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Scott Wiener @Scott_Wiener San Francisco, California

CA State Senator. Chair, Housing Committee. Chair, LGBT Legislative Caucus. Housing/transit/climate/criminal justice reform/health/end poverty. Democrat.🏳️‍🌈

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@sfwom1 @suzyloftus Because she’s the best candidate. Neither the mayor nor Suzy caused the vacancy. Gascón resigne… morning in the Castro to spend time with the next District Attorney of San Francisco, Suzy Loftus. Suzy i… most rewarding legislation lifts up people who are struggling. It was an honor to author #SB34, which ensures t… is Team Wiener’s annual Pumpkin Carving Contest at Noe Courts Park, judged by celebrity drag queens… to the many people who made Better Market Street a reality! This transformation of San Francisco’s…
#SB127, had it not been vetoed, would’ve required Caltrans to make state roads safe for pedestrians & cyclists, inc… release: momentum for our legislation to end PG&E’s strong incentive to go frequent/broad w blackouts. Mayors…“It’s clear the utility made a calculation here. There are huge costs if they start a fire, but they only bear a re… earthquake in San Francisco just now. Another reminder to prepare. The Big One is coming at some point. Some…
Correction: The bill protecting transgender people in prison is SB 132, not 233.Here’s the full text with all provisions:’m glad the Governor is pushing the CPUC to hold PG&E accountable for the damage it caused to people & businesses… to our home town @UCSFHospitals for being named by @HRC a 2019 Leader in LGBTQ Health Care Equality! And the Governor, sadly, vetoed our legislation (SB 127) to require Caltrans to make state roads that run thro… A few of our bills - SB 50 (housing density near jobs & transit), SB 145 (ending discrimination against #LGBT Creating incentives for Cal Works receipients to save: I authored SB 268, which was incorporated into the budg… Ensuring film workers receive paid leave & disability benefits: I authored SB 271, to ensure film workers can… Ending discrimination against straight people re domestic partnerships: I authored SB 30, to provide that all C… Protecting sex workers’ health & safety: I authored SB 233, which protects sex workers from arrest if they’re r… Ensuring new moms can lactate @ work: I authored SB 142, to ensure new moms (& trans dads) can return to work &… Access to medical cannabis: I authored SB 34, so low income patients can receive free medical #cannabis from co… Streamlining navigation center approvals: I authored SB 48, which was then incorporated into the budget, to str… HIV prevention: I authored SB 159, a 1st-in-nation law expanding access to #PrEP & PEP by allowing pharmacists… Mental health & addiction: I authored SB 40, which expands & improves the new conservatorship law I authored la… Criminal justice reform: I authored SB 136, which repeals CA’s most common sentence enhancement. Eliminating th… 1/ Yesterday the 2019 legislative session ended. 10 bills I authored were passed & signed into law this y… propose a moratorium on any word that‘s the same as NIMBY but uses a dumb alternate word to pretend it’s not NIMB…
Italian Heritage Day Parade! @GavinNewsom signed #SB34, our legislation to ensure #cannabis compassion programs - which provide free medica… be clear, Caltrans sabotaged SB 127. The agency actively recruited opposition & issued a false & unethical inf… 127’s veto is a tragedy for many Californians. 100s of elementary schools are on or close to these unsafe road… Governor vetoed #SB127, to require Caltrans to include pedestrian & bike safety features, eg crosswalks, on s…
Wolves are caring. Wolves are cooperative. Be like a wolf 🐺
Retweeted by Scott WienerHappy #FilipinoAmericanHistoryMonth! Proud to represent one of the largest #FilAm communities in the nation.
@suze47 @GavinNewsom @LegalAidAtWork @CALIFORNIABF If you have the impression that this is the only work I’ve done… hearing #SB159 discussed on a national level, but let’s give credit to the LGBTQ leaders who actually authored…
Retweeted by Scott WienerWe caught up with @Scott_Wiener to talk about the real roots of the housing dilemma in California, the solutions he…
Retweeted by Scott Wiener29 years ago, I came out to my kid sister. That started my coming out. Since then it’s been a roller coaster for o… @GavinNewsom signed our legislation to ensure new moms can lactate at work! Too many people are forced to… us Young Dems and YIMBYs hanging our with our pal @Scott_Wiener at the #YIMBYpartyparty . Do you think he thin…
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4/And we need to allow more public power. San Francisco wants to municipalize PG&E’s assets serving the city. It sh… also must reform our energy system. We must make it easier for people & businesses to install decentra…’m authoring legislation (#SB378) to put much tighter standards around these blackouts & ensure people/businesse… off power to millions has big implications for our safety, health, economy. Who’s making the decision t… is called sour grapes by a party that can no longer win elections in CA. @GavinNewsom has been in office for… interview, Mayor Liccardo @sliccardo endorses Sen. Scott Wiener's @scott_wiener proposal that would regulate…
Retweeted by Scott WienerOn Tuesday, Gavin Newsom gave a not-so-subtle nod to #SB50, stating "we need to build more damn housing" and that w…
Retweeted by Scott WienerIt's very possible PG&E is being extra-conservative with power shutdowns because a fire during the firm's bankruptc…
Retweeted by Scott Wiener @kevinmullin Giants now. Giants forever. @metzsam @GavinNewsom @USATODAY Thanks for covering this bill so thoroughly!
Retweeted by Scott Wiener @Econ_Doc I agreeVery grateful that @SFBART is running during the PG&E mass blackout. #transit
California senator @Scott_Wiener told me that he sponsored the PrEP and PEP, OTC bill because “Giving people the op…
Retweeted by Scott Wiener @pnjaban I never had a bike, but I do support biking. I do tweet from Muni, which is my primary way of getting arou… to the many who are working so hard to prepare for this blackout. 1st responders, medical personnel, etc. And… @chtemplin @PGE4Me @GavinNewsom The Governor is doing the very best he can under untenable circumstances. He didn’t… @pnjaban Harmeet, welcome back from your time hanging out w Donald Trump. I hope you had fun with him as he melted… @mifuller Looks like I’m already doing so: @nminsker Great team effort! @alsargent We keep trying to do that, but PG&E and others associated with the investor owned utilities continually stymy our efforts. @Gregster56 I’m not:’s hard to overstate the impact of this massive rolling blackout, affecting 2.5 million people. People rely on el… @GavinNewsom just signed our sentencing reform legislation, #SB136! It repeals the most common California…
Thank you, Supervisors, for moving to opt San Diego County in to our new conservatorship law, #SB40. Los Angeles Co…“This is a sobering report. We are at a very important point: California is going to need major policy breakthrough…“Over the last 3 years, CA has reduced emissions at a rate of only 1.15 percent. At that pace, it would take a cent…“Vehicle ownership has reached an all-time high, as has total miles that Californians are driving.”“CA is now on track to hit its 2030 [carbon] goal in 2061. Three whole decades late. The biggest problem: CA’s belo… are a criminal trying to be a dictator. You don’t believe in the Constitution. You need to be removed from of… PG&E prepares rolling blackouts for much of Northern California, its website promptly tanks. This inspires lots… @nostarrr @CHEERSF The giraffe is tall, but not quite *that* tall.Better Market Street will be a major improvement for our city’s spine. Market Street should be focused on great… and PEP prevent the spread of HIV. With @GavinNewsom’s signature on @Scott_Wiener's #SB159, Californians hav…
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“We are thankful Gov Newsom has signed SB 159, authored by Sen @Scott_Wiener, a first of its kind law that will mak…
Retweeted by Scott WienerNEW Gavin Newsom signs bill to make anti-HIV drug available without prescription: #SB159,…
Retweeted by Scott WienerBig thank you to the Governor for signing #SB159, as well as Assemblymembers @ToddGloria & @AsmMikeGipson for worki… is a daily pill that reduces #HIV risk by up to 99%. I take PrEP to stay negative. PEP is a 28-day preventat… @GavinNewsom signed our legislation (#SB159) to expand access to #PrEP/PEP, by allowing pharmacists to fu… art show theme is "We Belong-Pertenecemos.” Artists explore the narrative of Latinx cultural identity & its pla… me this Friday (5-7pm) in my San Francisco office as 24 Latinx artists from the Bay Area showcase their amazin…“In my great and unmatched wisdom” “I will totally destroy and obliterate the Economy of Turkey” This would be en… rolling blackouts - when focused - can reduce wildfires. PG&E, however, has an incentive to go broader than ne… this year’s budget, we obtained $3.6M ($10.8M over 3 yrs) to expand our CA Peer Run Warm Line - 1-855-845-7415 -… ... Muni subway service continues to be awful. Muni should get a lot of credit for improving bus service but sh… Muni’s subway/light rail service continues to struggle, bus service in SF is much better than it was 10 years…
So there I was minding my own business at #CastroStreetFair, when the queens at @CHEERSF decided to teach me some c…
Time for birthday cake to celebrate 5 years of the Visitacion Valley Neighborhood Association. (The cake was delici… walk-a-thon in Chinatown! Mayor Breed & I joined @SelfHelpElderly to get our seniors out & active. Exercis… planting trees in the Excelsior! Thank you Supervisor @Ahsha_Safai & @SFUrbanForester for planting thousa… had quite an #earthquake jolt in the Bay Area. Fingers crossed it doesn’t come back anytime soon. Good reminde…
.@SuzyLoftus will be a progressive & effective District Attorney for San Francisco. She has a long history of refor… #SB127 requires Caltrans to improve the safety of state-owned roads so people can safely walk, bike & wait for… Got an email from someone in Bishop, CA re #SB127: “I‘ve been campaigning for flashing crosswalks. Children c… thank you. We will continue to do everything in our power to stop these oil drilling expansions. We need to fo… makes it easy to extract big payments from new housing. These exactions are sometimes payments to neighbors. Th… @sejalc @SFBaykeeper Definitely send great ideas our way!!
I’m proud to co-author this important bill to make it easier to create housing for farmworkers. Big kudos to…🤔