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Scott Godlewski @scottygod Copperhead, Jasper

Comic book artist (DC, Image, Dynamite, BOOM!). Co-creator of Image Comics' COPPERHEAD and co-host of The Illustrious Gentlemen podcast. Opinions are my own.

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@TheMorris’s the guy @realDonaldTrump is propping up to help him make a case for fraud. He’s a great example of why @OANN @realDonaldTrump @BreitbartNews They believe that because you’ve been saying it for MONTHS! Not because you’re some…, Republicans, are you listening? We’ve blown way past the point of embarrassment. Your false idol is retweeting…
THWICK #HouseOfEl episode guaranteed to upset everyone. could draw future buildings all day long. Luckily for me I get to. #HouseOfEl from Teen Titans Go! @highest_h @DCComics @BRIANMBENDIS @DavidWalker1201 David and Brian hold all the answers...Just got to work and was notified there are no more ICU beds in the state of Arizona.
Retweeted by Scott Godlewski @highest_h @DCComics @BRIANMBENDIS @DavidWalker1201 I just work here!
@ElvingJack @JayFaerber No worries. It certainly is situation and creator dependent. I can only speak from my own experience.😍 @ElvingJack @JayFaerber I would disagree. I never thought of myself as a co-writer. I always felt Jay and I were co… @AdamTGorham @DCComics @TheDougMahnke @tomnguyenart The only original page I own is a Mahnke Hitman/Lobo page. I love it.Trumpers just can’t understand that simply saying something doesn’t make it so. That’s why they’re Trumpers. @JayFaerber @JoanneStarer It does take a writer-artist connection. It’s certainly not for everyone. Probably not a… @FabianNicieza @JoanneStarer @JoanneStarer I love working Marvel style. Just because there’s no dialogue doesn’t mean character stuff can’t be c…
@RepJamesComer @realDonaldTrump @LouDobbs @Jim_Jordan @GOPoversight @JudiciaryGOP Follow. You mean “ready to follow”.Fox News and Facebook did to our parents what they said video games would do to us.
Retweeted by Scott GodlewskiAZ, you just did the right thing with the election. Don’t make us look bad now. @thatpetewoods I only care what Zeus had to say on it. Which is also nothing. @thatpetewoods But abortion. @realDonaldTrump In two weeks? When the audit is done? When?
@JayFaerber He’s the country’s shitty mother-in-law. @TheMorris That’s how most of my talks with Trumpers go.What a diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick. @shawnaldridge Just when I think, “I get this guy” you drop shit like this.Hey, one of my best pals lost his child recently. My heart is heavy and I want to help as best I can. There's a mem…
Retweeted by Scott Godlewski @shawnaldridge I have the same knife. @LongscopeTV They are perpetually the persecuted. The persecuted majority. @thatpetewoods @claytonhenryart ink brushI’d like to do a podcast where I’d talk to paranormal enthusiasts and have them present their favorite evidence in…
Retweeted by Scott Godlewski @WrathDragon @DarknessRadio What makes it a specialized tool? @DarknessRadio I’m not a troll. This is a good faith conversation. I want to believe but the evidence is so unconvincing. @DarknessRadio How do we know ghosts were people? Or that ghosts are real? This is fun entertainment, right? @Mormon4Trump @JeffFlake That’s a disingenuous observation. @Mormon4Trump @JeffFlake And mine was a question. Yours was a statement. @Mormon4Trump @JeffFlake Seems to be going around, huh? @Mormon4Trump @JeffFlake Are you to say who is a “true” anything? I thought only god could judge. @Mormon4Trump @JeffFlake Is Catholic anti-Christian? @Mormon4Trump @JeffFlake As a person do you think Jesus would favor Trump over Biden? @realDonaldTrump You have access to more information than anyone on the planet. So either you choose not to read it… @Mormon4Trump @JeffFlake Being a non-believer and anti-religion, this doesn’t sway me in the least. There’s also th… @GeorgiaSandHill @JeffFlake Agreed. I just want an honest conversation. @GeorgiaSandHill @JeffFlake I’ll take a look @Mormon4Trump @JeffFlake But one wouldn’t be there if not for the other. This is a baffling exchange. @GeorgiaSandHill @JeffFlake I hope your relationship is stronger than this partisan nonsense. @GeorgiaSandHill @JeffFlake Could his leaning color his opinion? And surely even he would say diagnosing someone ov… @GeorgiaSandHill @JeffFlake Is there somewhere I can see precisely what you’re referring to on the feed? I certainl… @GeorgiaSandHill @JeffFlake Are you qualified to diagnose a neurological problem? That’s a claim you can’t support… @GeorgiaSandHill @JeffFlake I feel like we have to go all the way back to agreeing that the sky is blue. And I’m af… @GeorgiaSandHill @JeffFlake This is dangerous ignorance. COVID has killed 10x as many people in 9 months as the flu… @GeorgiaSandHill @JeffFlake I’m not going to defend him as a public speaker. And if that’s his biggest failing then… @GeorgiaSandHill @JeffFlake There’s no there there. Trump and his GOP enablers loved to say how COVID would disappe… @GeorgiaSandHill @JeffFlake If you can’t understand ANYTHING Biden says then it’s not a Biden problem. @GeorgiaSandHill @JeffFlake I don’t think public speaking is a debate anyone supporting Trump should be having. Hav… @GeorgiaSandHill @JeffFlake What would I find? What if I don’t come away with the same opinion you have? @Mormon4Trump @JeffFlake It’s innocent until PROVEN guilty. An accusation is not proof of anything. @Mormon4Trump @JeffFlake This is exhausting and a prime example of why it’s so hard to communicate with those that… @GeorgiaSandHill @JeffFlake Indeed. Though not all research yields facts. Certainly not facts that would support yo… @Mormon4Trump @JeffFlake You present a claim and then evidence to support a conclusion. That’s proof. @GeorgiaSandHill @JeffFlake I would ask you for evidence but I can’t imagine you have access to anything the presid… @Mormon4Trump @JeffFlake Would any court consider that reasonable? @Mormon4Trump @JeffFlake That’s not how it works. The person making the claim bears the burden of proof. So prove you right. @Mormon4Trump @JeffFlake 100%?
@VHolt9 @JeffFlake Is that a recent screen grab? Context matters. @GeorgiaSandHill @JeffFlake That’s what he’s saying. @Emmany4life @JeffFlake Incorrect. @mrandmrsnaples @JeffFlake Does yours matter more? @ik238 @JeffFlake I think more people voted for Biden primarily because Trump is so objectively unfit to be preside… @Sallyjeanharris @JeffFlake What does that mean? @ryancody Thanks, man @MitchGerads I laughed aloud, alone, for too long at this.Wrecking parademons #HouseOfEl @HubenCarol @JeffFlake Do his words not matter? @SkyBird0114 @amy_stuber_ @RepAndyBiggsAZ That’s the worst profile pic I’ve ever seen.
@ryancody @RepAndyBiggsAZ Dumb shit.That @hbomax #JusticeLeague #SnyderCut looks amazing! @highest_h @DCComics @BRIANMBENDIS @DavidWalker1201 Awesome! Keep it up and you’ll have my job one day!
@highest_h @DCComics @BRIANMBENDIS @DavidWalker1201 Final issue 😔
@Zak_Bagans Ghost! Kidding. Ghosts aren’t real, sillies. @wokezaddie @Q_Estrada @JeffFlake Thank you. @wokezaddie @Q_Estrada @JeffFlake Again, hyperbole. Politicians are largely slimy and untrustworthy. I suppose you… @wokezaddie @Q_Estrada @JeffFlake As I to you. I do appreciate the fair conversation and I did watch that vid. It w… @wokezaddie @Q_Estrada @JeffFlake Perhaps that’s a failing in me. I’d entertain that. But he’s shown the world who… @wokezaddie @Q_Estrada @JeffFlake He is a bad person. By any honest standard. He may espouse views you agree with o… @Q_Estrada @wokezaddie @JeffFlake I hope that’s something a more qualified and decent Republican pays attention to,… @wokezaddie @Q_Estrada @JeffFlake I did say only and that was a mistake. I’m sure there are people that genuinely l… @TheTrueKernel @wswright2 @JeffFlake And it shouldn’t be pointed out in a non-combative fashion. But if it persists… @wokezaddie @Q_Estrada @JeffFlake I don’t doubt he has genuine friends. Saying most immigrants love and support him…
@Q_Estrada @wokezaddie @JeffFlake It seems he gets along with no one. There are only people that align with him. @Q_Estrada @wokezaddie @JeffFlake Isn’t it telling that he’s fighting EVERYONE? @Q_Estrada @wokezaddie @JeffFlake Because he’s such a standoffish asshole. I will listen to policy arguments and ho… @LandonMichigan @C_Aaron_Jones @JeffFlake No, people don’t like being wrong. But facts don’t care about your feelin… @wokezaddie @Q_Estrada @JeffFlake I didn’t have an opinion of him one way or the other when he launched his campaig… @wokezaddie @Q_Estrada @JeffFlake I don’t see how any objective person could sit through the 60 minutes interview o… @SuzanainSDCA @JeffFlake I think it’s erroneous to make assumptions about anyone. Did democrats build concentration…