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Designer/Developer at @filamentgroup. Author of @responsiblerwd. I love to surf

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"In short, the tools we need to do our jobs well are here. Except for container queries. We still really need conta…
Retweeted by Scott Jehl @ericwbailey @css Next time I’ll submit a title 😂👍
@cobra_winfrey @chriscoyier @css I thought they were in my DMs?The folks at @css asked, What about building websites has you interested this year? My answer: The Tools are Here… @t @thenorthfaceECS Wow! Awesome accomplishment, friend!
@tkadlec @perfnowconf Wish I could be there! @zeldman @jack_ezra Good to hear. Transferring in Atl on the way to a surf trip with a dear old friend I only see e…
@InnowebAU @webdirections 😍 @zachleat @Fyrd @zachleat @Fyrd heh, jQuery's always did that too! .filter('.keepers') and .not('.notkeepers') My brain was rewired on it from then on.Relatedly, I don't mention it often but if you've found any of my recent web performance writing or talks to be use… working on a big transcript/slides article to wrap up a year of presenting and iterating on my talk, Move Fast…
@philhawksworth thanks. no rush I was just curious. @philhawksworth hey does Netlify support h2 server push? Looked around and I may just be missing it in the docs... @stefen hey great thank you @davatron5000 hmm nice thanks, but maybe not great for bulk export (100 or so images)?Is there a drag/drop GUI webp converter out there, sort of like how imageoptim works?I was watching an @EarthCam camera from St. Louis, Missouri about 30 minutes ago and saw a #meteor!
Retweeted by Scott Jehl @davedisasterman @markrendle @adactio “ The URLs come from the Chrome User Experience Report, a dataset of real use…
@peruvianidol you're not wrong @adactio @robocell @patmeenan Overall. But on the sites that are rehydrating after SSR, there's a lot of bloat on t… @adactio Also, that's a LOT of websites.Wow: "Given the volume of chatter in the dev world, you’d be forgiven for thinking that React is used on the majori…
@markodugonjic @lukew @ppk @smashingmag BrowserstackI don't need your stars that's my best tweet problem is millennials were given participation catastrophies @jaffathecake @stubbornella @jensimmons rock! @stubbornella First thing that comes to mind is that feature Firefox implemented recently that uses img[width][heig… @stubbornella Makes sense. Would an imperfect native implementation still be more performant than the current recom… @jcdsvg what is a scalable 8kGood times in NYC with @filamentgroup pals @pattytoland and @maggiewachs thx for the pic @drewm! Echoing the questions about container queries: Building things with components…
Retweeted by Scott Jehl @wilto #AskChrome we all know what happened last time mat got this way and basically it was very good(last I heard, @stubbornella was doing some work on this so ccing here :) )#AskChrome Among web designers/devs, CSS Container Queries consistently come up as a missing feature we need to do…
@argyleink ah, wow. well that :is(awesome) @argyleink This looks nice. Is it spec'd already? On the Moz roadmap too? @wycats @mikesherov (I do mean that sincerely, by the way. I just think this stuff should be top priority for a fra… @wycats @mikesherov I guess I think every framework would do well to have someone yelling at their clouds before v0… @wycats @mikesherov Easy for me to say but I see it as fixing patterns that we now see weren't resilient enough. Te… @wycats @mikesherov Not doubting that it's costly work to undo now. That's not fun. @wycats @mikesherov Both sound like worthy improvements @wycats er, extra "be" there. whoops @wycats That's not to say I don't appreciate the studies. They're essential. But even in decent network/browser con… @wycats I think the "what if we're wrong?" metaphor is fine. Both problems are clear but we debate severity. What i…
🚨🥳 It takes a tremendous amount of effort and multidisciplinary skill to deliver at the level we aspire to as a sma…
Retweeted by Scott JehlI still love the jQuery APItwitter's best dad joke @zachleat The stack gets jammed once the JavaScript loads, is the idea. @ericwbailey what website isn’t a Winchester Mystery House these days @wilto get some wooden eagle finials up on there for level AAA conformance
@zachleat @davatron5000 @eleven_ty Iceweasel?in the carpool lane like @shoobe01 @slightlylate I think it's relevant too. @shoobe01 @slightlylate Definitely @slightlylate Like, it’s fair to question if say, emissions are the right metaphor for this (climate concerns are f… @overflowhidden I think it’s great if it can be done without compromising priorities. Some do both well. @eleven_ty comes to mindLess broadly, @slightlylate has been sharing some inconvenient truths. If we need evidence, the research is all in…’s easy to get stuck on the ‘how’ part of the criticism when it’s challenging our own practices, but we still nee…
@toddmparker If my basecamp backup plays loggins, but I'm the only one in the room, did I even interrupt your conference callI think this is true of performance too. Good performance is something we get by default and risk losing with each… @slightlylate @mikeal I agree it's generally not happening. The priorities at the top need to drive it. @slightlylate @mikeal Like, a big part of our delivery pattern involved *not* delivering the framework JS at all to… @slightlylate @mikeal On the up side, frameworks can improve a huge portion of the way sites work now that so many… then imagine the size of the apartment building was different for basically everyone who enters it... I’m b… @thecodevik1ng Maybe this? @slightlylate @mikeal Teaching the tricks to render UI sooner should have been nothing but positive, but I worry it… don't think "we don't even need the money, we just love watching the world burn!" is as good a defense as FB appa…
Retweeted by Scott Jehl @wycats 👏 @blue2blond Can’t miss what we've never had @dommcloughlin No let downs. They’re good for what they do. they even approximate non-media related decisions prett… @roderick_jon Sure. That works too. But decisions are still based on the size of the “house“ around it. (We don’t h…
@zachleat So sorry for your loss, Zach ❤️sure, you can correlate the two if you know what all the other apartment sizes are, but all you really care about i… a component based on the size of the browser window is like designing your living room based on the size… the feature I most often need in web design. @dartdog well that's another issue yeah. @jennschiffer so good.hired a plumber come by to check out our leaky bathtub. turns out we filled it full enough that water trickled out…, Privilege and Performant Websites
Retweeted by Scott Jehlzuckerberg would be an easily recognizable halloween costume except that the red 2020 campaign hat would hide the caesar haircutfor an extra scary halloween treat I set my DNS to propagate to a new host last night and went to bed (Hello, @netlify!)The “actually” part was a little on the nose maybeA spider on my kids’ cartoon just said “actually I’m a web designer” and honestly that’s better than half the jokes on this site @Mandy_Kerr @firefox Realized this late before a conference talk recently 😕Still true @jensimmons and @MiriSuzanne have been putting out So 👏🏼 much 👏🏼 good 👏🏼 CSS 👏🏼 content lately! Make sure to…
Retweeted by Scott Jehl
@tunetheweb @andreatrasatti not sure! I do appreciate the adless services I use that have free and paid tiers though.Every time I get an inquiry about speaking, regardless of if I’m available or not, I reply to ask: - how is the CoC…
Retweeted by Scott JehlGood idea: no political ads. Better idea: no ads.Hell yeah. I don’t praise Twitter’s @jack very often but well done here. Facebook, your move.
Retweeted by Scott Jehl
@tonyhawk @CannaHempX love that leaning scrap of plywood there for safety 😅 @wycats It's a very good movie.
Airpods Pro Attorneys General Battles royal Mothers In Law Macbooks Air Notaries public @hankchizljaw @beep you'll have to read the book sorry @hankchizljaw @beep Impossible Burger: Mobile Web Design Rarely Well Done is the title I am proposing yes I'll hold
@bruno_simon Incredible work @bepinkston Wow. Well done!
I have used the HTML draggable API to update a dragging element's left and right CSS position with a fluid % value,…