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Maker, breaker, fixer, faker. Hacker, writer, keynote speaker, regular on radio/TV about tech/cyber. @againstscams SCAMbassador & @TakeFive expert. 🐿

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@PopTarantula @JoshPearcePhoto @IndyMemer @JohnQJS As long as a Celtic nation wins - I'm happy @Beren_Camlost Pure luck @jshebuel DOOO IT @Beren_Camlost @olihough86 @UK_Daniel_Card Can you reply quickly? @UK_Daniel_Card FFS @olihough86 @FellowMarkW @pritipatel Believe it or not, I think about this a lot since you first posted about it. It is absolutely infuriating. @FentonWalker Another one for the pile for ya @FentonWalker 🤔 @Rei_Never Today is a good day @FentonWalker HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA @ianrgraham Anti-marmite, anti-artex, anti-bawbag. Three rules for life yo @FentonWalker @olihough86 Blank here. @witchofthetest Guzzling the coffee like a motherfuckerHaving removed *and* re-artex’d a few ceilings let me speak for everyone when I say: “fuck that” @UK_Daniel_Card Ooft sneaky @witchofthetest It is absolutely the mood 😂 @olihough86 MF I search shit more often than not. I'm not remembering the exact parameter orders for the date() fun…
@lennaert89 @RayRedacted Public mugshot* @Mido_A7X @EmmaBostian This looks identical to my sublime 3 ide... at this point what’s the benefit in the underlyi… in my follows looking for some side work in #infosec? Non-profit contract to help design/implement a digital…
Retweeted by Scott McGready 🐿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 @RayRedacted I guess it’s our version of Hollywood walk of fame? @SwiftOnSecurity “Immigrants, we get the job done”🙏 @brianwhelton @SPCoulson But... my MUD @AppSecBloke @tautology0 @ddsgerard @ScottishBantrr @this_vid download please @dive_monkey @quentynblog Fallujah firehose. Now with bluetooth @_AlanCurran @brianwhelton Being John Malkovich front cover vibes at the end @sailingbikeruk @ddsgerard There *very almost* was @quentynblog ...and that’s you on another list. @ddsgerard @AppSecBloke See, I started a trend 😂 @martin5671 @_AlanCurran Yeah but... but... @SYSTEMCAWL TESLAGreat. Another Indyref/Brexit divide. @AppSecBloke @ddsgerard Funnily enough, that is exactly the same flailing I do when trying *not* to say it. It's so difficultGotta love a doughnut date with @ScottMcGready. He later doubled down😂
Retweeted by Scott McGready 🐿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 @ddsgerard @phyushin @Random_Robbie Aye. Cause they're linked ;) @timinbrum @j_opdenakker @brianwhelton @TheBeerFarmers There was plans to release infosec fortune cookies. But half… @HelenTheWalt Shhhhhhhhhhhhh @chris_greany There's no curses placed upon your garden strings... @j_opdenakker @brianwhelton @TheBeerFarmers These jokes are getting out of hand John ;) @UK_Daniel_Card @22rdw Second this.canny look at this whole Kasabian mess anymore folk going "you should stick by your mates through thick and thin!"…
Retweeted by Scott McGready 🐿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 @notgnarlyralph Yeah that’s been doing my head in as well. All these comments about “I’ll never listen to another r… @GT_Stevenson Because a cute librarian and handsome, gun toting, floppy haired, orphan havent been spotted in the area yet. Yet.Don’t. Just don’t. Not this year anyway. @doc_da1 Wish there was man, wish there was @heck_engine Errrrrrrr @cyberingcc Errrr yeah, about that... @kazukidevnull @LadyRed_6 Packets on packets @kazukidevnull @LadyRed_6 Fuck that just double up and pan 😂 @OmniPOTUSCaesar Trust me. She ain’t. @OmniPOTUSCaesar We did. I don’t think she understood. @cyberingcc BUT HOW WILL PEOPLE KNOW I BOUGHT AN EXPENSIVE THING.
Someone phone the police on my mother. Now. This was a day after learning what “hide the sausage” *actually* meant. @BPetty_Infosec Like a Jackson pollock painting @kazukidevnull @LadyRed_6 Fuck a duck that’s a £2500k board! Jesus Kaz. Are you recording an orchestra 😂 @kazukidevnull @LadyRed_6 It is *very* worthwhile grabbing some cheap ass board and understanding what works best f… @kazukidevnull @LadyRed_6 Finger literally on the trigger of both input and output ;) @_AlanCurran *cough* @martin5671... I think you might disagree 😂As well as hosting some of the more notable members of the community on #InfoSecHappyHour, we'd dearly love to have…
Retweeted by Scott McGready 🐿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 @Raz0r3 I sure hope not! @robpomeroy Sold.I’m concerned about what he’s doing under the blanket. @0xPhreak Linear/tactile? @robpomeroy Can you represent me for personal injury when I get shanked for buying blues 😬?Everyone’s talking about this “r number” but nobody’s talking about the “S number” (the number of shite, and old, m… @Random_Robbie Salt & pepper @Digit4lbytes Some say he draws his power from the stash itself. @celsius Dorian Grey @p1nt1nh0 Keep you posted if I get shanked or not @uid883 @JungToLiveBy Also you'd just wake up one day with a crazy big new family of loud people and wonder "what t… @UK_Daniel_Card @ConsultingCso I went for the Das Keyboard 4 Ultimate (blank switches) with MX Browns *but* grabbin… @chadloder I honestly read that as "Democracy Manifest" @fs0c131y @TheBeerFarmers Looking forward to seeing and drinking with ya! @_durandal_ @UK_Daniel_Card I don't play games on my machine anyway (aside from C&C RA2 occasionally) so that won't be an issue :) @geekymutt F @LadyRed_6 It wouldn’t be used on calls, don’t worry! Use pen and paper old school ;) @FilcoUK Nah it’s appreciated. Purchase a Das Keyboard 4 Ultimate. Now it’s just blue:brown @geekymutt I literally Lol’d hard at that commentMech Keyboard warriors. Which do you prefer? @BlauBaron That's classified @fuzz_sh @z0mbi3 @Beren_Camlost @UK_Daniel_Card Yeah, I wouldn't fuck with them either... wait who brings a (succulent Chinese meal) takeaway into a cinema!? @TIA568B @UK_Daniel_Card I'll take that!Every time "You Know My Name" by Chris Cornell comes on I think of @UK_Daniel_Card. @BentleyAudrey He definitely has better moustache game, that's for sure! @fuzz_sh @z0mbi3 @yetiayrshore @HelenTheWalt “Powered by gingeys™” sticker on the back bumper @jack_daniel That map screenshot alone, without context, is enough to send shivers down anyone’s spine. We will be… @jack_daniel Holy cow. @yetiayrshore @HelenTheWalt You know *exactly* the era I meant tho ;). When wains would chap the door for your ging… polis @yetiayrshore @HelenTheWalt Glass bottle of irn BRU or GTFO @BeeFaauBee09 @defcon @VillageRedTeam @BeeFaauBee09 @defcon @VillageRedTeam This is amazing! Well done 👍. Super happy for you!