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@NimbleJack8 "wHy aRe ThEy CaLlInG 'uS' ThE NaZis!?" @Dillonwebster @NimbleJack8 "Why are they calling US the Nazis?!" MAGA: @starneyman @NimbleJack8 "Why do they keep calling us Nazis?! I don't understand!" @Anthonyjuliano8 @NimbleJack8 You sound very hinged and rational. @DavidKelleyG @DGOAR987654321 nah Mein Pillow is respectable. I've seen worse. @Art_Fig @Near_Critical @nada_moore55 An alternative 3rd party being led by Trump would split the conservative vote… @ElderDeAndrade2 @ElizabethDream9 @macarthur54 Yeah if our fascists ever decide they don't like living in a Democra… @doxx_plz @samanthaecollin @ElizabethDream9 It makes me your better. You know Ashli Babbitt may have been a nut job… @samanthaecollin @ElizabethDream9 Your side literally cheered MAGA terrorists running people over in cars saying "t… @Demandor @truthnsarcasm @BillKristol Good that you admit that Biden is basically a Republican. @annie11320877 @DaphneSinicropi @NBCNews Barron has been treated kinder than any first child in modern American his… @DaphneSinicropi @NBCNews let me know when they organize an armed angry mob and storm Mar-A-Lago, until then stay mad Nazi. @deathgeisha @NBCNews no one threating Trump ever organized into an armed angry mob and stormed the white house you mental infant. @joesiegel10 @Clark_Wayne420 @EricFlyr @Nancy44587404 @robinstorm17 @NBCNews @baszram guy, we already hashed this o… @tillifish Link is a lucky man. @NoSurrender_87 @Fronkadoodl @TheAlanJohnson What? You're the reason we got Trump instead of Jeb Bush. @__brooksie @NBCNews I dunno. Did Kathy Griffin storm the White House with an armed angry mob? ...fucking idiot. @Bleach_Bae Shikamaru with Sharingan? So you mean Itachi?
@MarioBrothBlog Mario dabbing on you. @MagooActual @DevlinBarrett What they did was textbook sedition whether they were aware of it or not. Literally textbook. @Nekosmom @CBCAlerts If you haven't figured it out yet he took the pipeline away so he could use it as a bargaining… @AdamNorthenscol @igorbobic @aterkel cool, why don't you start with the side that refuses to admit the election wasn't rigged loser. @ZachhShepard @RussOnPolitics @DonaldJTrumpJr Fewer than the number of braincells that committed suicide reading this comment. @che5ter666 @Knotmyaccount @Batsy915 @ZhugeEX Its moments like this where we should keep in mind Ronald Reagan was… @Timkross @ProjectLincoln @DonaldJTrumpJr Even after he literally betrayed the DC rioters by not pardoning them peo… @AamerAnwar Bernie has been consistently right on every single issue since his career started. He was right about N… @NPR We could have prevented so many of these deaths had we just acted competently like South Korea. @OllieLove44 @BrennaWISHTV @WISH_TV He died of Covid.
@TheQ_gaming it was an insane day for Gamestop makes me wish I took a larger position than I did. @MarshaTrickey @helen Why do you think. To try and do their dumb uNiTy bit. As if we're not going to crush blue MAG… @MFondue314 @MSMileenaa @potheadgrlfrend @consequence none of my assets are liquid I basically live like a hermit @im_bluuu back then cake was not a dessert. It was the black shit you scrap off the oven walls after baking bread. @MSMileenaa @potheadgrlfrend @consequence thats pretty true. After i inherited my no show dad's fortune I honestly… @Victor75602876 @megnotastallion @politicow6 @nytimes Mitch hates Trump and he's most likely on his last term. He's…
@TimRoseJr @CaliTSB @IGN This two tiered policy enforcement policy pervades everything. If you're a nobody you have… @TimRoseJr @CaliTSB @IGN The problem is that Trump among other have used twitter to incite violence for awhile now.… @CaliTSB @IGN meh, conservatives had 2 years where they had complete control of government and did nothing about it… @Jimdotbeep @JeanneGustaf @Joe_McFly @KodoAndSangha New York Times is fake news. @TheLeoTerrell Oh look. A fascist. Anyway... @Anti_TFM @Choking_babies @wewilovercome @ModularMister @MegKinnardAP @WhipClyburn Have they all killed children? E… @AtahinaD @wewilovercome @ModularMister @MegKinnardAP @WhipClyburn okay? @mvpAUburner @wewilovercome @ModularMister @MegKinnardAP @WhipClyburn nah @Choking_babies @wewilovercome @ModularMister @MegKinnardAP @WhipClyburn I'm curious. If there wasn't would that me… @ModularMister @MegKinnardAP @WhipClyburn He was a man that lied about WMD and led us into a war based on false pre… @JoeAnimelli Socialists are cool. I have spoken. @CResisting @jonnyboyca Why? We're absolutely devastating you. Each year your numbers dwindle as ours swell. @northeast_mama @jonnyboyca Sorry not all of us can have war mongering criminals as our moral leaders. @AJ4VoteBlue @jonnyboyca @ProudSocialist The only thing I moved on from was the party. @LogicSnse @CrescentEagle @LeftistJeremy @jonnyboyca This might be a difficult concept for you to grasp but somethi… @jonnyboyca @FrancineB12 @Terrilltf I'm not anymore either. Biden was my last vote as a Democrat I left the party after that. @FrancineB12 @jonnyboyca @Terrilltf Because Democrats have proven themselves to be as corrupt as Republicans ever w… @OCgregSmith @bharatbc2001 @TheLeoTerrell These are the same people who fuck you over, sending your jobs over seas… @OCgregSmith @bharatbc2001 @TheLeoTerrell Awe poor baby asks for an example of a socialist government working but d…
@b33zy77 @amk262 @CamBNewton People devastated and bitter Bernie is trending at #1 on Biden's inauguration. @blemoine @Sunsprite2 @People4Bernie @BernieSanders maybe she thought you were mocking him. @janksry @cIemmie cool. @cIemmie If he wants to run in 2024 I'll vote for him again. @onlinewinetime @TheCut stay mad Nazi @MegaRefluxJones @VT_Jizzy @johnstewart7691 @mavsfan8 @genaewhitley @tariqnasheed I think that's a fair statement.… @MegaRefluxJones @VT_Jizzy @johnstewart7691 @mavsfan8 @genaewhitley @tariqnasheed Yeah that's corporate capitalisms… @MegaRefluxJones @VT_Jizzy @johnstewart7691 @mavsfan8 @genaewhitley @tariqnasheed As far as a cultural event I'm no… @MegaRefluxJones @VT_Jizzy @johnstewart7691 @mavsfan8 @genaewhitley @tariqnasheed Well anecdotally I can only tell… @MegaRefluxJones @VT_Jizzy @johnstewart7691 @mavsfan8 @genaewhitley @tariqnasheed You're absolutely right. The poli… @MegaRefluxJones @johnstewart7691 @mavsfan8 @genaewhitley @tariqnasheed Specifically economic damage. @MegaRefluxJones @johnstewart7691 @mavsfan8 @genaewhitley @tariqnasheed The goal of reparations, aside from settlin… @MegaRefluxJones @johnstewart7691 @mavsfan8 @genaewhitley @tariqnasheed But we seem to be consistently moving in th… @MegaRefluxJones @johnstewart7691 @mavsfan8 @genaewhitley @tariqnasheed Right now yes. I'd even call it a dream. @MegaRefluxJones @johnstewart7691 @mavsfan8 @genaewhitley @tariqnasheed I'm fully aware of that. Yes, MLK was right… @MegaRefluxJones @johnstewart7691 @mavsfan8 @genaewhitley @tariqnasheed It has to be called reparations and it has… @mavsfan8 @MegaRefluxJones @johnstewart7691 @genaewhitley @tariqnasheed I'm 31 years old and have 158K in the bank.… @Logicislostt @DailyLoud Obama was a war mongering wallstreet corrupt piece of shit. Try again. @OCgregSmith @bharatbc2001 @TheLeoTerrell China is kicking America's ass up and down the planet right now and I'm f… @OCgregSmith @bharatbc2001 @TheLeoTerrell They don't do that. They never raise wages that's why wages have been sta… @MegaRefluxJones @johnstewart7691 @mavsfan8 @genaewhitley @tariqnasheed Don't be so pessimistic. Change often occur… @samanthamarika1 He pardon who ever pays him 2 mill. Becuase I can't think of a better example of how the rich are… @General_wongie @DailyLoud Why? But he sold pardons for 2 mill a pop to a couple of multi millionaires? @JessieJ79035275 @outlawz_kevin @DailyLoud They already impeached him. You must mean removal but they're going to do that anyway. @btheking_iii @DailyLoud Yeah man as long as u got 2 mill 🤣 @DailyLoud Trump pardons millionaires instead of pardoning all black folk(which he can do) and everybody bout to ju… @ch1s1n @della_morte_ Awe someone's salty Trump isn't president anymore. @smurkio36 He'll have to record in prison. @donjuan30349 @genaewhitley @tariqnasheed Democrats suck but just because they're foxes doesn't mean the wolf shoul… @MegaRefluxJones @johnstewart7691 @mavsfan8 @genaewhitley @tariqnasheed What about the ones who are pro reparations.
@KidsPlayPhotos @RedWingGrips @TeresaEdelglass Covid still dominates both the news and people minds. Stay mad Nazi. America rejected you. @TheScelata @owillis This attitude is why Democrats are going to get destroyed in 2022. Lets make this clear only u… Blue MAGA anyone that doesn't show the proper amount of respect and admiration for Biden is a Trump supporter. @OCgregSmith @bharatbc2001 @TheLeoTerrell You literally cut their taxes to the their lowest level in 100 years. "… @LoganGarrick @rakprem @HamillHimself @MrPeytonReed honestly I kinda wish you were a Trump supporter. You hemorrhage votes from our side. @LoganGarrick @tatoguimaraes @HamillHimself @MrPeytonReed If you don't want the alt right to make fun of your terri… @LoganGarrick @HamillHimself @MrPeytonReed get ratio'd @aRJedi @HamillHimself @MrPeytonReed I don't give a fuck if the alt right liked it or didn't like it. Mark didn't l… @zacjones13 @Rick_Bullard @HamillHimself @MrPeytonReed movie hated by the majority of viewers* fixed that for you @duckisgod @HamillHimself @MrPeytonReed Go pound sand loser. @f105music @HamillHimself @MrPeytonReed @rianjohnson yeah he already went threw that. I wish TLJ people could just… @SecPompeo I... what? @pattenins @take2thesky75 I don't see "led a failed attempted coup" anywhere on that list. How could you leave it o… @FrankGWallace @FightingWithDM @HabibAltaf7 @WeakyLynam @no458243676 @LonnyBreaux__ @welcomewords What does us bein… @donwinslow What? Am I fucking high? What did I just watch? Fuck man I need to stop smoking weed. @markabarger @SteveGoffman @AsteadWesley Reparations need to be paid along side serious legal and justice reforms.
@0biwandyshon @PopCrave because obviously some people have too much disposable income and need to be taxed at a higher marginal rate.