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🚫.WAV🚫 affiliate @ScratchaDVA joins us this Friday alongside @TxImpey, i-sha, Lucien & Ramos for a multi-genre sp…
Retweeted by Scratchclart🚫🔥🔥🔥⚡⚡⚡ oi @ScratchaDVA & @LadyLykez in @residentadvisor top 5 key performances at @unsound 🔥🔥
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2019 r otw2 @PirateStudiosUK 2remx 1 of dese. Chooose 1. Session starts at 12noon.Track list once more -
Retweeted by Scratchclart🚫KG X SCRATCHCLART // THE CLASSIX EP // 18TH OCT
Not long til @ScratchaDVA @KarenNyameKG Classix!!!
Retweeted by Scratchclart🚫 @JackDatLdn Stop* @JackDatLdn Tht wil teach u2 dL and send wavsWe wil b doin it agen at @Hyperdub x 15 Bday @villunderlondon Friday hypd frm fridays @unsound w @LadyLykez @PirateStudiosUK I take tht bk. I wna c @STASandCAT bk 2gethr💣KG x @moretimerecords x @boilerroomtv 🔥🔥 Big up @moretimerecords for having me on their stage❣️ 🎥WATCH :…
Retweeted by Scratchclart🚫Fanx @3feethii and the ppl who cum out in Kreuzberg on sat nyt. 💜2 @TheOnlyMikeQ @RosaPistola @jubamusicldn and Charlie 🇩🇪KG X SCRATCHCLART // THE CLASSIX EP // 18TH OCT @SukhKnight @SPRAGGABENZ3 @ILLAMAN Yoooo🔥🔥🔥 @AriLennox @craigpugzzz
@TheOnlyMikeQ 💜🙌🏿
@itsFAUZIA @unsound @LadyLykez Pissd i missd u2. Gon catch u soon 🙌🏿2NYT IN KREUZBERG @3feethii 🔥 @HudMo @BBCR1 Thts @DJPOLOUK aswell but fanx 4the play bro 👊🏿FankU! @unsound / Krakow ❤🎒 @WendyKatCatkins Ye ths aint on. This dnt count @WendyKatCatkins Agree @sheepshead__ @LadyLykez @TekiLatex @bettybensimon 👊🏿And tht goes4 erry1. Race color gendre age wtevaI ws deepin this last nyt. Wen u get on the train or bus an deres room but not loads of room. An u sit dwn an ur si… Literally no dj on planet earth: Teki👑:
@Unclemez 😂it's on tonight @unsound ! Going back to back with @bettybensimon in the Chandelier room at 3.15, sandwiched in bet…
Retweeted by Scratchclart🚫 @Plastician @boilerroomtv Hw u gettin dere? @EmmaGemmaAmy @DramahUK Na full tymers aint sharin a mic w no blk guy. This is part tym activityDere r gon b racist grime mcs and rappers ca unfortuntly music is 4errybodyKG X SCRATCHCLART // THE CLASSIX EP // 18TH OCT @MarcusNasty We shud 2hav a sitdwn podcast abt thisWho this part tym racist doe? @DramahUK
@Plastician @Uber U abt 2get £1453.86 @Uber creditThis tweet is still relevant now.
Retweeted by Scratchclart🚫KG X SCRATCHCLART // THE CLASSIX EP // 18TH OCT
@AustinDarbo Bare propaganda😂Send me dem dubs an ul b dere in spirit🤣 fing 2happen 2music in a longtym. Lets hope bandcamp dnt do sum crzy switchup on us an get bort out by apple o… in4 @Citizen_BoySA at @3feethii / Berlin who unfortunatly cnt make it. Lookin fwd 2this1. Wil b testin alot…
🚗💨ROAD TESTING🚦 🚧🚧🚧🚧🚧🚧🚧🚧🚧🚧 B2L @KarenNyameKG x @ScratchaDVA #THECLASSIXEP 😈😈😈😈😈
Retweeted by Scratchclart🚫WATCH: @LadyLykez x @ScratchaDVA shell it down in the studio - this is a stunning low-end workout between two fanta…
Retweeted by Scratchclart🚫One of our fave moments from @impey's Boiler Room a couple months back for @itsFAUZIA curates! He’ll be joining…
Retweeted by Scratchclart🚫 @PirateStudiosUK Roll Deep x East Connection
@Eli1ah Fanx bro @LRGROOVE @KarenNyameKG ClassicKG X SCRATCHCLART // THE CLASSIX EP // 18TH OCT
Retweeted by Scratchclart🚫 @joemuggs radarSpendin 2+yrs creating a new label 4dem 2jus put self released X SCRATCHCLART // THE CLASSIX EP // 18TH OCT
Rap game uk!!! Na ths is sikkk
KG X SCRATCHCLART // THE CLASSIX EP // 18TH OCT @I_Skream haha @I_Skream U dbt evn reply 2mine wa u talkn bt LOOOOL @I_Skream I c u used 2fill out all ur promo sheets an send dem bk im the post😂 @GRANDMIXXER Dnt b scared of the mic bro😂 @I_Skream Ofc i chek dem myself lol. But not always a feedbk ting. Jus go an play. Aint no simon cowell i jus wna play trax @I_Skream Na man disagree @I_Skream I disagree. Cnt always allocate tym 4feedbk. If the artist is in2 u or plugger is doin a gd job then mayb… @GRANDMIXXER This ws sikk i ws lockd live. U neva talk @UKREDLIGHT Wen ur in sum hotel w rubbish wifi an sum 1 sends u a zip of wavs w bangers and then goes offline. Thn… im with @ScratchaDVA wav’s n aiff’s need to be banned 😂 . Tryin to download em on the move. Just wastes my dataz…
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@FilthyGears Wen stormin sed in genevas i saw ur mum it always got me ca my mum actully used 2go dereConspiraaccyyyyyyyyyy 😂 @SHILANGU_DJ @RinseFM @BigFris Stop trine get me cancelld😂Sum1 shud line tht up at the next festival. Y do i hav2 fink of erryfing?Misteeq vs og Sugababes wud b a p sikk sting soundclash u kno.
@UK_BassMusic @KarenNyameKG I aint no uk funky originator but fanx 4the post👊🏿.@KarenNyameKG and @ScratchaDVA announce Classix EP UK Funky originators and Hyperdub affiliates unveil latest coll…
Retweeted by Scratchclart🚫Our 15th B-day party is on Fri Oct 18th @villunderlondon with @DJ_Spinn @GambleLee @LoJamMusic @ScratchaDVA
Retweeted by Scratchclart🚫to mark #BlackHistoryMonth I thought I’d start a thread highlighting Black women* involved in UK #jungle #dnb over…
Retweeted by Scratchclart🚫 @MarcusNasty @GROOVECHRONICLE Or actully. i need an Uncle Noodz podcast @MarcusNasty @GROOVECHRONICLE Same. Uncle Noodz needs a podcast
new sinjin production out today 👀
Retweeted by Scratchclart🚫GOB Weekly A new playlist updated weekly Live now on Apple Music & Spotify
Retweeted by Scratchclart🚫Makin sure erry last 1of my UK Funky cds r rippd 4this 🔊🏂⛷⛸ @FilthyGears Is tht wa he sed??? @TomKoast @KarenNyameKG 🚄 The train is movin💨KG X SCRATCHCLART // THE CLASSIX EP // 18TH OCT
@SukhKnight Bro hes got sum new heat cumin cnt w8 🔥🔥🔥quick word of advice for any young person trying to get their foot in. Most media companies follow the same format…
Retweeted by Scratchclart🚫 @JLSXND7RS Yep @JubileeDJ If no1 liked charlemagne he wdnt hav the amount of jobs he has ryt nwI always stukup4 empire wen errybody sed it ws trash but u kno wa. Am dun. I aint watchn lucious marley an the rest… Recent I Am Grime Show 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇
Retweeted by Scratchclart🚫Out to @switchuk_ for another mad one this weekend! <3
Retweeted by Scratchclart🚫 @strictface 🤣🤣🤣 @JubileeDJ I dnt feel dese guys like u dnt feel charlemagne. We disagree alot jess hav u noticd. I fink we hav a gd… @JubileeDJ It is deep. I wna larfLarfin aint a crime. Yet @JubileeDJ Did raw an delerous go over ur hed wen u watchd it bk in the day or did u belly larf an carry on w ur dayFam eddie murphy jus apologisd4 raw & deliereous. Last chappelle special clearly went over hes head
@DJ_YungSingh FankULady Lykez w sum midset organisd violence. Fanx2 Switch & @clfartcafe and erry who pulldup