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"There's a sixth generation of STAR WARS Funko Pops coming," I scream, as the nurse hits me with another blast of h… doctors are telling me that the analytics on my YouTube channel are perilously low and I might not be able to b… taken to the hospital and restrained with a bit in my mouth because I can't go to the children's amusement pa… @GallagherMW @EvanDickson @BrianWCollins Just gonna keep posting this link @EvanDickson @BrianWCollins Just gonna leave this here for now and will repost later if need be @BrianWCollins "Please, sir, my YouTube channel, it is sick"When you definitely know you sound like an asshole.
Retweeted by Interview With The Wampire™ @BrianWCollins "WHAT ARE WE SUPPOSED TO DO, DURING A PANDEMIC? JUST NOT GO TO AN AMUSEMENT PARK WE'VE ALREADY BEEN… @Kryptony3 @DanielRPK Excited for you to see BORAT 2.Us: Please don’t masturbate on work calls? Cis men: CANCEL CULTURE HAS COME ONCE AGAIN FOR US AT OUR MOST COMMON B…
Retweeted by Interview With The Wampire™Oh boy.
Retweeted by Interview With The Wampire™Tomorrow. I suspect we're going to see quite a few people mad online at BORAT 2 before the week is over @ClarkCollis It's fine. Nothing's real anymore, Clark! @vcav Holy FUCK @MarkAgee fuuuuuuucking hellI'll tell the whole story at a later date, but allow me to assure you that there has been much dark laughter at the Wampler Compound today.Have you ever been smacked out of nowhere with a bill so astronomically high that you just burst out laughing? Like…'ve been wanting to do an AvP draft for over a year, and @ajhan, @ScottWamplerBMD, & @BrianWCollins did NOT disapp…
Retweeted by Interview With The Wampire™ @ARTofCOOP Even Amazon doesn't have a listing. Maybe they're just discontinued! Present yourself, @Fritolay. We need answers. @ARTofCOOP I've never even heard of such a thing! Would try tho @ARTofCOOP what the fuckIncredibly powerful Nicolas Cage energy here
Retweeted by Interview With The Wampire™WE ARE THE FLESH World @valhallabckgirl @mechamelissa If it turned out someone at that bakery followed Mel on Twitter I would not be the least bit surprisedthe weirdest thing that happened to me this month was when i got sent a counterfeit pizza hut coupon
Retweeted by Interview With The Wampire™ @Condemned15 Not great, Bob.Undervalued, imho. another extremely normal day for me, the guy who name searches for anyone shit-talking Rush Limbaugh and defends the Big Man's honorNormalize speaking ill of the dead when they’ve used their voice and reach for decades in the name of propagating b…
Retweeted by Interview With The Wampire™ @itsunclecarl hahahaha @mechamelissa @valhallabckgirl It looks EXACTLY like you. @mechamelissa @valhallabckgirl HOLY FUCKING SHITOh no that's so sad Alexa play the Vengaboys "We Like to Party" @BittrScrptReadr This is Julian Sands erasure @BittrScrptReadr No you’re thinking of WARLOCKAlways rewatch COVENANT. The final shot in BEING THERE 2) CLOCKWORK ORANGE: "I was cured, alright." 3) The entire Winky's sequence from M… turn on Zoom and see my son treating his body like an AMUSEMENT PARK
Retweeted by Interview With The Wampire™There are shots in this video that look like the midway point between HR Giger and a Chuck E. Cheese ball pit @ARTofCOOP @andylevy "Empathy, Politeness & Forgiveness" is the best Wilson Phillips album @andylevy I feel like I'm going insane with some of these takes.I'll go on record with this right now: if I ever get caught beating my dick like it owes me money during a Zoom mee…"pandemic circumstances" @mandyekeroth And now he's probably gonna lose his job. Whole career, just flushed down the tubes, because of THIS.… @mandyekeroth "This man was out in these streets churning hog mid-meeting and you think this is FUNNY? This is a GAME TO YOU?"this tweet is about a guy taking his dick out during a work meeting lmao
Retweeted by Interview With The Wampire™ @BrianDuffield OK good point. The meltdown, and then the Kool-Aid. @dave_schilling YOUR surprise. Not OUR surprise.I just have to live long enough to see BORAT 2 and then we can all wrap this thing up @BrianDuffield BORAT 2 is my TENETWe must bring back bullying. it's only Monday nightThank you to everyone who came out for our live watchalong of THE DARK HALF, up to and including whoever that was i… theater is open now for the @Kingcast19 #StreamAndScream watch party! Join us now:
Retweeted by Interview With The Wampire™Alrighty, folks, this DARK HALF watchalong begins in 30min! We'll be in there talking amongst ourselves for 10min…
Retweeted by Interview With The Wampire™Here ya go, folks!
@AWolfeful wearing them like that no
Retweeted by Interview With The Wampire™Legitimately one of the greatest bits of filmmaking I've ever seen. If you've never seen this, run don't walk. It's…
Retweeted by Interview With The Wampire™ @capnnarcolepsy flashing that throatY'all talked about dudes pounding off too much today and inadvertently summoned the Spirit of Wankings Past smdh, I'm on this! Come listen to me help compose the definitive ALIEN/PREDATOR movie ranking while getting progress… @richsommer And so eloquently!
Retweeted by Interview With The Wampire™Join @ScottWamplerBMD and @EricVespe of @Kingcast19 for a watch party of @StephenKing’s #TheDarkHalf TONIGHT at 9pm…
Retweeted by Interview With The Wampire™Given what we've learned today, we have disinvited Jeffrey Toobin from tonight's KINGCAST watchalong of THE DARK HALF.To be fair, the courts jerking off while everyone watches in horror is not completely divorced from our reality.
Retweeted by Interview With The Wampire™uh oh the Toobin footage has leaked
Retweeted by Interview With The Wampire™And there it is!
Retweeted by Interview With The Wampire™when the day's Big Story gets an update @davidfarrier Whatever it is is hot as hellThe problem with these folks is they don't like being reminded of their trash-ass opinions, and certainly not by th…'ve heard this feedback from a few (presumably former) KINGCAST listeners who'll say shit like "All this Trump ta… right-leaning folks tell creative types to "stop being political" or "leave the politics out of it", what they… @megsokay initiating Messy Dafoe Who Lives For Drama protocol![Jeffrey Toobin has entered the chat] official 2020 mood.
Retweeted by Interview With The Wampire™ @stephen_pastran Thank you for saying so, sir!Kafka’s Foxconn plant, @verge
Retweeted by Interview With The Wampire™Amazing story. cannot stress this enough. Take four minutes from your day and watch THE BEST MUSIC VIDEO of all time. You might…
Retweeted by Interview With The Wampire™man we have been busy as fuck. this isn't even complete. Tonight at 8PM Central, we're watching George A. Romero's THE DARK HALF with special guest @BookishPlinko
Retweeted by Interview With The Wampire™ @tinymediaempire Would be a good trade imhoHard to believe we're only 15 days away from this site finally becoming completely unusable.Happy Birthday, Divine! Born on this day in 1945.
Retweeted by Interview With The Wampire™Advertising guy: "guys nobody is buying our acetate sheets anymore what can we do????" Me, high out of my mind: "fe…
Retweeted by Interview With The Wampire™ @McSpain84 @Kingcast19 @BrentTerhune @vigalondo Have you seen THE MIST? Definitely at least see the movie before li… wife put together this Halloween decoration and the kids are absolutely baffled.
Retweeted by Interview With The Wampire™ @jsafavimehr You’re going to prisonthinking about saying some really inflammatory shit like “5th Avenue is an objectively better candy bar than Butter… @MattGoldberg Well done. Now. Tomorrow you need to launch Operation: Say Something Actionable. @BrianWCollins @silaslesnick @KolleenCarney I almost tagged y’all @LeoCTweets Very intrigued by this! Do lemme know if you find it, that's interesting.