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Scott Diaz @Scott_Diaz Brighton, UK

Producer / Sound Designer / DJ. House & Garage. / Bookings: contact@ (Kelly)

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@davidrocknyc ❤️❤️‘Memories’ with LOA. Out Friday!! 👏 @kagiso_portable The follow up called ‘Memories’ comes out on Friday! @mrhuskyhusky Do you have air conditioning in your houses in Oz, generally speaking?Third time I’ve tried to post this now!! PREMIERE of the new track from me and LOA. Out Friday. 👏…, I'm not even moving and I'm still sweating so yeah I guess you could say everything is totally great. @Musicis4Lovers have premiered the new single from me and LOA. It’s called ‘Memories’ and it’s out on Grand Plans o… @Musicis4Lovers have just added the premiere of ‘Memories’, the new track from me and LOA. Out on Friday!! You ca…
‘When The World Stopped’ is out now and exclusive to @traxsource, who have given it some major love, including it i…🔊 New @beatport chart up with some serious heat from @FlavaD @dazeprism @pangaeauk @MattJamLamont @Scott_Diaz
Retweeted by Scott DiazNo stranger to the Summer-ized squad, and fresh off the back of his 2-track EP, @Scott_Diaz joins us for the…
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Spot on. X business is just barely a meritocracy. Sometimes it is. But mostly, it’s not. Accepting that early on will help you. ❤️Five Knuckle Shuffle... @DavidEarltweets @rickygervais #Derek
Retweeted by Scott DiazCheers Stu. Big love mate. X Way You Feel (Grand Plans). 28th, all stores. Take A Ride (@freakin909). 28th. Urbanite x Rosebud - In Your… have 8 new tracks out this month. 😮 Let’s Werk / Set It Off (@Summerized_s). OUT NOW. When The World Stopped… up this remix for @mrhuskyhusky tonight. Really great vocal. Pretty close to be being done now. Just needs…
2 new tracks out today on @Summerized_s. This is the lead track, ‘Let’s Werk’. 🙌 Available to download from Beatpo…
Original vocal mix coming soon...📅 22.08 Brixton Day Party 📍 @Pow_London 💃 Unlimited grooves 🍔Great food 🍹Amazing drinks Booth bookings on sale now…
Retweeted by Scott DiazVibes all day. Get in the sunshine and listen to this. 🙌’ve got a gig! An actual gig!! 🙏🏻 Going to be joining the @Summerized_s Sessions crew along with @MADVILLA_UK /… full line-up for @Pow_London! 🎧 Firm favourites @Scott_Diaz and @Madvilla_UK return, with their soundtracks fo…
Retweeted by Scott DiazNew tracks to stream now, and pre-order on Beatport. Comes out on Friday. 🙏🏻 👇
Out at midnight 🚀 @miraa_may
Retweeted by Scott DiazI’m sorry to announce that due to the ongoing Pandemic and scheduling issues affected by this - sadly my show at…
Retweeted by Scott Diaz @TODDLAT @miraa_may @RichieMafwa Miraa May is 🙌🙌🙌
@SamZHolt @Sacha_Lord Someone replied ‘these are so bad we should have the title taken off us’. 💀 😂 @Sacha_Lord You know @SamZHolt is gonna be all over these though!! 😂#fashunz @terrystuckshop Yes. 😋
We have updated our Spotify playlist including tracks from @soulectamusic @akifoor @craigshapes @MattJamLamont
Retweeted by Scott DiazWatch it. And be very disappointed, but probably not surprised. 😔 all got that 1 tune. Whats yours? 🌞 😎 #SumemrizedSessions #LetsGetSummerized
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@Julien_HiEnergy What the fuck does ‘I believe in the power of the mind’ mean? There’s a lot to be said, generall… @a_leesha1 Many of the people there will be from out of town with Brighton obviously being a huge tourist spot and… @B1G_BAZ We’ve all been doing that for 30 or 40 years. That is a problem of rampant capitalism. What does that have… @B1G_BAZ Guess what - you’re already compliant. If you did the lockdown, you’re compliant. Stop conflating a bit of… @B1G_BAZ Utter rubbish. What do you think the SECRET RULERS OF THE WORLD get from us wearing masks that they don’t…, went from being exciting, to a punchline in the music industry. @fugamusic has struck a deal with Verif…
Retweeted by Scott Diaz @Julien_HiEnergy So as I say, you think they’re ineffective anyway so you’d have no issue with a surgeon and all in… @dannykane2009 Don’t be silly, Danny. There are many things to ‘be suspicious’ about but this is not one of them. W… @BarkerFabiolous Why do you think surgeons wear masks then, genius? @RjRozelaar I’m not sure how you’ve attached those 2 things together since 🖐 washing and masks / consideration for… that’s the fucking ☕️ right there.
Retweeted by Scott Diaz @BarkerFabiolous Not going to get into a debate with somebody who thinks that COVID-19 is a hoax & that Bill Gates…
All the people that are refusing to wear masks should sign a waiver to say that if they ever need surgery they agre… @ukmele Love those red visuals - totally you. @SimonDunmore This year is basically a write-off, we all need to accept it. We might be able to do a few outside/ro… thanks for the support on our latest Matt Jam Lamont & Echelon release on #undagrndfreqz Stream / Download:…
Retweeted by Scott DiazIt was 32 degrees ☀️ in Brighton today, but this is basically how I’m spending summer. 🎹 thank you to @XLR8R for spending time to talk in-depth about my new record and studio 🏄…
Retweeted by Scott DiazAbsolutely mad to think that I put this event on when I was 17! 😲 With a more than little help from my friends, of…
@9bills The answer is @akalamusic, surely? @_DHOTYA ‘NHS’ by Alana has got to be the winner. The effort she’s gone to with that letter, and it’s still absolut… that the pubs are open... @rickygervais @DavidBrentMovie #theoffice
Retweeted by Scott Diaz @_DHOTYA This has a little bit of everything. A contender, surely, for the big prize come the end of the year.
Still needs a lot of tidying up, arranging and some extra elements, but started this little groove tonight... @thehouseheadz Under 1000 is cool. No issues with that, we all have so much music that we love especially across mu… now, downloads soooon!! @thehouseheadz Explain to me what the logic is in being able to add, say, 2000 tracks to a playlist. How long do yo…
There should be a limit to how many tracks you can put on a Spotify playlist. Ridiculous being able to add thousands of tracks. 😂🤷‍♂️ @MNEK Yesssss, Kaytra X MNEK - that’s the lick!So @Djdeeon needs our help, have a read of this 👇👇👇👇👇👇
Retweeted by Scott DiazCheck out our new @MattJamLamont & Echelon (UKG) @junodownload Chart Tracks from @ONEPUF
Retweeted by Scott DiazEdition 148 of iCulture Radio hosted by @richardearnshaw is now live on the streams. Head to our landing page (link…
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@hogimuzik Thank you. 🙏🏻28 / 08 / 20 🦩 😁 fan of @Scott_Diaz, one of my recent classes at Studio North Dance Complex, Canada.
Retweeted by Scott Diaz#LetUsDance @GOVUK @Conservatives @BorisJohnson
Retweeted by Scott DiazThank you! Very grateful for all the love you show me. Much appreciated. x
The perfect soundtrack to your Sunday! Sun kissed grooves from @Scott_Diaz , @PrunkOfficial , @DJOKOCOLOGNE,…
Retweeted by Scott DiazDon't forget to wear your masks next week 😷 Here's a parody of @JmeBBK and @officialgiggs to help you remember 😃…
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The best approach would be micropayments - not advertising - for people who create and perform music. So if I liste…
Retweeted by Scott DiazStreaming royalties seem ridiculously insufficient.
Retweeted by Scott DiazNow that touring is off the table I have no idea how musicians make money.
Retweeted by Scott DiazGroover from @Scott_Diaz 🔥🙌🏽
Retweeted by Scott Diaz @Huxley_Music I remember I played before you @ Audio Brighton & the set went excellently and ppl were loving it. Wh…
Let’s ‘ave it you slags. of the week: Watch Dem @BaileyIbbs97, Ur Man Ain’t @JoedanMusic, Ruffboy @tuff_trax, Freqz Groove…
Retweeted by Scott Diaz @jxmier Idiot ‘men’ just embarrassing themselves in the replies AS PER USUAL.thinking of this queen today
Retweeted by Scott Diaz Nobody wanted to sign this so I’m putting it out myself. 😁 😇 @AnicheKei @Summerized_s Proper #sikk fuego!!! LOVIN' this @Summerized_s release from @Scott_Diaz !!! Proper Bop!!
Retweeted by Scott Diaz @DipzyJewce @MattJamLamont We’re looking into doing a vinyl soon but it wouldn’t be these tracks.vocals are fucking essential
Retweeted by Scott Diaz📢 OUT NOW ON SPOTIFY: @Scott_Diaz - Let’s Werk🔥 ➡️ @Scott_Diaz comes to Summer-ized Sessio…
Retweeted by Scott Diaz @hamish80 @MattJamLamont Cheers, Hamish - we appreciate it! XHey garage crew! 😁 Really happy to say that mine (as Echelon) and @mattjamlamont’s new 2-tracker is OUT NOW. Had… @Barney_McCarthy @BaileyIbbs97 @JoedanMusic @tuff_trax @MattJamLamont @Solutionuk @KarlTuffEnuff @djmaddnesskma GANG GANG GANG. latest episode of @Deezer's Trailblazers is out now, with @eddyTM and @nickhalkes interviewing an individual w…
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@edgarbosch 4th September.I’m delighted to let you all know that the latest Wax Weapons vinyl is now available on @largemusic. It features 4…, dance music clubs and festival culture are a vital part of the British heritage as well as generating m…
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@Hyroglifics STOP TRYING TO GET THAT BIG STUDIOInterview: We sit down for a chat with @mjcole to see what his 2020 has been like, shifting from UKG to making an a…
Retweeted by Scott DiazI don’t care if its me alone . Does it take another dead black man for everyone to start again or are we going to b…
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