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Follow me and find out. Wait, I need some search terms, and they should be true. Uh, swimmer, cancer survivor, computer programmer, video gamer, Arkansas grad

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@ScottAdamsSays The polls aren't tightening so much as pollsters are massaging the data so they can keep their cred… @LarryOConnor @benshapiro The headline reminds me of that joke about a mathematician fencing in the whole world by… @waronweakness I have said for some time that all decisions are inherently emotional and that people who decide by…
@cigarsandlegs @jondelarroz They don't love science so much as they enjoy staring at its boobs. @NEWS_MAKER That headline needs work. Fan fears are a real thing in S. Korea (look up 'fan death'), so it took me a… @thewillwitt @prageru Maybe we should stop letting all nutrition advice be set by an organization whose mandate is… @realDailyWire Same energy. @NYDailyNews @PennGSE Nope. I just have Jesus to fill the hole in my heart so many fill with sex and drugs. You should try Him. @stillgray Whitmer: Actually, until I say so, you filthy peasants. @Yardiff_Bey @DaddyWarpig Saw for children. @bigfatsurprise @ProfTimNoakes How do you milk an oat? @stillgray It would have to go to SCOTUS. Prior SCOTUS precedent is that this is legal.
@StevenBetts4 @aijcadd @iowahawkblog @benshapiro Drew Barrymore lives in Northwest Arkansas. @Not_the_Bee Guarantee he tries to get a warrantee replacement. @stillgray Because the Libertarian Party and Reason get off on being contrarians. @goliathfasa @killfile @AnonymousSage1 @XKeyscore1 @Caparosa52 This was cringe when they used it back in the first… @millionea1 @ConceptualJames Dia de los Muertos. Mexican Halloween…ish. @GeoGDF01 Hollywood's playing the long game. By destroying every fanbase and "community" in existence, they can tri… @Not_the_Bee Every attempt to oppose the Church involves a mockery of the sacraments. The spiel for abortion even begins "This is my body." @TheBrometheus Once you realize the Left sees themselves as the aristocracy, it makes perfect sense in a high justice low justice context. @BrianNiemeier When tempted to stay silent, I remember the story of a church in Nazi Germany that was next to a rai… @itsmacpretty @ChaurRenai Stop calling whoring 'sex work.' It's a euphemism that masks the horror of selling your sexuality. @ChadSumitMishra This happened during the "Englightenment." They threw out centuries of scientific and engineering… @BrianNiemeier May our children forgive us for letting this evil carry on this long. @stillgray Look, the problem is that the entire third party should be majority human rights to all of the people wh… @AwardsDarwin If you call that living.
@TheBrometheus My little boy can barely talk, but loves books to the point that he will sometimes have us read 10 i… @TheBrometheus The second saddest part is that at least 3 of these women are objectively attractive (and at least 2… @WardQNormal What even is the house of representatives? @shuff_bomb @DavidVStewart By 2100, law enforcement will be handled by predictive algorithms that have so long been… @ElijahSchaffer Let this be a lesson to you.
@TheBrometheus Whenever I see anybody on a downward spiral, I always hope they hit rock bottom as soon as possible.… @paulg @LibertarianBlue I'm making this a party game, Apples to Applrs style where the subject of the roast picks the best answer. @primalpoly I was born in 1982. I do not remember a time in which the general consensus wasn't 'SNL was good up until just recently.' @scrowder This explains Film Robert "Nazis Tainted Eugenics" Chipman. @FuturistDog Go look up 'dog.' It's younger than the printing press, but nobody knows where it came from. @RAZ0RFIST This picture is still hilarious and I have no idea why. @TheBrometheus I'm going for a high score. @gaitanalyst @JoshuaLisec There's a good message here about not letting all your experiences be virtual, but it goe… @HenryRambow If you live in the West, there's not one, whether you've read it or not. @svdate There is a video of Biden bragging about getting the prosecutor fired.
@Wpshitlordrebo1 @Grummz Hans, shall I scout zem? @Sinatra_Says The purpose of the robes is so you can't see how they're dressed. All you can see is the office. @GuyFromV @FuturistDog This is what we call a suspiciously specific denial. @PolitiKurd @RealSaavedra Are we just gonna pretend 'Haha Drumpf' didn't happen? @FarwinPhoenix @BrianNiemeier The programmers aren't incompetent, but the managers, especially in gaming, see progr… @TRHLofficial Could you predict that I become rich by the end of the year? @QTRBlackGarrett @bragrman @DefaultKachi @scienceshitpost Right hand rule. Point your thumb in the direction of current through a wi…
@TheBrometheus @LanceVader @DaddyWarpig Carter? LBJ? @DeclanFinnBooks @TheBrometheus Those who advocate the murder of the unborn will get burned far longer than that. @commandernats They do this with Blizzards worldwide. I've gotten one in Malaysia. @JerryDunleavy @BrianNiemeier @justinamash Have fun being the most principled man on the ash heap. Us plebs don't really have a choice when they… @realDailyWire Proof that the only reason society doesn't literally sacrifice children to Moloch for a good harvest… @PinkNews Ok groomer @SFOSecretary Pokemon go to the polls, anyone? @TheBrometheus I guess I just have supportive friends. I went low carb (which many still think is unhealthy), weane…
@michaeljknowles Delenda magna tech @toomuchpork @ConceptualJames Pepsi is a multinational conglomerate, yet had no safeguards in place for 'Dewmocracy… @KiyomotoGinger @davereaboi @benshapiro Not good enough. I'm sick of these execs getting called into Congress, only… @SpencerKlavan They're not, but they think you are. @VileGrim @MLChristiansen That's a funny way of saying "People choose to view one TV show instead of another one in the same time slot." @hale_razor @physicsgeek It's like those Wikipedia articles with false information in them that cite as a source an… @thebiggrog In medieval Europe, Benedictine monks, normally forbidden by their vows to eat red meat, were permitted… @Lauren_Southern Make it a criminal offense with a restitution statute. If the prosecutor wins in court, part of th… @MrsBrometheus @TheBrometheus @ErikVoorhees @DustinDry1st Every condemnation of witch hunting assumes witches don't…
@Dizeye @TheBrometheus If they made a black hole, it would be so small that you wouldn't even notice it if it passe… @Dizeye @TheBrometheus Not that they spotted. I don't think people understand that 'hadron collider' means it slams… @hydrocubes @Grummz Saedr-Krupp. You're a meaningless pawn either way, but Lofwyr as CEO prevents you from being tempted to believe otherwise. @w1ll1a23 @TheBrometheus Not according to every contemporary source, including the Aztecs themselves. They killed… @GOGcom Like a truck driver, but in space. @mrshadeed You left out college towns. Fayetteville Arkansas is at least as crazy about the Razorbacks as at least half of the above. @w1ll1a23 @TheBrometheus >Rape *citation needed >Pillage Less than what they deserved. Cortes' men tried to stop a… @DPRK_News @GimmickAccsOOC @KeenanPeachy We're 1/4 for Wilson amendments*. Let's for for 100% completion. 16 was income tax 17 was direct ele… @Slowdancingfool @Tjartizard @NRO @forcedexit It always starts there and then ends up like Charlie Gard or that guy… @TwitchyTeam To these people, Catholic (and Christian in general, for that matter) is just a cute little label to p… @Tjartizard @NRO @forcedexit Deep down, euthanasia laws aren't written because anybody cares even a little bit abou… @Tjartizard @NRO @forcedexit In practice, they defined down the word 'terminal' to things like Altzheimer's, which can take decades. @Tjartizard @NRO @forcedexit It went from terminally ill to chronically ill and from a right to die to a duty to di… @Tjartizard @NRO @forcedexit That's what they said about killing the elderly, but it didn't stop there, did it? @Sambob180 @Suffragentleman I knew a guy like that. His HS girlfriend was cute, so he had some kind of gain, but af… @J_Ishiro @TheBrometheus Yeah, I found a quote in the article directly contradicting the headline…and most of the rest of the article. @TheBrometheus Actual article from 2015 @kiwi_sunset The Polish. (seriously) @TheBrometheus "Hernán Cortés did nothing wrong," is a hill I will die on. @TheBrometheus @ErikVoorhees @DustinDry1st It's a secularist power fantasy, since the go to example is Salem, a Pur… @TheBrometheus I need context. What do they mean by "romanticize?" @TheBrometheus Get a barbell set and eat lots of meat. You'll save 10 times the cost in diabetes meds alone. @MrsBrometheus @TheBrometheus Good system. My wife's lack of past relationship baggage is due to me being only the… @DonaldJTrumpJr @physicsgeek "Sir, you should really figure out how to keep your wife in line," is not the take I expected from the left. @LatexEngineer @BrianNiemeier @PrisonPlanet Demolition man tried to warn us. It started with Michael Keaton as Batman. @LDMartin1959 @gatewaypundit Go for the jugular and ask if her parents had anything to do with the Rape of Nanjing. @thachampagne TOP HATS EXPOSED! We all know if these pictures were really of Australia, they'd be upside down. @bakerlizzie1 @MaybeKindaSorta @bakerlizzie1 Twitter had this marked as offensive…