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@Kitxhupmane @BlackPanthaaYT Phwoaaaaah. @BlackPanthaaYT Is an RCF worth getting over something like a Holden?
Hojbjerg after having a tour around Tottenham’s stadium and accidentally opening the trophy cabinet
Retweeted by Scott Winter @realvalladolid @SouthamptonFC Good luck next season lads. 💪T̶h̶a̶t̶'̶s̶ ̶n̶o̶t̶ ̶S̶a̶l̶i̶s̶u̶ This IS Salisu! Can we have our mentions column back now, please? 😆
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@danjhargraves Not like he's gonna retire here, that kit is from 2 seasons ago.So let me get this straight🤔 Rishi Sunak is encouraging us to sit in McDonald’s & get 20 chicken nuggets for £2.39…
Retweeted by Scott WinterHaven't you heard? 🤔 (Pierce) Bird is the Word! 🐦😍 Welcome to the #Spitfires, @Piercebirdd ✍️
Retweeted by Scott Winter @TheCommitteeSFC Where's the option for "The Committee"? @AIexDiez @preciseprowsey @afcboli @SouthamptonFC @KWPeters 1 season, actually. @SouthamptonFC @ftblsam_ Ok @BlackPanthaaYT Veilside RX7 > All other aftermarket body kits.
@Hyper_SFC @sfcdannnn @SaintJxy You mean the shit Dean Henderson; the Shrewsbury Town POTY and PFA League One TOTY… @Hyper_SFC @sfcdannnn Mate you're not getting the picture. He's our worst ever PL goalkeeper. He's managed that wit… arriving in 7-8 working months. @Hyper_SFC @sfcdannnn Or, you could sell Gunn and invest the £13m in the gaping hole in midfield that is going to l… @Hyper_SFC @sfcdannnn Does Angus have your family hostage or something mate? @Hyper_SFC @sfcdannnn Keep the older player that's just gained his confidence back and was arguably our best keeper… @Hyper_SFC @sfcdannnn Take a gamble on Harry Lewis and spend the £13m elsewhere. @Hyper_SFC @sfcdannnn This is why twitter isn't running the club. You'd have people dragging their heels over a thi… @Hyper_SFC @sfcdannnn He made 9 mistakes in one game. @Hyper_SFC @sfcdannnn Just like Forster and Macca, they're both in their prime. We'd have to wait another 8 years f… @Hyper_SFC @sfcdannnn If you're talking stocks, you can't reliably say he'll rebound to be worth £30m when his stoc… @Hyper_SFC @sfcdannnn If my nan had wheels, she'd have been a bike. If we hadn't sold Mane, he'd have gone for £75m… can the same waters be proudly “British” when it’s about fish, but become “international” when it’s about refugees?
Retweeted by Scott Winter @EAFIFADirect Will I need to take out one or two mortgages to keep up this year? My bank are getting very angry at me now.If I had to see this, so do you. #F1 #WTF1. like the same pattern that your school IT technician has on his tie. @danjhargraves Third looks best imo 😬I don’t even have a tweet that could do this video justice. just watch it
Retweeted by Scott WinterWhen Højbjerg shanks his 97th pass of the game into the disabled stand in a Europa qualifier against my WiFi Passwo… @sliidethru Snail and Cabbage or whatever it's called
@Ankaman616 @rxdmond My favourite saying in the whole world. @N17kane @sfcdannnn @sammorris0____ Ratioed by a block of cheese. @nocontextfm1 Me: signs a 16 year old youth academy full back to supplement my teams PL2 title charge. My 28 year… @N17kane @sfcdannnn @sammorris0____ Mate you'd be great working at a car wash, you'd lick all the windows clean for free. @N17kane @sfcdannnn @sammorris0____ @N17kane @sfcdannnn @sammorris0____ Toby was on loan here, we never owned him. I can't believe you don't even know your own players. @TheWelshDragon9 @ReganGrace5 Julian Savea against France in the world cup is ever so slightly better than this, but not by much. Holy shit.i got a license but i dont h🥑
Retweeted by Scott Winter @lukeosman_ When we had a £20m bid for Dybala accepted and he chose to go to Juve instead. Feels bad man. @noheroicsintoSD @MattyWTF1 Probably because he sped up to reach the pit lane limit after crossing the line, he was… Point torpedoing Hulkenburg's point total so he doesn't outshine Stroll in Quali and the race. Nice. 😬 #F170 #WTF1 @LHarrisSFC Because he's the next Hakkinen. Blistering pace, any other point in F1 history and Hakkinen would have… @Son_thfc @sfcliam_
Retweeted by Scott Winter @jordooo_01 82. Saints have never had a base card 83+ in any FIFA.
@candlerneuro Monza turn 1, Monaco Casino section, Eau Rouge and the first chicane at Le Mans. Death, Taxes and a 6 car pileup. @nocontextfm1 @foxintheboxfm Winning the quadruple unbeaten with Inter, scoring 194 goals in all comps, conceding 1… @UniqueRiggers 86 - Arsenal 88 - Chelsea 14/15 90 - Chelsea 12/13 91 - CL FinalRobert Lewandowski always disappear during big games. Chelsea will pocket him. Mark this tweet.
Retweeted by Scott Winter @cesc4official 'Top teams' do, but they need to be effective with it. That's the difference between the likes of Ba… @BlackPanthaaYT Lol I'm looking at potentially getting one next year, didn't realise this was yours 😂 opinions on owning one?What their favourite shampoo is.
Wesley Hoedt watching Raphaël Varane tonight
Retweeted by Scott Winter @nocontextfm1 Such a broken system, so easy to abuse. 😂Some say that Ghandi used to wear a Danny Ings shirt when he played Sunday league. @mxtthewla Didn't mention the fact that he went to Sunderland on loan for a season 😬 @mxtthewla Muntari was decent for Milan tbf, won the Champions League with Inter. @mxtthewla Their best midfielder of this millenium is Sulley Muntari 😂The real truth about the masks. (This might be faked, though, I'm not sure.)
Retweeted by Scott Winter @premierleague @TAGHeuer Grealish is 24. What do you qualify as 'Young'? Should be Abraham or Saka instead.
@EthanCOYS @HasenhuttlEra @Cal_SFC You are out done, the decent sources claimed Everton didn't bid blah blah blah. @EthanCOYS @Cal_SFC @HasenhuttlEra Stick the "all our reporters aren't bums" in your trophy cabinet. @EthanCOYS @Cal_SFC @HasenhuttlEra "It's not but try again" @RichardBrer Watched a decent amount of Bundesliga games this season to say that McKennie is a solid solid youngste… @EthanCOYS He isn't our club captain though, Ward-Prowse is. He handed over the captaincy as soon as he said he was… @EthanCOYS @EthanCOYS So Spursy to bottle negotiations, couldn't be my club. 😂👋 @EthanCOYS Imagine paying valuation for a player with a year left though, couldn't be my club. 😂👋 @judemarichards @sfcrxbbo_ Direct media correspondent for Southampton's press team. Is al… @EthanCOYS Our valuation is £25m, even your coveted SkySports sources said that's our valuation. @EthanCOYS Just admit your board are tinpot and we can move on. Guarantee you'll release a DVD of Pierre's signing too. 😴 @EthanCOYS @EthanCOYS Adam Blackmore is the direct newspaper representative for Southampton's press team. He's said it's £25m too. 👍 @EthanCOYS Spurs matched the £25m valuation, not £15m. @EthanCOYS £25m valuation matched. 😉 @CallumLyon Your Hermes driver has successfully left your parcel blocking the cat flap so the cats have taken a shi… @Keith_678 Literally missed the majority of the last 6 games with a hamstring strain. @1884keith Pre hair treatment Andros Townsend for the right wing slot surely.Bruno Fernandes as soon as he gets into the penalty area.
@Jaack They need evidence to get a warrant. @aaronpatten @Liam_Houghton98 Because we had a deal to sign him permanently. He was never our player. @aaronpatten @Liam_Houghton98 Toby was never a saints player. He was on loan from Atletico, then his deal ran out a…, boss 🏆 Following an unbeaten July, Ralph Hasenhüttl has been named #PL Manager of the Month! 👏
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@RossKemp Update from Rotttthhhhh Kemp: @EthanCOYS If you could take those rose tinted glasses off and read, you can see that I'm talking about a combined… @EthanCOYS I'm not salty, at all. We're getting a good fullback and you're getting a decent midfielder. Deal is fai… @EthanCOYS Funny to look back on our club changing its mind on KWP, but still getting cash + the player for someone… @keepamericalert @odetomcrph @qocoist @AbirGhattas @Pol_Sec_Analyst Generally in ports, buildings like that are ind… @BlackPanthaaYT The way it just decimates those buildings across the road. Fuuuuck. @swallygray @jonihunter1982 @_CL1882 Naw man had me lucky cross. @odetomcrph @qocoist @AbirGhattas @Pol_Sec_Analyst Low yield nuclear warheads have a blast radius of hundreds of me… @FUTWIZ They'll cope well with all the tears when he gets lapped 4 times. @ceejay_epping @acbrck @thereal_vito @MercedesAMGF1 @siwel44it @PET_Motorsports @INEOS @LewisHamilton Fantastic point, didn't think of that. @GaryLineker @realDonaldTrump No they don't let him use the crayons without supervision. Last time he thought the red one was strawberry. @WestHam_Central @mundodeportivo @Lord_Sugar Surely the Lexus LC500 was a better choice, same engine but better spec. Plus it looks a lot nicer. 😬
@BlackPanthaaYT 10 poops it is. @BlackPanthaaYT 10 what @acbrck @thereal_vito @MercedesAMGF1 @siwel44it @PET_Motorsports @INEOS @LewisHamilton Not to mention the pits clos…