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@HaanzeR2 LMFAO an oldie but a goodie
@Pix_VAL @CurryFPS @KOLER1337 viewers are something else.
Retweeted by ScrewFace | DZ @KOLER1337 The average ScrewFace viewer looks like this @Pix_VAL @KOLER1337 my schlime. @CoachTrippy LOOOOOOO NAH I FELT THAT @SoLaR_Panel17 😂ME FASTER ME STRONGER ME SMARTER THAN ENEMY RANKED PLAYERS ME HIT RADIANT! @KOLER1337 @xoxCheIs it be ya own teammates @icakuma @tereziFPS 😂 @KegShouts A timeless classic. @Khar_bot @CarbynVAL @ALOLYAN0 ???LOOOL
@JTayy_ @RiotSuperCakes LOOOOL bro I’m gonna drop the moves in that outfit @SingularityCS @icakuma actually not bad LOL @icakuma thats actually sick jesshello here is my monthly @ScrewFaceVAL fanart
Retweeted by ScrewFace | DZVOD reviewing on stream for the first time, come check it out :> ScrewFace Radiant Ranked and VOD Review later @DerrekOW @dynamiicVAL @Jonaaa6_VAL LOOOOOOOOOOOL nah bro i feel his pain knives dont work sometimes @Klamran @zoestol @TheUntitledGG noted @Bjorlulu Roth IRA haver… you just have it all don’t you… @ItzScythe1 @jspVAL @zoestol @TheUntitledGG #ZoNation @zoestol @TheUntitledGG From braindead FN player to not as braindead val aimer, let’s go mitch 😈Due to unfortunate circumstances, I have stepped down from @TheUntitledGG and am now F/A -…
Retweeted by ScrewFace | DZ
@vinnerwinner @realmocking @neT_valorant @ciaolyx LMAOOO @nissqyluvsu All good I’ll miss youDZ ScrewFace short ranked stream :> @ItsMonSiii @khanartist9 @shoukrrrr @ChurmZz wpwp, you best do it tomorrow too :D @shoukrrrr @DarkZeroGG @ChurmZz @khanartist9 LMFAO all lucky dw bout it, gl in the rest broskiStill looking for a 5th, must play sentinel and be comfortable at a high level. Past T2+ experience, good comms, an…
Retweeted by ScrewFace | DZ @shoukrrrr @DarkZeroGG @ChurmZz @khanartist9 GGs friend <3 @fireballops @ChurmZz Nah bro you farmed all you GGS <3
@ahad @HarmonVAL1 Hit día we on the come up. @HarmonVAL1 @ahad @HarmonVAL1 😈DEMONJOY SCREWFACE ASSAULTS ENEMY PLAYERS IN RADIANT RANKED
What's this? Another invited team for our #ProvingGrounds #Valorant $5k Finals! It's @DarkZeroGG🪐 Time to watch t…
Retweeted by ScrewFace | DZ @icakuma Happy bday Jess ! @FrostyValorant Big dubs 😈
@jakeeVAL @Glorinsz Me run fast fast click head good good @diaamondTV ScrewFace Radiant Ranked | Day 1 @Ange_AMIL yea thats factsF/A LFT Exploring options Controllers/Sova Rt's appreciated ♥️♥️
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@HarmonVAL1 Nice tweet Harmon 👍 @prIMUMhoeless @DarkZeroGG @Ange_AMIL @andersin_val @HarmonVAL1 @KOLER1337 is your chance to have the Valorant boys play Deathmatch with your terribly but carefully crafted crosshairs.…
Retweeted by ScrewFace | DZ @DarkZeroGG @Ange_AMIL @andersin_val @HarmonVAL1 @KOLER1337 I did not agree to this. @in0X_fps @valyngod @47GLYPH @zander_fps @RealStrongLegs @dcopGG I’m most likely down, depends on date and time :> @JerkTBE @HarmonVAL1 @KOLER1337 i😩love😘my😤fans💸 @regan_travis @HarmonVAL1 LOOOOL NAH THE SCREAM THATS PRIMAL😈 @Matt_IGL @diaamondTV Another day another dolla @HarmonVAL1 @KOLER1337 Harmon🤪you🧠were👻hardstuck🥸imm🤨thisact🤣 @diaamondTV respectfully Why did height have to come into thisEvery new act feels like a new year resolution everybody starts strong but after a week its gone.
Retweeted by ScrewFace | DZ @KOLER1337 @diaamondTV Damn bro did the subway girl really hit that hard… @DekyFPS Dw, we both gonna be like that at edc 😈 @hoajuu @beandon7_ all good @hoajuu @beandon7_ A fellow connoisseur of the fine arts 🤝😂 @beandon7_ where do you even find these? LOL @cozyjozie Happy bday!
@steph_ecx 🙃 @nachewy @HarmonVAL1 never happening @nateschanker @steph_ecx nope @steph_ecx @Saulsrevenge 😂 @Saulsrevenge This is the last straw @DekyFPS LMFAO @Crit_VAL @T1BcJ @mehzyVAL Only dubs 😈DZ Nuts attempts to maintain mental strength in last day of ranked XD living in Texas that needs a roommate?
Retweeted by ScrewFace | DZ @vitamin52950176 @Governor_Val not all good @Governor_Val thats karma for being mean to me in scrims @nateschanker @JerkTBE @nateschanker @JerkTBE Yeah I gotchu man. What's up? @FrostyValorant @GeorgeCGed @JerkTBE @nateschanker Yeah bro, Bofa was a great airline too!
@GeorgeCGed @SammayTV @gg_frantic Very Poggers congrats! @beandon7_ @PureRedfish i feel your pain @EsportTommy @lizzidowling CONGRATS BIG TSHE SAID YES!!! Can’t wait for forever @lizzidowling
Retweeted by ScrewFace | DZ @HarmonVAL1 🤨 @NephtheKid @HarmonVAL1 @SeoldamTwit He’s better LOL @frostyZK F for mikewalzk @HarmonVAL1 @OfficialAproto smile @beandon7_ @OfficialAproto I can give a ton more recs, but those are some of my favorites :> @OfficialAproto Say less. Read: Delver's LLC (fantasy) / King's Dark Tidings (medieval-ish fantasy) / Unsouled (C… @mulancholy1 @icakuma save me @1SakuraFPS @icakuma LMFAO dude @PingfuVAL LMFAO ns's @neT_valorant @sevvn @RossyUA @mehzyVAL @LarryBanks05 Just a little bit more to go to hit the big leagues young gra…
@BKN_DZ @HarmonVAL1 @GeorgeCGed Harmon’s getting a pay cut, just ran it through Rob, he’ll learn his lesson :> @SeoldamTwit @KOLER1337 @HarmonVAL1 @SeoldamTwit im going lft @HarmonVAL1 @SeoldamTwit really??? man..hi twitter
Retweeted by ScrewFace | DZ @SeoldamTwit yo what the fuck do you eat for breakfast LMFAO i need it @Nyx_r6 😂