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Designer/Developer at @filamentgroup. Working on . Author of @responsiblerwd. I love to surf

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@hankchizljaw Sharp!
Always a pleasure to come across a double-nested ternary operator in an old script 🤖 @TatianaTMac Q or Nay @slightlylate makes me think if you really want to make a dent on web performance problems, you could certainly do… @slightlylate So many considerations. The trade-off there is really unfortunate. And the heavy plugin might have a1…
@davatron5000 @zachleat me: nods politely at zach while glancing around for the closest exit signHi I haven't talked about this here but I've been on team @ewarren for months and I'm even more there now. I want b…
Retweeted by Scott JehlThe 3-day agenda for @AnEventApart Boston Jun 29–Jul 1 is up! 17 top speakers, 18 killer sessions from @farai_uxguy
Retweeted by Scott JehlIt’s a shame Mike Bloomberg can buy his way into the debate. But at least now primary voters curious about how each…
Retweeted by Scott Jehl
@morman @karenmcgrane I don't mean it as a rule, just that it's common. There are better ways. Still, I've seen pop… @zachleat hot tub @karenmcgrane ...and meanwhile, the original implementation without any changes might test best out of the three, j… @karenmcgrane This also makes me wonder about how much the side effects of personalization tools are factoring into… personal brand is being *so* excited that folks have been signing up to be notified when my video course is out.… pretty clear from the noise on this tweet that easily styleable option elements are in high demand.
@shoobe01 Maybe! Not sure if you use twitter via the website or not, but if you do, it often has the tweet box in a… @shoobe01 yeah. I don't mind the focus of the modal on here. dimming is nice too. Just wish I could scroll. ~sortof modal~I often want to scroll & reference content behind a modal dialog (especially the tweet modal), but the common patte… you're using CSS scroll snap, and aiming to support browsers on the older syntax (which the @MozDevNet post bel… @AndyDavies @tkadlec @tkadlec What I wish I'd recalled earlier, is that the print link thing that had already been working great within… fastest loading desktop news site according to @speedcurve is...@USATODAY! Our front end team has done a fantas…
Retweeted by Scott Jehl @tkadlec That's a real generous post, Tim. Thanks! I do wish we hadn't been distracted by the flashy preload light… @tunetheweb Thanks! Hadn't checked up on it since our setup was seemingly doing the trick for us. Interesting. @rodrigowillrich @blue2blond @joebateson @addyosmani @patmeenan yeah that's it. We stick a version in there to inva… it's more than an assumption like you might get via a cookie. The idea is to set up a service worker to inst… @rodrigowillrich @blue2blond @joebateson @addyosmani @patmeenan Maybe this is helpful? some discussion about http2 push and how not to overdo it. A note: filamentgroup's service worker, once ins… @blue2blond @joebateson @addyosmani @patmeenan I'll defer to Pat on that. Been using it for a while to good effect… @patmeenan thanks for the double-check. 👍 @patmeenan Thanks. Still recommend defer as first choice?Reminder here is... if you can add a defer attribute on your external script tags, do it. Especially if it's a thir… @dhh @joebateson @addyosmani If you're open to options, my favorite pattern these days is to h2-push whatever a template…
@joebateson @addyosmani But to this specific point, I'm not sure! I guess it's possible it could toggle that quickly. @joebateson Typically, when we've applied the critical CSS pattern, we push or inline those rules as you said, then… @joebateson @addyosmani hmm. So just to back up a little, I wrote this last year that recommended a slight change t… @scottjehl FYI, at least for Chrome, the timeouts are the OS TCP connect retry limit and will vary by platform. Chr…
Retweeted by Scott Jehl @patmeenan That makes sense. Sounds never-slow-mode ish (+@slightlylate )? I still see this pattern so commonly in the wild. @joebateson @addyosmani Hey there! So the pattern works for loading non-critical CSS asynchronously (w/o blocking r… @HenriHelvetica @patmeenan I used to use a <?php wait(60); ?> before wpt 😁 @patmeenan Understood. I guess I was thinking about the parts that wouldn’t work the same if a script was say, defe… @patmeenan Do I recall right that it's the potential of a document.write in an external script that's still the mai… @patmeenan Interesting. Thanks Patrick! @Eroan a hanging request yes. You're right it's bad practice, but still common out there unfortunately. Just wanted to test the timeout. @cjamcl @matthewcmaxwell How long a browser will wait for that, yes. (The URL in the test just hangs on purpose) @matthewcmaxwell It's only testing the request timeout. There's no evaluation time because the script URL never loa… was curious how long browsers these days will wait for a JavaScript file to load before displaying content that c…
Retweeted by Scott Jehl @hankchizljaw @dletorey The old tweet and go to bed trick, yes! I should've linked the demo up. It's meant to test… should link the test HTML. It has a paragraph, followed by a script that points to WebPageTest's black hole (desi… was curious how long browsers these days will wait for a JavaScript file to load before displaying content that c…
@birbigs @pattonoswalt hah. Sadly similar thoughts from 2016
@gregwhitworth Oh Greg, I am so sorry.
Tried to sign into a service for the first time in years, was prompted for my favorite color, and I got it wrong. C… @fcorradini Right. Thanks. In a followup, I tried to convey it better... once style is applied, it'd be nice if content: "" was inferred.Good answers in there, thanks. I think I could have phrased it more like... it's easy to forget to set content: "… @sebastianlaube Thanks. That makes sense. Interesting to think about it that way. I guess the element isn't created… friends: why isn’t content: ""; the default for pseudo-elements?
Watched the debate. I still think @ewarren is best positioned for all we need, but any of these folks would bring a…
This sounds great. Wish I could go! @zahnster @stubbornella They’re working on it - particularly at @MicrosoftEdge from what I see @sanstreamed Agreed. And I’ve built many as well! I’d list the performance and accessibility challenges as huge con… @HathawayRoss You can style select buttons directly now! It’s often the option styling or other combo box features…
Every web designer googles stuff like "embed data URI of product jpeg in font letter." The experienced ones are jus… @codingchaos Thanks! Tweeted separately 👍But! Should find yourself in genuine need of a custom select menu, @codingchaos and @stringy have you well covered:… @seaotta Don't mind at all! 👍 @zachleat @hankchizljaw @PavelASamsonov 🍕 @hankchizljaw @PavelASamsonov googles how embed product jpeg in font...if you can do without the icons, look here: the way, if you are struggling to style an HTML select across browsers without wild workarounds, this approach s… @cmegown oh have one problem: you want icons in your <select> menu options. you decide to make a custom select menu: you… @davatron5000 @zachleat @drjmjones yeah, dave won here @davatron5000 @drjmjones also thought I recall a benefit to linking to a real location when it comes to like, focus… @davatron5000 @drjmjones is that not true of all non-matching hashes? I thought so... but could be wrong. @gregwhitworth 💜
Been putting that @screenflow timeline to work lately, finishing up my Lightning-Fast Web Performance online course… @heydonworks @hankchizljaw Not to mention that it blocks rendering while it’s being loaded in the first place by default (unlike an image) @hankchizljaw yeah that’s the sort of misinformation that led us to our current performance predicament.
@sarah_edo This could be really timely for a client of mine who is buried in WP plugin tech debt. Definitely curiou…
@Joshua_Ariza[receiving contrived local business award] it's an honor that I denominated for this @Joshua_Ariza sorry. took it to my timeline @Joshua_Ariza it's my honor to have renumerated to get this award
@lostkobrakai @Renobird Best tool is the one in your hands! @Amin52J @hankchizljaw With the way we plugins can run wild on a site, this is consistent with what I was saying yes 👍
@argyleink @argyleink maybe I was unclear about the way I used the word specialty here... 😀my favorite specialty web design tool is when I drag the top of another window over my layout to check for vertical alignmentvacations are cool but have you ever deprecated some javascript?Much of the web today is built the same way buildings would probably be built if building materials cost nothing, a…
@Joshua_Ariza wow that's brilliant work, man!
@jon_schiff Hi Jon. Sounds interesting. If you'd like, shoot us an email @filamentgroup and we'd be happy to chat.
@blue2blond Thanks for asking. So far I am planning a flat fee for the course, but it will be split into sections a… @davebeesley That's the sort of thing that got me wondering yeah. I've always thought of modern as the latest stuff… @hankchizljaw huh... interesting what do you use instead AndyHow do you use the term "modern" with regards to HTML, CSS, or JS? Is it about when a feature is first standardized… @hankchizljaw 🥳 @MinaMarkham Nice! Excited to get to meet you in-person