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@Galil35cs I've tried that too and I get bored after 2 missions truly ruined every other game. None of the nostalgic games I try to play are fun. i just want a chill single p…
.@gingaaCS cya buddy @awhnutss Should've bought him the fishing shirt. @Pyreon_ Can fill for VCS Sentinels / Brim / Duelist I have a mic AND arms Pyreon#3439 @bungeecsgo ns. @caraisop IdkI hit it PR DAY IM EITHER DYING OR ADDING 5 LBS . WORTH @launders so true launders! @nitsuA_tv @fragadelphia no @NotAMNESlA @floppyCSGO @NotAdamJW Y’all goin ? @JosiahCSGO maybe.. @tweissCS @Ahmoar @lemonzcs 30 @jxyxxp What am. I supposed to do with 80% of my paycheck now @jxyxxp Dude. No fucking way.. my Queen @graphuu Not me! @PNDLMcs onions r goated when cooked down @nate_rett58 Please don’t farm me 😔
@officialariis @Millz_CS u can come but okin cantProbably need 2 for this. HMU if you’re top adv/prem and gonna need a squad.
Retweeted by scottward @figmentOT @figmentOT u haven't adjusted to the gf meta tho @NoahFrench_ for 1 maybe 2 players depending on canada travel restrictions, pretty sure 3/5 of us r going @Just2EZCSGO Nah my school starts 23rd of august won't be able to go to that :\. Might go to the one in Missouri but not denver @Just2EZCSGO Don’t think I can with the time it starts but 🤷‍♂️ @OkinFPS we might go but I don’t think Canadians can get in yet so @OkinFPS fr ?I will go to this in philly at least. Who will I see there. @cmxCSGO I try to get like 180 on chicken thighs even tho they’re safe at 165, sometimes u cut into them and they j… @cmxCSGO but it’s the best tasting chicken I’ve ever made @cmxCSGO yea I burned it a lil I as tryna make da tortillasFajitas w/ homemade tortillas n grilled chicken and Mexican rice 😼 @walterp_tv Omg, a caracalalmost to a million 😲 @gingaaCS @jxyxxp Yea we should be okay!
i droped me bts meal =(((( @jxyxxp @VidDownApp @takeVideoBot @get_videobot @BaixaEssaPorra @BaixaEstaPorra @this_vid @SendMeThisVideo @ZachSchmitty_ True but rear delts give you 3D shoulders as a natty delts are now my favorite muscle group. If you aren’t training them you are missing out @1DanimalC Professor that teaches it sucks though I had him before :( @akasyns W @1DanimalC What class do I take tho ?? PDEs? diff geometry ?? statistics ??mommy i frew up 🥺 @insaneck @hatexoxo_ @NoxioGG @RBG_Esports 😟boutta start listening to podcasts during ranked so i can hear another humans voice
Retweeted by scottward @BnB_pt2 no way... funny frog merch?made playoffs lol
you will never experience playing zombies for the first time ever again 🤥 @jleibachphoto Lmao it's funny and sad at the same time. The guy just needs to move on it's a massive red flag beca… @nate_rett58 @NotAMNESlA My fault. @NotAMNESlA No, long hair sucks#NewProfilePic @ZachSchmitty_’m done man @2DDARKK Aerospace engineering @YellowFps Hardest part is getting around bad professors or courses that are just not fun at all. Only course tha… it worth it to take 1 more course to get a math minor or nah? @jxyxxp you are schizophrenic @NotAMNESlA My fault
@OkinFPS @ArktosCS HUH? @ArktosCS HUH? When? @graphuu MeIt should be illegal to have an ass this fatborn to play fortnite, forced to go to school
@ReptarVal Pm'd @emfroggy good thing I’m taller than that ! @emfroggy and I’ll do it again stay madMe got a job finally 🤤 @ZachSchmitty_ Blocked. @tariannkan I think I still have it installed idk but it’s fun I’m down to play @tariannkan I used to @tariannkan Me @celoufps @Dogbad9 @MakzwellCS @CorinnaKopf hi corinna have a great day today!the only thing lifting weights does for u is give u body dysmorphia @ArktosCS You're welcome arktos. @ZachSchmitty_ @ZachSchmitty_ I’m crosbycs
@Pyreon_ This is a pic of my mealpost workout meals 🤤😋 sleep in jeans and socksoh you play payday 2? How bout you go get a job and get an actual payday @jleibachphoto So they can make you pay for basic maintenance 😔Who want play Minecraft sex is cool n all but the drain be hurting my meat 😟 @nate_rett58 🙃 @nate_rett58 😪
About to start wearing booty shorts to show off the quads @1DanimalC 25 min queue @graphuu Chem 1 is normal high school chemistry. Chem 2 is AP chem. Calc 1 is easy as hell @graphuu @oofpezz Ye calc 1 is a joke and so is chem 1 @officialariis @KnightsGG It's my time to step in.r @ariessqc