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scruff 🇨🇦 @scruff_01 Ontario Canada

Old unpaid caregiver struggling to survive. Dislike Conservative/Republican Politicians and the irrelevant ideology they have.

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This misconception really annoys me. I don't want to diminish the incredible contributions of software engineers, b…
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I'm in the running to win an Intel powered gaming laptop thanks to @MemoryExpress & @IntelCanada! @Thracks Come anytime just not now with the border closure lol
@derrickgott007 I'm assuming Bi women of color @NellyFRyz Same to you Nelly
NEWS: CDC declares COVID-19 out of control in the US. 5 months after the president calls the pandemic a hoax 2 m…
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@jfmezei Well the term antifa is from the republicans but just means anti fascist. Which would mean The republicans… @jfmezei Its just anti fascist. Hitler was fascist and the world took him down so soldiers must be antifa too. far… Mayors in Los Angeles, Oakland, Atlanta, Tacoma, Newark, Saint Paul, Jackson, Compton, and Shreveport ann…
Retweeted by scruff 🇨🇦Only about 4 years too late, but glad to see Reddit finally ban /r/The_Donald. It was easily one of the most vile,…
Retweeted by scruff 🇨🇦 @SapphireTech Congratz! Well deserved. @NellyFRyz @sashp27 Gratz!To celebrate EG's success in the #LCS Summer Split, AMD Ryzen is giving one lucky fan a brand new Ryzen 7 3700x pro…
Retweeted by scruff 🇨🇦This is a huge development. Please make a point today of tagging your own mayor with this news. Every mayor of ever…
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Sunday Funday giveaway. RT or Follow for your chance to win this "vintage" mousepad featuring the one and only sexy…
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@NellyFRyz All your giveaways are nice Nelly. @canadaposthelps Hey I sent you a DM 2 days ago. Can you have a look
May I please get 2 friends to copy and repost? I am trying to demonstrate that someone is always listening.…
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FACT CHECK: Donald Trump regularly votes by mail, most recently in the 2020 Florida Primary.…
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@derrickgott007 Good luckContest: Win a Bell Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G
Retweeted by scruff 🇨🇦Contest: Win a Bell Samsung Galaxy S20 5G
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GET ELITE REAL-WORLD PERFORMANCE with 10th Gen #INTEL core processors🖥️🌐 If you're looking…
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@theJagmeetSingh How about getting them to send out payments to ALL the disabled via the gst network since its already in place
@CQualtro Its simple. Just pay the disabled through the gst framework. Done @LoveLaughLeslie @EKWaterBlocks @AMDGaming
@derrickgott007 Where the hell can you put a million people if in fact that number is even remotely correct which I doubt @ODSPAction To simple. @JustinTrudeau and @CQualtro will skip over it
@Thracks Must be a shortage of bleach injection kits @PmsProxy looks awesome
@althiaraj @TorontoStar Not surprised in the least
@NVIDIAGeForce @maingear 😇♾ @NVIDIAGeForce #RTXOn @MrEverspy @Mrs_scruff @DaQutenessThis summer is full of great gaming events and we're celebrating by giving you UNLIMITED chances to win from a gian…
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@CQualtro As long as you tie it to the stupid Disability tax credit certificate I have no faith in you to do anything.
@MemoryExpress @CORSAIR Thanks guys. Nice to see some Canadian stuff on twitterI'm in the running to win a Corsair Gaming Prize Pack thanks to @MemoryExpress @Corsair #MemoryExpress @JamesCa41264574 @Weatherman2709 @InclusionBC @FBananapants @CQualtro @JustinTrudeau @theJagmeetSingh @MPJulian @RoyaltyExotics Give her some money for some new jeans lol @theJagmeetSingh While your debating the bill how about getting them to remove the disability tax certificate quali…
@AMD_UK I'd take a large if given the chanceA lot of good suggestions, tell you what, we'll let Gleam decide! I have one medium and one large, so enter below…
Retweeted by scruff 🇨🇦 @AMD_UK I'm running low on shirts. Would never turn down a red team shirt
@emercisi Sad they can't even try and hide the fact its all done by the same person. They are at least being transparent on that part lol
@MarcLaferriere Maybe this one will help too @KashPrime @ambermac Capitalism at its best @SaraMojtehedz This will be the plight of people on social services/disability in a few years too when they need to…
@InclusionBC @CQualtro @JustinTrudeau You have to have a disability tax credit certificate in order to qualify for it. Many do not. @MrrroCan @Joefamily2 @CQualtro @MrrroCan @Joefamily2 @CQualtro @MrrroCan @Joefamily2 @CQualtro A huge portion of the disabled do not have a certificate and its not easy to get @Brixton1115 @KeithDonally @RosieBarton @CityCynthia @brianlilley @ColinDMello @cristina_CP24 Well there is a coupl… @CQualtro You should also tell the disabled people that most of them do not qualify @Brixton1115 @KeithDonally @RosieBarton @CityCynthia @brianlilley @ColinDMello @cristina_CP24 Yes its very disappoi… @Brixton1115 @KeithDonally @RosieBarton @CityCynthia @brianlilley @ColinDMello @cristina_CP24 @CQualtro has been ta… @Brixton1115 @KeithDonally @RosieBarton @CityCynthia @brianlilley @ColinDMello @cristina_CP24 If you do not have th… @Brixton1115 @KeithDonally @RosieBarton @CityCynthia @brianlilley @ColinDMello @cristina_CP24 This will leave a lot… @BobRae48 I agree. i'm tired of the one bad apple in the bunch crap. In real life a bad apple can spoil the entire crop @Brixton1115 @KeithDonally @RosieBarton For Ontario its going to depend on Ford and how much of a cut he wants. If… @RosieBarton I can see Fords speech today already. "It's not enough"
@jkobopoli We have the highest daily case count in Canada and this bitch wants to spread it around. The cons never get smarter just dumber.RT if you want to see Congress pass legislation prohibiting the use of tear gas in the U.S.
Retweeted by scruff 🇨🇦 @EdCrisler I'm just scruff because I hate shaving lol @anniefuchsia probably going to get a lot of dick pics now lolThe whole world saw, LIVE BROADCAST, a US cop attack an Australian news crew just sitting on the sidelines. Trump's…
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@LGretzky She is so full of it. Like the rest of the con politicians she thinks that the poor and disabled are scum.i made some slight adjustments to tucker carlson’s monologue about protesters
Retweeted by scruff 🇨🇦The White House is falsely claiming that the anti-ramming security barriers outside the Chabad Jewish community ce…
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@jyduclos I don't see help for the disabled anywhere in thatA Twitter account claiming to belong to a national “antifa” organization and pushing violent rhetoric related to on…
Retweeted by scruff 🇨🇦 @brittlestar Rex is an idiot way past pasture time @JustinTrudeau And still nothing for the disabled @aureylian Reality TV meets reality @PmsProxy They look great CurlyChina must be just sitting there laughing at all that's going on in the US.
WORLDWIDE GIVEAWAY! Attention all extreme performance enthusiasts! We teamed up with @AorusOfficial to give away a…
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This is not a political issue this is a human rights issue. This is systematic racism and oppression at the hands…
Retweeted by scruff 🇨🇦Hey white people. Quit looting and destroying shit during the riots because you have the PRIVILEDGE to walk away wi…
Retweeted by scruff 🇨🇦Dallas: Another image of the young girl who was shot in the face with a rubber bullet by the police. She is still…
Retweeted by scruff 🇨🇦First the reporters and journalists, now the nurses and first aiders. SHOOTING A MEDICAL TENT IS A WAR CRIME ! I am…
Retweeted by scruff 🇨🇦 @Blinzler And its just starting @SCIENCE_MAN_88 @CPHO_Canada Been using same max rent amount in Ontario for over 20 years. When it comes to disable… VIDEO! A police officer in Union Square Throws up a white power sign and giggles with his fellow officer!! T…
Retweeted by scruff 🇨🇦Holy moly. A sea of protesters filled the streets of Chicago for George Floyd today. Yet these massive peaceful…
Retweeted by scruff 🇨🇦 @SCIENCE_MAN_88 @CPHO_Canada There is always away to make something work. Getting government to do something is the… @SCIENCE_MAN_88 @CPHO_Canada Government can do it.You can tell a lot about a person if the first time they spoke up was to condemn the riots and not the murder of George Floyd.
Retweeted by scruff 🇨🇦My grandfather was part of an Antifa organization. It was called the United States Army when he was in World War 2…
Retweeted by scruff 🇨🇦 @CPHO_Canada make champix much cheaper and easier to getShare widely: National guard and MPD sweeping our residential street. Shooting paint canisters at us on our own fro…
Retweeted by scruff 🇨🇦 @CPHO_Canada Some extra $ to all people with disabilities would help get them deliveries instead of having them go… stranded police officer in Kentucky protected by peaceful protesters. These images won’t get nearly enough pres…
Retweeted by scruff 🇨🇦This question says so much about America right now.
Retweeted by scruff 🇨🇦Minnesota State Patrol just fired tear gas at reporters and photographers at point blank range.
Retweeted by scruff 🇨🇦Salt Lake City cops shove down an elderly man with a cane for the crime of standing along the street:
Retweeted by scruff 🇨🇦 @CBCCanada Plett is a sheer puppet