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Scott Lowe @ScottLowe Los Angeles

Senior Communications Manager at @Naughty_Dog, working on #TheLastofUsPartII. Purveyor of 280 character nonsense. Previously: @IGN, @Verge, @Activision

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@getakliu @KyleWalker007 Zabies? @TheAlanJohnson @clipperrob @ermonacelli @yahya Correct.This looks fantastic.
Great lineup of guests today on this week's streaming playing this masterpiece from @mediamolecule! Check it out. @johntdrake It's easier to angle your arm and use the controls if you recline. Do it, John. Don't fight it. Becom… attempting to sarcastically dunk on progressive policies only to come off sounding like tacit endorse… @SanchoWest @CouRageJD Sliced tomatoes ruin sandwiches. Fact. But you lost me with lettuce. @steinekin @Bungie Yesss. Trials is legit one of the greatest multiplayer modes ever made. @johntdrake @Just_Tank Ahhh, yeah. The headband could def be softer to offset. @TajaeMoment A man of culture, I see. I love my Astros, too!This is a solid deal. Of the surround sound headphones I've used, these have the cleanest, most distinguishable dir…
@Charalanahzard I've never identified more with an animal than I have in this moment. @franmirabella Atta boy @spicer I to understand you've got a hookup on Thin Mints? @Lorderk @garywhitta Obviously. I'm not some kind of deviant, Gary. @LawofTD I knew I could count on you for support during this difficult time. @ermonacelli Always frozen. As the Lord intended.The recommended serving size for Thin Mints is an entire sleeve, right? Asking for a friend.
Ellie's tattoo with a skateboard to match. Thanks Rimaeterna for sharing this with us! Want to have your own tatt…
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@KyleWalker007 @Neil_Druckmann @TheVulcanSalute It's my one good shirt.
@LeoScarselletta @willydearborn @Naughty_Dog @Neil_Druckmann @arnemeyer We should have the 4K VOD up on YouTube som… @Neil_Druckmann @TheVulcanSalute didn't know what to expect coming in, but as always, the fans came through. Thanks everyone! over here! @TLOUstrategist @arnemeyer Heyo - you can donate via! @QTrainCobb 👇👇👇👇👇 out and playing Left Behind with @Neil_Druckmann, @TheVulcanSalute, and @arnemeyer tomorrow. We'll laugh, w… @johntdrake @megganpez @RageCave You're doing @girlparts proud, John. @gabs820 I gasped and then I lol'd. A+ caption. Hope you feel better! @hilgoldstein
@NateIngraham @Neil_Druckmann I'm not too ashamed to admit that I hadn't gotten out of bed yet when I tweeted that. @NateIngraham @Neil_Druckmann It's an Android widget called Time Until that lets you create custom countdowns. @Neil_Druckmann Who's counting? (Part II) @kateburning Giorgio with the big Monday mood.
Birds of Prey is the most fun I've had at a movie in a long, long time. The marketing doesn't do it justice, just g… @AsherEinhorn It's powered by human blood. So, yes. @joel_knockty95 @valendiva_zero Oh yeah, the farm house scene chokes me up every. damn. time. 😭 @Neil_Druckmann @samwrite Oh, this is what you meant? @samwrite Dunno. Some guy at work recommended it.Yep. Six years later, still hurts. T_T #PS4share
@b_abuamouna Psh. I'm the brick master!Brushing up for Wednesday's stream. #PS4share @samwrite #ad @JamesStevenson @JosephJBroni This is horrifying
@GreatWallofChin Content Creator Relations / Twitter Troll, more like! I was just about to congratulate you on a le… @RiotRMD @remedygames Congrats again, man. So psyched for you and the team. Well deserved. Hope to see you again soon. @GameOverGreggy @garywhitta @SonicMovie Gaze upon the empire you've helped build, Greg. @sydsogood @lucyjamesgames @CardySimon Holy shit this thread is magic.So proud of the team for quickly rallying behind the opportunity to support this important cause and thankful to…
Retweeted by Scott Lowe @TroyBakerVA @johntdrake @GameOverGreggy And he adds a "u" to words like a sophisticated European! The man is the total package. @BMiggs @franmirabella @GameOverGreggy @TroyBakerVA @GameOverGreggy @TroyBakerVA Why is he so handsome, Greg? WHY?Boo this man! since joining Naughty Dog, Connie has consistently been one of the kindest, most welcoming people. She's an ab… DICE boys 👔
Retweeted by Scott LoweFinally get to wear my wedding/funeral/DICE Awards suit.
@johntdrake @yosp I can't believe you paid so many people to fill all the seats at your table just to keep us out.....and now preorders are up on Amazon. @_Haikii @lmiltos @InspiredByLM10 Looks like it's showing up now. @Tortilla_Senpai Awesome! Hope you like it. @sairaspooks Awesome! Looking forward to you seeing it IRL and hearing your thoughts. @YourBoyArt PlayStation is investigating. @_Haikii @InspiredByLM10 It should be. We're investigating.FYI! 👇 Still showing up on Best Buy and GameStop for me. Get 'em while you can!
We're live with Untitled Goose Game! Join us as we stream some glorious goose antics by the team at @house_house_.…
Retweeted by Scott LoweThis week's stream should be a fun one. @mondeparfait is hosting and will be joined by @Anghil, @Samuel_Prince, and… @mikeBithell @TroyBakerVA @tha_rami Nothing but trouble.
@waltdwilliams I got the same call last month. Panicked immediately and then googled it only to find out that it's a bullshit scam. @JackDoesDrawing Hi Jack - the Ellie Edition restock is limited to North America. Unfortunately, global availabilit… @dreamsin4d @Eggpuff This is a very good Tweet, Cristian. @Eggpuff If not for me, do it for @dreamsin4d. @S1thgaming Thanks! @LIAMS_FT @JacobTuf No update to share other than what was announced last September. @djblewis Should have known. @ActaBunniFooFoo Let's gooooo @AvaGG Let me know if you do! @Shadowhaxor @TheStrangeRebel Still determining media hour plans.Love how this came out. Get it for freeeeeeeeee @TheStrangeRebel Yep! The first and last hour of the show each day will be first-come, first-served — no reservation required. @TheStarkz @TajaeMoment Also, the exciting non-Part II news I WAS referring to is still to come. More info this week. 😉 @Wario64 Attn: @djblewis @LIAMS_FT @JacobTuf @JacobTuf Yes. @NicolasVerge @MitchyD The demo doesn't even scratch the surface. Zero spoilers, I promise. @pandamusk Quit leaking stuff, panda! @bigboss1986503 @Naughty_Dog No plans to release the demo on PSN, but last September we did release a deep-dive on… @mistermegative So...about that guac off. @MitchyD 😭😭😭😭😭 Come to meeeee @TheStarkz @Naughty_Dog @pax I said the news about the charity stream wasn't related to Part II, not that there wou… like we piqued your interest! If you're having trouble accessing the original link, check out the…
Retweeted by Scott LoweWe're coming to PAX East and we're bringing Part II with us. Details on our first public hands on, plus lots of oth…
@LawofTD I would very much like to attend this. @MLozada All of them. @j_legs C O N T E N T in doubt, shoot wildly and hope for the best. @PlayApex #PS4share
@Just_Tank @SonySantaMonica @SquareEnix Congrats again, dude! @andreaannwalter Wh....why would they publish this dude's coke ramblings? @TomDent_