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Scott Heins @scottheins New York, USA

Freelance photojournalist-reporter// Work in many different places // // Proud union member @paythewriter, UAW Local 1981 // he/him

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One-of-a-kind art, jewelry pieces, goodies from Brooklyn shops, and even a photo shoot done by yours truly: it's al…“Sorry about that, we’re changing payment systems. You can expect your invoice to be processed in the next 30 days!” Wylde says it’s “pure politics, which we don’t need right now.” I hate that real estate can claim the things…
Retweeted by Scott Heins @ImUrHuckleJordy maybe while walking the dog! @ImUrHuckleJordy John Wick deserves better cosplay!The #StrikeSchool call is so good! @DominicGwinn you'd know about the 68 DNC beat-downs even if you just watched Mad Men! This shit's crazy!! @cooperlund h/t my group text named after a typo I madeOF COURSE want 7 seasons of 22 episodes of my life back @justincharles can't unsee this! @DidYouWriteThat @JWJepsen too many been
@PNickCurran @Boringstein VOTE @RickPaulas "Everyone cooler than me is a hipster and everyone less cool than me is a bro and I am MAD AS FUCK AT ALL OF THEM"👋 psst! Our virtual fundraiser auction launches tomorrow, but get a sneak peak at the awesome items and services at…
Retweeted by Scott HeinsDozens of street vendors leading an action outside New York City Hall demanding the local officials pass Intro 1116…
Retweeted by Scott Heins“Luxury air” @PNickCurran Nick don’t do thatWilliamsburg bridge y’all shut it down.
Retweeted by Scott Heinswell they’ve got an MLK quote on the Barclays screen, an Uber billboard about not tolerating racism, an Angela Davi…
Retweeted by Scott HeinsMarch heads down 58th
Retweeted by Scott HeinsHAPPENING NOW- protest moves to I-94 in St Paul
Retweeted by Scott HeinsWe’re in manhattan baby
Retweeted by Scott HeinsOver the bridge into manhattan.
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Probably a thousand people at Barclays right now in protest of the bullshit ruling against Breonna Taylor’s murdere…
Retweeted by Scott Heinsfailed state
Retweeted by Scott HeinsThank you to the AP, and nobody else pictured here.
Retweeted by Scott HeinsI have Black clients charged with DEATH-ELIGIBLE capital murder offenses for allegedly having connections to neighb…
Retweeted by Scott HeinsLooks like under Kentucky statute, if Brett Hankison is found guilty of all three charges, he may serve 3-15 years.
Retweeted by Scott HeinsSo to be charged with three Class D felonies of "first-degree wanton endangerment" when YOU KILL SOMEONE is the sam…
Retweeted by Scott HeinsOther Class D felonies in Kentucky include: cultivating five or more marijuana plants; unauthorized use of a credit…
Retweeted by Scott HeinsIsn't it funny when you see a terrible tweet and then remember "Ah yeah, that's the racism guy who still works for… days until NYC's eviction moratorium expires @AnthonyBLSmith there are "people" who dislike snickerdoodle?? @cooperlund no let him pitch in it
@CarmanTse 👀 @CarmanTse Did you try Amoeba?Adding Tony Hawk to the “Evangelion Figurine Celeb” spreadsheet
Retweeted by Scott Heinsspoke to someone yesterday in line for social services who stood there for so long she had two meals in it
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This new company, Civvl, is hiring gig workers to help landlords evict people.
Retweeted by Scott HeinsConfirmed with Cuomo’s office that on the residential side he’s referring the to the tenant safe harbor act, which…
Retweeted by Scott HeinsIt’s so funny to me that political analysts typically call abortion a cultural issue ... as if having a child is ec…
Retweeted by Scott HeinsUhhhhhhh
Wow can't believe Bad Bunny just pulled up to my house and we're hanging outBad Bunny doing this break up song as he travels down Broadway is the cleansing we need. NYC the true definition of…
Retweeted by Scott Heins @ceaweaver @tiffany_caban @divyapsundaram Cea did you not listen to AOCThis has very strong @conner_omalley energy
Retweeted by Scott HeinsLove to see it. Solidarity with @spyhouseunion
Retweeted by Scott Heinsright now in NY hundreds of thousands of people are not paying rent, which has cascading impacts on our city, state, political economy. 1/5
Retweeted by Scott HeinsImmediate arrests for bikers trying to protect protesters in Times Square. Third day in NYC of mass arrests for pea…
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Usually I'm "don't get into it with your mentions" but: *People will still need and will still have abortions if it…
Retweeted by Scott HeinsHeaded to a family of four very soon going today! Toss a few bucks to can’t get abortions if they can’t pay for gas, if they can’t afford to miss a shift of work, if they have to…
Retweeted by Scott HeinsFeels especially good to be shopping for @CrownHeightsAid today is it so difficult for people to hold conflicting truths about a persons’s political career? We’re stuck in thi…
Retweeted by Scott HeinsYou could run an abortion fund for a year with one or two minutes worth of these donations
Retweeted by Scott HeinsSPYHOUSE WORKERS ARE ON A ULP STRIKE! We are picketing outside of all 5 locations this morning and will be gatherin…
Retweeted by Scott HeinsHundreds of people are already lined up to vote early in Fairfax County, spanning across the Fairfax County Governm…
Retweeted by Scott HeinsPeople don’t seem to understand: Giving money to Amy McGrath, who’s polling down by double digits, is not going to…
Retweeted by Scott Heinsafter you read “ruthkanda forever”
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We are about to get one of the all time worst ad libs, folks.
Retweeted by Scott Heins @jake_bittle sorry? @ClaireMPLS Sorry but this is where I'm at was an absolute giant of a justice and rightfully inspired millions. But government isn't about hero worship--i… absolutely 100% zero debate should have retired in 2009here’s what the Discourse will be - rip to a hero - she should’ve retired when obama was president - it’s sexist to…
Retweeted by Scott HeinsLooks like a dozen or more arrests happening now at Washington Square Park
Retweeted by Scott HeinsThese people know nothing about politics and also that’s fine for Biden because it makes him look even better.
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Remembering my years in the restaurant industry this morning
Retweeted by Scott Heins @HussienSuma Hey Suma! Would need to talk about a licensing rate for the video. Please send me a DM or email me at…
I spent some time photographing the incredibly inspiring, hardworking people fighting against food insecurity in NY… have taken untold millions that they never toiled to earn!Join a union and fight for a just society new photo essay "NYC’s Food Crisis in Pictures" by @scottheins now on the @rosaluxnyc blog "During the f…
Retweeted by Scott HeinsFantastic new photo essay from @scottheins on our blog: "on a day-to-day level these heroic efforts pick up some o…
Retweeted by Scott HeinsThe replies to this are so helpful and I am writing down everything. I love you all! @JonahFurman Is this another lesson you’re teaching me? @JonahFurman You gonna share??Is there a great book about the 20th Century rise of American labor/union militancy, the following pacification of… McDataamong other things: rochester NY is a majority Black city with a long history of radical politics/activism. you wou…
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@Hurowittty @bfishbfish are you locked out @Aldowyn idk Robinson or much of the required reading on modes of production that predate capitalism but this seems on point!bunch of dumbass leftists think they are winning against neoliberal shills by denying that race is also a fundament…'t somebody tell Lee Fang that systemic racism is a material reality and just because some shitty people shout a… @SamAdlerBell @DavidSegalRI nerd! @freemangrist worst season and it's not even close!Why fight about summer vs. fall when we can all unite against springI've memed.
Retweeted by Scott Heins @GibsonMcFuck VOTE @cooperlund @samscottmpls I'm radioing both your coordinates to Amy McGrath!What does it say about your society when the teachers are protesting outside the schools, the nurses are protesting… @NickPinkerton I have a solid rec if you're looking! @People4Bernie It is in everyone's best interest that you delete this tweet!this woman should literally be paid one million dollars a year
Retweeted by Scott Heins @lhfang Nah dudeGreat piece by @KateAronoff on Ernest Moniz, who is a gas shill and probably the one person environmentalists would…
Retweeted by Scott HeinsRight. The point of all of this nonsense.
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