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Amy @scifisunsets Glasgowish

Ya chicken’s not marinated and ya cheese isn’t Muenster.

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Gonna tell my kids this was At The Drive-In
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@mrgrahamreed Definitely not enough. Must try harder. @mrgrahamreed @jonbellion this is a little embarrassing. #118HoursVS20Hours @jonbellion SIGH OF RELIEF @iamtomskinner #theapprenticeMe at @iamtomskinner, MY PERFECT TIE-CLIP WEARING ANGEL. 😭 😍 #TheApprentice @SpillerOfTea Art, surely? @ArtDeciderA non-sweaty honourable ponce, Flew out to the states to ensconce, Himself in the flat, Of a child raping twat, The…
Retweeted by AmyI feel strongly that 'brawbag' should be in the common vernacular
Retweeted by AmyAs a Buddhist, we are never supposed to take any happiness comfort in the suffering of another human being. Watchin…
Retweeted by AmyCharlie Brooker’s 2019 Wipe
Retweeted by Amy @TroyBakerVA @nolan_north @HanaHayes @retroreplayshow His face. 😭’s the day on which the action of Blade Runner takes place
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In Britain, it’s culturally expected to pour tea in the direction of Buckingham Palace. Every kitchen has a mark on…
Retweeted by Amy @ouroborosmp @2ndbreakfast4 43?! BEHAVE! @ouroborosmp @2ndbreakfast4 36 here... right hip (with a ceramic-on-ceramic hip) is aching inside from hip to knee, right through the middle of the bon… else with a #hipreplacement feeling the cold like a stab through their thigh bones today?, you’ve been listening to “Silver Springs” on repeat since half seven this morning.
Oh @JaneyGodley you are inside my head! Hilarious
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This is fabulous...
Retweeted by Amy @TuesdayGJ @justinkirkland4 @the_cakegoddess Oh. My. God. I may need to binge this immediately. Inject it straight into my eyeballs. @brokenviolin83 @IdlewildtheBand YES! The perfect match of songs.2009/2019z. Brb, mourning my cheekbones and jawline.’m 36 years old, and I love this album as much as I did when I was 15. @MrKenShabby Super duper doopy, Father Bloopy! @EllieVanHalen Oh hell yes. @dog_rates I was playing Sims 4 last night, and look who I met... (Also, 13/10 for the Puggerino on the table. Go…
“It’s a mental health issue” - Prince Andrew. oh fuck off - I am SO SICK of powerful men bringing up mental health…
Retweeted by Amy#Unbecoming?!?! @jamajestical Amen sis, amen. @DonnaARees @jamajestical The second we get time travel, late 70’s/early 80’s HFord is going to be absolutely destroyed, and we… @jamajestical My thoughts exactly. H Christ (the H stands for Han *and* Harrison), my loins are aflame. @ErisLovesMovies I hate everything about this. I’m so, so sorry. @TroyBakerVA Oh god. 😭 when you were young and you'd hurt yourself and all u needed to hear was an adult saying 'you're awright, just…
Retweeted by Amy @mrgrahamreed Right beside the “big Virgin” (RIP) opposite Donald Dewar. There’s a God Squad preacher and a samba… a time traveller from 1973 in town.
@johnthelutheran Yes! @mikehgillespie It was.... I Don't Need Anyone. Total Nicky janglepop. @mikehgillespie The Kylie one? Manics wrote two songs for her Impossible Princess album, one was Some Kind of Blis… @davidclewis I ballsed up the Crumlin pub and the NWA song, for shaaaame.Yes, I got the Kylie one.Eight points! #manics #mastermind @davidclewis @Manics Genuinely considering pestering Sean to see if he has any ideas... @davidclewis @Manics I have spent my life searching for that exact shade of red dye.Reminder to all @Manics nerds that one of the subjects on tonight's #Mastermind is yer boys from Blackwood. 7.30pm,…
Retweeted by AmyThe only people I want to see conducting a no holds barred interview with Prince Andrew with no questions vetted
Retweeted by AmyThere is literally no need to lay hundreds of miles of fiber cables across the Highlands when you can just use the…
Retweeted by AmyWith the imminent expansion of 5G, which will make the need for rolling out fiber broadband to rural communities fu…
Retweeted by AmyWow, how big is the lie going to be?
Retweeted by Amy @TuesdayGJ Hope so. Back to the GP a week today for a review so we’ll see what she says.
@TuesdayGJ I know that feel girl - Trazodone is doing a number on me. @TuesdayGJ I love that you corrected a bot on its spelling. 😂 @t_anarchitect I sing along to this in the car almost every day. God, the Finns can write a song. ❤️❤️❤️Learn the #Gaelic for “wow this green owl is super aggressive” at
Retweeted by Amy @TheGreg007 Greg I’m so sorry. Thinking of you. 💖Everything I Do (I Do It For You) by Cee Lo Green. @jaz303 They’re special and rare and lovely!PERFECTION. I journeyed through the world of #HisDarkMaterials and discovered my daemon is a wildcat! You can find… @DaveVescio @JohnSBoles This Q isn’t a launchpad for informed/insightful discussion. The tinfoil hat brigade jumped… @lesaleemc @onionrick @ashofficial Sorted! 🎉🎉🎉 @lesaleemc @onionrick @ashofficial Working on it!Air-drumming in the car along with @onionrick to @ashofficial’s cover of “Coming Around Again” totally counts as ca…
@DaveVescio No amount of holistic magic water, kale, crystals or moonbeams will stop a child contracting whooping c… @DaveVescio Oh mate. There are people, infants and adults alike, who through age, illness, cancer treatments etc ar… @redskyatnight He just needs hugs and long walks. I wish I could give him a home, he looks like the goodest boy. @redskyatnight He’s an angel!Strong "back to Albert Square with revenge on my mind" energy
Retweeted by AmyNote to self: do not watch the "Breathe Me" scene from Six Feet Under when your depression is beating the shit out… @ouroborosmp @PaulDempsey Hey hey, if someone on my side of the planet wanted to buy the Everything Is True birthday vinyl, how… @torigrew93 @guardian @Wednesday_IC I don’t have a smart speaker and only use Siri to set timers when I’m cooking.…
@guardian @Wednesday_IC It'll be the mic's next.::spittake::
Retweeted by AmyKeep returning to this and howling.
Retweeted by Amy @Wednesday_IC We’ve come a long way from “Nicole?” “Papa?” and I love it. #renault @MountainWoz I said it in disc but I’ll say it here as well: EMOTIONS! my way home from work with this #1Babe of a track playing loud. Trufax, I spent a Sunday afternoon skipping chu…
#DeathStranding👫🐳🌎🐾🌈 Sam Porter Bridges, the man who delivers...📦📦📦📦📦📦📦📦 #ART by ''''…
Retweeted by AmyJust to be very clear, he means amnesty for murdering Irish people
Retweeted by Amy @buntyhoven Totally understand - I’ve had both my hips replaced, I’m starting physio today to sort out leg-length p… @buntyhoven I have them in black - the comfiness outweighs any supposed fashion ishoos. Wear what you like! the damn trunk, Karen.
Retweeted by Amy @TravisBTP Kettle’s on, pal. trying to figure this one out. I need some help. Let’s do a check. If you guys really want to see me live, pl…
Retweeted by AmyThe annual 'Thriller' performance at Abbington Senior Living is glorious
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#HisDarkMaterials Me when Mrs Coulter did the thing with the letters: @jonbellion Spotted: the whip you've been pushing since you were driving in Sachem. #DeathStranding
Retweeted by AmyI’d like to send multiple hugs to player Igor in #DeathStranding who left a heap of ladders and ropes to make a lon…
@BioMarkDarrah On a scale of one to “wear some Tena pants, just to be safe”, just how excited am I going to be when…
@dollyalderton See also Johnny Cash writing about June Carter
Retweeted by AmyI think I only ever want to read Nick Cave writing about Susie Cave, maybe all other writing is pointless.
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@holly Spotted Fabulous, Fighting Fit, Furious Maud leaving Fitzpatrick's like: @HI_Voices @MuirtownP Gairloch - Tollaidh🟢, Maree🔴 and Kerry🔵 (Maree 4 life, yo).