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The tweets of SculptrVR's founder Nathan Rowe. SculptrVR is a multiscale, multiplayer voxel sculpting tool for VR. Join the discord:

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This is a really cool process by an artist using SculptrVR on Quest with an end goal of 2D concept artwork:
@adambromell Engage!
@AndreElijah I’m sure there are solutions that don’t involve removing it. But they would add complexity to matchmak… @AndreElijah Counterpoint: PUBG is already huuuuge. I uninstalled it to make space, and then didn't have it install… @notch Two weeks ago you said you wanted to check out SculptrVR, but would probably forget. Here's a reminder :-) Feel free to DM for a key!
@deepbluecea @PalmerLuckey @ID_AA_Carmack Woah. Driving to the closest redbox (1mi) emits about a half a year of netflix usage worth of co2.
@notch I just built a Voxel gravity/antigravity system using my existing octrees to run the Barnes-Hut algorithm. C… @jesush1979 @MrsChavez_11 @stevensato @cueinc @IACUE @LucyKirchh @oculus @BeatSaber @tiltbrush It’s a way’s off from testable :-) @jesush1979 @MrsChavez_11 @stevensato @cueinc @IACUE @LucyKirchh @oculus @BeatSaber @tiltbrush My next planned game…
@johnvechey For some reason, 90% of people doing cool things I want to know about also use the same account to spew… @johnvechey It is my humble opinion that it’s not worth attempting to talk or keep up with politics on a platform t…
@johnvechey My muted words list is 97 words long and keeps me safe from politics on the internet. @natbro @johnvechey I would like to say I do the same, but I probably am just a dick in denial.
@BOLL7708 @Fr0z3nR Gah thanks for pointing it out. Damnit joe. Why you do this to me
@Nosferalatu Technically the hash map is still an octree. What I mean is pointer octree vs linear hashmap octree :-) @Nosferalatu For months now, I’ve been thinking about ditching the voxel octree altogether and instead keeping an o… @Nosferalatu Yeah! For mesh generation right now I’m actually locally traversing a portion of my octree and buildin…
@Jonathan_Blow Custom gaming OS on your next project? @miketuritzin Yeah I use C# dictionary all over the place in my UGC server. Even over the Christmas boom, the serve… @miketuritzin I started with the UE4 TMap, yeah. It got me most of the way there. But the hash map was using over h… @notch @luckyshot5135 I am also quite susceptible to the fog.. I hope your Index comes back from the dead! It’s the… @notch @luckyshot5135 I first learned the acronym from you maybe?! Sparse Voxel Octree. @luckyshot5135 @notch Ah pumpkin was meant as a demo, but it’s 3 years old now! @luckyshot5135 @notch I added that in a recent update! You get thumbstick locomotion and rockets with rocket jumping! @notch @luckyshot5135 Self promotion: SculptrVR is a Multiplayer SVO sculpting app that is not a game. But I’m reus… also made a custom hash-set that reuses most of the code for similar gains. These both resulted in more than 25%… I settled on linear probing after testing 4 or 5 options for speed in my particular use-case. How long did thi… hashmap I wrote for SculptrVR saves on memory and speed by utilizing the unused bits in my node index to store… @KeaneGames Conversion factor * @KeaneGames Well at least the conversation factor is the same, so the number is correct. @BlueprintBen @KOOPMode My son is 9mo, and I’m so excited to get to play games together soon.. Gnog would be a goo…
@iquilezles @ketchup_today nominateAlso it’s 16 concurrent sculptrs on average over the 168 hours.This week 2700 hours of sculpting happened in SculptrVR. That’s 1.5 years of full-time-job equivalent!
@DennyCloudhead @ID_AA_Carmack @ForgedVR Truth. When I watch a new user struggle, things change FAST @parsec3d If you are careful with your layers, you can reposition layers however you want! @DittmerChase Hell yeah! That’s just under 15 minutes! @DittmerChase @indievc Truth. Taking my first vacation in a while starting now, but this year one of my goals is t… @indievc @DittmerChase Tempting to try just for the challenge, but I’m trying hard not to have to raise another round :-) @DittmerChase @indievc Can I shoot a 90 second video of me talking about my company before the deadline?! @parsec3d Straight to the really hard problems! SculptrVR uses voxels to encode volume information, and that gridd… @parsec3d Here works. Or join the discord! (link in my bio) Or e-mail me at Basically any way you can find me :-)I get quoted a shocking amount in this article. As does @AntonHand <3
This study has kids play two half-hour sessions and measures no lasting negative effects. I still worry about prolo… @sterlingcrispin @hmltn @cyberpaintapp Btw, while I’m here. SculptrVR was finally taken down from the Daydream stor… @sterlingcrispin @hmltn @cyberpaintapp I think every studio that did those kinds of numbers had their development c… @rms80 There actually are some decent bits of evidence here and there implying that academic intelligence has been… flip side of this is to very very carefully choose your metrics to be impossible to game (or at least very hard…
@sirkitree Note: the oculus account used by the Index must be different than the one used on Quest :-/ @sirkitree His process was: Own SculptrVR on both accounts Copy the SculptrVR oculus-cross-play beta over his Oculu… @sirkitree No, but steamvr can join a quest session. The procedure is complicated, but I can DM you the process tha…
@mmalex @ID_AA_Carmack Yeah we similarly opted for a C# server not using any databases because that would have rest…
@clbavier @oculus ❤️⛄️🎅I think more people should know that the Skookum Script team are doing *something* secret for Epic. @nimazeighami @sterlingcrispin @oculus 😭 @Anticleric @CMDannCA @oculus Technically just an early title. SculptrVR launched 3 months late @sterlingcrispin @oculus Me neither :-/ but i did get a box of candy from Oculus that year!
This new headset is a bit too small for me, but it looks great! Thanks @oculus !
@divivor @_LucasRizzotto @DanLikesPizza @glassbottommeg @masterpieceVR @Tesla My number one priority is maintaining… @glassbottommeg @_LucasRizzotto @divivor @DanLikesPizza @masterpieceVR @Tesla Well SculptrVR is on every platform :… @_LucasRizzotto @divivor @DanLikesPizza @glassbottommeg @masterpieceVR @Tesla Kinda, yeah. SculptrVR can be a usefu…
@danielsantalla Found it! @danielsantalla I thiiiink there’s a way latest change notes somewhere., @danielsantalla Good reminder! I need to make some posts. Main features: -a menu refactoring that gets rid of the… Malachowski teaches how to play “Swoopy Zoomy Swoops” in SculptrVR:
@iveytron My internet history trained me to be wary of such a positive endorsement of a link. I was certain it woul…
@i_makes_stuff @topgunsi I couldn’t figure out how to copy the text from discord, but here’s the description of how… @topgunsi makes a whole scene 5 cartoon characters doing extreme sports (including shark riding) in just 25 mi… @sterlingcrispin @benz145 One can hope
@ProgrammerLin @VulkanAPI move in the wind, AO rays, collisions/walking and sculpting! Lost a bit of hair with getting all the…
Retweeted by Nathan SculptrVR @Michael78661058 Ah you want a contrast increasing brush? I haven’t built one, but that’s a cool idea.. @Michael78661058 You would have to do that on the image/export outside the game..
Retweeted by Nathan SculptrVR @johnvechey They had one where there were two players in each kart..
@StrangelyAshley They get saved to the headset internal storage. You have to connect the headset to your Computer,…
@Heaney555 People are lazy and sometimes play seated. So yeah maybe it couldn’t be an off-by-default option, but a…
I have a google alert set up for “SculptrVR”. Usually it finds new spam sites and Reddit posts, but today it found… @zach_wendt @PistolWhipVR I’ve never really been a score chaser. Dancing, surviving, and feeling like a badass are all I’m hoping for :-) @Evil_Lead_77 @PistolWhipVR We’ll see if I make it there. Let me at lead finish all the songs first :-)
@CFolea @AndreElijah @PistolWhipVR I’ve still not finished each of the songs on medium. I’ve got 3 left to beat! @Matt23739222 @PistolWhipVR It was fine. It just wasn’t good enough to get me to eagerly put a headset on again @Matt23739222 @PistolWhipVR I didn’t like beat saber much.. not enough to play it a second time, at least @nullterm @0x21376B00 Google’s flat hash map is the current front runner. It uses crazy vector operations to do lin… @0x21376B00 @nullterm That said, I was very happy with TMap until it became critical. And unordered map is similarly fine most of the time @0x21376B00 @nullterm Yeah unordered map is often ~3x slower than modern hash maps. Unreal engine’s TMap is pretty… @nullterm @EricRichards22 I can never completely shut off my optimization seeking mind. I can turn down a little sometimes, though @nullterm @EricRichards22 Yeah that sort of QoL feature helps so much and can be done without sacrificing any of th… @nullterm That’s actually super short and clear code. I dig it. Why aren’t streams used more often??Well it finally happened. I willingly got into VR for exercise. <3 @PistolWhipVR
@TheWhzrd I added that top quest a month ago :-) @TheWhzrd Camera zoom! @_LucasRizzotto Congratulations Lucas!!In 24 hours #WhereThoughtsGo will be launching on the #OculusQuest and I am beyond excited! 😍✨ Can you guys tag an…
Retweeted by Nathan SculptrVRA surprisingly large number of people have asked for this, so here you go! @Anticleric #k @ProgrammerLin I don’t understand how that’s 400fps and so detailed 😍I think this is what Bob Ross's trees would've looked like in 3D. I now need the leaves rustling in the wind, god r…
Retweeted by Nathan SculptrVR @Jonathan_Blow In our defense: 6dof VR has only been a thing for ~4 years. The witness took longer than that, desig…
@Anticleric Instant fun action. I can't survive in most headsets for long, so whatever I do better get to the fun p…