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TIL I learned there's a band called "Matthew Good Band" That sounds like a shitpost name for "Dave Matthews Band" @DuckyDraws It's a really good movie.
Time to watch a Zombie Trilogy. Seoul Station, Train to Busan, and Train to Busan: Peninsula! @ShakExcellence Rocky Horror is not great. Though I was glad they sang it straight rather than trying to make it co… to know the Supreme Court is completely bunk and there's no need to respect it anymore.
@MAK2HybridMedia Land of the Lustrous? @SaraSorrentino Uh...ScoJoetrope @daveweigel When did George Lopez get hair like David Byrne? @ATX_fight_club @PoliticusSarah Your president is a punk-ass wussy.Wampler Stockwell
Three minutes into Borat 2 and I had two big ol' laughs. Got a good feeling going forward. @runsadhorse I'm really sorry. Like it's the very worst way a friendship can end especially when it's so, demeaning… @Vladj214 @olivebrinker John Darnielle is just raw emotional poetry. Though all of his albums are incredibly detail… @Krosecz The wildest bit with his powers is that scene where he throws a football at the goal post and it bends the…
I have somehow magically fixed my mood by turning the blinds in the other direction so I don't have sunlight crammi…
@Icon_Comics Not gonna lie I wrote that up and then went "Wait, I remember Icon. I think they would know?" Though… @Icon_Comics @theymerSophie The problem is if you appeal to reactionaries; they only gonna give you temporary suppo…
Retweeted by Scott JohnsonI've been telling ya'll. Cartoon Saloon has been looking to be the new Ghibli and them doing a short all about the…
@LackingSaint The homebrewing (beer) community is incredibly friendly and happy to educate people about the hobby.…, I was supposed to start something at 5 PM. Think that's why I was punished waking up with a leg cramp. @Q_Review Oh I know how Quibi failed. There's a HUGE lack of information on what content Quibi had other than all t… I write articles for @PorchDrinkingCO; I read the recipes in my head like @aragusea. Somehow it makes me a lot more effective, lol. @plentyofalcoves I rewatched a version of that again with Among Us and still cracked up laughing.
Okay, Hulu as a Marvel show based around Daimon Hellstrom that aired last week. has no one heard about thi… @AxeloftheKey @Cremlian You can use it interchangeably if you cook things with bay leaves; it has that kind of flavor profile. @AxeloftheKey @Cremlian I know Epazote is a gas-relieving natural herb used in Mexican Cuisine. Maybe you can try drinking Epazote tea? @mezzozydeco Yes and yes. @pop_arena I watched Toys it's just...way too out there to be in any way good or coherent. Even though it has the… @Humanstein I also enjoyed Adam Sandler's Disney Channel version of Infinite Jest. @Viga That is GOOD. You patent and trademark that.AOC dominating Twitch and playing Among Us with other big twitch streamers is pretttttty great. How long until mos…
@Viga Here's a good accompanying video on being choosey with meats/cheese/extras
Okay on the list of things I didn't expect in the Scoob! movie... Playing Bombs Over Baghdad was one of them.
@WavePrism_ @CRAB_ROBOT Steve Jobs and Steve Harvey ain't wholesome! I'm watching this and I just gotta know... Why does Buzzfeed of all companies need to do… I've finally overstimulated myself to the point of error 404ing everything.This is definitely the week where my ADHD went into hyperdrive. Not as much depression but I straight up felt like…
Random thought: Every media reviewer who defines themselves as a "Rational Logic Reason Bro" should be a major fan… was a fucking explosion in my city today. Shit sounds like a thunderstorm in broad daylight. Freaky and scary… @marxistmarge @jennyyangtv Crinkle is the type at my favorite burger bar and I never get tired of them. Their uniform structure d… @MelsLien @jennyyangtv Also a homemade tot is wiiiiild delicious.Is there an ADHD symptom that explains this? I'm only half-joking.
Everybody shut up, the most important video ever had finally reached past 1 million views. anyone surprised that Trump believes fake conservative news is real? The dude and his followers already murdered satire.Absolute TRUTH
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@davechensky I thought it was called "The Aliens That Couldn't Slow Down" @TheCoolestUhhhh @itsVrazy Indeed. Look at Be*nny Jo*hns*on. (No Relation) @sibrenTF2 @monsterhunter @Monster_Hunter Ask Kaiju fans about like...any kaiju movie over the past 2 decades? You'…
and thats just how it is
Retweeted by Scott Johnson @AxeloftheKey @adambarnhardt I'd go as far to say Season 5 and onward of Dexter is straight garbo.Why does chopping a bag of shallots take like 45 minutes? @aarfran @VicBergerIV @YouTubeCreators @YouTube @Twitter Yes and starting trouble usually breaks crimes, doesn't it? @lottsofthottie @CaseyExplosion There's an online skit where Badger says this during a fake ad for Saul. Check it o…
2020 Doing a double feature of Get Out/Us for the season. Decided to do an intermission of spoo… want the Adam Sandler meal at McDonalds!! One shabadoo with a large galahoohoo and a side of bababoo
Retweeted by Scott JohnsonOf course, Netflix has removed Get Out during October... @Lemmer_Nick Booooy there'd be content for days trying to unravel all of South Park. It'd be refreshing to get some… @NotTheWhosTommy I love his @MurrellDan costume!
What a fuckin snowflake. Racist is a fairly tame word compared to "cryptofascist oligarchs enforcing a caste system…
Retweeted by Scott Johnson @jakethesequel @ThoughtSlime I mean there's no reason you can't do both. You can vote for Biden in a grand stage of… @HenryM0ses @VicBergerIV @YouTube @YouTubeCreators Don't give this asshole any credit.
Retweeted by Scott Johnson @SaraSorrentino Would eat the hell out of that.
It is CONFIRMED, Season 2 will premiere on Netflix in December 2020! Watch the recorded NYCC Hilda Season 2 panel…
Retweeted by Scott JohnsonI have never seen a set that screams “I am married to a Black woman and she has given me many lectures!” like this…
Retweeted by Scott Johnsonwtf twitter deleted my other post. His rant about white women appropriating woke culture was actually really funn… Burr's always been weird in the state of modern stand-up cause he's always leaned in being offensive/confronta… honestly thought his cancel culture whines would be worse. Though I think he just took the regular standup approa…'m such a glutton for whenever there's weird stand-up drama going on. Think it comes from how addicted I was liste… wonder how many people are gonna watch that SNL clip about Sam Adam's new Pumpkin beer, then blink over like "Whoa, that beer is real?"The craziest part is that while $7.25/hr exists, society has also normalized $1200 rent for one-bedroom apartments.…
Retweeted by Scott Johnson @marxmadnesspod The main reason is time restraints and keeping focus. Though another issue I have is that when you… is this so hard for some people to understand?
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The #LeagueOfLegends matches are wild today!Let me remind everybody that Carol and Tuesday is an anime that prominently features black, gay and non binary rela…
Retweeted by Scott JohnsonUsually, I feel really good when I do some kind of work. If I make myself feel good or make other people feel good,…
@gaming_nihilist @TimPoolClips @jesushc49575508 I know right? Imagine all the people proud to get their information… @Viga I got so much stuff right now but no energy and motivation to do anything!Depression sucks ass.Should I be more emotionally honest on my Twitter? Though that does mean more sad posting on TL. I'm inspired by ev… @QuickTake "Just because I'm a conservative that means you think I support Trump!" "Yeah Trump was great for expan… a flu shot today, knocked me the fuck out, and got me feeling weak. All part of the processLooks like all the great animation from this year is being backloaded as well...
Oh shit, for a sec I thought Charm City Cakes was trending...I have accepted the fact that I'm basically designing my sleep schedule around #LeagueOfLegends #Worlds. 3 more weeks to go!Somehow I always manage to post serious/intense/real Discord posts in the wrong channel.I think I'll count all the episodes of Lovecraft Country as part of my Halloween 31 for 31 Horror list. My list, my rules!exact opposite energies
Retweeted by Scott Johnson @PatriciaTaxxon Whoa! Don't drop that theory, it's an antique!
@NotTheWhosTommy If you wanna continue on this positivity high you gotta check out Joe Pera.'t Glenn Beck write a story like this? @davidlsims Maybe? I'll willing to take someone's interpretation that it is a masterpiece on a certain lens though… is like the most normal and respectful thing ever and yet the comments are just “my mama would beat my ass 🥴🤣…
Retweeted by Scott JohnsonKen Bone is a great example of how for a certain kind of person "undecided" is a fully realized identity, not a tem…
Retweeted by Scott JohnsonThanks, scumbag brain for making me have a nightmare about getting yelled at by conservatives on social media. It's… give me a sedative so I can forget about social media for like 8 hours.