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nick! @screwyounick løstbøyz, i am 17

video creator, “content director” for @lbzsound + contributor for @grooverelly

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Joined Twitter 2/14/17 @DeadBoyIMG it has been sorted >:) @kritisgod ok sick tyMf’s make a soundcloud account then instantly get a scarlet interface and a Xanax addiction, like bruh you not gonna be able to focus-rite
Retweeted by nick! @LaggingLight just pirate them fr
why does it say 326 views at the top then 185 at the bottom huh SWEATPANTS AVAILABLE NOW /////////vvvv NEW SWEATPANTS AVAILABLE NOW /////////vvvv…
Retweeted by nick! @estrogenjesus you deleted but i 100% liked it @estrogenjesus stop stealing ur own tweetsthinking,, plotting,, scheming @FindMyGrip here for u dude is @convolk in this vid @LaggingLight so real @ry2kawaii that is the plan now !I really had zero intentions of staying alive last year this is fr sick that im still in dis bitch @pastelhoodie :odamn guess i’m racist, this is crazy schedule a tweet for may 16th n it’s just gonna be “i’m 18 now, who want me?”i have no reason to stay up tonight besides self hatred lololololololololol @PAYPALWITCH @WakeMeUp_Music haven’t had popeyes in a minute & five guys isn’t super big in LA but now i’m inclined to give it a try @JackRottier fr the first person i followed ever LMAO literal day one apparently LOL @PAYPALWITCH @WakeMeUp_Music no fast food pickles @1900_one @unknxwn7 @ihatepromnight o this one got me excited i’m a fan of both of them @sapphoaphrodite i ship u with going and getting some BITCHES @lilskele bro u stole ghouls flow n everything u need to make him a twitlonger apology @aurasxix “i think he’s 20” @36gel on main smh @mntlll hi @aurasxix I WAS LITERALLY 16 WHEN WE MET I THINK LOLOLOLOLOL @aurasxix swag @fucksleez yea samples get reused hella but i’m always intrigued by how two different artists can interpret and use the exact same beati think these tracks r timeless r sum underground songs that both have the same beat? rn i can see school rooftop by scapegoat+powfu & youre cu… know what kinda hoodie this is? i wanna cop but don’t have funds loool i think it’ll be sold by the time i do ur gonna take the shot, shoulda killed, i don’t think my wounds r ever gonna healthis song will change ur life lead single from my EP will be out jan 22nd pre-save:
Retweeted by nick!so real stains on my hoodie, hard to believe you ever wanted itgonna start doing cheap feats and cheap mixing !! today today today !! hmu i’m working with budgets !!!
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@mntlll super swag, i do be turning 18 this year @mntlll yes plsnot cj gaslighting the timeline @sapphoaphrodite awww<3 @screwyounick this is so unfair man. im proud of u for coming out with this. this took so much courage. <3 i no lon…
Retweeted by nick!my experience with @/aurasxix this was hard to write... experience with @aurasxix Read: @aurasxix i’d do it again bitch @Jayavem @aurasxix i won’t apologizeyeah i did that and i don’t regret it @onborrowedtimes @travcx4 what the fuck whyi miss the simple shit :((4lorn man :(( dude was always incredibly supportive n was one of the first people in the scene to ever notice what… if u older than twitter
Retweeted by nick! @caustyk_ have fun @caustyk_ READ THE COMMENT SAFI LEFT @SlapSlapRaps LETS FUCKING GO LINK ME WHEN ITS DONEthis is such a deep cut,, like this track was fr wiped off the internet and it was so lowkey i never thought i’d fi… @lunasmokinpack insanity @lunasmokinpack LIKE THEY BE CONVERTING W THEMSELVES LIKE THEY BRAIN WILL TELL THEM SHIT??? @lunasmokinpack this fucks w me idk if i would consider my thoughts hearing ?? like how do u describe a thought @1scottryan they’re whole attitude switches up,, where was this energy before @aurasxix shawty rlly boosted my ego she said i have a nice cockmy IRLs are finally starting to realize that i’m simply tapped in as fuck i know just what to do @chiefjuno hitwo away from 300 on yt holy shitfeeling like you’ve been taken for granted hurts the most
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Retweeted by nick! @caustyk_ and to think i supported trech 😭i’m so proud of you for opening up abt this 🥺💞 experience with Trechor Boy Read:
Retweeted by nick!i want @bedhead2001 x @avit69lmao @scapegoat_mp3 i hate youif 93 gone SC officially dead to me @poIearm bro she had crabs? u can do so much bettercant wait for the world to collapse and plunge into a post apocalyptic wastleland so i can start wearing techwear a… @notmuddizle this is very swag @waifubxtch @aurasxix hmmmm @aurasxix @waifubxtch kenzie he has a GF??he made the mistake of giving me mod so join and i’ll bully u <3 don ever post my discord link so if anyone wants to hop in here y’all go
Retweeted by nick! @avit69lmao she is a demonwhen people hit me up for ops on their music that shit legitimately makes my day it’s just like HUUH? U WANT MY OPINION??? ME?just used facetime for the first time in forever but like can someone explain i used 1.91 GB of what ?? i was on wi…
@jedwill1999 nah i can def understand imma dm u tho lemme give u an ideawe are all dirty thieves none of us are original get that out of your head
Retweeted by nick! @jedwill1999 on god @jedwill1999 sorry it was talk shit at 2:10 i get the two tracks confused cause i used to listen to them a ton together @jedwill1999 i think it was when the track waste was playing? first half of the video @kuredo__ cancel culture mentality cause he said retarded in this song LOL i’m just waiting for them to try n go after him n fail @astralagenda @horiizonn @hdlsdforever yea it’s def san fran i’m almost 99% sure i’ve been on that street LOL @sapphoaphrodite isn’t that hebrewinteract and i’ll compliment you 💞corpse fans gonna find this classic then fry and cancel gasp @trickr00m never it’s cursed