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Big thank you to @scott_mills for agreeing to host our virtual pub quiz to support everyone affected by MS. Should…
Retweeted by Scott MillsOh this? It's just @tomogden93 from @blossomsband performing in his lounge for @scott_mills & @chris_stark... You'…
Retweeted by Scott MillsThankyou ❤️ forward to this at 1pm 👍 here we go
Fun time chatting with @scott_mills and @Chris_Stark for their @bbc5live radio show. Join us this weekend for: ✨to…
Retweeted by Scott Mills @ComputingLaura It’s on the podcast today- Scott Mills daily on BBC Sounds 😊Love this so much great!!’m chatting to @scott_mills and @Chris_Stark on @BBCR1 I’m a few mins!
Retweeted by Scott MillsTo be fair... you got me GOOD 😂😂😂 it’s a Brewdog today 🍻
Is there someone you’d like to say “thank you” to at the moment? Someone you think the whole country should know ab… all pub quiz fans! We’re excited to announce that from next week, our brilliant Ambassador @scott_mills wi…
Retweeted by Scott MillsI know what you’re thinking! ANOTHER quiz?! That’s right but this one is for @mssocietyuk so GET INVOLVED next week…’s where that little shit Charlie bit my finger really hard. 3:08 in...
Retweeted by Scott Mills😂correct!! @BBCR1 that was fun. Is it just me or is everyone quizzing like mad during this pandemic? #dontlookitup @scott_mills
Retweeted by Scott MillsLove how you’re playing along 😊 look GOATS 🐐 ❤️ am actually crying at @BBCR1 thanks @scott_mills and @Chris_Stark I have never heard “24 Years at the Tap End” be…
Retweeted by Scott MillsGuinness today?
❤️ Luke’s incredible ‘X-Files poo story’ & Anbara’s tale of ending up naked on a street, we’re looking for more…*Haircuts* Do you need a haircut? Is there someone you’re isolating with who’s keen to try hairdressing for the fir…
Retweeted by Scott MillsHappy birthday Micha!! ❤️ of Fosters already open there 🍺 @Tom03120833 @Chris_Stark @BBCR1 Yes 2pm!Right here’s the plan... me and @scott_mills are going to be on @BBCR1 11am-3pm today. So we are on an extra hour.…
Retweeted by Scott MillsMe and @Chris_Stark are with you this morning from 11!! 😊😊@BBCR1
Retweeted by Scott Mills
Here’s 8-year-old Alexa who was supposed to play Cosette in @lesmisofficial but her performances were cancelled.…’s 8-year-old Alexa who was supposed to play Cosette in @lesmisofficial but her performances were cancelled.…
Retweeted by Scott MillsThis is such a great idea. Giving kids whose performances are cancelled due to the virus, an opportunity to sing or…
Retweeted by Scott MillsHere’s 8-year-old Alexa who was supposed to play Cosette in @lesmisofficial but her performances were cancelled.… Birthday @scott_mills - Take's a true friend to give the gift of tits.
Retweeted by Scott MillsThere was only one Birthday present I could get @scott_mills this year. A special commission. Happy Birthday Mate…
Retweeted by Scott MillsThis is such an honour as I know they only normally do Footballers with Tits. I’m buzzing thanks so much… are ON! Have a listen 😊
How is @Mabel spending her time in isolation? @BBCR1 here crying my eyes out listening to @NathanDawe on the chart show. My little brother has a top 40 single. This…
Retweeted by Scott MillsCome say hi 👋 👋 👋 will be the UKs OFFICIAL Number 1? Will it be @JoelCorry @theweeknd or @SAINtJHN? Find out at 4 with me on the…
That was so great. Thankyou to all of you for everything you do you are incredible people #ClapForCarers so I was LITERALLY just talking on WhatsApp to someone about getting new beds and then got an email from a compa… to help 😂 was awesome! You can hear this Saturday morning 9-11 @bbc5live 👏😊 case you missed it, @scott_mills just replayed the time @CherylOfficial met Superfan Steve 😂 @Chris_Stark's fin…
Retweeted by Scott MillsMine wasn’t imaginary Brian interviewed a Spice Girl in my walk in wardrobe. You?🤣POP EMERGENCY! Hear the new @DUALIPA track at 1.30 today AND she will be speaking to us LIVE 🤣 @BBCR1 🎶 🚨
"We will never forget this time and what it was like. And it’s going to make people feel more appreciative of ever…
Retweeted by Scott MillsHey @scott_mills - hope you are well. We loved your piece on Radio1 re letter writing just now. It's such an im…
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@nmason1313 @Tesco @sainsburys Ah Thankyou @EmmaRAllen @Tesco @sainsburys That’s so nice Thankyou @Cunning_Stunt73 @Tesco @sainsburys Thankyou @sainsburys Ah Thankyou @suzi187 @Tesco @sainsburys Thankyou @RachaelReeves25 @Tesco @sainsburys Ah thanks @RachelFairfiel1 @Tesco @sainsburys ThankyouDo @tesco or @sainsburys or any of the other major stores have delivery for older high risk people who can’t leave… this time I think we should end feuds and bury the hatchet. I’m going to forgive the bloke who overcharged me fo… words from @NiallOfficial AND a quick tour of his house... you're spoiling us @scott_mills @BBCR1! ❤️ #Niall
Retweeted by Scott MillsNiall house goals
NHS staff repeatedly asking everyone to stay at home. Send this to those who aren’t listening.
Retweeted by Scott MillsTHIS THIS THIS OVER AND OVER AGAIN. THIS. Please watch and share. Brilliantly and simply put.
Retweeted by Scott MillsHere’s @caraOxox from Glasgow who had all her gigs cancelled. So we were her audience along with actual…
@BowmanGeorgina1 😂😘😘Just wondered if anyone has any photos they could share of radio presenters working from home and the equipment they use? 😂 @kirm84 @Chris_Stark Yes up soon on BBC sounds search Scott and Chris 😊Yes the everyone im on @bbc5live with the legends @scott_mills & @Chris_Stark until 11am. JOIN US
Retweeted by Scott MillsIt's time to kick off the weekend with @scott_mills and @Chris_Stark on @bbc5live for some much needed laughs and e…
Retweeted by Scott MillsWant some company and a bit of a laugh? Me and @Chris_Stark are on @bbc5live 😊👍
@MaireadCampbel @SamVaughan @Wentworth Yes!! Shitttt
This wins todays internet you been rehearsing really hard for a performance that’s now been cancelled? Maybe it’s a school play, music r… unnecessarily increases the chances that you’ll spread the virus to someone more vulnerable than you. O…
Retweeted by Scott Mills @crookersss @BBCR1 @Chris_Stark ❤️❤️❤️We’re with you it’s all good 🙂😘 #CORONAVIRUSNEWSCAST On our first episode… 🎓 School closures 🏠 Protection for renters 🕺🏼…
Retweeted by Scott Mills
@adamfleming @ChrisMasonBBC Thankyou !Never thought I would be on the first Coronavirus Podcast. 😒 you’re saving some money staying home, then may I suggest you think about donating to #TipJar and helping out la…
Retweeted by Scott Mills3. We all need a little more @scott_mills and @Chris_Stark in our lives in these weird times. Subscribe to the Sco…
Retweeted by Scott MillsDo you have a fascinating fact that will blow our minds? Email it to and a pizza could be yours. 🤯 = 🍕9. If there is any popstar who can make you laugh when they laugh, it's @AnneMarie - and when @scott_mills and…
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Has being stuck inside with a partner, flatmate or family member revealed something you never knew about them befor…
Thanks so much Liam xx @DANHUDSON @Chris_Stark 😂😂😂Here's something heartwarming for a confusing time ❤️ Listener David asked @Scott_Mills & @Chris_Stark to help org…
Retweeted by Scott MillsNeed something to cheer you up a bit? This will 😊 Our listener David wanted help to propose to his girlfriend Laure…
Who knew they were so long 🙌 stars @JayMcGuiness and @KimberleyJWalsh ON AIR now on @bbc5live with @scott_mills 🚨🚨
Retweeted by Scott MillsWho’s getting involved with us on @bbc5live this morning? Me and @Chris_Stark are READY. Message HERE 👍
Come say hi 👏 update on #BigWeekend Dundee 2020
Retweeted by Scott MillsBREAKING: Radio 1 Big Weekend has been cancelled due to coronavirus. The festival was planned to take place in Du…
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