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I'm an ENTERTAINER that's what I was born to do. 15 years of work at haunted houses.I can turn into any character in the snap of a finger.I ❤ HORROR! 🤘☠💀

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@LauraSensFan For? @Raiton08 I'm trying to figure it out @Raiton08 Cut the shit out of it 🤣😂 @abhorrently_urs That would be brutal 🤣😂 @craiglayton07 If I see her I'll chase her ass to Canada with the saw @AlissaLaylax @MutantTheater2 @CrispyHurricane That's awesome @Raiton08 I wanna take my saw to mondays 🤣😂 @ZombiepandaDoll @DrexanaDreams ♥️🔥🍆😁 @abhorrently_urs Stay safe ABS .. my brother cleans overnight at a school here and there was 4 faculty that got Covid, it's totally insane. @LivnDeadGrl87 WTF! @CattyButPoetic Happy Monday @EmmaOfTheImpact You're welcome @CattyButPoetic Good Afternoon @EmmaOfTheImpact Now that's just totally badass,Great Job! 🎃 Halloween 2 style! @CattyButPoetic All in a days work 🤣😂 @MMortemm I'm always here for you DM anytime! @DevannyPinn Awesome! Best of luck you look amazing 💯🔥 @Lisacaines841 So that's what's in a fire extinguisher! 🤣😂 @Horror_Disciple That's what I do 😂🤣🍻 @MMortemm The people under the crotch @Horror_Disciple I'm a VIRGO I'll die for you T. 🤣😂 @StaceyBuzzActor Well I'm a funny bastard 🤣😂 @abhorrently_urs Totally 💯 badass 🤘 @AxelleCarolyn you're the best man, great video as usual brother. @Shudder @shuddercanada wake up and smell the coffee give… @StaceyBuzzActor 🤣😂🤣😂 don't they know there is dedicated websites for that 😁 @ClubMorbid @MMortemm Take a few day break and come keep at it all of your hard work will pay off your an amazing person and yo… @StaceyBuzzActor 🤣😂🤣😂 @LisaPortillo9 @langis941 @zombiegirl72 @DeCrane6 @omar_syrinx2112 @JulianT16362538 @GeorgeSchmidt67 @LAfromLINY…
@MMortemm Imagine getting a ride from her 🤣😂😜 @langis941 @abhorrently_urs @LisaPortillo9 @ConnieJoJo2 @amieeemarieee75 @Mae_Macabre @LAfromLINY @Horror_Disciple… @amieeemarieee75 @LisaPortillo9 @jessicagnarly @slothrop420 @amieeemarieee75 @LisaPortillo9 @jessicagnarly @slothrop420 I'm in as long as we've got bush 🤣😂🤣😂 had to @craiglayton07 That's right brother and congratulations I'm very proud of you man. hit the level 40 cap now I can't rank up anymore lameCOD:Black OPS Cold War BETA is so damn good! @CattyButPoetic Good Afternoon @BartHyatt @cinemime1950 @Elissadowling @TYLER_MANE @ManeEntertain @TonyTodd54 @twisted_twins @THETomSavini… @cinemime1950 #horrorcommunity #HorrorFamily @Elissadowling @TYLER_MANE @ManeEntertain @TonyTodd54 @twisted_twins… @CattyButPoetic @BottineauLeo You too#NewProfilePic @BottineauLeo I mute the group chat shit I just go in with a few friends and have fun private chat I can't stand an unmuted lobby lol @BottineauLeo I just left there 🤣😂🤣😂...... im addicted to multiplayer lol @BottineauLeo It's all good I'm a night owl too I stay up playing COD @MMortemm Thank you I try and we have Craig too @MMortemm Well I'm here @ZombiepandaDoll You're welcome @BottineauLeo That's awesome man @ZombiepandaDoll The one with your legs up is the best 😜♥️🔥 @MMortemm Damn that clam is strong 😂🤣 @StaceyBuzzActor @BottineauLeo @abhorrently_urs @LisaPortillo9 @craiglayton07 @HorrorFanX007 @MMortemm @Raiton08… @StaceyBuzzActor @amythatisme @LeeSondra @RowdyRobbie13 @SetDarcyFree @langis941 @xhorrorprincess @Lisacaines841… @LeeSondra 😂🤣😂😂🤣 @abhorrently_urs This reminds me of Friday the 13th:Jason Takes Manhattan when he punches the kids head off 😂🤣😂🤣 @MMortemm It's a great night @abhorrently_urs We will get rid of the garbage together @kinky_horror OH SHIT! I gotta step it up. 🤣😂
@EmmaOfTheImpact 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 @ZombiepandaDoll 💯🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 @CattyButPoetic So cute @MMortemm @DefenderWalrus @BottineauLeo @abhorrently_urs @LisaPortillo9 @craiglayton07 @HorrorFanX007 @MMortemm @Raiton08… @MMortemm 😂🤣😂🤣🤣 @LisaPortillo9 @BottineauLeo @abhorrently_urs @craiglayton07 @HorrorFanX007 @MMortemm @Raiton08 @kinky_horror… @CattyButPoetic You're very welcome @LisaPortillo9 @BottineauLeo @abhorrently_urs @craiglayton07 @HorrorFanX007 @MMortemm @Raiton08 @kinky_horror… @BottineauLeo @abhorrently_urs @LisaPortillo9 @craiglayton07 @HorrorFanX007 @MMortemm @Raiton08 @kinky_horror… @abhorrently_urs @BottineauLeo @LisaPortillo9 @craiglayton07 @HorrorFanX007 @MMortemm @Raiton08 @kinky_horror… @amythatisme @LeeSondra @RowdyRobbie13 @SetDarcyFree @langis941 @xhorrorprincess @Lisacaines841 @LordsPrayer6… @LordsPrayer6 @BottineauLeo @abhorrently_urs @LisaPortillo9 @craiglayton07 @HorrorFanX007 @MMortemm @Raiton08… @LisaPortillo9 @BottineauLeo @abhorrently_urs @craiglayton07 @HorrorFanX007 @MMortemm @Raiton08 @kinky_horror… @EmmaOfTheImpact @BottineauLeo @abhorrently_urs @LisaPortillo9 @craiglayton07 @HorrorFanX007 @MMortemm @Raiton08… @craiglayton07 @BottineauLeo @abhorrently_urs @LisaPortillo9 @HorrorFanX007 @MMortemm @Raiton08 @kinky_horror… @BottineauLeo @abhorrently_urs @LisaPortillo9 @craiglayton07 @HorrorFanX007 @MMortemm @Raiton08… @amythatisme @LeeSondra @RowdyRobbie13 @SetDarcyFree @langis941 @xhorrorprincess @Lisacaines841 @LordsPrayer6… @BottineauLeo @abhorrently_urs @LisaPortillo9 @craiglayton07 @HorrorFanX007 @MMortemm… @CattyButPoetic 😂🤣 sure why not 🤣😂 @Horror_Disciple @craiglayton07 That would b sick @craiglayton07 I def gotta do it @craiglayton07 Dude that was amazing brother @Mae_Macabre @abhorrently_urs Not me I crank the water first 🤣😂 @Lisacaines841 Going good @HorrorFanRyan @LordsPrayer6 @TheInBetween8 All because they can't get a woman in real life so they gotta troll on twitter get a damn job @joy_jntb @LordsPrayer6 @TheInBetween8 Block the scum @Lisacaines841 You're welcome! how's your day? @amieeemarieee75 @langis941 @jessicagnarly @cordisbored @neff_goldblum @badtechno @therealjoebob @kinky_horror… @ZombiepandaDoll That's just awesome right there @LordsPrayer6 @TheInBetween8 LOSMAN you loser what goes around comes around. @creepshowens @LordsPrayer6 LOSMAN needs a beatdown @LordsPrayer6 This moron needs a severe beatdown @_Andrea_Ricca @mostmortem @tryguys @nedfulmer @EugeneLeeYang @KeithHabs @korndiddy @HorrorCarnival @CsmicSeaTurtle… @Horror_Disciple You're welcome brother 🍻 @Krueger1428E @Shorror_ Awesomeness @Horror_Disciple That's a badass costume @LordsPrayer6 Likewise 👍 @Lisacaines841 Hi Lisa amazing work as usual ♥️ @Shorror_ @Bridgep0rt 👅🔥♥️