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Joined Twitter 10/29/20 @ShiftyVAL Hey @figmentOT @ariessqc @ariessqc Drinking warm Dasani water >> @jayjxnes @jayjxnes had a 15 second grinder bench rep 🥲 @emfroggy my fault
did they change smoke settings i cannot see a single thing over any nade or molly @ZachSchmitty_ no u mommy @ZachSchmitty_ Lmao i've been in the hub for like 2 months prob getting removed for inactivity today cus I have to… @C0J0M0 you can get challenged way more often and you only have one angle to hold @awhnutss REAL I don’t listen to weezer cus they fucking suckDust 2 has to be greatly ct sided now now that cts don't gotta waste a smoke and people can't really run down suici… @Galil35cs If you set it up properly like I do the safeties are just below how deep your squat is, so if you have t… @jam_csgo @ESEA @officialariis L + ratio
@JosiahCSGO watching
Retweeted by scottiyioAbsolutely fucked for aerodynamics test tomorrow @ArktosCS We have switched to focusing on bench so it won't come soon 🤝 @ArktosCS hey arktos you're looking pretty breedable today hope you have a good day🤝 @ArktosCS ratio @ramuelcs Floppy valorant @jayjxnes No it’s gougar Tuesday @Ahmoar Happens every time lmao. “I don’t need to study that it’s so small” then 3 of the 4 questions are about thst topic @AtomiKCS Where’s my invite??? We runnin vcs? @Mauisnake Good match to watch that Molly is fundamental to what they do lmaoY’all know what day it is !! at 290 twice 🥲 275 gettin easy doe @jayjxnes @NotAdamJW Lmao that was me
@emfroggy Walmart and Publix on their way to have a 45 minute long questionnaire before they give you an interview @jleibachphoto Can you name it shroud if it’s a boy? @Ahmoar ratioed by garfield i remember that valve has ~360 total employees for all of steam, csgo, dota, steam VR, steam deck, half l… @ArktosCS @gingaaCS @Ahmoar @doltnn You are so fine @gingaaCS @Ahmoar @doltnn Omg arktos @ariessqc awake so i can go trolling will be attempting 300 lb squat at 148 lb tomorrow 🙄 @nate_rett58 good morning nate!! @Freydude1999 how it feels to be an arbys fan in 2021 @ZlNCC nice shots zinc !
@bologna_eater79 ratio @Ahmoar You bark at and call random women online mommy @NotMortem lets queue @Axeddddd @clasiaLp um, you're 5'4bringing it back @bologna_eater79 @McDonalds havent had em in years tbh @bologna_eater79 @McDonalds never tried their sauces cus i dont like their nuggies @bologna_eater79 @McDonalds please answer @bologna_eater79 @McDonalds u got an address or something lol where is it what city what street @bologna_eater79 @McDonalds what mcdonalds lol @nate_rett58 Happy birthday Nate!
@scaarCS uncalled for bruni i genuinely hope you get the worst news of your life tomorrow @spekVAL Fuck clemson GO GT GO GEORGIA I SUPPORT BOTH DONT CARE @Pyreon_ doing hw and watching it @scaarCS you are an enigma in my imagination and not real @scaarCS Get some bitches @scaarCS What @akasyns My 12 different accounts @ArktosCS @xaviersonline Haha that tweet got me giggling and kicking my feet up! @viz_cs Let’s play valorant gig @tweissCS Me @ZachSchmitty_ It's a bad day to be an empty Jalapeno flavored pringles can @walterp_tv dat tweet was cringe who wants that relationship @Droidcsgo Me @tatmcs @eRaEternity NOOOO UYU OUT OF PLAYOFFS @AtomiKCS not reading but im happy for u or sorry that happened @ZachSchmitty_ Stealing their sons fruit snacks 😼 @ZachSchmitty_ Single moms* @kaboose You got this shroud!
@OkinFPS 😼you'll see @OkinFPS Come over we'll do more than hugging4 bang energies and 3 gas station dick pills just to get knocked out of cash cup first roundThis pain is too bad for benching therefore I will be frogmaxxing and only training squats and deadlifts @nate_rett58 How is your day @Pyreon_ Maybe if my bar had knurling and we had chalk so I wouldn't have sweaty hands I could hold it @Pyreon_ ratioed by 300x2 @jleibachphoto @JosiahCSGO Either you got a manlet doorframe or you're like 4 inches taller than a standard 6'8 doorframe.. @jleibachphoto why are you like 6'10
@kaboose shroud @floppyCSGO Thanks floppy @Maticussy It’s fuckin all over my skin too @tatmcs BigotI fucjing love elbow tendinitis !!!! @AtomiKCS who?
You laughed when I put bladee on the aux and now you want me to retweet your missing brother? LMAOOOOOOO
Retweeted by scottiyio @OkinFPS so true king @graphuu Lmao just don't fail ? @ramuelcs Shut the fuck upthey just like me! @Pyreon_ Get ready for dispooointment !! @HexTCSGO I had Jim's and it was good but tbh I preferred a college place we went to near villanova @Ahmoar counter some bitches
2021 @Mauisnake I don’t know but I like caracals