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Let love be your goal..... Owner of a medical equipment service company! Also known as the whistler on the end of Sometime James live 2008.

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@doctor_oxford @MattHancock @BorisJohnson What happened to data protection, that I have to jump through hoops for!!??
@yumhoneyblood I have the pleasure of dragging friends, strangers and someone very special to your shows You have… some accuse me of talking to both sides in the Brexit debate then so be it. I’m proud of it. Why would I only w…
Retweeted by Scott Barlow @OfficialTfGM #TfGMNoel end of the line. Thank you and good night.👍
@yumhoneyblood @estrons My album of the year, sorry hun. It just so powerful @OfficialTfGM #TfGMNoel the boy even visited home! 🤪🥳 @OfficialTfGM #TfGMNoel @ReelScreenBoo We only bloody won! @OfficialTfGM #TfGMNoel @ReelScreenBoo IT'S Quizmas ! @OfficialTfGM #TfGMNoel let's get the party started. 🥂 @OfficialTfGM #TfGMNoel @ReelScreenBoo let Quizmas begin! @IsleOfWightFest @LionelRichie @LewisCapaldi @petetong @snowpatrol @ChemBros @duranduran It's a bit girlie! But who gives a dam!🤪🥂🥁🎶🎹 @OfficialTfGM #TfGMNoel bit of chilling before party times! @MarriottBonvoy @OfficialTfGM Screenboo Quizmas! @ReelScreenBoo 😉👍👍👍 @OfficialTfGM #TfGMNoel hitting Media city! @hicharliepowell @sparkensoph Is she an artist to? Or producer???👍 @OfficialTfGM @TheNqGallery @noelfielding11 @NoelGallagher @Afflecksfox Still going!😉 @noelfielding11 and @NoelGallagher have had @OfficialTfGM @scottystatic #noel visit NQ @Afflecksfox today 😍#tfgm
Retweeted by Scott Barlow @yumhoneyblood Maybe!🤪😘 @redphil250505 Heard very mixed reviews! Music people over the moon, randoms talking and board! @redphil250505 The red head behind looks ecstatic!😳😳At the Hastings hustings, where the Tories only have a majority of 345, the Tory candidate just said “disabled peop…
Retweeted by Scott Barlow @the_woozle Sleep outs are so good! But make sure you have a good sleeping would not believe how cold it feels! 👍🥰 @scottystatic @slowreadersclub With all this travelling I bet Noel's Feet On Fire!
Retweeted by Scott Barlow @OfficialTfGM Well we dont need to drive later😉👍 @OfficialTfGM time for a break! #TfGMNoel @leatherparty69 Be quite funny to do hey you get off of my cloud! 🤪 @OfficialTfGM @TheNqGallery He has a long day ahead! Let's hope the battery lasts! @OfficialTfGM @slowreadersclub #TfGMNoel READERS! @OfficialTfGM #TfGMNoel @TheNqGallery @yumhoneyblood My number one❤ @OfficialTfGM #TfGMNoel he's started his journey
@KendalCalling I dare you to put two female headliners on! Even just bump some up the bill! @Mr_Dave_Haslam Is it me or does he look a bit like Mike joyce? @TitaniumGirl8 @BBC6Music @slowreadersclub @ritzmanchester Booked the hotel last year as I knew I would be at a gig… @TitaniumGirl8 @BBC6Music @slowreadersclub @ritzmanchester Our group is there both nights but I'm 20th as I had to chose one! @BBC6Music Last gig of the year @slowreadersclub @ritzmanchester 🥰🥳 @GuzKhanOfficial Where do these people think the wealth got their money from? Down the back of the sofa? These very… @yumhoneyblood I have realised that I do prefer a female fronted band, I think it's to do with the range, as I can… is what was waiting for me when I got home from a long day at work. @lanternstalk making the world feel right… @yumhoneyblood I see only artists! Some that dress better than others. 👌 @onthe19thNov @yumhoneyblood @TRNSMTfest Until our radio stations get their head from up their own Male dominated p…
@XSManchester @thecourteeners @Mr_Jimbob Christmas song free doesn’t need to be Slade free! Come on feel the noise @slowreaderpompy @IsleOfWightFest @JohnGiddings01 As long as I get the Kooks I'll be happy, just fancy seeing them.
@justinmoorhouse @comedystoreuk Morphing more into Warby every month!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣Just discovered interest only mortgages! 🙄 @BBC6Music I only went one real gig! @SKIESbanduk @jimmysMCR my first and last gig in that venue, Jimmy's closed la…
@OfficialTfGM 🥳🥂👍Noel's! Autocorrect!!! @ChrisHawkinsUK @samfendermusic @BBC6Music @BBCSounds @estrons is my choice. @OfficialTfGM are golden novels valid Friday nights? OUR NHS 🌹
Retweeted by Scott Barlow
@AirTrafficLive How many were pressed? @BBC6Music @TheoAdams @FKAtwigs @maryannehobbs @pearlcitym16 the way she moves on stage is just mesmerising!
@skyhighshoes I love it, how much is he asking for it?? @Nov81979 At least your feet are the furthest extremities! @WeArePins bit late but quite a good pic from the apollo! @TaliesynK You're not, but it's a good look!🤣👍 @peterhook I do believe that schools have a lot of fund raising ability by having small festivals, they have the land parking and toilets!🤔😳 @terrychristian Personally, I always thought the F.A should have been accountable as they chose the venue that was never suitable! @the_haffman11 @ionaskye_ @JL1878_ @muniirv Negotiating with them, (like the Torys did behind closed doors) is not… @gracelily95x My current view! @gracelily95x My current view @yumhoneyblood I have a hotel in Vauxhall, my ipad and roli block! 😳🤣
@the_woozle @estrons My go to album still! I adore it!
@secretdiaryofcg @Uber_Support Oh, but if you go onto your account you know who this is! 😉😉😉😉 @TitaniumGirl8 @Smiths_Official Try Meat is murder! If you dont give it 8/10 tou need to address your scoring system!🤪 @SunshineCity83 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣idiots @secretdiaryofcg @Uber_Support Where was this? If it was London they are not happy with them to start with! Maybe g… @Mr_Jimbob @XSManchester I'll get 'someone' to steal the other pile!! So I'd move it to the definitely, so you don'… @Mr_Jimbob @XSManchester Ok then, you can play some Slade, but not that one! Deal!? I'd like how does it feel please. @XSManchester @Mr_Jimbob There is more to Slade than "that" record! Quite underrated these days. Grinch!! @HazelWilde @WEFoodbank @_Bands_FC 🤣🤣🤣🤣I read this as 7am! Even I'm not that lazy!!! @AirTrafficLive last week some put fractured life vinyl on ebay! It is now mine! (Alert was I place and I was not… @HazelWilde @WEFoodbank @_Bands_FC Stop it! The more you publicise this the earlier I have to be up! And my childre… @_Bands_FC @TitaniumGirl8 @lanternstalk @WEFoodbank Can I reserve one now, planning a heavy night and was hoping to… @_Bands_FC @lanternstalk @WEFoodbank Need! @MsCaitSpencer Where is this turd standing? @RadioX that's six female/female fronted bands so far today! About bloody time! Get some @yumhoneyblood on 🥳🥳🥳🥳 @jimmysMCR Only been twice! Loved every second ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
@michaelgove Is it p.c to say pot calling the kettle black? @LanceForman Reported 👍
@pdicko67 @TheLathums Should have been in Stockport a month back🤪🤪🤪 @MattHancock Here's the real plan. Get voted in, make money, 34 new hospitals, all private where they only treat yo…'m 100% Remain, and personally couldn't give a toss if Jeremy Corbyn wants to leave or remain. It's such a dumb an…
Retweeted by Scott Barlow @GavinHavery @WeArePins @bandonthewall What's it say?
@RadioX @PollyJames @slowreadersclub le Klub Paris. I need say no more! @Soakofficial @MrTaytoIreland He is called Pat as in Pat Tayto! 👌 @yumhoneyblood Happy Birthday to one of the most joyous singers that go and see. You have a glint in your eye at every performance. 😘❤🥳This is so lovely from @robdelaney. Show it to everyone!
Retweeted by Scott Barlow @waxandbeans @PaulYoungParlez Go on Paul! It is so nice in there! @KendalCalling @slowreadersclub was pretty special for me. @Sillyshib I'd pay for a go of that! @bbcquestiontime I want this mans job! I guess you dont need to be very good with numbers, have any grasp of realit… @bbcquestiontime Now that's the watch of a man that earns £80k 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤣 maybe get your polo shirt ironed with some of the dosh to! @mysugarspun @BBC6Music @steve_lamacq @laurenlaverne @shaunwkeaveny @yumhoneyblood Platelets?? 👏 @ChrisHawkinsUK ......bodywash @ChrisHawkinsUK Arthur Chest infection and the easily distracted @RussInCheshire You have certainly made it if that's how much you pay for your wine! But totally agree that I can a… @BBC6Music @estrons you think I'm too much, I think you're not enough, an absolute must of an album everything you… @AndyBurnhamGM How much would a £1 Manchester per room per night hotel tax raise?