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@BlackHeartVAL @PlayVALORANT 💯 @BlackHeartVAL @PlayVALORANT Those OT round comms were straight out of a VCT match😂 @Sayaplayer @GhostGaming Goat mindset 🐐 @neT_valorant @GhostGaming nt mike THE LAST GAME OF THE GUARD THEN RANKED :D
@harmfoo Man I love the val scene💀HELPING ZEXROW GET OUT OF IMM2 LMFAO | !tiktok !coaching
@wontonners @HUYNH_CS @SkuLLyJai @Lear_VAL @Jonaaa6_VAL @Bjorlulu Didn’t get an invite… @wontonners @HUYNH_CS @SkuLLyJai @Lear_VAL @Jonaaa6_VAL @Bjorlulu LMFAO how did I not see this💀 @emijuju_ LMFAOOO @careertwitch @TycoTheSheep 6’5” spittin heat like that sheeesh🥵 @TycoTheSheep Nah bro I told y’all I couldn’t help @careertwitch @KushayVLRT @KnightsGG @winsumfps holy fk kushay LMFAO @jaden_hullinger LMFAO I do my best broRANKED WITH THE 3RD MONITOR GENIUS TRICK :D | !tiktok !coaching @1flyuh YESSIRSKI @BlackHeartVAL @snirot AHAHAHA BUT MOWING THEM DOWN THRU A WALL IS BETTER?😂
Parted ways with @YFPGamingLive I am looking for long term projects/opportunities to play as a sentinel/controller…
Retweeted by ScrewFace | DZ @sSef_tv @YFPGamingLive @illuumee GL BIG MAN😘 @sevvn @kiwiramune Johann bro that’s enough… @BlackHeartVAL @snirot LMFAO FINALLY A RIFLE CLIP NS’S HASAN @shoukrrrr Bro WHAT @PixilVal Why not both😼Lil flank ace for the TL😈 RANKED WITH MYSELF :D | !tiktok !coaching @BlackHeartVAL @andersin_val @MatthewCElmore CS Lore😵‍💫 @zoestol @andersin_val @BlackHeartVAL You got a lot to learn from Andy, Mr. Mitch🤷‍♂️ @andersin_val @BlackHeartVAL Competiting💀 But 100% the most goated smokes player out there rn :DLooking for paid opportunities in Valorant, I'm still competiting and practicing with Nearest Airport. Open to any…
Retweeted by ScrewFace | DZ
@TorontoSRN Oh man I thought srn was gone thank god😱😂 @yungcalc @ZexRow @drone_fps LMFAO got any other classic zexrow pics? @ZexRow @junimojumper @st9llar I heard some people were pushing to be called i-ladies, is that better? @shinan007 @cupkatez @sarachashrimpp @florscnt @westjett1 People change and ur proof, W apology west 💯 @Governor_Val Holy fk bro we’re winning Chicago @bettea22 😈 @bungeecsgo Who fkin knows😂 @khanartistval Thank you khanartist! @tyzuiiFPS LIL SLIP AND SLIDE ACTIONCANT TEACH MOVEMENT LIKE THAT @NotegiverVAL @seshiriaa_ L take tons of great non troll females, but Mel is the goat as well @_Od26 @menace_val Happy bday broskiPLAYING RANKED WITH NET :D | !tiktok !coaching @florscnt @Governor_Val @Ban_Val @harmfoo @FrostyValorant We might need a coach... @Ban_Val @Governor_Val @FrostyValorant Lets go dude! @harmfoo @Ban_Val @Governor_Val @FrostyValorant I've been exploring Chamber man... @OkinFPS @Governor_Val @Ban_Val @harmfoo @FrostyValorant @Governor_Val @Ban_Val @harmfoo @FrostyValorant @kinzikoi @Bagel1k See this tweet is already helping the Val scene💀 @RealStrongLegs @Governor_Val @harmfoo Team Jett will win. @RealStrongLegs @Governor_Val @harmfoo Stacked roster @Karizmahkv Impressions >lf3 + @ScrewFaceVAL
Retweeted by ScrewFace | DZ @runiVL LMFAO I’ll give you a private lesson for free😉 @_Od26 Look bro I’m not gonna shame anyone on what they like, but uhhh I think the val scene needs help w their game💀 @cowffeeeee @KP_fps THE WHAT @KP_fps Oh boy. @jennniiival @Dasnerth @sad3kV Idk man we’ll see how the availability is😂 @TycoTheSheep @careertwitch Nah bro he’s beyond help sorry @YaguarVal 💀 @NephtheKid @_Od26
@spiiinos Spin bro... I got this dw🐶 @Reddot_Val LMFAOOO bro @GeorgeCGed @zoestol @MrEliteEric Mitch bro... ill expose you if you keep talkin like that @GeorgeCGed @spiiinos Still better than this shit bro @GeorgeCGed LMFAO sigma mindset George love to see it @Karizmahkv Shit bro ill move you to the front of the line gotchu man @hyjinxVAL june 4-5 @shoVLRT Haven't decided, might be free of charge bc something simply needs to change in this scene... @Karizmahkv Kariz bro you are boutta be making software dev money you'll be fine... @Warbirds_ Gotchu Evan💯 @nmgreeen @HopeVAL__ @steph_ecx I KNOW HOPE NEEDS THIS @MrEliteEric @zoestol Nah bro he a lost cause... I've tried to help him I think hes only attracted to val or some shit @Bagel1k LOOOOOL bro I'd be too popular on there... @ItsMonSiii @snirot I can help with that. @ItsMonSiii @snirot Nah don't tell me Ed needs the coaching... @SPDZyy The only woman real enough for me is Jett🥰 @Bagel1k I can do that. Lets set up a session😼 @killergleamstar Another satisfied customer🙏 @starlovesuu It is OK, we will be doing great things for the valorant scene, its not about the money BAHAHA @902Creed LMFAO ive been dmed quite literally a thousand times about that, do not worry Creed I will never fall to the darkside😤 @Johneff1e Ye june 4-5GUYS THATS IT. I CANT READ ONE MORE OF THESE TWEETS. I will now be offering exclusive 1 on 1 coaching to any up a… @sevvn @seshiriaa_ Not sure yet, depends if I can get a squad to go with :P @snirot Welcome to the getting flamed by Reddit club🤝 @KynoR6 W @Warbirds_ LMFAO roger that @gg_frantic hopefully :D @OkeanosQT Yes! Need revenge on Okeanos on LANAnyone need one for the Chicago LAN? I’m down to make a team of enough people are in, or join one on whatever role… @_Od26 Yo man these reply’s are wylin out man… @Governor_Val