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Blessed Be Bitch 🙏🏾

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@beard2cray He sticks to what he’s good at.Sending luv to u today 🖤
Retweeted by MONCLEEZY.I’ll miss it, but it’s definitely time.‘GODZILLA V KONG’ will now release on March 26 in theaters and on HBO Max.
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Sir, bodega where? This is a midtown deli 🥴
Retweeted by MONCLEEZY. @KANYEISMYDAD I think I might give it a watchThis-is-the-re-mix. Woo!
Retweeted by MONCLEEZY. @themrwest Lmaoo you hate Jen with a passion.Anybody gonna watch Bling Empire?You already know how this makes me feel. I love & respect this Queen!
Retweeted by MONCLEEZY.Yes!! @voteforrahn I can agree with that @themrwest You definitely ain’t lie with that last statement lmao and it’s showing from these looks. @themrwest LmaooooooNow that’s a serve
Retweeted by MONCLEEZY.(I don’t like any of the looks tbh)Mary looks a fool per usual. in a relationship with some of y’all must feel like prison
Retweeted by MONCLEEZY.Clean versions of songs be sounding so stupid.
Retweeted by MONCLEEZY.It’s odd how people will repeat something they heard despite having no knowledge on the topic
Retweeted by MONCLEEZY.don’t stop being gentle with yourself.
Retweeted by MONCLEEZY.the way the girls threw their whole pussy into that choreo
Retweeted by MONCLEEZY.FOG sells out immediately, damn.
Retweeted by MONCLEEZY.There’s just some songs that rappers don’t belong on. 34+35 is one of them.
Retweeted by MONCLEEZY.Me coming out of no where to sing my favorite part of a song while my friend is already singing it
Retweeted by MONCLEEZY.Me: y’all nasty. Also me:
Retweeted by MONCLEEZY.It’s really the fact that she’s a chameleon and can sound good on literally anything that’s getting her by.I like Doja’s verse on Motive way more. @Cordelra_ Chile lmao of course here you come.Happy Birthday to revolutionary activist Martin Luther King Jr. May he Rest In Peace. 🖤
Retweeted by MONCLEEZY.If this doesn’t happen to you, you are not “thick/thicc” or any other derivative of the same
Retweeted by MONCLEEZY.idk bout hov but im not listenin to no man who got a bbl lmao
Retweeted by MONCLEEZY.ain’t this nigga get a tummy tuck?
Retweeted by MONCLEEZY.He’s protecting his peace, more people who have a trauma bond with social media should do the same.
Retweeted by MONCLEEZY.Jay is a whole 51 years old that man didn’t need social media to help his career back then and he still don’t need… @TheJermaineG Let’s goooo @KevinBobby Lmao they sure do. @TheJermaineG That you didAndrew Yang walking around NYC like
Retweeted by MONCLEEZY.Brb watching #WandaVision
Retweeted by MONCLEEZY.It’s just a tactic to get higher chart placements & sales count... 💤
Retweeted by MONCLEEZY. @ThatDamnNate_ they try.
Retweeted by MONCLEEZY.Twitter cannot bully you into changing your preferences & standards. Period.
Retweeted by MONCLEEZY.Keep posting y’all ass in them fleets. @TheJermaineG And I Oop.Well damn. let it go 😭
Retweeted by MONCLEEZY. @TheShadeRoom She dropped like bullets were coming at her lmaoo
Retweeted by MONCLEEZY.Find your way back, big, big world but you got it baby
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Retweeted by MONCLEEZY.LMAOOOOOO @Yooshawnn Bitch do you want to fightIm tired of y’all posting videos with no mask, and then being upset that you’re clocked for not wearing the mask.
Retweeted by MONCLEEZY.34 + 35 Remix was a disappointment. It sounds forced honestly. It wasn’t cohesive at all.
Retweeted by MONCLEEZY.😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Retweeted by MONCLEEZY.i can't unsee it
Retweeted by MONCLEEZY. @Yooshawnn Oh trust me I know you can’t stand off my dick ugly. @MrVicks Have you watched it yet?You supposed to not say anything so you don’t upset the “stans” lmfao them people got issues. 😂 @Yooshawnn girl off my nutsack. If something misspelled it get deleted 😂 waist, pretty face, with a big bank. Look how you hatin on a bitch and
Retweeted by MONCLEEZY. @imsamcrowe 💀😂$35 but yeah, same idea...
Retweeted by MONCLEEZY.That Anthony Mackie Netflix movie came out?2020
Retweeted by MONCLEEZY.Beyoncé covering Jill Scott's "He Loves Me"
Retweeted by MONCLEEZY.🐎 mainstream shit is watering her down 🥺
Retweeted by MONCLEEZY.I see plies got them teeth in a large as well
Retweeted by MONCLEEZY.Acting like I’m a nobody you gon make me call somebody
Retweeted by MONCLEEZY.Also this music be for little ass kids.. it’s not for me/ us anyways ..
Retweeted by MONCLEEZY.“I gotta a couple bitches mad cuz I don’t fuck with them no more. & since you say you so unbothered whatchu speakin…
Retweeted by MONCLEEZY.I tried to drink it away I tried to put one in the air I tried to dance it away I tried to change it with my hair
Retweeted by MONCLEEZY.Uh... the song is about 69’ing babe. Are you not sure what that is? Is the math not mathing for you? 🤤🤤🤤
Retweeted by MONCLEEZY.Y’all act like people have to like every artist. Tf type of shit is that?
Retweeted by MONCLEEZY.Happy Birthday Chicago
Retweeted by MONCLEEZY.Rihanna on Same Ol Mistakes is a gift fr.
Retweeted by MONCLEEZY. @Saweetie’s digital content >>>
Retweeted by MONCLEEZY. @MrVicks I haven’t watched them lol I only went to see how many episodes they dropped and how long they are.This lol they be going on full rants cause people have an opinion that doesn’t match theirs on here.
Retweeted by MONCLEEZY.In hell Chile!
Retweeted by MONCLEEZY.Who watch them two measly Wanda Vision episodes yet?Tops are doing these booty challenges. The vers agenda strengthens
Retweeted by MONCLEEZY.Im HOWLING. 😭😭😭 Wendy was really tryin to shoot her shot at this young girl.
Retweeted by MONCLEEZY.*mutes the words : “ remix “ & “34 + 35”, *
Retweeted by MONCLEEZY. @LowKeyDij That first album he made points with.I think the fact that it won’t even play on Apple Music is a sign that I shouldn’t give it another listen.what am i suppose to do with this ? @ArianaGrande @DojaCat @theestallion
Retweeted by MONCLEEZY.This looks real racist to me
Retweeted by MONCLEEZY.Damn literally everyone hates Meg now.... like ion get it.
Retweeted by MONCLEEZY.The remix didn’t do anything different than the original did for me
Retweeted by MONCLEEZY. @Brandivo At oil.I can’t take Lil Nas X seriously
Retweeted by MONCLEEZY.If y’all hate Megan Thee Stallion just say that
Retweeted by’d up (remix) 🤝 34+35 (remix) sisters
Retweeted by MONCLEEZY.9 months pregnant doing the most! #fyp TikTok: @kellyrowland
Retweeted by MONCLEEZY.And her line AIN’T suspended. Come through @TsMadisonatl1!
Retweeted by MONCLEEZY.