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ENFP-T. Voice actor. Costumer. Part-time ferret, Jackal Soldier, PPAP. Plays jerk blue MtG decks. Partner to @Scratchkitty Cosplay/Instagram: @jackalcostuming

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Yinz just saw this tag! #TransCrafted I’m Jack, a transman from Pittsburgh currently. I love illustration and using a…
Retweeted by Ferret ApprovedOh hey!! @VanessaLeighCos gets these wonderful wishes today!! @Kesswylie What a nice summer that was. @MFathering @elektrotal @elektrotal you get it don't say anything. dont explain it to those who dont know. just aeiou
Retweeted by Ferret ApprovedDoes @TuckerCarlson want to walk a mile in my legs and then tell me whether or not I love America?
Retweeted by Ferret ApprovedMy contributions to #BungieDay @DestinyTheGame and the Relocation of Shiny Objects @shop_affinity @JonathanBarkan @KevlarUnicorn @ReubenCheeks Thanks for finding them. I couldn't track it down. That…
@JonathanBarkan @shop_affinity @KevlarUnicorn I would agree. I've been searching for a while to no avail. :( @Brian_Reynolds3 I really should get a Scrapper piece from you! @MsAshRocks It's the best @FayVFox Here’s a song for you… Mr. Hurricane by Beast, my clan ran Crown of Sorrow over the weekend, and by sheer stroke of luck, Gahlran's crown landed right over… are fun!'s kind of a shag carpet, and this event had an open bar. So. This happened.
Retweeted by Ferret Approved @seraph_six Oh no. I'm so sorry. 😪 @Ekanaut Proud of you both!
I feel called out. @BlossomReady @_UnknownStag Yay Warlocks!!! @BGBrainKatie Destiny 2 @KevlarUnicorn @JonathanBarkan I wish I knew who drew it. It got sent to me one day, and I kept it. It's great. @Nate_Tice So incredibly good. @_UnknownStag What shader is that?? Looks so good on the Trials helmet! Someday I'll get someone to carry me to the other pieces! 😂 @Kay_Shep_87 It's the little things in life. @MorganTries Hello! :) @GoldenDruid @Coyotitude Pop me a DM if you like and I can give you details (I can't send you one!) @GoldenDruid @Coyotitude Absolutely! I handle the hotel bookings for our group of 12, so I've been knee deep in it… @GoldenDruid I didn't know you were planning on going to Dragoncon! We've been going since 09, and @Coyotitude goes with us! @DragonCon Love ya right back! @DragonCon Understandable and such a difficult thing to do. Obviously we'll miss everyone, but it'll be good to see… @goberthicks @RobertJSchuster @TheManaSource @G3RRYT I'm still on PS4 as ScrapperLock if anyone needs a very experi… will always love this video of Tim Curry having the hardest time keeping a straight face during a COMMAND & CONQU…
Retweeted by Ferret Approved @JonathanBarkan @veesa_mtg Precious bean!! @_kaburi_ It was really good. Sitting around awfully content at the moment. 😄 @VorthosMike @MarcelMTG Only the second one I've done. Hopefully can keep improving it!! @inked_bee Between 72 and 75, but usually 73.Retweet this if you'd date a trans person. Like if trans women are women, trans men are men, and non-binary people are non-binary.
Retweeted by Ferret Approved @dixonij @TappyToeClaws @TolarianCollege The third picture...that was such a fun night! @pmhodgson @dixonij @RobertJSchuster Yeah. It's fun just on general principle!Check out the smoke ring!! 😍 @RobertJSchuster @pmhodgson I used Militia's Birthright, Orewing's Maul and Colony. Sometimes I'd switch to Fight…
Brisket has been cooking in hickory and cherry wood smoke for....7.5 hours now. 😍Way back when, Matt got started with #warhammer40k way before cosplay. Might be time to jump back in. 😄
Retweeted by Ferret Approved @BengineeringTV You and @PleasantKenobi are starting to get me back on the wagon. 😆 @londongal_28 Nope. Me either.What COVID and Racism have in common: People don't believe they exists if they haven't been affected personally.
Retweeted by Ferret Approved @TappyToeClaws For one of the coolest people I know!! city of San Diego accidentally setting off all the fireworks at once will always be funny to me
Retweeted by Ferret Approved @brielarson @firstwefeast @seanseaevans This was so good!! I love seeing people just be themselves. Thanks for putting this out there. 😄
@Mehndi_tgr *ferret cannonball incoming* @CryptRat Also acceptable ^_^Good memories from @anthrocon that my friend shared! @Manicknux , me, TDK, Goku and a suiter I don't know!… can call me: Matt Scrapper Toob Ferret Cat Dad Woozle @LauraBaileyVO This is heartbreaking. 😪 @dixonij Totally fair. 🤣
@AshCoyote For your #FursuitFriday !! Me and @Mehndi_tgr @AshCoyote Can't wait to see the first one!! @thatgalcarolyn Annoy? That's spectacular and I need to see it.If I have made a positive experience for you in the card game, convention, or any esports community or done somethi… @dixonij Hanging out with you in Vegas, and just getting to meet a great new friend. With terrible taste in hockey teams. @poofsuits 😭😭😭😭😭😭 and I live here! @AshlenRose Love them!! @joabaldwin It's so strange. Normally even the air feels different when we head downtown. But we'll meet again some…'s 91 outside. And I cleaned the grill. I made a terrible decision. @VixenVVitch Nice! Even if mine grew out,it would be pin straight. Forever. Lol @joabaldwin Unrelated, hope you're doing well. :) @joabaldwin It looks like a camera. But I'm no expert.To all my trans sisters and brothers.. you are worthwhile. You do not have to settle. Dont stick with someone who w…
Retweeted by Ferret Approved @DraikenTalkos I'm curiouscommission for @ClassicGrowlie
Retweeted by Ferret ApprovedHe fell asleep in a tissue box..
Retweeted by Ferret Approved @sovykurosei @Happy_TGD Yep! My yard is filled with them. ^_^ @Foximus05 I am going to end you. @plastickfox @ScratchKitty Can vouch @Foximus05 That was after I got my new glasses ya chucklehead. @LizbethEden Because I'm probably going to sleep shortly... @RealClancyBrown Not gonna lie, but sitting around talking about whatever (probably baseball) and eating ice cream sounds pretty damn fun.Not the best clustering of them, but a brief look. @Kesswylie I'm not in LA, but, you can mail me some. :)My backyard is a galaxy of lightning bugs. 😃 @TolarianCollege You have never been anything but kind, supportive and generous to @ScratchKitty and me. We are ab… thoughts.
Retweeted by Ferret Approved @danidonovan Hi, it's me!!!ADHD and anxiety Depression in early 30s, which I've kept pretty well under control., you! Yeah, you! Basil wants you to know that you’re doing awesome. You should be proud of yourself. Some da…
Retweeted by Ferret Approved @lindseyvonn Perfectly fine.Chris Chipman, Maya Santandrea, Theo Leigh, Maureen Foley and Matt Wardle all guest star in this week's episode of…
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@aNerdskull @Lucalbio In your own time. We're here to support! @Mehndi_tgr ping! @Kyle_McQ @Mandy_Seley It's simple, but I really love making potato pancakes the way my mom used to. It's messy and time cons…