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Scott Johnson @scottjohnson A very strange place.

I make things to look at, read, and listen to. Use your imagination. Latest project:

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@WAhydrohead @IvanBriski dude 100% with you. There are SOOOO many behind the scenes stories in gaming that I would love to see! @Randydeluxe Milk that teet! @WAhydrohead If today was "National I don't Understand Your Reply Day", you would win a ribbon! @howardtayler @WhiteFoxSG The novel that never ends.the things i do for a good HHA rating
Retweeted by Scott Johnson @WhiteFoxSG haha! I meant Tom Nook, not the Nook reader. :) @Bhess I'm not gonna debate this one. You already know I am a free market fan. Just really bummed that people at Am… @Bhess Not my point. My point is the economy rides on the backs of the working class. And you know this is true: L… think I have developed Nook thumb. @Bhess Or a good thwack. @IvanBriski Maybe. It was only three years previous. @EinarFygle Deflection :) @paulggittens Only goes so far. Is it someone’s freedom of choice to blow himself up in a crowded theater?Goodnight. @AdrianMester This is a solid point. @Ludovic_wow Same dude. It’s pretty deep.I hope people who want to get rid of all vaccines have a change of heart now that we’re seeing what happens to a wo… @madscientist08 Still launched then. :)And then I would have to go BACK in time again and correct my previous statement, and let them know it came out March 2017.I wanna go back in time to 2013 and tell everyone deeply disappointed with the Wii U that in 2020, an as yet unanno… my fam all separated like this has been hard. And much harder for others out there. But I am blown away with… @ttringle Wait...yer not saying...Can you imagine if the dude in charge now was the same guy that bragged about his building being the tallest after… @muskrat_john You had me at the "hur hur hur" part. @Tarocknet @Tarocknet Depends on the day I guess. :) @OddlyNormalOne It's really top notch. Love how they did it this time around. @jeggieloveskit1 Feel free. I made all the shell clothes and stuff. @Taz_the_Man I’m pretty stoked to see it!So. Many. Eggs. @Mowens24 The latter. @papisaffle They’re all...busy.
Fun fact. More Cheetos look like a penis than don’t. @Mitzula @CarterEJohnson @Viking_Lass Dude that looks AWESOME!If we need all the billionaires and millionaires to keep the economy going, why isn't it going? @ChrisHanson @political_scott Know what's even weirder? It was supposed to be on my main account. I fat fingered it…’t it be crazy if there was a large external shock to our extractive capitalist system that proved without a…
Retweeted by Scott Johnson @jenniej23 I can smell it from here. @jenniej23 I desire this immensely. @jenniej23 DUUUUUUUUUD @Veronica Me too. She still a database anyway. :) @Veronica Winema Figureprint. Noice. @aspectacledbear I sure hope so. @jasonhackwith Same. It’s part of me too.I meant ‘foreseeable future’. Though, “Formidable Future” is a pretty amazing band name. @aspectacledbear Yeah, but I bet it took a while. That or they still thought it was a curse or something.Done. #art #weird #procreate Blizzcon I would hug HUNDREDS of people. I wonder if that’s even a thing for the formidable future. @PocketGamer Is the “new games” listing in Apple Arcade borked for you guys as well? All the recent weeks games are…’m going with Venom symbiote. @ZBeebs42 Ha!These daily briefings got weird. progress. @Coverville That’s awesome.Ink. @Daniora Haha’#!!!! @DanStapleton you bump into people on Twitter and enjoy every interaction you’ve ever had with them. @DanStapleton is o… @DanStapleton It went from “you never call me” to “you never take advantage of 20% off ‘Butt Stuff 6’ on Blu-ray”.My mom’s twitter account got hacked months ago and I still get DM’s from it trying to sell me on porn subscriptions… @NathanBrimmer Word. @BadgerlordTasso That’s what I mean.People sure have really short fuses on twitter today. It's almost like there is a serious world-wide crisis happeni… the South has some serious issues, but we are not all the same as our closed-minded leaders and my wife made bi…
Retweeted by Scott Johnson @WKavanagh @MikeFrank80 You sure seem nice. Buh-bye. @WKavanagh @MikeFrank80 on both counts @WKavanagh @MikeFrank80 I disagree. @cdlawrence @Coverville I bet I have! I have gone to a few SLC places that show has covered. Do you remember the names?
Dunno where this is going but I’ll see it through. @DanStapleton Pretty hit and miss for me lately as well.I think it might be safe for Georgia residents to assume their governor only knows things in 24 hour increments. @GlennRubenstein Hehe. You got quote tweeted by one of my favorite comedians. :) @MikeFrank80 Nope. More than that. Why you so grumpy? @portferal Highly doubt it. Nothing about any of this means they can make it any faster. @BenningtonShow @GailAaann you guys were talking comic strips. I’ve been enjoying Fred & Can…
Retweeted by Scott JohnsonWhy did I enjoy this so very much?
Retweeted by Scott Johnson @JustinRYoung Incredibly dumb in 1000 ways. But gotta say, his ASL guy in the back is a keeper. @shawncoons @BadgerlordTasso @Tobywnkenobi That's awesome. You have always been such a great example of how things… huge shoutout to @RedWingShoes for being incredible employers. My son works for them, and they have stepped up… @kremlincardinal Hehe. Yep. @Beaster1174 Balance I think. @kremlincardinal Hey. Me too! @jonrosenberg TBD @art4mad Work work work work work work.Churches who are telling you to load up in the chapel on sundays during this crucial period and that god has your b… @egodbois Me too. @amtrekker “I just can’t quit yURL” @amtrekker It’s my wow character name. Never did much with it. But can’t bare to let it go. :) @misterarnie None of which give me much comfort. @amtrekker @alkebob Yep. From me. :)So many lights...he was not prepared. @eafarris Can be a bit of both I think. @Mitzula dayyyyyymmmmmm... @TinaMill That is awesome!CORE 215 is up and OUT! "No Foolin'". DOOM Eternal has been whipped, Animal Crossing still holds sway, and why Gear…
Retweeted by Scott JohnsonBeginning of March/End of March
Retweeted by Scott Johnson @clmazin I sure hope it's not the same fate though.