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Scotty @ScottyTidwell Daytona Beach, FL

CCO of @GFUELEnergy | The Official Energy Drink of Esports®

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Interested in working at #GFUEL? We're hiring a Marketing & Partnerships position! You'd be mainly identifying and…
Retweeted by Scotty @DeathlyiAm @mr_costi_real without boundaries is self-destruction.Happy Birthday to my little girl. ❤️ Pic on the left was Sep of 98 🤯 @Vesi_lol @tdunner82 @DeputyWolfy 🤣Our partnership managers will be keeping an eye on the replies to this tweet. Shoot your shot why you should be a…
@ajMatthysse @Kuavo @ShadyG Easy mode @clubchampgolf booked a fitting with you guys, curious to see what you see vs my current setup. <3 @ONE_shot_GURL @GFuelEnergy @GFuelEnergy flavor Strawberry Slushie is available NOW! 😍 You can use code OSG for 30% off as well 🙌 So excite…
Retweeted by ScottyHappy Birthday to my youngest, who will always be my baby. I love you! @red4424 @Nascarextreme01 @DakTidwell bruh @tdunner82 😂 @weskeltner Bruh… how much to ship me a bowl of that 🤤
@JonnyMacGolf @rydercup @nikegolf @Nike @NikeN7 I’m so jelly of you right now @DaVirusOfficial @GamerAdvantage I’m 7 3/4 fitted hat and all of my GA frames fit my fat melon. @Nicks Cross input is the future. @itsctrlfreq I bought it, I hope it's decent.Officially Re-Signed with @GFuelEnergy. Thankful to have the support from a great team in all things I do on & off…
Retweeted by Scotty @Clayster 🤣🤣🤣 @KurtBenkert @GFuelEnergy How are you so amazing at everything you do? Teach me. @Calamity_Meg ya, those are only for 10 keyless, I think. @KaliaDavis20 I love this. Let me know if you ever need my help or feedback on anything. @SavinTheBees dm @Chaosxsilencer @VenomMovie @GFuelEnergy Birthday to one of my favorite people on the planet. @DeathlyiAm I hope you have a great day! (you're working…
@CouRageJD @Yankees WFaZe ✘ Batman ✘ Brasil 🦇
Retweeted by Scotty @ARonaWillDo Chin up ❤️
@_benjoe02 -5 couples scamble
@KOSDFF @ttvdanielle y’all cute ❤️ @ajMatthysse I need a selfie of you and the boss.bae took a few pics 😂 @Bunchey7K I need to have my handicap recalculated, but my app shows I’m a 5. I can destroy courses less than 6.5 yds.TBH… we had -9 in the bag… but the white claws caught up to us on the back nine 🤣🤣🤣 I’ve never called a score until… @ItsSakumai 🦴🍎🦷
@AngelRsoto Yes, watch all of these videos. @RickShielsPGA Love it! @2PAC And to add to this... Notorious Thugs would be my #2, LOL. I had both on repeat 24/7 back in the '90s. @CrizFN @2PAC Ya, great song, but 2PAC was on a whole different level IMO LOL.The wife and I are going to play golf tomorrow. We're playing best ball and 100% carding a -5 or better.Easy... Hit Em' Up by the GOAT, @2PAC @weskeltner I'm beyond Jelly... Friday would be perfect for golf every week LOL. @Big_E @JakeSucky @Ninja agreed LOL
@clubchampgolf Where are you guys located? @TwilightHeero @NICKMERCS I'm pretty sure it was open registration?Who's pulling up to @NICKMERCS's #MFAMBBQ this weekend? @DakTidwell I'm going to drag you fam LOL. @Gigante LMAO, let me know and I’d love to party up. @stoolpresidente Peak fact checking 😂 @BHatfieId Waiting on chips or? @BHatfieId I love my Powerboost @Javontae_JB @GFuelEnergy I got you hooked on the peach rings 😍🔥#wcw
I wanted to take a min and give some appreciation to @ItsTanikins! Thank you for all that you do! @H3CZ @PinePark Blaze one for me fam. @falcowitz @JasonFalco4 Happy Birthday! Phil our babies were almost born on the same day lol.Nobody does marketing better than @Apple their new iPhone 13 Pro video is literally perfect in every way.
@zimm I don't see any stolen IP?
I am super excited to announce that I am now working full-time with @GFuelEnergy as a Partnership Manager! After o…
Retweeted by Scotty @KosmicKait @GFuelEnergy @GammaLabs 🤝🚀 @barstoolsports Oh lawd. @Mike_Haracz dm @POTUS Please cut inflation while you're at it.Which @GFuelEnergy partner has the best gaming setup? 🧐You’re officially old when you somehow injure yourself while sleeping 😅😂💀
Brunch views 😍 @LrdHighSummoner @kresdick This thing is amazing but I suck. @LrdHighSummoner @kresdick Teach me how to play. @hazesyah 🙌🙌🙌41 in this pic. Bulking szn starts 11/1.
Happy 18th son ❤️ @TheLoyalPatriot CongratulationsMy lil soldier ❤️ @DakTidwell ❤️ entire Army team came onto the field with American flags today. Beautiful. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Retweeted by ScottySpeechless... Thank you so much @ScottyTidwell for sending me this @GFuelEnergy mini fridge. ❤
Retweeted by Scotty @DaVirusOfficial @GFuelEnergy Thank you for being awesome. 🤝 @JonnyMacGolf @TaylorMadeGolf I think my driver is messed up tbh. I’m hitting my 3W 235-245 and my driver is only c… @JonnyMacGolf @TaylorMadeGolf You’re going to convert me from a lifelong PING player huh.#FlashbackFriday ❤️
@therealcliffyb @MelonieMac @GFuelEnergy LMAO @gm__golf I need to send you some G FUEL.Which @GFuelEnergy partner has the nicest car? 👀 @BobMorrisJr These pics are sooo clean. @AngelRsoto @Ninja @NICKMERCS I’m a huge lemonade drinker so I lean towards anything lemon related @Ninja @NICKMERCS’ve got the solution to your boring energy drinks, Go ahead and get you some @gfuelenergy use code JJ8 at check ou…
Retweeted by Scotty#tbt ❤️ @DaVirusOfficial @GFuelEnergy All of them.
@patrick_cantlay Let’s go! 🔥 @tonyfinaugolf @RyderCupUSA Let’s go!😍 #clickbait
@RealShaneLive Same! @Cam_Peoples6 cc @DakTidwell @CrizFN Because they lost LOLRemember yesterday. 👀 Plan for tomorrow. 📝 But don't forget to enjoy today. 🙏 @KaliaDavis20 @Kingdom_Soldier Happy Birthday! You're catching up to me, brother <3 I hope you and the kids are well.