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Scott Bryan @scottygb East London

TV critic and broadcaster. Co-host of Must Watch podcast on @bbc5live (and Bake Off liveblog for The Guardian).

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Interesting article here on the TV shows people are most likely to stick to right to the end. Most likely: Chernob… “Here’s a fun fact. I’m living in your old flat.” Interviewee: “Are you?!??!”
@nancyba226 @mmjblair Um no. @chriswarburton_ i think if it grabbed u at the start it'll grab you to the end.
Retweeted by Scott BryanOn the latest Must Watch podcast... 📺 @nickjfrost tells @hayleycampbell how he narrowly avoided getting shot in he…
Retweeted by Scott Bryan @TomWHall @bbc5live @BBCSounds it's in the trailer. all of the pre-publicity is about it.Me: I am also professional on the radio. Also me: @bbc5live now. @BBCSounds podcast later today. @joehullait @VanDieviantLand @hurricane_ros My understanding is that this is nothing new: the BBC has always sold D… Watch reviewing today: - Truth Seekers on Amazon (Nick Frost dropping by) - The Queen’s Gambit on Netflix - T…️⃣1️⃣ countries will take part in #ESC2021! 🥳 👉 #Eurovision | #OpenUp @EBU_HQ |…
Retweeted by Scott Bryan @phelanmagician it is good - but they need to do better at advertising what is actually on their service. You only know if you subscribe. @alice four days!A bit rich coming from *checks notes* BritBox do a podcast newsletter (as well as a TV one) with more than 100,000 subscribers. Sign up for free here: @DionneGrant amazing - well done Dionne @PatricKielty @TherealNihal You won’t be!Would love a tawdry drama about the Breakfast Time vs TV AM war. Jason Watkins as Frank Bough, Sheridan Smith as Se…
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If you liked the Michael Palin series: do read the accompanying books and his diaries. He’s just as good at writing… @DQStuff best of luckkkkA legendary broadcaster. A pioneer in British breakfast television too. would be very pleased with that.
Don’t forget to turn your clock back to 2019 tonight.Also cue the people who now say that it isn’t such a big deal. It matters. I never saw any representation on TV a… moment of tv history. And a reminder to those who try to kick us down, we always win in the end. #Strictly @LawlessYo TikTok👀👀👀 wonder what British weather presenters think about this..., trying to plan anything fun at the moment.
Retweeted by Scott BryanMy TV recommendations for this weekend: Song Exploder, The Trump Show, Taskmaster, Alison Hammond Blake Hannah: The first black reporter on British TV
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David Fincher, #Mindhunter’s executive producer, most frequent director, and de facto showrunner, has seemed to con…
Retweeted by Scott BryanThe Trump Show on BBC iPlayer is absolutely worth your time. I know, you’re exhausted by him, but it’s a revealing… is also a reminder to PRs: I do not accept gifts. Please donate the equivalent amount. Thank you.As a standard practice, when Amazon ask to send me a gift to promote a TV show I ask them to donate to a foodbank i… TV newsletter is out later this afternoon, with seven TV recommendations for the weekend. Sign up (for free) her… and education chief James Purnell is departing the BBC just a few weeks after he was dropped from the board…
Retweeted by Scott BryanOmg Iceland’s Eurovision Act!!! remind you
Retweeted by Scott Bryanpersonally speaking, right now we need an extra hour of light in the evenings, rather than in the morning. @TBLderrygirls I'm planning on listening to both side by side! that'll tide me over the winter, that's for sure.Stath Lets Flats got a series 3. Thank you very @Channel4. Al is delighted, bless you. 🍷🧊
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One of the best things you can do to support your self-employed friends at the moment, is ensure that they get paid on time. @CraigHackneyCub not really funny but sure, go offThanks. Love social media. am restarting The West Wing. @ameliargh @joshbythesea It’s on a bridge in Hackney wickThings are tough just now for everyone - but even Covid won’t stop Santa 🎅
Retweeted by Scott Bryan#DavidTennant and @MichaelSheen return with more #Staged for @BBCOne:
Retweeted by Scott BryanThe Icelandic Eurovision bop “Think About Things” is a dance on Strictly Come Dancing this Saturday how 2020 about the north and Manchester. Studios London. South London. North London. Westminster.
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2020 @janinegibson Trailer: “this app is going to revolutionise the way we spend our time on our way to work” *fades to… @RichieDriss LadNetflix should commission a ten part series into what went wrong with Quibi.SUCKING DIESEL NEWS: The Line of Duty cast will appear in a Stand Up To Cancer episode of Celebrity Gogglebox, this… anyone actually had a good day today? @Pete_Allison all the pride colours pleaseChannel 4 is also looking back at each decade of its own history, including shining a light at programmes that "wou… 4 reveals their *whispers* Christmas offering: * Bake Off will return with a Christmas and Festival specia… @hansmollman I lost it at vis a vis(This followed a report about a town that had changed its name from Asbestos)This also has to be the most WTF ending of a BBC News bulletin I have ever seen in my life. what is going on?! is an actual news graphic shown by BBC News. someone check on BBC News PLEASE?! Leaving Neverland director @danreed1000 is filming a follow-up to his explosive Michael Jackson documentary.…
Retweeted by Scott Bryan @paulweatherley I literally did the hoovering / cooking and left the show on in the other room during series five*whispers* you don't need to watch all seven sevens. rewatching the first four is more than enough *stops whispering*FYI: The West Wing is available to watch on All 4 from *today* it was only a matter of time before Spitting Image was shown on ITV, to help drive subscriptions. Streaming s… Image *will* be airing an episode on ITV. The show is doing a two-part US Election special. The first par…
Netflix co-CEO Ted Sarandos said he’s confident that the company’s slate of films and TV shows planned for release…
Retweeted by Scott BryanThe Great British Bake Off 2020: episode five – live
Retweeted by Scott BryanLinda's cake next week #GBBO
Retweeted by Scott Bryanhow it started how its going #gbbo it started. how its going. #gbbo a Cornish pasty. *Linda bakes a samosa* Bake an eclair. *Linda makes churros* #GBBO
Retweeted by Scott BryanIn case you are wondering, I have counted how many times mangoes have been included in recipes this series. (the r… love a lotta Lottie and I would like her to narrate my life #GBBO my god Linda couldn’t decorate her éclairs in time, so instead of putting on a topping she just dumped it in thr… during pastry week #GBBO think Cornwall has declared on war on us. #gbboCornish Pasties have European-wide protected status. Lottie: "I am making a toad-in-the-hole Cornish pasties." Pr… liveblog is up! Follow our analysis / baking memes on your phone. @chrisrickett incrediblehang on a minute
Retweeted by Scott Bryan @HISTORYUK How it started How it’s going
Retweeted by Scott Bryan @MatthewWells @jimwaterson I’m going to John Lewis @farazosman NegativeDeleting your previous statement is *never* a good look.Only several hours ago Sky History defended using him on the programme. They have also deleted their previous state… household is on the ONS coronavirus survey. Just got the result from a test I took 15 days ago, which feels a bit 🙃BREAKING: THE CHOP TAKEN OFF AIR. TATTOOS BEING INVESTIGATED. a moment as Andy Burnham is shown the government’s £22 million offer on live TV.
Retweeted by Scott BryanFrom report: "9.1% of writers from BAME backgrounds...mixed ethnic backgrounds making up 5.6%. Representation dropp…
Retweeted by Scott BryanI know there have been some weird television shows announced recently but nothing will *ever* beat this I think we are all definitely tired.