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HI I'M DAVE! I work at CARTOON NETWORK! i did storyboards for OK KO!! now I am the Storyboard Supervisor for CRAIG OF THE CREEK!! I like to COOK FOOD!! ( 🇵🇭 )

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@cartoonfuntime don't worry im submitting this to the MoMA as we speak @cartoonfuntime AHAHAHA omgplease indulge my weakness, my narcissism
my new shertz came in!!!! 😭😭💗will have them up soonish! i will try to shoot for tomorrow, wednesday 9/23 at noon ps…
Retweeted by DDDDAAAVVVVVVVEEEEEEEE!!!!!! @ohmonah @ProZD Donut
little do they know that this only recharges my dark unholy batteriesanother day another dollar @AdriOfTheDead creamy matte white smeg, huh @krismukai there is no joy to be hadi do not wish to know you magnificent bastard more games like this pls @luchie_hm @aisleenromano honnou is SO GOOD!!! this is my tokyo jihen/shiina ringo core song: @gungnirgirl i don't think i have anything to add that okonomiyaki recipes on youtube don't say better, so i'd dire… @mihkvergara gets me right in the kokoro also the 'shiina ringo' feels like a private batsignal between usi've been listening to shiina ringo since like, 2003 and her performances still give me the CHILLS. a true performe… @Radrappy really well said!!! @othatsraspberry i think we have just solidified a fun thing for us to do the next time u visit LA?!?!?!? in like 2… @TrinketEric yeah! just mix a teaspoon of corn starch in with some water, and pour it in the pan after the initial… @othatsraspberry i've never tried hiroshima style before, but i am TEMPTED i feel like i should be have osaka styl… @MadyGComics it's maddening how different the caliber is, for realsies i'll just be content using iphone filters to fake it till i make it @BlackGuySnipin nope, not at all! you're SAFE, brother honestly it's just like eating squid, like calamari or some… @BlackGuySnipin Y @spacecoyotl I refused to believe it was that simple and I was just dumbfounded at how well it works @MadyGComics That’s a helluva compliment, tysm!! Pretty sure that even the most run of the mill izakaya would run c… some okonomiyaki tonight, with pork, cheese and octopus - basically a giant takoyaki lol Steamed some freezer…
Made some mentaiko cream udon for lunch and had it with some of the leftover chicken Katsus I made the other day!!
@teriarchibbles Irresponsible @teriarchibbles Y they not socially distanced from each otherY they there @AngelicSongx saute minced garlic, add rice, add anchovies, mix to coat all the grains, salt/pepper to taste and sq… @ProZD -funded goldfish experimentation! More chicken katsu, just in a rice bowl this time! I used pretzel gol… @RubberNinja ą̴̨̙͖̖̠̙̩̘͇͊̄̈̂͌̈́̊̌̿̽̈́͑̊͜͝n̴̨̨̢̯̻̥͔̞̭̭̰̦̖̂̄̈́̇͒͆͗̀̍͘d̶̹͉̣̰͂͌͐̂́̏̍̀̆̃̈ ̶̨̯̲̰̻̘̲̺͛̕ͅď̶̢͍̝̲̖̱͈̲͉… @Coelasquid @yerawizardkelly that shit was scary, i could totally feel the building swaying!! friendship kicked its ass though lol
It’s the usual spam and rice bowl, but this time I added some anchovies and squeezed some lemon juice into the frie…
found the original tweet! their art is so good've never felt more soul-linked to an image in my entire life (artist is @utomaru !!!) @Radrappy me at 2020
@jamiecbtt Is it champorado if it’s just a side order of rice from KFC with chocolate syrup on top @mabbaline scatman @mabbaline my but can fart in 3 different octave @mihkvergara @Josel_Fletcher i done told ya i solder outta da home @mihkvergara @Josel_Fletcher lol i SAW this earlier and thought of u @RayceARoni i just got a few easy practice projects to acclimate me to soldering! i've only done a dreamcast batter… @clementeworks since i've taken a headlong plunge into retro consoles and modding i figure it'd be a nice secondary… @clementeworks it's this guy!!’ve recently gotten into soldering and it’s a skillset that is full of paraphernalia that makes me feel like Lucca…
@BrianLeeWow Hey buddy live a littel it’s ur deyThat's dope. 😉
Retweeted by DDDDAAAVVVVVVVEEEEEEEE!!!!!!I made an absurdly large amount of kimchi stew so it looks like this is gonna be breakfast lunch and dinner all wee…
@lentilstew i've been buying her gorilla art over multiple media for years now lol @Gyrosupernova i just didn't wanna pay a cool hundo for an arm mount, if i remember correctly the amazon mount didn't break the bank @stebvi steeby i miss u every single day of the year three hundred and sixty five days i miss uso i just made twitch affiliate the other day and that's cool but i dunno what to make for my emotes i need to make… don't think anyone realizes just HOW powerful this show has now become. stevie is gonna take over the goddamn wor… @Gyrosupernova i just have the basic amazon arm mount! i think the cintiq goes past the recommended weight but sinc… @shecallsmecdawg they're REALLY nice! worth every cent tbh @killdrae @rogeryo0!!! the artist who made this excellent blanket is KRISTINA MICOTTI and i bought it off of their etsy page!! @repoghost Or.... best part is that when I am afk on cam it looks like there is a gorilla, it cuts off at the nipsI love gorillasI got a gamer chair a month ago and it’s really comfy but I absolutely hate how they look - so I ordered a blanket… @egoraptor Right??? FF6 is like a chicken parm and mystic quest is the really good batch of mozzarella sticks you have to start the mealI freakin love this game and people that must rag on mystic quest are just committed to not having fun. Great sprit…
@Woopsieroo show me how well you can make a french omelette firstsince i've committed to be a gym leader in @ProZD's SUNGWON POKEMON UNIVERSE (SPU), i drew mine. I'm a dragon-type…
Playing Fall Guys with @ProZD and @hamesatron !!!! @zach2themax ive given it a lot of thought and come to the conclusion that i DO want to do this, but not until i ha… is over and here are the requests i was able to get to! art streams feel nostalgic and fun, defs gonna do mo… @mich_jpg everyone working at the DMV is a moblinSince the last art request stream was so fun i decided to do it again! come on in, i have an hour or so to kill bef…
@cartoonfuntime Because they flicked my in the nuts with a technicality after waiting in line for four hoursDMV, day 2. Waiting in line. This blood orb in the sky seems like a bad omen
Nothing disturbs the tranquil of my soul like the DMV canhere are the fruits of my hour-long request art stream: a warmup doodle, an inuyasha for @dannyducker, a darrell fo…'m gonna draw for like an hour! I'll take requests for whatever i can finish in an hour!
@mishufo @robotnicc One @glamdoodle the earth is FLAT, angelplaying some more overwatch!
I’ve gone mad with goldfish power, i breaded spam and Vienna sausages with them this morning because it felt like i… @mabbaline @ProZD fam don’t pay silly @MrJeffTrammell @ProZD Your reply game, like all of your other games, is god tier @MrJeffTrammell @ProZD Big E will always make me laugh, no matter what he is doing @Hejibits EYYYYYYYY I see u I see what was done I see it all @RazzRubino My onion self insert on KO has a name!! His name is SWEETIE PIE and was created by @dannyducker !!! Thi… a few more garlic dave icons for my twitch stream CHICKEN SANDWICH IS DONE!!! Taste is good, crunch is solid, & i can defs taste the goldfish, which… I took the leftover goldfish @ProZD didn’t want off his hands because I wanted to do food experiments with it. I… @DMXI that looks super yummy! i would inhale
also i'll try to be better about checking the chatlog and replying to what y'all are saying. STREAMING IS HARD OKOverwatchin' some more!!! year ago, the final episodes of OK KO! aired. Every day it becomes more clear that this was a once-in-a-lifetime…
@quasimaddi kage come here i want u want u want uthank you for watching the show <3 @notyongi DROOOL!!!!I just finished putting up a bunch of shelves and doing some intense day-long cable management, here is my matrix-a…