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Scott @Scottposts FAQs in discord

yeah im a premiere PRO (i edit) - i also use after effects working with: @ChuckleSammy + @TedNivison

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@Wheatskins_ wheatskins, this "timer" is limitless. the timer is never going to end. I have the entirety of twitter… @perryinnit the fact that you've done this without even following me makes me wanna block you to remove your chances completelyoh I hit 5k that's cool hi @Oreo so true ✨oomfie✨ @LatteBunss Yeah @slowleyi probably not @yun_head 😞 @prezoh ok @Ph1LzA can archie have a fiver to go to the shops Philza, cheers. your power is immense @AntTastesHoney @HarryButAverage @TalentLacking bruhanthony (sus images) @HarryButAverage @TalentLacking what's this supposed to mean average harry (the streamer that got laughed at)? @HarryButAverage @TalentLacking connect with some bitches @TalentLacking @HarryButAverage Hi larry @ArchieMcW classicI will announce when the timer is up @nogooddavis you dont need the money @MarleySwarbz hi marley swarbz i accidentally blocked you when hiding this reply i have unblocked you and followed… @Wjnd_ that was never a rule @JustNathanTV i'm not liking this one @atfirstblood yeah you didn't expect that one DID YA @midasdeo i can't see it on my account 🤷‍♂️ it's clearly not there @fukagamine i didn't like it, gimme drawing @SleepyEar02 think againI will give $10 to anybody that can reply to this tweet and get NO LIKES on their reply @fukagamine @SwordyDaWordy hi @fukagamine @SwordyDaWordy fubert @Ninja I liked your idea Ninja, don't worry :) @luvconnies @Nihaachu huge vouchmy editor email is open again since my friend (and me) are looking for a new editor if you are interesting in editi…
Retweeted by Scott @IndieBruh of* @IndieBruh fr man it's the weirdest feeling when you start to look at it in the big picture... like think if the pe… @steejenstyle Yeah @fukagamine oh wow... @aimseytv Yeah don't think you guys got it @slowleyi you are literally talking to yourself @slowleyi yeah i know but thanks @slowleyi ???? @_FireSale awesome!!! @slowleyi dude. @zyyes good to hear!! @Mooduk2 Yeah
@POSITIVEANGIE whoops @POSITIVEANGIE i'm sorry, please forgive me @POSITIVEANGIE what're you gonna do about it? CRY??? catch this ratio mf @POSITIVEANGIE hey lol *aggresively asks how you're doing* @w4Lkin2u holy guacamole balls this is bonkadonkers what the moly holy shinglesguys it's because it's my chair and it's comfortable do you get it guys do you get itthis is my comfort streamer'm hiring 3D Artists! I'm looking for 3D Modelers and if you can rig in 3D too then that's also great! please ema…
Retweeted by Scott @nenshoki @AngeIicat dude. @AntTastesHoney @tapwoah @nosammh can you rt or like something on sus_images? @NoahHugbox yes. at all times. @_ThomasPearson_ hey guys I think you should vote whoever you want 😃 right guys you know what i mean right guys vot… @WetherhillArran @ImAllexx I don't see it... what about you Alex? @ae_dr1enn to this day I am still confused as to whether this was a compliment or not @haileyhargreeve yeah i know carson replied and ludwig liked it i get it 🙄🙄 it had to be THAT picture 🙄🙄 @haileyhargreeve yeah. 😐 @haileyhargreeve you see this awful picture of me? @Pontifex IMPOPESTOR?? @Connnor01 @nogooddavis2 I'm some crazy people @nogooddavis HI DAVIS HI DAVIS MY DAY HAS BEEN.... YEAH SO HOW ARE YOU? @nogooddavis2 yeah not for me 😔 @yun_head hi yun head you forgot to ask for the age yun head dont get in trouble @whoisaddison hi addison rae this is only half a sentence without context, please provide more context addison rae @PlNKMOUSE holy shit it's bad @PlNKMOUSE I SHALL DO THAT NOW @PlNKMOUSE i'm sorry @JackManifoldTV @tylerthecreator Hi Jack Manifold Please can i Join you because I know I am the one that Put this on your Timeline actually @JackManifoldTV @ImAllexx I'd like to see you redeem yourself here I am Alex @SamCWoodhall @_ThomasPearson_ next thing you know, Thomas is gonna be saying Hey TommyInnit Let's Shoot 📸🤪 @JackManifoldTV @tommyinnit Tommy fanbase is a bunch if 12 year old girls who fangirls him, same for carl and dream… @MaxGGs *blocks* @MarleySwarbz @tylerthecreator shut up marley swarbz @RealZade awesomeness @MarleySwarbz @tylerthecreator ? @sn0wchesterrr @tylerthecreator YES! @tylerthecreator TYLER THE IMPOSTERU R SUS
Retweeted by Scott @tylerthecreator DUDE. @sophietexas_ @nogooddavis2 TOMMY IN IT LMFAOAOAOo @luvconnies Thanks Lol @luvconnies Yeah @_ThomasPearson_ Let's shoot! 📸🤪 @aimseytv then why does it take so long to cut up 8 hours of footage aimsey ANSWER THAT @aimseytv hey it's 2pm it is not morning but hey gm @TalentLacking yeah that's what i was thinking, still haven't got a clue what it says though @TalentLacking i think it must be, i don't remember what class i was in but i dont think it's english @notjoelbtw yep @haileyhargreeve idfk i mute my classes, might be Spanish @haileyhargreeve what's wrong hailey ? @JonnaayLIVE I PROMISE YOU ITS REAL @HarryButAverage LITERALLY WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DOno the fuck i can't figure out what the text saysliterally what the fuck is going on @HarryButAverage swaggeronie @HarryButAverage how long do we have to apply @Connnor01 yeah honestly that's my bad