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One of the greatest ever moments on Parkinson came in 1982 when BUDDY RICH and ROY CASTLE improvised the hell out o…
Retweeted by Scottyb53I am going to be honest. I am struggling. I cannot find work and I have bills and it is all getting to me. If you…
Retweeted by Scottyb53 @TyroneGirl76 I must be a genius then lol @shutuplad @Noblerone 🤣🤣🤣🤣Pointing out that anyone who took their lead from SF after the Storey funeral was foolhardy, is not sectarian. Muzz…
Retweeted by Scottyb53 @MisssPatrice @andreemurphy @BBCTalkback You and andree attended that funeral, so forgive me for ignoring anything you say @Pogopatterson42 Why didn't andree call for sinn fein leadership to step aside after storey funeral? Oh thats right… when it was said the Storey funeral would lead to the infection rate rising, & a lack of social distancing at GA…
Retweeted by Scottyb53Hold that up bruv Then ask pat (auldheid) to convince you @UEFA see Rangers a s a new club bruv You are a balloon…
Retweeted by Scottyb53But #Covid19 IS more widespread in Nationalist areas and if anyone should apologise it's the @sinnfeinireland leade…
Retweeted by Scottyb53 @BrexitStewart @oflynnsocial @benrileysmith I think trump will win @BenMcArdle8 @a_wood20 @andreemurphy
@BillyCampbell_1 @monkey_sponge I agreeThe comeback is always stronger than the setback... Recover well my brother, We’ll be waiting for you 💪🏻❤️ #YNWA
Retweeted by Scottyb53Hopefully see this smile back on your face soon my friend! We are with you every step of the way brother ❤️…
Retweeted by Scottyb53 @kevtorpey Fucking we cunt pickfordImagine a world where we weren’t allowed to speak the truth in case it damaged the so called peace process
Retweeted by Scottyb53 @kevtorpey Anything on thiago? @kevtorpey Dreading the news @kevtorpey Have you heard anything on vvd m8?
@drobertoC52 @LFC @VirgilvDijk @Thiago6 M8 thats all they can do, small shit joke club obsessed with us @sricers @JamieBrysonCPNI Oh dear sean back in your box @19YNWA Ach m8 fuck off, dont be a dick tell us what u know, @jameson_power @edwinpootsmla Nah he wont do that and you'll never see it either m8 @AIAIreland If u stood in shit you'd blame the brits ffs, own it!! @monkey_sponge Cause he's English @tnewtondunn @CMO_England Of covid, or with covid? Thats the question you lot should be asking @AskCrouchie @DominicKing_DM Is it better to be circumcised? @limboss12 @TheSundayLife I have been m8, hopefully anyhow, you to m8 @trishdevlin Scumbag bastards @limboss12 @TheSundayLife Nah m8, dickheads who think the rules don't apply virus, don't be sectarian ffs @limboss12 @TheSundayLife Nort down doesn't have high numbers, thats strabane, poleglass,certain parts of Londonderry and falls roadPSNI- at no stage- entered the clubhouse. There was no Covid breach. Not a single person was arrested, cautioned or…
Retweeted by Scottyb53 @SteMcP @monkey_sponge 😂😂😂😂 "why didn't he grab some ass andy, he's playing the long game keysey" @monkey_sponge Kenny will go mad springs to mind @AmandaFBelfast Seriously though you are one of this country's best journalist's (imo)and you tweeted that shite @impongo22 They must have heard the bin lids banging to warn the people of Donaghdee there was a big “raid” coming 😂😂
Retweeted by Scottyb53 @impongo22 @JamieBrysonCPNI @AmandaFBelfast @nornirishfella @AmandaFBelfast There's the wee house prod piping up as usual @DarranMarshall There's a common denominator here but I just can't put my finger on it......
Retweeted by Scottyb53 @DarranMarshall Should BT17 Dunmurry not be changed to Poleglass?
Retweeted by Scottyb53#Coronavirus: Northern Ireland Postcode areas with highest rate p/100,000 over past 7 days BT48: Derry BT47: Der…
Retweeted by Scottyb53Jacinta Ardern has just shown all the other world leaders how to handle the Covid crisis & remain popular. Just tow…
Retweeted by Scottyb53 @NicolaSturgeon @jacindaardern You won't be leader much longer sweetieFor the sake of all victims, right this wrong now
Retweeted by Scottyb53Guys, can you help me. A guy went missing at noon today in Glasgow. He’s new to the city and could be emotionally u…
Retweeted by Scottyb53The brass neck of this man.
Retweeted by Scottyb53As @chrisadonnelly would say, proper order restored in Glasgow. Outplayed, out battled & as ever- outclassed.
Retweeted by Scottyb53VAR isn’t the issue, it’s the Fcuking bell ends using it.
Retweeted by Scottyb53 @premierleague Have you got five minutes for a quick chat?
Retweeted by Scottyb53Var 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 @JenG1210 Champagne @BenMcArdle8 @a_wood20 @andreemurphy Of course i did 😉 @gawanorniron @3000Versts Its pathetic the way they have become the eu lapdog @SimonCatRiley Course there'll be a deal, this is all about appearing tough to electorates around Europe @BenMcArdle8 @a_wood20 @andreemurphy You spelt muppet wrong, do sinn fein let anyone join? It was years ago, and i…
@MrMuncherToYou Overwhelmingly nationalist areas, or can you not read @MrMuncherToYou you're right this stuff is difficult @MrMuncherToYou @angmarrising @CabotGal @Ciara87C @DarranMarshall Ahh but very little spread at work or commute according to cmo @TheKesh66 @CabotGal @Ciara87C @DarranMarshall Council areas, anyway bored of this now @MrMuncherToYou @angmarrising @CabotGal @Ciara87C @DarranMarshall And lisburn is half the size m8 @MrMuncherToYou @angmarrising @CabotGal @Ciara87C @DarranMarshall Or derry Strabane/ Lisburn? @MrMuncherToYou @angmarrising @CabotGal @Ciara87C @DarranMarshall So ards is less populated than newry? @angmarrising nothing to see here of course @angmarrising @CabotGal @Ciara87C @DarranMarshall Just a coincidence that predominantly unionist areas are much lower then i suppose @BenMcArdle8 @a_wood20 @andreemurphy Well muppet that gawa outside laverys was from 4 years ago @CabotGal @Ciara87C @DarranMarshall Kitten what i was defending is the fact that nationalist areas have higher rate… @a_wood20 @andreemurphy I disagree leaders should lead by example and they set a poor example @a_wood20 @andreemurphy When they see the leaders of their community doing what they want, then why shouldn't they? @a_wood20 @andreemurphy Yes you can, gaa misbehaviour started after that funeral as did students partying in holyla… @CabotGal @Ciara87C @DarranMarshall Here u go sugartits @a_wood20 @andreemurphy You started talk to me so feck off anytime, you can trace all this reckless behaviour back to that fucking funeral @a_wood20 @andreemurphy What insinuation? He stated a fact ffs @andreemurphy For pointing out a fact @Ciara87C @DarranMarshall Its a fact sweetie @whoisaaron @TKbytesback @markdevenport It is a factual statement. Do you not support regional lockdowns?
Retweeted by Scottyb53 @MeFein83 @Bighilti1968 @Redeyes1878 @david_voyle @markdevenport @duponline @DUPleader @BBCNewsNI Where is that in…
Retweeted by Scottyb53 @MeFein83 @Redeyes1878 @david_voyle @markdevenport @duponline @DUPleader @BBCNewsNI It is a factual statement. Why…
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@FinucaneCentre You've done well out of that Tweet I see. Your director recently admitted being a member of the PIR…
Retweeted by Scottyb53 @Colin899Dean @BorderSolution_ If we had of just locked those 3 examples down in first place we wouldn't be in this position @AlexKane221b Too many in our political parties owe their position to friends and family, its a disgrace @MickyDoherty5 @GaryAnnraoi I think it best if we keep the pubes behind closed doors.
Retweeted by Scottyb53 @udippy @joebob_neilson @john_mcguirk Well we don't want her either lol
@FenianFiasco @CregganDerry @JamieBrysonCPNI Stop naming your clubs after terrorists then @alexanderdrogon @1PhilipSmith @uuponline I didn't want to leave the eu @alexanderdrogon @1PhilipSmith @uuponline The uk said they will not put a border up in ireland, the cta shows that… @alexanderdrogon @1PhilipSmith @uuponline Well why have ireland said that regardless the eu will not force them to put up a border then?Amazing how many who rightly opposed a border between NI & RoI are happy with one in the Irish Sea & a #Tescotax th…
Retweeted by Scottyb53 @brengun66 @AlexKane221b Germany, new Zealand are @monkey_sponge Thats what too many people do, complain about new ideas and dont suggest anything themselves @brengun66 @AlexKane221b Don't think it would matter who was in power, very few places in western world are handling this well
@ElaineYoung94 @CommanderMP @MrVirtueSignal Comfortable that the union is safe and can vote for other parties? @SJAMcBride Renewable energy is a giant con worldwide @AlexKane221b No fan of his, but he is in an impossible position and i genuinely feel sorry for him @julianoneill @SpeakerPelosi @JoeBiden @RepKevinBoyle How are those Irish connections looking now?
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Concern grows for two missing youths last seen in North Belfast
Retweeted by Scottyb53 @Bilko471 @TheManMurdoch @TRobertsNI @StephenFarryMP @BorisJohnson Oh the dont annoy m8 lol, i just like to challen… @TheManMurdoch @Bilko471 @TRobertsNI @StephenFarryMP @BorisJohnson You mean they respected democracy, and didnt try… @TheManMurdoch @Bilko471 @TRobertsNI @StephenFarryMP @BorisJohnson How am i a bigoted idiot? I voted remain, I've v…