweeted by Amy @davidclewis Amazing! Currently blasting that Dannii Minogue track, cheers pal!! @davidclewis Strathclyde Uni student union, Barony Bar, 20p vodka shots, blue WKD and all of these tunes. @davidclewis Oh bloody hell. Many a Reef or Bacardi Breezer were quaffed eyeing up boys in sticky student clubs so… priests all "For God so stanned the world, that he cancelled his best boi, that whosoever is his mutual…
Retweeted by Amy @EdPlunkett @Wednesday_IC Rots your teeth from fifty paces but oh it tastes so good! @outonbluesix Princess Anne visited and parked her helicopter on the playing fields. @Wednesday_IC Oh yes yes yes!Suddenly gasping for a massive glass of pink Creamola Foam.
Don't promote business with slurs for name. A new business opening in July 2020 has no excuse for this.
Retweeted by Amy#BREAKING: Jeffrey Epstein confidante, British socialite and heiress Ghislaine Maxwell, has been arrested by the FB…
Retweeted by AmyToday, we join artists and music fans to demand immediate action from @OliverDowden to prevent catastrophic damage…
Retweeted by AmyLast gig I went to? @jonbellion and @TravisBTP at @SWG3glasgow, and it was a dream. #LetTheMusicPlay
CAT TIP: wet cat food goes gross REALLY fast in summer. Sprinkle some of this on top: nutritional yeast, the stuff…
Retweeted by Amy @TuesdayGJ YES!!!!“Want to come to my house and see my clown cushions?” #janeygodleyvoiceover catch me on tour
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@jamajestical @PaulDempsey Video seems to work in the app, but not when linked on Twitter, like it’s deliberately t… @jamajestical Ooh, that reminds me of the artwork used in the video for @PaulDempsey’s video for “Bats” (I may have… abortion This legislation would only apply to abortion clinics in England. She voted against stopping the hara…
Retweeted by AmyBob Ross captures the innocence of a cottage by the side of a stream. The Joy of Painting. Tonight, 7.30pm,…
Retweeted by Amy @_katherine_may_ When the ladders start disappearing from swimming pools, we’ll know we’re in deep(er) trouble. @holly Morse - I bet he picks up all kinds of signals with those ears.The perfect Halloween costume doesn’t exi.....
Retweeted by Amy3.5 years on, this is finally starting to feel very real.
Retweeted by Amyme after a minor inconvenience:
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@BenitoHepton @eugoogolizer because of the cut and paste nature of the tweet it doesn’t matter if he deletes his, that’s out there now, pre…
Retweeted by AmyI spent 35 minutes scrolling back so you didn’t have to. The above tweet is the earliest reference to a 200% increa…
Retweeted by AmyThis is the first of those tweets. Someone asked where he got the figure from, and he said he doesn’t know, but lin…
Retweeted by Amy4 weeks ago @NicolaSturgeon said "Remember that each individual decision we take will affect the safety and wellbei…
Retweeted by AmyIt's rare that I get to publicly share a full-length video of one of my #keynotes. My recent @CIPD @FestivalOfWork
Retweeted by Amy @WhenIsBirths It’s horrible but it will pass. Thinking of you. xDidn’t know Kim and Kanye had built a house by the A9. @katyhelend Congratulations!!I love all the JK Rowling fans who call her ~Joanne~ in their terf tweets, like they’re all her best pals and will…
A play in three acts.
Retweeted by AmyYep, exactly. be shared: People evacuated from Park Inn hotel following the stabbing incident on Friday are in need of men’s &…
Retweeted by Amy @ManMadeMoon
Obvious question here, but why is the Prime Minister bragging about how healthy he is to Sunday papers while there…
Retweeted by AmyHere's my shot from the storm which passed over Filey, North Yorkshire last night. Storm Structure, Lightning, Noct…
Retweeted by Amy2020 continues to 2020
Retweeted by AmyMidsomer Murders is on, and it's the "Death By Wheel Of Cheese" episode! found out that 51 is divisible by 17 i feel fucking sick i can’t breathe
Retweeted by Amy @nick_murphy For dancing? to second term
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MORE BEYONCÉ PLEASE! #Glastonbury @Zoetrope11 Her version of Sex On Fire is giving me goosebumps. She's just... *chef's kiss*... amazing.Beyoncé is a goddess, and I won't hear a word to the contrary. #GlastonburyYaaaaaaas, Vera's on the telly!Young Me was *obsessed* with NKOTB. Obsessed, I tell thee. #totp89Don't you have another plane to crash, you dubious, mince-faced, prolapsed anus? Mr Farage. Don’t use a tragedy in our city to spread your fear and hatred. Glasgow has seen your kind bef…
Retweeted by AmyThink I annoyed some right-wing fuckos with my last tweet. Good. knuckledraggers describing the hotel in Glasgow where today’s attack took place as “an asylum seeker’s hoste… it really need to be said, don’t go posting graphic pictures of the incident in #Glasgow today. Have some fu…
Retweeted by AmyJust horrific. Glasgow. 🖤🖤🖤 @ErisLovesMovies Jesus. Just horrible all round. @ErisLovesMovies The boak! Stupid phone. @ErisLovesMovies This gives me the bowl. What a creep. @EvansBeard My granny taught six year old me how to cut my jeans into shorts, and then my cousins and I would go sw… friends. Please take six and a half minutes to watch this. #raisetheage
Retweeted by Amy @PaulDempsey I’ve donated to @deadlyccajs off the back of the clip you shared, Paul. Thank you so much for sharing…
@MarcD_Weegem HIS EARS!!Treat yo’selves. Jeff Buckley at Glastonbury 1995. @Authoroux *froths and flails* @jaz303 I think this should be our next series binge. @MarcD_Weegem He’s basically my dream doggo. Give him a boop on his snoot from me! X @jaymc82 All I got from it was that she’d retweeted an article that people interpreted to have comments with anti-S… @jaymc82 This is good, but also “woah”. Big Keir isn’t fucking about.“Hard at work today, lads”, she says, as though trying to convince herself more than anyone else., white people: Have your parents ever sat down with you and specifically talked to you, at length, about race?…
Retweeted by Amy @MarcD_Weegem I need to ask, what breed is lovely Hobbes? Your beach vids and photos always cheer me up!Delete your @facebook account. Seriously. Go do it now. I promise you won’t miss it.
Retweeted by Amy @RevRichardColes @Wobbly_B You mean.... they’re not handles already?!?! @gordonguthrie @cheekbyname Along with “baby/child getting their cochlear implant switched on for the first time” Twitter.
23 year-old Elijah McClain was buying iced tea in a ski mask to stay warm because he has anemia. Some goddamn perso…
Retweeted by AmyHave I told you how much I love flowers from @BloomandWild? Well, I love them. at my kitchen table have a wee cry for #ElijahMcClain. That poor, sweet boy was murdered because he was dancing beside his house.i’ve just found this photo of the officers that murdered him
Retweeted by AmyAdams County District Attorney: Justice for Elijah McClain - Sign the Petition! via @UKChangea thread on what happened to Elijah McClain because ive not seen many tweets about it #ElijahMcClain
Retweeted by AmyThere's a considerable difference between a toast, and a toaster. About the same as a coast, and a coaster. Or as w…
Retweeted by AmyThe Telegraph is having another normal day (part one)
Retweeted by AmyIT will be W̸̘͐͆é̵̳͙l̷̫͔̕c̸̺̫̃̊o̷͓̥̾m̵͖̊̅e̵͕͊d̵̨͑̈́
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2020 @NickKyrgios Maybe Novak'll use his homeopathy, crystals and moonbeams and will be able to think the Corona away...! @ed_solomon up to all the players that have contracted Covid - 19. Don’t @ me for anything I’ve done that has been ‘irr…
Retweeted by AmyMaybe his crystals and moonbeams will help him to think the Corona away? @jennzahling @bbceastenders It's like the ravens have left the tower.
Jar Jar Binks after seeing you bench press 250lbs:
Retweeted by Amy @loonylaura @thesensualworld @AmblingJohn @ManMadeMoon Same!!
Tim Westwood was 11 when Martin Luther King Jr died
Retweeted by AmyTim Westwood is nine years younger than the NHS. Bruh.
Retweeted by Amy @ErisLovesMovies This makes me happier than I can express. Just know that I feel it on a molecular level. @ErisLovesMovies @ErisLovesMovies It’s a beautiful feeling.