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transcender of gender, communer with stars, chimera of a thousand beasts, smasher of the fasces ☭ | she, 20 | ❤ @photonicDog @HEEDTHERETURN ❤

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Retweeted by Wooloo Loving WomanThese words by Chris, the bisexual woman attacked on a bus in London, on the hypocritical reaction to 𝘵𝘩𝘢𝘵 photo ar…
Retweeted by Wooloo Loving WomanThis song was the original "are you tired of being nice" post
Retweeted by Wooloo Loving Woman @HumaF_ Thank you for your serviceGriffin, German Shepherd (8 y/o), 6th & King St., New York, NY • “He’s a retired Seeing Eye dog. If someone looks a…
Retweeted by Wooloo Loving Woman @photonicdoglike if you agree are very good and know math very good, unlike memy two lovely and extremely smart girlfriends don't think there is a specific law protecting hunters from say, someone stalking them and making a very loud noi… @apogeesys @dragonkisser420 Wolves are evil since i saw it on tv, and they looked at me weird once i guessIn my opinion, people should start hunting huntersIn Norway, farmers and hunters are driving wolves to total extinction because predators kill about, 2% of livestock… @dragonkisser420 For context, in norway, farmers and hunters are driving wolves to total extinction because predato… @dragonkisser420 No i disagree, i think there is no good purpose of hunting other than 1. i am going to eat it and… no of course, i mean places who prohibited non-domestic animals being kidnapped didnt criminalize flying to afri… people are ruining the planet part #19395881 make all of this worse, even before humans really flipped ecology upside down, they were recovering from a near… are highly endangered because of enormous decrease in habitat, poaching & kidnapping as "exotic pets" is c… is very cute but this is a wild and highly endangered animal, that is very commonly trafficked, on a leash, so… video games we have from the balkans theres serious sam (yes) and mordhau (claims to have deep player customizat… reminder that the "reee" meme is ableist as fuck, derived from the "autistic screeching" meme. Please, for…
Retweeted by Wooloo Loving WomanMc ride: I literally have other people in my head Rap genious: This song is actually about depression. And smoaking weed. @andrtunes No genious is just "this is clearly about smoaking weed and taking heroin"Wake Up✅ Be Bisexual✅ Eat Hot Chip✅ Lie✅
Retweeted by Wooloo Loving Woman @FrameshiftShark it was expectedjust discovered that poweramp includes like 50 million visualizers and im freaking out... at how incredibly few act… u coming to oslo, norway any time soon @RussianCircleswhats the music artist you have the most (longest playback) of on your phone? i have 7 hours of death grips and 6 hours of steely danYEAHHHHH HAAAAA It's a VORE kind of DAY!!!!
Retweeted by Wooloo Loving Womanweekend plans?
Retweeted by Wooloo Loving Woman @witchyglitch PLEASE get off the stageactually it would have looked way better if it wasnt on a phone but oh welli took this photo 2 years ago and i think it was slept on a little mean the norwegian wikipedia is much smaller than any other so that might be why nobodys created a talk page or c… @Punk_Bat If someone kicks my ass theyre not my friendthe norwegian wikipedia article for Jesse Owens, for some reason, spends most of the page arguing in defense for th… jays? more like blue gays @flakealso blue gays are, uh whatevers not goth also oh my god i just wrote blue gaysI can only steal wifi from this table next to the ocean view.. this says alot about ore society
Retweeted by Wooloo Loving WomanThis bird would absolutely fight me over a piece of meat. It had blood on its beak picture doesnt give justice to how huge this seagull is er i ingen fare jeg bare kastet bort 100 kroner på mobildataVær så snill vipps meg penger så jeg kommer meg ut av denne situasjonen :((((((jeg brukte 100 jævla kroner på mobildata når jeg kunne bare sitte ute og få wifi å stjele AUGHHHGHHGGYou @tummynips RooGive credit to @sattou0 you cowards saw a hornet so im never going outside againarcanine is such a perfect pokemoni just discovered i can steal wifi from the balcony outside mom holy fucki like it when music makes u happy cry / shiver thats the perfect music emotiongood friends
Retweeted by Wooloo Loving WomanTruly we have transcended language as a species
Retweeted by Wooloo Loving Woman @Nargacutie im sorry your cat looks lovely..kanaya ♍️ #homestuck
Retweeted by Wooloo Loving Womanupdate: the same child just stood right next to a piano and said "its too loud... mom its too LOUD... STOP ITS TOO… @catgirllegend weedgoku69: explosion noises you: What @faint_visions mother id like (to) existi think it would be hilarious trying to coordinate even the smallest task i was a stray dog taken from the streets of moscow and then successfully put into the soviet space program i would be called laiki
i wish for an online multiplayer game where u are part of a tank crew like... imagine being the radio guy and playi…漠然と描くシリーズ
Retweeted by Wooloo Loving Woman @merzb0w yes!!! lovely snake!!Snakey sketch
Retweeted by Wooloo Loving WomanHei hvem vil kjøpe meg mobildata du får nuss xoxoxo
Retweeted by Wooloo Loving Womanif, completely hypothetically, youre the worlds most popular furry music artist and you literally rape someone you…"cancel culture" isnt realyes i know this tweet is a joke and its a stupid ass joke. nobody faces any consequences on the internet, i see nic… named his cat the n word @ammnontet Me too. @faint_visions @photonicDog @technoabyss Epic Own Of Cis Science @ammnontet Hi there Ammnontet, thank you for appreciating my bot! @leninsaint this just sounds like me trying to get a peanut to unstick from my throatkickstarter to help jackie work out so she can pick me up over her headjealous of birds with their cool hollow ass bones taking baths in the dirt and making sounds like a fax machine all day
Retweeted by Wooloo Loving Womanoh my god..., who’s gonna tell him
Retweeted by Wooloo Loving Womani have picked up every partner of mine i have met
Retweeted by Wooloo Loving Womanjackie is the tallest person ive EVER met and shes my girlfriend at the same time so what the fuck. she can actually pick me upwjat woul.d you do if we... if we accidental kissed.. in the scp foundation facility... aat the containment for SCP… @gayjeanjacket this looks like the wax u rub on clothes to make it waterproofvriska and sans in terraria
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Retweeted by Wooloo Loving Womanim a siick fuck ii liike the v buck
Retweeted by Wooloo Loving Woman @woahpaz420 I think it was like, auto suggested or something and i was like whoaaaaaaeveryone: how many alarms have you saved on your phone? i have 11the very first username i remember using was Dualviper66 on runescape 2 and honestly? it still kicks ass should really try putting the name of the devs on the box next time
Retweeted by Wooloo Loving Womana lot of people will dream of returning to a more ideal, sometimes fictional version of the world we live in. me pe…
Retweeted by Wooloo Loving Woman @leninsaint yeah??????????? @leninsaint i like helvetica fight mea child wanted a piece of brownie and i offered it to him and he said "not big enough.." and just walked away FJDJDBGBBCKSif u tag me in a retweet i make you better not embarrass me by saying something like "wow nobody cares"its the weekend baby. youknow what that means. its time to drink precisely one beer and call 911
Retweeted by Wooloo Loving WomanLooking at your scissors as a 5 year old and realizing you could give yourself a haircut if you really wanted to
Retweeted by Wooloo Loving Woman @merzb0w Evil energy