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Easton's and Eloise's uncle. I advocate for my nature🏳️‍🌈 Cohost with @mikezigomanis of Leadoff on @FAN590. We’re on weekdays 6-9 am ET. He/Him

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LEAD OFF THURSDAY @mikezigomanis is off | Tim Leiper, former Blue Jays 1B coach fills in 730 @DShulman_ESPN | Sn…
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Wait a second — Jerry Springer is hosting a show called Judge Jerry?Kevin Barker on Kevin Cash's decision to pull Blake Snell, what kind conversations Cash would be having today with…
Retweeted by Scott MacArthur 🏳️‍🌈How could Leip let his son play with COVID? the Tampa Bay Rays never win the World Series.Two grown ups @mikezigomanis Dodgers won the World Series and yet, with the Justin Turner news, David Price made the right decision. Blake… OFF WEDNESDAY 730 Kevin Barker 800 @Burkie2020 830 @adnansvirk World Series Game 6 | NFL news, WR signings…
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HOW ‘BOUT DEM COWBOYS Language when the Bears are a #ZiggyLocks @mikezigomanis've got a #ZiggyLocks on Game 6 of the World Series. Dodgers and Gonsolin, 1.69 on the money line. *Leadoff/… Off Tuesday 730 @michaelgrange 800 Buck Martinez 830 Mike Pinball Clemons Raps in KC? | Dodgers try to clin…
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"It wasn't the usual posturing in the octagon that we're so used to, guys...making promises that they don't keep. T…
Retweeted by Scott MacArthur 🏳️‍🌈We just got an end-of-show #ZiggyLocks ... Bears +6 at LA Rams @mikezigomanisBring back Orange Drink @mikezigomanis @gladitor78 @mikezigomanis @hughwburrill I see a cow on the label!!!LEAD OFF MONDAY 710 Stephen Brunt ⚾️ |🥊 | Khabib retires! 800 @RossTuckerNFL 🏈 830 @jonmorosi ⚾️ World Series Gam…
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“The Cowboys quit today.” - Rodney Harrison on @SNFonNBC @kirbybarber The 2004 49ers were coached by Dennis Erickson, went 2-14 and both wins were over Arizona and both in… 30-and-under crowd who are Patriots fans and who’ve never seen a bad New England team: This is a test of your… @Panikkar37 There’s an extra wild card spot this year. And it’ll take way more than this scenario, this early in t… just watched four quarters of the Patriots. #BillsMafia has no excuse next week. Not just a winnable game; it should be the expectation. @Panikkar37 I didn’t say it was likely. But until it’s moot, there’s a chance. And anything can happen; the Seaha… @Panikkar37 No. If the Niners don’t win in Seattle next week the division is out of play anyway. The division abs… Samuel grabbing the back of his knee after innocently going out of bounds. It can stop at any time. #FTTBPatriots’ yardage in the front, 49ers yardage in the back. #FTTB’s biggest task is no more dumb-dumb stuff. Newton looks awful, the Patriots look completely beatable, an… are more 49ers starters tweeting into my timeline right now than there are on the field. #FTTBFred Warner. Elite. #FTTBGaroppolo is what he is. Litigating this, that’s he’s amazing when he runs an opening drive like the one we saw or… if Adam Gase had agreed to take on Jim Tomsula as the 49ers defensive coordinator and become the 49ers head… thrown out of the game, which should be only the beginning of the punishment.Anyone got any idea what Jon Bostic was thinking there? Brutally dirty hit on Dalton, who was sliding well short of the first down.🚨NFL SCOREBOARD UPDATE🚨 The Washington Football Team - 22 The Dallas Not The Football Team - 3Dallas is losing to the Football Team.This situation in Dallas..I mean, Washington just rolled up the field unimpeded.
Would you rather your favourite team: A: Win a championship and then suck for 10 years or... B: Contend and be i…
Why was I not informed the moment this first appeared on the @SwissChaletCA app?!!! @mikezigomanis @hughwburrill @mikegentile590 @VPolati590 @haydenmathewson @Maria__33 NFL Week 7 picks on Leadoff: Browns (-3) at Bengals Steelers (+1) at Titans Cardinals (+3.5) vs. Se… years ago tonight, @JoeCarter_29 walked off Mitch Williams and the Phillies for the @BlueJays second-straight Wo… OFF FRIDAY 700 Charles Davis, CBS Sports 720 @HouseMoney44 730 @DShulman_ESPN 800 Alex Anthopoulos, Braves…
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Video 4-of-5: 101-mph Leiper and Dustin May. Ever seen ‘em in the same room? @mikezigomanis Leadoff TROLL POLL: If the Raptors have to play in Louisville or in some other non-Canadian location next…
To quote Phil Kessel, “it’s not good eh” 3-of-5: The 90-mph Fastball
I will forever be grateful and I will remember these days, always. And sorry, not sorry for fêting you on your way… shared with John my truth 🏳️‍🌈 long before most people knew. I did so because of our friendship and my immense t… in June, 2013, which was my first year covering the Blue Jays. What @LottOnBaseball said to me in that conve… started somewhat impersonally because this is @LottOnBaseball’s moment. Now, a little more personal: John and I… wonder if I still have my "Rollin' With Nolan" 49ers t-shirt from 2005. 2: The Mentor know the Blue Jays and we understand the Blue Jays and we make more informed opinions of the Blue Jays because o… @jiffybiff @mikezigomanis @FAN590 @UNTUCKit Frank, you won 170 thousand million @mikezigomanis @hughwburrillGame 1, relived: OFF TUESDAY 705 Stephen Brunt | World Series | Burke Book 730 @AndrewRaycroft | Bruins teammate of Jumbo Joe…
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It just doesn’t stop. your perusal, @mikezigomanis @VPolati590 Sincerely, #BillsMafia members @hughwburrill and me. GM Ross Atkins joins @mikezigomanis and me on Leadoff, tomorrow at 8 am ET on @FAN590. Listen at… 1: The Arrivalé Bautista, one of the great Blue Jays, is 40 years old today. Time doesn’t slow down. @StuMunrue @mikezigomanis We demand a piss test.Not only was that not a fumble but the Rams should be penalized for pointlessly delaying the game. #FTTBThat’s what the 49ers have to do. Run the ball, play action and quick passes to the flats. Can’t have Garoppolo doi…
Time for Baker Mayfield to back up the talk. #BrownsHouston’s pursuit of the franchise’s first World Series title continues.
The Houston Astros have become insistent in their pursuit of the franchise’s first World Series title.
@zandoyle_ Perhaps?On behalf of other 41-year-olds, thank you to Joe Thornton for inspiring us. I wonder if, after sitting for 45 min… NFL Week 6 Leadoff picks: Lions (-3) at Jaguars Packers (-1) at Buccaneers Cowboys (+1.5) vs. Cardi… OFF FRIDAY 700 Charles Davis 720 @HouseMoney44 800 @FriedgeHNIC 830 @DShulman_ESPN ALCS/NLCS | NFL Week 6…
Retweeted by Scott MacArthur 🏳️‍🌈And maybe a little bit of doubt creeps into the Rays’ heads.💜 stand with my LGBTQ+ siblings, always. Bullies bully from a place of pain. And adults have the responsibility t…
Wait for it ... wait for it ... did @mikezigomanis make contact with one of these? We reveal tomorrow morning on L…
Retweeted by Scott MacArthur 🏳️‍🌈.@mikezigomanis getting coached up by Kevin Barker. Did he hit 90-mph? you think @mikezigomanis hit a 90-mph fastball? Poll open until Leadoff hits the air at 6:00 am ET on Friday.… swings have been taken... @mikezigomanis to roll, @mikezigomanis’s been Googling this morning, @mikezigomanis (I’m posting because Leip “retired” from Twitter) Leiper says he has your bobble head, @mikezigomanis @StuMunrue @mikezigomanis Derek Jeter: "We won the World Series." George Constanza: "In SIX games."Thursday Leadoff TROLL POLL for Leafs fans: Which Canadian-based NHL team do you dislike the most? (Write in for… OFF THURSDAY 700 Tim Leiper 800 @Frankp40 Blast from the past! | cuz of Alex 830 @StuMunrue & @DavidAmber &…
Retweeted by Scott MacArthur 🏳️‍🌈 @Panikkar37 @JavierVeg_ Do you have any ideas for how this offensive line will block Aaron Donald?
Atlanta thankful that, unlike last year against St. Louis, this ain’t an elimination game.Tim Leiper was standing in the first base coach’s box; @mikezigomanis and I will relive this moment and the entire… @StuMunrue @mikezigomanis think the handlebar moustache is too easy. Give us this if you don’t hit 90 in the cage, ⁦@mikezigomanis⁩
"Zach Bogosian, he's going to make everybody a little bigger on that roster." Andrew Peters (@TheInstigator76) on…
Retweeted by Scott MacArthur 🏳️‍🌈👀 OFF TUES 710 @IanGraph New look TML 730 @AndrewRaycroft Off-season goalie swaps 810 @76_AndrewPeters Simmon…
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A guy who hardly hits homers mashed a big one and then goes Spider-Man to make a catch. Manuel Margot, the prototy…"Joe was a fascinating guy, in many ways like a savant about how the game was played...he was very opinionated, bel…
Retweeted by Scott MacArthur 🏳️‍🌈It’s happened to Rick Renteria on both sides of Chicago. Gone before the going gets really good.’m too young to have seen Joe Morgan play but by any metric he was one of the greatest second basemen who ever liv…