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scottie_what @scottie_what Brussels, Belgium

British Australian living in Belgium. Love #rugby, #queerness, #politics, #eurovision, and #ephemera.

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@MattHancock You like this bill so much you voted against it? You’re an absolute disgrace! All the credibility of mouldy custard.
@samueljenkinson Every Flemish person I know does this. They think I'm mad because I don't.
@TheAnnaGat A man has an obsession with British aristocracy.
@elonmusk I thought you were all about free speech? Or only when it doesn’t involve you and a sex predator’s trafficker? @jeremycorbyn @IBMT_SCW How many Jew-killers did you honour this time? @FlorenceHRS @lottelydia Pathetic is commenting on a venue you've clearly never been too. @FlorenceHRS @lottelydia As I have already replied to your deleted tweet: in the cubicles located in the cellar. @FlorenceHRS @lottelydia You asked a question then deleted it. Transmen will no doubt piss in the toilet cubicles t… @FlorenceHRS @lottelydia I've never seen the staff eject anyone for any reason other than being drunk. As a general… @FlorenceHRS @lottelydia I never said that. But please do continue. @FlorenceHRS @lottelydia Famously, the urinal shown is across the street from the Duke of Wellington pub, aimed at… @julian2017123 @ViscountLe8ton @PostOffice You’re entitled to be wrong, Vettel. @lottelydia Famously these urinals in front of gay bars that cater to men
@markselwyn @jeremycorbyn @PalestineExpo Unless Jezza can blame it on Israel, he will be silent.
If you've never heard a fox laugh, you’re welcome!
Retweeted by scottie_what @Gutter_Spice Where do I sign up? Asking for me. @Katastroffe @kittensnotkids @peachesaplenty @christiansantos @redditships I wouldn’t take any language advice from… @Katastroffe @redditships If you don’t want to be married, why get married? @streamcIear Don’t police this faggot’s use of the word faggot.Just had conversation with a British couple who have a holiday home near us. They voted for Brexit and have made n…
Retweeted by scottie_what @JBfromDC89 Thinking about those thighs
If you hated Keir Starmer refusing to support “defund the police” as a slogan, just wait until you read the “police…
Retweeted by scottie_what @samueljenkinson Evergreen tweet tbh @abeahmad6 @G_Brsky @MaajidNawaz @gantzbe Thanks Abe. All you do is tweet about Israelis. You are nothing but an antisemite. @AtlanticFyoo Germany @SpaJw @JEGullis The key word in your tweet is “smarter”. Jonathan isn’t worried.
@scruffbutt Wooooof!
@cquilty52 No, she was sacked because she shared antisemitic conspiracy theories. If you want to die on the hill of… @LenMcCluskey @RLong_Bailey Perhaps Long Bailey shouldn't have platformed an antisemite then.
@RichardBurgon Probably best not to support antisemitic conspiracy theorists, Dickie @PeoplesMomentum @Keir_Starmer @RLong_Bailey So you she retweeted antisemitic conspiracy theories. You stand in ful…
I don’t know who needs to hear this but freedom of speech is not freedom from accountability.
Retweeted by scottie_what @bedford_colleen @DianaHarding7 @boho_daisies @guardian Good to see when morons display their named racism. Fuck off.
@emilyhewertson The sort of democracy with no elected head of state and no elected upper chamber?We now know 3 gay men died in Reading on Saturday. Everyone at Stonewall sends our love to their friends & families…
Retweeted by scottie_whatThe way this edit amplifies this read to another level is SENDING ME. Somebody come get Karen! Hehshshs
Retweeted by scottie_whattoxic ex here 👇
Retweeted by scottie_whatSometimes I wish we knew what happened in Germany in the 1940's but they tore down all the statues so it is impossible.
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@JoeCatcheside @ClaudiaWebbe Because Ms Webbe MP likes to turn a blind eye to anti-semitism.
@DeAnna4Congress Man drinks water is not a sign of a successful presidency.
@Chadwick_Moore As a 100 per cent flaming faggot, I’d like to say you are a fucking moron. @cheesybiscuit_ Ugly? @morgandelmeier I’m not sure anyone should take culinary lessons from American cuisine @shammy_shammy_ You know the thirsties will tell you OnlyFans. Don’t open the door...
@mrjohnhendry That’s a lot of words. A simpler tweet for you would’ve been: I’m a racist. @Shamils18 @LauraAlvarezJC Do you not understand people didn’t want Corbyn? @chris_bates1974 @opento Yet Au has a stronger economy than the U.K., so crack onExclusive: I discovered a Boris Johnson article from 1997 where he wrote, “All right, I say, the fate of Srebrenica…
Retweeted by scottie_what @TheaDickinson Serious questions to be answered here too. @samueljenkinson Brussels
@HubertTheHilux @mikegalsworthy I mean, you are objectively wrong, but do continue to enlighten us on our former PM. @SkyNews Waiting for @the_tpa to kick off about this flagrant waste of money.Breonna Taylor’s murderers should have been arrested 95 days ago.
Retweeted by scottie_what @ConHome @darrengrimes_ Poor Dazza’s going to be really upset when he realises it was the stories who closed the mines.
Priti Patel - as ignorant as she is malign.
Retweeted by scottie_whatWeird how black people protesting are "rioters" but white people rioting are "protesters". English is such a quirky language
Retweeted by scottie_what @ClarkeMicah Strange that the Conservative Party has been in power alone since 2010 then
I love the fact that the British media have found a whole cornucopia of ways to describe these ‘people’ protesting…
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@HenrySmithUK It's literally a grave. I've walked on sand with a higher IQ than removed all statues celebrating hitler and renamed all streets named after him and it’s such a shame because…
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@JMichaelWaller That’s his grave, you unending numpty.
We have a Prime Minister who has called black people picanninies with water melon smiles, who has said Africans are…
Retweeted by scottie_what @SimonClarkeMP @IrvineWelsh 1. Auschwitz is in Poland, you unending numpty. And 2. Germans seem to know about Hitle… hell, TERFs are tiresome. @flyinglawyer73 @SadiqKhan The man was a slave trader. Please explain WHY he should be celebrated? One never sees s… @als1073 @mattoverseas @scribblercat TERFs also seem to be middle-class white women without much intersectionality… @helium80718501 @PrisonPlanet The thing is in Belgium they do know what Léopold did. @camerouninema Same. And I have to tell myself off every time. @scruffbutt Hell yes @francesweetman Have you seen the video of the American making tea? No one wants to sit down with her. @LBC Why do you continue to employ Nigel Farage then? Words don't matter. Actions do. You are giving a racist both… @DawkinsReturns Why does it look like they all fuck goats?I wonder how much of the #NVA's speed at removing the #LéopoldII statue in #Antwerp was about distancing themselves… @Dumaurier10 @Emma_A_Webb Oh. Wow. I didn’t realise there were no buildings in London before Victoria ascended to the throne @PickardJE Not going to take life advice from someone who thinks this is appropriate @jygglypuffdaddy Oh hai @mrjoshz Reported the original tweet. It’s disgusting. @Creg_Waldo Perhaps educate yourself on some of the other things Churchill did (cf. the Bengal famine) and then get… @iluvdolcecoffee @AmandeepBhogal I imagine you’ve unpacked the historiography of the Bengal famine overseen by Chur…
@_i0n @Independent Don’t forget us tank-topped bum boys!A Statue of William III was erected in College Green, Dublin in 1701. It was defaced with mud in 1710, damaged in 1…
Retweeted by scottie_what @pritipatel Thuggery? Not even bothering with racist dog whistling anymore, hey? #FuckOffNaziScum @madflo5 @PoliceHour And the BME people disproportionately targeted by the police? they're someone's brother, son, husband, friend too... @DawnButlerBrent The activists were right. However, it would have been nice to see you being so vehement about the… @TobyonTV She should be indicted at the Hague. Thanks for coming to my TED Talk. @acailler It's quite possible to think Churchill did some good things, and some horrid things (the Bengal famine springs to mind).People who say - authorities should take statues down after discussion. Yes. But it isn't happening. Bristol'sbeen…
Retweeted by scottie_what @sajidjavid Please outline exactly Bristolians should have gone about this "democratically" when petitions and the…
@Jennieformby1 @OborneTweets @davidahearst Killing? That useless fucker is still taking a seat in the Commons.If you’re one of the people who thinks throwing a statue of Edward Colston into the sea is bad, wait until you find…
Retweeted by scottie_what @CaptainCaveSam I just bought a wireless keyboard and thought the same thingI hate when I open a pack of apples and find a bad one but the rest still shoot tear gas at me
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at least we now know for sure the ‘k’ in j.k rowling stands for karen
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@DehennaDavison @geatkins I reckon posing for pictures with racists shows you're not "nice". @onecutenerd @scruffbutt Exactly. The a Holocaust was legal. Slavery was legal. Steal aboriginal children in Austra… @Pringster78 It's all just a jolly jape to him.Again, @ScottMorrisonMP showing himself to be a total buffoon. Australians marching against police brutality aren't… @JBennet Doesn't matter. I have cancelled my subscription. @SenTomCotton So Chinese crushing of dissent is bad, but American crushing of dissent is good? Exceptionalism is one hell of a drug. @JAACK1995 Not liking cauliflower is an opinion. Being a racist is not. Work on your similes.