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Available now only on @BlazeTV ! LwC's Movie-Laugh-Along: Sarah Cooper's 'Everything's Fine' that is not all we have been MANDATED (not asked) to do. We have been forced to shutter livelihoods forever,…
This Pope is a communist.
Moderation is not inherently a virtue. Happy Thanksgiving!This holiday season give the gift that keeps on giving... #MugClub! year, give thanks for #MugClub! read both the full 104 page suit/complaint filed in Georgia and 75 page complaint in Michigan. Woah. Will have… of 2001. Notice the NYPD beanie. Even at 14 years old, I hated rioters and looters… I just didn’t know… Thanksgiving to the greatest nation on Earth!
In this Ash Wednesday we covered the importance of standing firm on pro-life issues, even when it can cost you.… leadership with @PastorMark Driscoll in today's Ash Wednesday.
Hypocrite. check: True. the first time ever, Dow Jones Industrial Average hits 30,000! America is coming BACK under President…
Retweeted by Steven CrowderHear about Harrison Ford picking up his son for Thanksgiving in his private jet? Check out our EXCLUSIVE footage! @NYGovCuomo wants law enforcement officers to break up Thanksgiving gatherings after giving a pass to… live shortly! ==>
Retweeted by Steven CrowderAnd we're LIVE talking civil disobedience, faulty polls, the left's war on Thanksgiving and MORE! #GMMC's show will be one big TWO HOUR exercise in civil disobedience. Period. Prepare for the ban-hammers... 10AM ET. #LwCUNPOPULAR OPINION: Kenny G makes Christmas better. Discuss.Damn clowns.
Keep getting back up. #Throwback mind that Oregon just legalized possession of ALL drugs ranging from heroin to meth... ...have family over…, we're having some technical issues today so no stream this morning, but we're preparing for a MASSIVE sh… lie. We may have technical issues preventing a full stream of #GMMC this morning. In which case I’ll upload a ce…
The cone of shame has become the cone of terror.
As for me and my household: we WILL celebrate Thanksgiving. We will have a house FULL of family, friends and kin. W… control. We’ve invited Sidney Powell on the show, and it was made very clear that the evidence is for court,… All businesses are "essential" to those who rely on them for a living.
Without a doubt, @LandauDave is one of the funniest men on the planet.
He's getting worse. at today's press conference... my mind. @LandauDave sign the wall. He smells like baby powder. we stumbled across in Michigan... LIVE with some unreal stuff on Michigan. Tune in because chances are it will get taken down afterward! #GMMC election officials in Michigan right now. Going to be 5 minutes late. #GMMC#MugClub & BlazeTV subscribers watch the full ep here =>
Retweeted by Steven CrowderYou don't want to miss this! boy. Made some calls. What I’ve got on Michigan today is unreal. To the point that I’m amazed we’ve stumbl…'ll be covering some of these irregularities on today's show. @jockowillink wake up, you lazy bum.
The Crowder household will be hosting Thanksgiving to both my family AND extended #LwC work family. I will not comply. Be merry.Just did some EXTENSIVE digging myself. Still crossing the T's and dotting the i's... but I've stumbled across some…'s office says they won't enforce @NYGovCuomo's cancellation of Thanksgiving. "It is the agency's position… amazing. media on Trump's vaccine efforts, in May vs. today. @LandauDave Good. Morning. Mug. Club. 🔥☕ #LwC
Retweeted by Steven CrowderWe're LIVE discussing Michigan Democrats doxxing Republicans to cover up possible fraud, giving an in-depth look at… decorations up. I apologize zero., we will celebrate #TransAwarenessWeek by highlighting NEW, VERIFIABLE, CONFIRMED voter fraud in Nevada and P…
A SECOND memory card found in Georgia. Strange how that keeps happening! of the LWC team put together a surprise party for me as we sailed past 5M subscribers. Best team., throwing out illegal ballots. Why is this controversial? Put some ice on it, @jack when there's a Big Tech hearing... him! 👇🇺🇸
Retweeted by Steven CrowderWe're LIVE covering the latest updates on uncounted votes in GA, COVID hypocrisy from Democrat lawmakers, and more!…'s right, I'M ON PARLER What do you think is going on with the Georgia recount? And which explanation is worse: that someone “forgot…'t you DARE miss it! #MugClub =>
Retweeted by Steven Crowder... fight ... fight ... fight, fight, FIGHT! FIGHT!! 10AM ET. #LwCDo you mean like “holy shit, what a disingenuous, pompous asshole?” If so, then agreed.👇🏻👇🏻
Retweeted by Steven CrowderGuess who's officially on Parler. @StevenCrowder. someone "forgot" to upload a memory card containing nearly 3,000 votes in Floyd County GA that were overwhelming…
ICYMI: This morning we gave more to charity than Biden did in a decade. should study the surprisingly high correlation between being an Antifa / BLM activist and being a registere… left really thinks they can backpedal on this one after yelling "Defund the police!" nonstop for months? @LandauDave is way too early for this. Shout out to coffee. #MugClub #LwC
Retweeted by Steven CrowderAbout to go live to discuss Trudeau, The Great Reset, weekend attacks on Trump supporters, Dominion Voting Systems,… me on #MugClub with @scrowder today!
Retweeted by Steven Crowder#MugClub & BlazeTV subscribers watch the FULL ep here =>
Retweeted by Steven Crowder“FRAUD WEEK” begins today. We will break down the numbers, results and irregularities state by state and system by…
Nope., with the power of #MugClub, we will give more to cancer charity than Biden ever has his entire life. More to come... 10AM ET! #LwCDoes anyone HONESTLY believe that, had Biden been President, we would have a successful vaccine this quickly?
The conservative comedian blazed past the Young Turks for the top spot
Retweeted by Steven CrowderLooks like the safeguards for mail-in votes in Nevada were very lax. Out of 9 ballots with mismatched signatures, 8… check: False. On Nov. 9, Gov. Cuomo said he would work with other governors to STOP Trump's vaccine distribut… @scrowder just passed The Young Turks to become the largest online news channel in the country. You love to…
Retweeted by Steven CrowderElizabeth Warren, Amy Klobuchar & Ron Wyden last year regarding vulnerabilities of Dominion Voting systems: “These… question. Cuomo breaking quarantine while infected, Pelosi breaking lockdown to go to the hair salon, and now this...
Good! our favorite Cenk sketches over the years #CrowderPassesTYT're gearing up to celebrate the upcoming passing of TYT... tune in! #CrowderPassesTYT is bringing the receipts!
Retweeted by Steven CrowderWe're LIVE going through the evidence of leftist voter fraud from @realDonaldTrump's latest lawsuit in Michigan., #LwC passes @TYT as the biggest independant online news/commentary channel on youtube... and we did it all w… CRAZY new sworn affidavits on voter fraud. Combed through a 235page hand-written PDF and will go over it today… correspondent's on-air screw up makes a little more sense when you've seen the full context...
Retweeted by Steven Crowder
Hitler smiling up at Cuomo right now. correspondent's on-air screw up makes a little more sense when you've seen the full context... with @TedCruz on the path forward... we go!'ve got @tedcruz coming up next! Tune in =>'s COVID policy: "America Last!" terms “heroes” or “frontlines” are thrown around far too much these days. Our Veterans are truly heroes. Thank you.