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Valorant f/a for ??? prev @TeamSerenity | Dm for inquiries

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@valyngod @CommunityGaming Tell ohai to tweet so I can call him hotCan fill any role for nsg ! πŸ“ˆ
Retweeted by Kaden @valyngod @CommunityGaming Let's goooo @Virtyyyy @itsfongfongg Not even close.1 more. @valyngod @ohaaiii @agmFPS @JonahP_ @jcrueL_ sending my energyπŸ™Œ @itsfongfongg You're short. @miniatureVAL @ExaltVAL @KnightsGG Bahahaha @Lear_VAL @DerrekOW @valyngod @teamDCSV @Moechillasama @koalanoob πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ‘‘ @Moechillasama @Vanityxz Famous moe strat?
@DerrekOW @valyngod @teamDCSV @DerrekOW @JimmyJamTV @valyngod @teamDCSV I'm 99 % sure we have the highest win rate out of all your duos @DerrekOW @valyngod @teamDCSV @zekkenVAL @theKingFPS_ @zekkenVAL moonblue type beat @Yazzers @itsfongfongg no. @Yazzers @itsfongfongg It's ok I post an lft every 2 seconds so I understand @1contii @Resonate_VAL @Complexity You are a demon.LFT I will play any role! Stats/resume avail just ask Grinder vouches/rt's appreciated ❀️❀️ @Virtyyyy Grind harder. @TrickVAL Dbk is a freak @sfX_x1 @m4yuhri πŸ’€ @LeviathanAG @m7rcy @ctrrlz @valyngod @agmFPS @ctrrlz LOL @DerrekOW @valyngod Ily 🀣 @ctrrlz πŸ’€πŸ’€ @_Whiske ❀❀❀ I hope everything is okay. @monkeycbc @Critical_Val Noti + king @Critical_Val Facts. @crunchyyworld @katsumiFPS @zekkenVAL It is p good, beats all the others I have had I can even play on it while it… @crunchyyworld @katsumiFPS @zekkenVAL In that case I got mine ready to be signed. @crunchyyworld @zekkenVAL @katsumiFPS It's the name I need to change it back asap! To scrounge @monkeycbc @crunchyyworld @zekkenVAL @katsumiFPS King @DerrekOW @valyngod Do I even have to say it derrek @crunchyyworld @zekkenVAL @katsumiFPS My time will come lol deranked to imm @crunchyyworld @zekkenVAL @katsumiFPS !! Let's go @monkeycbc @Resonate_VAL πŸ™Œ @monkeycbc @Resonate_VAL Just saw it @monkeycbc @Resonate_VAL No sir. @crunchyyworld @zekkenVAL Atleast he isnt going sheriff only. @inskyfps Actually a smurf @Glorinsz Well I guess I'm a ranked demon πŸ™ƒ @in0X_fps happy bday! @figmentOT @PlayVALORANT Felt @ChoicePlays Felt @ChoicePlays @ARIANARCHIST 😢 @ChoicePlays @ARIANARCHIST Choice intimidates me with his swag @phoFPS Confidence is key @khanartist9 @AyeeTrain Wait @CoachRuin @CommunityGaming @LastRoundSave @soosleepyyVAL Let's go! @realoac @sevvn Crouch spammer @DerrekOW @valyngod Wtf lol POG lol wtf @Glorinsz @PlayVALORANT Ok.. I'll go cry in the corner @Glorinsz @PlayVALORANT Same down horrendous @Glorinsz @PlayVALORANT Rank 1 @agmFPS @valyngod Yes yes I know πŸ₯² @crunchyyworld Shit happens. I love you man, gg go next Mentality > anything @Jonaaa6_VAL @miniatureVAL @C0Mtweets Fkn same @valyngod @agmFPS Ahahaha "he is raze ulting a " ok I'm sucking I'm sucking. I stunned him I stunned him. Doesn't even get the raze ult off @valyngod @agmFPS Except when I stun and suck him while he is trying to raze ult a 🀣 @ohaaiii @RejanteVAL Ok !!! @ohaaiii @RejanteVAL I need a let's go clip from you Riley after tmrw @Lear_VAL Pimp @Lear_VAL It took you this long to post that.. @Glorinsz @EVERYONE @FrostyValorant @Recon5Org @ElevateGG @MambaModeGaming @PhantomTroupe2k Straight up grinder @Glorinsz @Virtyyyy virty uses facebook. no wonder @Glorinsz @Virtyyyy how did you find a pic of virty glo @Virtyyyy @Glorinsz lan? @Critical_Val 4 wins. @valyngod @Glorinsz @ohaaiii 🀣 @Glorinsz @valyngod @ohaaiii dont think so glorinz. @Glorinsz @valyngod @ohaaiii fak @Glorinsz @valyngod @ohaaiii if ban doesnt care I dont care ez @Glorinsz @valyngod @ohaaiii I do notCan fill any role for nsg ! πŸ“ˆ @ohaaiii @valyngod kiss me you sexy manfak ggs @valyngod @ohaaiii 0-2 love ya glglgl @LastRoundSave @CommunityGaming @nillyazVAL @PlayboiJoeVAL @foreplaytv @JUST_IN333 @Zebroe @soosleepyyVAL @Grinasty Let's go nilly! @ohaaiii @JonahP_ @jcrueL_ @valyngod @Narukami_Music Let's gooooo!
@khanartist9 @BlackHeartGMG vcs isnt running @Lear_VAL @Complexity @CommunityGaming Yes bb lear pimp @KOLER1337 @GhostGaming Lfg! @Traumist facts! no printer! @Glorinsz @Lear_VAL @Resonate_VAL ok πŸ€“ @Apex177 @Resonate_VAL @Complexity no.Ggs @Resonate_VAL 2-0 playing @Complexity next most likely @icyjl @Resonate_VAL a fucking godHoly shit up 1-0 vs @Resonate_VAL just played a cs match @agmFPS @Sora_fps1 @nurfed25 @SoaRGaming Nah agm get this shit 😈 @Teeful1 @Resonate_VAL 😀 @monkeycbc @Resonate_VAL very @GojoVAL @Resonate_VAL ong1 redbull down quick 2-0 playing @Resonate_VAL next @shifty_val r.i.p