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IG: @scottiewya2x .... 💔nawfside baby. BOGALUSA. BIG2x🦾

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@_kammmk BetLemme borrow 20 dollars til 2mar
How it be’m fear God driven but I’m demon drivin😇👹Moses😍♥️
If I tell ya I love ya I mean itFollow me @its_slimbee 🥰 @_CuznTWEETER You on? @KrownTheGoat Happy gday bruddo🤘🏾 @DontStartAtAll Pull upMy nigga‼️ @deshaiaaa Facts🗣 @dyajagawgous_x & that’s why 337 mfers love us😌Feel me
Ima successful young nigga but iaine scared to risk it😬 @eltrezzyiam Cause you garbage can’t keep up wit me🤣 @eltrezzyiam Yours too that’s why youn join my lobby no mo @eltrezzyiam I be making niggas mad af😂I be on niggas ass😭💛 be wanting to settle down but something just won’t let me
Retweeted by DatYoungNigga🖤🥀That’s love lawd niggas is WEAKOk coolFacts.. just don’t think you gone use me tho🥱 love hearing “fuccccccck” 😭😭 like yea bitch this that DANGALAAAANG
Retweeted by DatYoungNigga🖤🥀Fr😂😂 a fuk bout u not liking me.
Retweeted by DatYoungNigga🖤🥀I really just made a new IG💔WarzoneI need some ink💉😭nbs I like her I’m stroking her slow
Retweeted by DatYoungNigga🖤🥀
Ridin wit kel tecs like we smoked the refEnvy in the air I’m tryna hold my breath😷Lit wodie hotta than a stolen firearm wit a body on it🔥 @TeC_dA_CtBI hope you don’t lose me it get exclusive yaLet ha fuck the squad she was actin like she couldn’t pickMoma ya child alright this my destinyI got niggas in the pin like a wrestling match💔I be wantin to trust them niggas but I can’t thoIf I could I buy you Rollies every time you askThought I made it out the streetz I fell a lil deeperI’m that nigga that they thought I woulda neva beenBig on loyalty I got niggas I won’t play bout🤞🏾If I go back broke again ima run it back upSticks on the wishlist, sticks for Christmas🎄 @toosii2xQuote of the day
Retweeted by DatYoungNigga🖤🥀Niggas hate I can feel all the tension @ruffwayy_head Who @DNechell Sham God me @DNechell I can’t swim fa shitWtf might get hard but don’t let that shit take control of youFalse y’all tiddies in fleet today please and thanks.
Retweeted by DatYoungNigga🖤🥀Too much on my brain man that pain run deeptrEAT her right
Retweeted by DatYoungNigga🖤🥀 @DontStartAtAll Turn yo shit to swish cheese @DontStartAtAll Or what @12Tyrann Flo gone whoop both our assOh my! nonchalant my bitch say it ain’t no love in me
Retweeted by DatYoungNigga🖤🥀Yes lawd the grass low in yo yard cus they snakin🐍“Even my mama know I’m not tricking on no bitch my g”😂😭😭
Gay as hell it in reverse Terry @Scooter_35 🥴 @theycravingshy Ima be quietDamn niggas really be needing them percs😭 @12Tyrann Chest area💔Omfg😭😭😂😂 @12Tyrann Damn balWtf😭😂 promise’m getting use to the hate wen love come around that shit don’t feel right"it gets better" bro its been gradually getting worse for years
Retweeted by DatYoungNigga🖤🥀Ik niggas uh do it to me so I’ll never stop a blitz🏄🏾‍♂️Niggas aine solid as they claim so I play it smartTell me yo availability I want all of youDear Lord, Today, bless the week ahead. I pray for the preservation of life. Send angelic assistance to aid me & m…
Retweeted by DatYoungNigga🖤🥀Ain’t none like a female giving u head from the side🥺
Retweeted by DatYoungNigga🖤🥀Man I miss my ig
Me too craving rn.😣
Retweeted by DatYoungNigga🖤🥀Cooked us some birds a little early this Thanksgiving 🍗 @Gatorade | #Saints
Retweeted by DatYoungNigga🖤🥀Fuck a dirty birdYANO🔥 HOE @ant1kforever Fuck that boy🗣 today I pray for those who have been in communication with you through prayer. I pray that this is the day that…
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Retweeted by DatYoungNigga🖤🥀Fuck man I gotta start all the way over🤦🏾‍♂️ @12Tyrann Lol they aine get meI done really locked myself out my instagram😒