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A Fanboys Sequel About The Justice League #SnyderCut Might Actually Happen - May Be Netflix’s Biggest First TV Season Ever - Movies & TV Shows Being Developed By Bad Robot & DC - to get #TwitterVerified but don't know how? Here's a few tips to get you started Alfred Repairs Batman's Plane in New #SnyderCut Image - Wars: #TheRiseofSkywalker Gets George Lucas' Jedi Wrong - Every Major Change To The Books In Season 1 - Craig would love to play Benoit Blanc again in a Knives Out sequel. Full story: Marvel Villain Appearing In MCU Phase 4 - Markets #TheSimpsons With Video Of The Show’s Best Disney References - #MortalKombat Movie Trailer May Arrive This Summer -
#JusticeLeague Zack Snyder Reveals New Look At Cut Atom Actor - Is Releasing #Pokemon: Mewtwo Strikes Back - Evolution Next Month - Teams Up Two Classic Superman Villains After #CrisisOnInfiniteEarths - Prequel Book Follows Young President Snow (& Makes Him A Hero) - #JamesBond Movies To Watch Before #NoTimeToDie - out this creepy zombie candle... oh and it’s #Zombieland Double Tap on Blu-ray today 💀 Wars: Why Leia Only Disappeared After Kylo Ren's Death In #TheRiseOfSkywalker - Yeoh Reportedly In Talks For Marvel’s Shang-Chi Movie latest #TheFalconAndTheWinterSoldier set photos reveal a first look at the NEW Captain America costume (but it'… Cooper's Leonard Bernstein movie is headed to Netflix, giving the streaming giant another big Oscar contend… Streaming Service Available In 2020 - Sets Up More Test Subjects For Season 4 - #DoomEternal previews look amazing. Details: Exclusive deleted scene from @lastchristmas feat. Emilia Clarke 👉 #lastchristmasmovie Every Easter Egg & Reference In The 2020 Episodes - Overturns $10 Million Nintendo Wii Remote Lawsuit Ruling Details: out our interview with Black & Blue director Deon Taylor!'s our interview with Jason Mewes for Jay and Silent Bob Reboot!'s Honest Trailer takes aim at the film's pre-release controversy. Watch it here: Diesel Is Still Teasing His Hannibal The Conqueror Trilogy Hugo Weaving Didn't Return As Red Skull for Avengers: Infinity War releases the first #HorseGirl movie trailer, previewing the psychological drama starring Alison Brie… the new trailer for #TheRhythmSection starring Blake Lively has responded to the UK tax report that indicated the developer claimed millions in tax relief. Details:… best covers of "Toss a Coin to Your Witcher" from Netflix's #TheWitcher: DLC Cindered Shadows Reunites the House Leaders Details: Can't Copy Deadpool's Moves For This Hilarious Reason Will Now Launch A Week Earlier In The UK Cruise's Jack Reacher was way more book accurate than people realised: wondered what every #N64 game looks like in one giant, organized pile? One Reddit user gave fans the answer.… the MCU's Sinister Six roster after #Morbius: Review: A Wildly Clever & Stylish Ride From Guy Ritchie - Phantom Knights is finally available in English on both iOS and Android mobile devices. Details:… Star Regrets Missing #CrisisOnInfiniteEarths Crossover is Black Canary? Jurnee Smollett-Bell's #BirdsOfPrey character explained: Weaving says he was approached to return as Agent Smith in #TheMatrix4, but scheduling conflicts got in the wa… game #Godfall had some gameplay footage leak, previewing what next-gen could look like for consoles. Details:… theatrical release of #TheCloneWars was supposed to be a big event, but it happened up ruining the show's first…' missing Titans: Baphomet explained -'s Enemies Once Tried to Stop Him With an ABSURD Marriage Trap've been playing DOOM Eternal 😁 Read our preview: Cloud Imperium Games and Crytek legal dispute is getting messier. Details: returned last night, with some notable changes following #CrisisOnInfiniteEarths:… Elder Scrolls 6 is Hiring Devs for New Features, Player Behavior Details: #ElderScrolls releases a trailer for the upcoming Spenser Confidential, starring Mark Wahlberg & Winston Duke. Watch it… was filled with MCU Easter eggs and references, including this rather more subtle connection to Agen… writer Adam F. Goldberg expresses interest in making a sequel centered on Justice League's Snyder Cut. Thi… Reveals @MitchGerads' First Mister Miracle Design Concept Pitt is winning a lot of awards for acting, but even better are his speeches. Here are his best acceptance jok… Johnson's #Netflix movie Red Notice (which costars Gal Gadot and Ryan Reynolds) has officially started filmi… Netflix's Umbrella Academy Gets 'Making Of' Book From Dark Horse season 2 ending explained: what's next for Maeve & Otis? Squad's original Parademon design was very different to Justice League's. This is the stuff of nightmares.… new #TheRiseOfSkywalker TV spot spoils Ben Solo's redemption in the film. Pregame Entertainment Will Include DJ Khaled & Demi Lovato Set Photos Confirm Kit Harington’s MCU Romance Comic Writer Adds To #WandaVision Character Rumors Best Sci-Fi Movies On #DisneyPlus - Wars: The Best Darth Vader Scene NOT in The Movies - Actor Doesn’t Even Understand Fan Backlash Has A Hilarious #QueerEye Cameo - #CurbYourEnthusiasm season 10 premiere had Larry David tackle several ridiculous etiquette issues. Here's all o…'s new show, #WorldBeyond, seems to only be two seasons long, which is great for the Rick Grimes mov…
Dragon Ball's current movies are doing great in what, exactly, went wrong with 2009's live-action Dra…’s Live-Action #Mulan Does NOT Have Mushu: Here’s Why The Best Smith Family Team-Ups - Is A Box Office Disappointment (Despite Grossing $1 Billion) -'n DJs, a pixel art platformer with music from @deadmau5, is releasing in early February. Details:… Change To #Supergirl After #CrisisOnInfiniteEarths - Marvel Recast Thanos After The Avengers - Best Sci-Fi Movie References in Season 2 - WONDER WOMAN #750 Preview with Writer Steve Orlando - @thesteveorlando @JssMerino @DCComics Season 12 Creates A Historical Adventure Plot Hole - Trevorrow says that recently leaked #StarWars 9 concept art is NOT from his version of the film. Full story:…'s a fan theory Jared Harris is playing Doctor Octopus in #Morbius, but the actor is shooting down the rumor (… Jeong Sings A Decent Cover Of 'What’s Up' By 4 Non Blondes series finale images reveal major characters return like Felicity Smoak, plus a last-minute #TheFlash crosso…'s next line of GPUs may have leaked, and they're completely wild. Details: 2 players earned some sweet loot by solving the Corridors of Time mystery. Details:… Colin Farrell's Penguin Hairstyle & Mustache Revealed In New Photos - #WatchmenHBO uses and condemns violence: is the latest major game to be delayed. Details: is the first Trek series to truly move the franchise forward since 2002:'s Adaptive Controller is Already Making A Difference Details: TV Show May See Return To Avengers Time Period rumors linking him to #StarWars, here's a look at every upcoming Taika Waititi movie: set photo from Marvel's #Eternals movie so far:'s Worst Scenes Were Added In Reshoots Due to Studio Meddling - #PaperMario & #Metroid Games Rumored For #NintendoSwitch In 2020 Details: